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Kitbashing to Save Money

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Lucky Snake Eyes


Hey all, 

Back in January I started collecting a hosts of slaanesh army, and by collecting I mean converting my slaves to darkness as I was losing interest in our decisively indecisive chaos worshipers. Now that the newly renamed Hedonites and Darkoath are on their way, I'm all in on chaos this year (sorry nagash, looks like my LoN will be collecting dust for a bit) Being a recent college graduate money is still tight, so in a bout to save cash on some units that are overpriced or slaanesh forbid still cast in metal,  I'm doing some kitbashing.

To start I've made a base for my Lord of chaos so that I can run him as a mounted slaanesh lord. Unlike regular mounted lords who can be easily kitbashed from chaos knights, slaanesh lords like to be special and ride snakes on 60mm round bases. So after taking a spare horse and some bits leftover from a gorebeast, and a banner from a seekers kit, I whipped up a base and magnetized it so that I can slot my lord of chaos into it. It's nothing special or extravagant, but it get's the job done.



My next project is going to be a warqueen. I do love the official model, but man is it overpriced for it's size and warscroll stats. I have similar feelings with the anniversary noise marine for 40k, gorgeous but doesn't justify it's price. So I've decided to make my own while including a twist that i wish was more common with slaves/darkoath by making her a Valkyrie. I intend to use Valkia as the base for the conversion for obvious reasons and having already had her for when I thought she'd make for a neat ally. I've already repainted her armour from red and brass to the steel and gold I'm using in my slaanesh/darkoath colour scheme, but I can't decide on what to do for the weapon or whether to keep slaupnir. I also intend to replace the head for one with hair but don't own many helmetless female models having a collection consisting of daemons, tin cans and corpses. So I'm looking for ideas on what would make for a good head if anyone has any suggestions. One of my local stores collects peoples loose bits so I may be able to find something worth using.



I'm also considering a future conversion involving the shrinemaster from the chaos warshrine, I already have him based separately so I may convert him into a warchief or maybe some new priest if darkoath or slaanesh get new priest rules.


Anyone else been doing any recent kitbashing? And what's been your reason/inspiration to attempt it?

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I love me some kit-bashing! Basically essential, hah. Especially these days, a lot of the kits give you bits to aaaaalmost build another unit. 

I've been gathering bits currently to convert some Jezzails for my skaven. These guys, from GW, are like...60$ for 3? That's madness! To be fair, their guns will be mostly plastic tubing, etc. 

Another example, and more true to the spirit of kit-bashing, would be my Plague Censer Bearers. 50$ for 5 is still too expensive, especially when the models haven't been updated in...20 years? I've bits ordered Nurgle Plague Bearer bodies, and using the left over tails and other things I have, I should be able to construct 10 Jezzails and 10 Plague Censer Bearers for like, 50$ in bits? That's more like it! And they will be unique!

I don't like the idea that if someone else is fielding the same unit as me, chances are they will be the identical models. 

In regards to your models, I love the idea of a mounted model actually just standing beside their mount. Maybe holding the reins or something. I prefer models that are fairly static and imposing, as opposed to be very action-packed. Magnetized for bonus points, obviously. 

Keep it up! I will be watching! 😎

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