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  1. I've posted all over this forum on how i want Soulblight to incorporate living mortals as part of the army but a thought has occurred to me that while unlikely would be incredible. Vampires outside of grand alliance death or at least outside of Nagash's grand plan. Think about it, unlike the rest of death Vampires are living on borrowed time. They require the blood of mortals, the mortals that will all be dead would Nagash's plans be fulfilled. so it stands to reason vampires with enough foresight go independent or ally with other forces. Vampires of chaos would be an interesting take as we've already had Isabella as a vampire daemon princess of nurgle. Blood dragons of khorne, necrarchs of tzeentch and lamians of slaanesh aren't too far fetched a concept. Or make them a dark mirror of CoS, Cities of Death ruled by vampires incorporating basic undead units and limited amounts of the CoS roster. Or vampires of destruction, wild barbaric clans more in touch with their inner monster wreaking havoc across the realms as wild hordes of fur and bone adorned Vampires bound into battle with their venerated monstrous brethren like vargheists.
  2. I'd sacrifice an Aelf to Nagash for this, wrath of Tyrion be damned.
  3. Didn't forbidden power reference a mortarch of thorns? Given the existing rose and vine motifs a lot of death models have I wouldn't be surprised if we get our "AoS-ified" zombie army that's undead controlled and stitched together with cursed plants. Nagash loves his cruel irony and with OBR being a twisted mirror of stormcast, plant-zombies would be a great way to mock Alariel and the sylvaneth.
  4. I just filed down the base until it was just the top bit, but that takes more patience than it might be worth.
  5. For the most part I like what GW has done with Lumineth, the everyone being wizards thing can be a little bit of a headache for player and opponent to track but whatever it's a minor gripe. They retained a lot of the old school high elf themes like strong magic, disciplined rank and file and animal themed temples even if bovines are an over used imagery in AoS (legions of azghor, khorne, BoC and even slaanesh to a degree all have bovine/cattle imagery so it feels weird for an order army to start using it but I guess it's a more "noble" mountain animal than say a goat). The temples and vanari being mages makes sense as the elites and Teclis' forces but i don't expect Tyrion's vanari equivalent to be mages. Aetherquartz while weirdly implemented is a cool lore addition for the resurrected souls of elves freed from slaanesh. Yeah i'd want to do some realmstone drugs to mellow out too if I spent a millennia inside slaanesh. Although I'd rather it fill the cathalar's role as once per game bravery management and have the cathalar be the buff piece by "stoking their dormant emotions" Honestly saying they have too many design themes is a bit of a joke considering they're just old high elves turned up to the AoS standard of 11 and given a drug addiction. I do have one complaint of bad design for the lumineth but it's from a gameplay perspective and it's sunmetal weapons. The fact that all vanari get it, plus a spell to boost it to a 1 in 3 chance per hit to deal mortals, that can be cast infinite times per turn and paired with a spell to reroll hits is super abusive and unfun. Lumineth players in my local tournament scene have all defaulted to pure vanari lists with a cathalar and maybe teclis. The cathalar is it's own problem but her effectiveness is more of a matchup dependent issue than the vanari's consistent issue. Most armies can do mortal wounds in some way, many have a unit that does mortal wounds on a 6 to hit, but these are usually elite units and rarely get to pair that with a full reroll or better chances at mortals never mind both at once. So now we have an army that can actively fish for mortals with a 1 in 3 chance with every unit. There's no reliable way of shutting this down without a bunch of dispels handy, sentinels don't even need line of sight and have one of the better weapon ranges in the game. Vanari armies are literally designed to win by not letting your opponent make save rolls and when you basically remove your opponents ability to make one of the most important dice rolls in the game, for the entire game, all the time... you've designed an unfun army.
  6. The thought has now occured to me that deathriders are literally just worse bloodknights. Same stats and points but no charge bonus (outside of a command ability that averages 1 wound per 5 riders) no self healing and no save buff. Demigryphs are less models but also have a charge buff option, more wounds per model, better mount profile and better in-faction support. Deathriders may be the best elite cav model-wise (until soulblight releases... i hope) but as far as rules go their near the back of the pack for a 180pt unit.
  7. I find Seraphon aren't too bad to face, been bouncing between myriad and stalliarch lately and 40 mortek guard getting the run and charge can be scary. My next list is more or less gonna be derivative of the praetorians list sad to say but my local meta is dominated by idoneth and lumineth. The local idoneth players are really good at playing eel spam and high tide can make even knife to the heart a tough match to play. As for lumineth the lack of stacking saves ruined our protection from mortals and while I've only had a couple of games against alarith stuff (that where actually pretty fun) the vanari spam lists with teclis hard counter by ignoring our one good mechanic in reliable saves. Tbh lumineth are just a bad play experience in general since the spells and abilities people are taking to deal with salamanders and KO are wasted points by ignoring LoS 5+ mortal wounds... My rants about lumineth aside I did pull a win against them at a recent tournament but I basically had to play crouching-idiot-hidden-badass with my deathriders to snag objectives late in the game to force a 1 point lead. unfortunately that game and a close game against fyreslayers where the only games out of 5 when the deathriders put in any work. So my next list will look something like this: MP because I need something to survive morsaar charges and rending shots Katakros - general Zandtos for the wound reroll to increase efficiency 1x6 stalkers for semi fast heavy hitters with charge reliability 1 catapult for range threat (honestly just gonna turn one endless duty + still their breath and snipe support pieces) 1x40 and 2x10 mortek I'm basically forced to try to push two fronts at once with the 40 stack and the stalkers and use the 2x10s to screen backline and sit objectives. only viable gameplan is snipe out support pieces and ranged threats early and pressure but this still loses out to idoneth with some allied aetherwings, their just not a matchup we're currently built to handle. Yeah 1 out of 6 sub factions is literally a waste of paper and 2 more are waaay to matchup dependent but our real issue is lack of efficient fast units (as deathriders hit like noodles and morghasts equally flounder) and the loss of our mortal wound protection (no longer stacking low save chance rolls and just getting a 6+ or 5+ at the cost of a spell that's easily unbound) Yeah another shooting unit would be nice, i still wishlist for mid size constructs like immortis/stalkers with ballistae built into their bodies, and a nagash rework would benefit multiple armies but our core problem is lack of maneuverability/body count to make up for it and no protection from the most aggressive mortal wound lists as we on average have lower total wound counts to our opponents.
  8. At this point I feel LoN is a write off. It was a bandaid to hold a lot of death together until a more diverse idemtity for deaths armies could be made. We'll probably have a Soulblight book for the vampires and some sort of deadwalkers or necromantic horde book for the regular skeletons and zombies maybe with some new flesh golems thrown in. As for nighthaunt I can't say much about them as i don't play them and only run into them at tournaments where most of what i see are spirit host blobs, bladegheists, reapers and reiknor with harrows and chainwrasp filler. Fight on the charge is good but it's pretty hard to get off and some of their other mechanics are definitely hampered by the amount of bravery 10 in the game. They probably mainly need warscroll rewrites and maybe throw in the mortis engine as a buff piece as I don't see them taking their other behemoths very often and don't seem to have many casting buffs outside of reiknor. FEC are in a good spot IMO. My only complaint is their limited roster. They have really solid sub factions and locally I see a good variety between monster mash and flayer swarms to ghoul and ghast hordes. My one request for them would be a named character to give them more story presence and more variety in abhorrent choices. As for OBR I have a lot of love and criticism for them after playing them for about a year now. As already stated list building is extremely limited with 1000-1400pts taken up by auto includes if you want to be competitive. To solve this issue they need another option for a ranged threat, mortek bowmen or a smaller unit of elite living artillery like walking ballista constructs or a stalker/immortis variant that threw baleflame. On the topic of immortis/stalkers they could be made more viable by making them conditional battleline with Katakros or the soulmason. Immortis themselves just need their fight twice ability to affect both of their weapons and not just their shields and they'll be a decent bodyguard and deterrent. Stalkers should also be tankier but inmproving their base save would make them invincible in a praetorians list with rerolls so maybe a hit penalty for targetting them would work as they're the ambush hunters of the army. Katakros is honestly perfect as is not being an auto include but still a solid choice which is more than can be said for vokmortian and zandtos. It's not that Zandtos is bad it's that deathrider lists are better in stalliarch where zandtos is less effective. Volkmortian is hot trash and even if he was 120 points he'd still struggle to find a place in my lists. The legion choices deserve their own section here as there's a lot to be said about them. Praetorians is the popular vote as everyone is still living in the glory days of OP petrifex and I can't blame them as it's a well rounded sub faction. Petrifex needed the fix but they missed the mark by making the reroll 1s melee only, we already have enough melee rerolls in the army what we lacked was any help against shooting so making that reroll universal would be perfect. Stalliarch is a real sleeper hit as they solve all our mobility issues and some great movement tech with retreat and charge. Ivory host is trash as we have easy access to +1 to hit auras and no one wants a sub faction that makes our "elite" 4+ saves worse. Replacing it with +1 to wound and no penalty, maybe make the command ability reroll 1s to wound and you now have a sub faction that addresses the mediocre wound rolls of our battleline. Null myriad is good IMO, ignoring spells is hit or miss but not every legion trait needs to be always useful as long as theirs good command trait and artefact to make up for it and null myriad does with a weapon artefact that ignores saves. Only downside is the lack of good heroes to put it on but still 4 unsaveable attacks from a liege is nice. Crematorians definitely encourage mono guard builds with harvesters and shapers and honestly that's the only way it could have gone. It's alright if not a little boring and tedious to play. Lastly we should address how nagash feels out of place in his own grand alliance. He's the god of death and one of the big 4 wizards of AoS but dies quicker than any other hero that's 450+ pts. Losing petrifex and the ability to stack after saves hurt him hard considering deaths universal 6+ and his built in 4+ no longer stack plus any other defensive spells are conditionally a waste. There's too much rending and/or mortal shooting in the meta and while he can face kroak or kairos in a magic battle, Teclis rigging his dice is a hard matchup. Honestly best way to fix him is take away his healing ability and make him 20 wounds minimum, then let him join any death army and give him the spell list and a thematic rule for being in that army. For LoN or it's equivalent replacement make him use his current healing ability but for 5 units. For OBR give him a better heal that can revive our 4 wound elites but with less units total say 3. For flesh eaters make hime give a hit bonus or save bonus aura as his overwhelming presence brings the courts delusions in line with his will. For nighhaunt make it a bravery debuff aura that treats all units near him as bravery 6 to circumvent all the bravery 10 going around. If soulblight ever happens let him refill blood chalices once per game as a "reward" for their loyalty or give a +1 attacks buff to make up for the model count issue of soulblight likely being an elite army.
  9. Huh the more you know, I just remembered a friend of mine had the starter set as a kid and just never saw any other instance of it afterwards. Guess it just didn't catch on in my local area growing up. Bit of a shame to hear WotC killed, then again I doubt they cared much over their cash cow money from magic.
  10. We also tend to overlook the fact that GW as a singular company produce rules and models for 3 large scale games (40k, AoS, LotR) and several smaller games (kill team, necromunda, warcry, bloodbowl, underworlds) That while being separate dev teams all eat from the same plate of available production capacity.
  11. This is definitely a huge factor. Through cult following and sheer luck GW became the big name in wargaming and just kinda overshadow the market to a degree. I know a lot of people in some of my nerd circles for D&D and video games that know what warhammer is but don't know any other wargame aside from maybe warmahordes. A lot of this is due to warhammer as a brand being present in so many mediums these days where other companies either don't have the internal interest to branch out or don't have the capital to justify the risk. It feels like GW is reaching the "too big to fail" point in some peoples minds. As much as a corporate nightmare as it would be I do think it would shake up the market if Hasbro was to partner or buy up one of GW's competitors and put their resources behind them to pump out and market plastic kits. I think they tried some sort of wargame/boardgame hybrid toy line before that involved building a board with hexes and using different skirmish style armies but it didn't sell well. As a side note Corvus Belli has to be my second favourite miniatures company behind GW but would easily take first if they switched from metal to plastic because they've got great sculpts at way more reasonable prices.
  12. I got into the hobby like 6 years ago as a broke high school student with the dying breaths of fantasy (I picked a hell of a time to buy vlad and isabella a month or so before end times started), continued as a broke college student through 7th edition 40k and later age of sigmar carrying over my handful of vamps and skeletons into legions of nagash. Through the latter half of college I had a part time job working for the college and mostly purchased models preowned or traded with friends (my local flgs deals in used models and gives good discounts due to dirt cheap overhead thanks to low rent and minimal staffing). I got an actual job after graduation and suddenly could afford to buy new so in came emperors children for 40k and slaanesh and obr for aos after milling out a bunch of my legions. As a side note obr was surprisingly reasonably priced even if the harvester and crawler being the same points but vastly different in size and cost is confusing. Having lost my job and unable to find a new one thanks to the pandemic I'm back to my old habits for keeping up with the hobby but I am more fortunate than others being 22, no kids, living with my parents and no student debt (which in itself feels like an exclusively north american problem but hey 2 years of banking half of every pay i got in college was a good idea after all). Thankfully I'm at the point where I can burn out a year on my savings till the job market improves (rip house downpayment money) and only pick up the necessities to keep playing (broken realms books, 40k codexes for my armies whenever those come out). I know folks who weren't in as fortunate a situation as me and had to sell armies to make ends meet. Honestly if wargaming or painting is a hobby you're really into then do what I did for about a year of being unable to afford to keep up with GW and look to another game. For me that was Infinity, a sci-fi skirmish game where $90CAD got me a decent army at the games standard points bracket, dice, terrain (albeit cardboard) and all the rules where available online for free. I do love AoS and even run tournaments out of a local cafe for it but I know firsthand there's times when you need to sit back and reassess your personal situation and social/financial relationship with the hobby.
  13. I feel this comparison misses the point that there won't be a need to support a supply chain or physical retailers with the 3d print model of business. They would literally just need a design team, web team, management and maybe game designers if they decide to make their own game but as the product is delivered digitally to customers with the tools to make the models themselves it cuts a lot of overhead out of operating costs.
  14. Honestly a soulblight aristocracy book is a good chance to do an army that shows more of what it's like to serve nagash. Unlike the nighthaunt that do it as a punishment, legions which are puppets and obr that are built for the job, Vampires are (mostly) willing participants in his empire and are capable of operating independently and occasionally even backstabbing the rest of death or even nagash himself. They're also the only niche of death that actively needs living mortals to live. This could be a death army that's a complete departure from anything undead (depending on your personal interpretation of vamparism anyways). What I'd like to see is your battleline units be mortal servants, either thralls as a cheap horde option or willing soldiers as a mid tier choice. Make these the basic battleline since every vampire needs food and include the ability for vampire units to eat mortal models to heal or empower spells. Other mortal units could include knights as a weaker cavalry to blood knights, death priests, archers or gunners (as the vampires rule cities in shyish) or maybe a mortal captain or enforcer to buff mortals. Where this would get interesting is in the actual vampire stuff, naturally you'd have blood knights, vargheists, bats and lords but you can get into more in depth vampire options. Have vampire foot troops as the elite infantry option (3 man min to maybe 9 or 12 max) they'd be essentially a unit of vampire lords without the command abilities or the wizard keyword, maybe the unit champion gets a blood chalice. Maybe savage vampires half transformed due to starvation or a defect of their curse as foot monsters to compliment the vargheists flying monster role. A new "black coach" type unit that carries the coffins of ancient vampires either as a combat chariot or buff piece. To expand hero options you could have lords, sorcerers/warlocks, ancients (basically uber lords with better stats), and hero versions of the monster vampires or a hero vampire built around taming/controller their transformed kin. Faction terrain could be a crypt or blood wagon for a healing aura or some sort of buff with limited uses that can be refilled by sacrificing thralls or killing enemy heroes. Generic army abilities include "feeding" basically making the heal on kills universal to all units with the vampire keyword, "blood rituals" which would involve sacrificing models with the thrall keyword for a buff or one of a list of possible buffs (maybe even including faction specific ones) and finally "benevolent overlords" as some form of bravery buffing or limited battleshock mitigation for thralls near friendly vampire units. Basically the army would work on a basic theme of treating thralls as a resource as much as a unit to support and enhance the elite vampire units. For sub factions it's obviously gotta be bloodlines and my two cent ideas for them are as follows: Blood Dragons: makes blood knights battleline, gives extra attacks to vampires or maybe bonus for fighting heroes/monsters, Vordhai is the intended general with maybe a cp bonus for taking him as incentive Night lords (because gw loves recycling names and manny is a bit sore about the family name): follows similar design to legion of nights scheming, using mortals as the bait instead of skeletons for slightly better mortal anvil with deepstriking vampire units. Mannfred is the intended general possibly making another hero gain a command trait as he is known to have imitations of past rivals around to stroke his ego. Lahmians/Blood court: Gimmicked around beguiling enemies giving vampire units a -1 to hit aura and some way of sabotaging enemy cp/command abilities. Neferatta is the intended general and taking her makes vampire foot soldiers battleline. Beastfangs: Some of the lore mentions a bloodline from ghur that idolizes the bloodstarved curses and transformations so this is a monster themed faction. Vargheists or other equivalent vampire monster become battleline, non-mounted heroes can become vargheists or a hero monster on death. Vampires are "starved" and reroll charges, upon killing an enemy unit become "frenzied" and gain +1 to wound instead. Necromantic/necrarch: All non-monster vampire units become wizards and know a spell from the spell lore. Heroes give a +1 to cast aura or maybe heal when successfully dispelling/unbinding a spell. Wraith admiralty: provided we don't get an actual wraith fleet book, these guys can take 1 in 4 nighthaunt and get some form of deepstrike or redeploy ability with bravery shenanigans as a theme The True Inheritors: one part filler if we don't get wraith fleet and one part hard wishlisting on my part. Basically a "true von Carsteins" sub faction built around buffing thrall units or encouraging working together rather than sacrificing them. Intended general would be Isabella von Carstein Mortarch of shadow whose gimmick would be the von Carstein ring and the ability to summon Vlad as a "shadow" (I'm picturing some daemon prince sized shadow monster) that functions like morathi's transformation when the ring fails or maybe summoned when the ring succeeds and both are stronger as long as both are close together.
  15. I have a harvester but I haven't had a chance to try the catapults yet and would love to put the fear of nagash into the local teclis and kroak players with them. Maybe one of each could still have some gas?
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