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  1. Lucky Snake Eyes

    I’m feeling stuck with Deathrattle.

    This is why sacrament is a nasty legion to fight if you don't have much spell denial.
  2. Lucky Snake Eyes

    I’m feeling stuck with Deathrattle.

    Arkhan can use his command ability to fill the same role as the spell portal, I find dire wolves work best in min size units, you can keep the grave guard as well to chop through daemonettes. It's up to you about the VLoZD, could help with dealing with the knights but i personally leave that to vordhai or spells and opt to take more foot vamps for extra spellcasting and invocation coverage, which you'll need since he'll be chopping skeles down like butter. It helps that vamps can somewhat hold their own against most infantry and the chalice is free so healing isn't a problem if you've already used healing spells like transference or lifeswarm that turn.
  3. Lucky Snake Eyes

    I’m feeling stuck with Deathrattle.

    I've never used it personally due to my opponents liking to spread out, but it could be absolutely devastating if you're willing to pay the points. Plus with his lack of wizards he can't even dream of denying your 7+ spells per turn.
  4. Lucky Snake Eyes

    I’m feeling stuck with Deathrattle.

    use the battalion, it get's you all the spells you need plus protection from ranged, which i find is necessary given both stormcast players in my area love the sacrosanct ranged units. Curse of years has never let me down and despite being weak on it's own, the mortis engine works wonders in conjunction with the battalion.
  5. Lucky Snake Eyes

    I’m feeling stuck with Deathrattle.

    Paint him with magic buffs or debuff anything with high burst damage potential and charge him into anything that needs to die fast. His breath attack may only be 8" but it's a free 6 mortal wounds and his spell makes for deadly self buffing. His command ability can also help your foot vamps or wight kings pull a winning combat phase out there rotting asses.
  6. Lucky Snake Eyes

    I’m feeling stuck with Deathrattle.

    VHD is a stupidly useful spell, I always tend to run a mortarch in my lists as well and arkhan with VHD is pretty nuts. Arkhans command ability also let's you abuse VHD as well as low range spells like soul harvest from a safe distance.
  7. Lucky Snake Eyes

    I’m feeling stuck with Deathrattle.

    @Ravinsild From my understanding the deathly invocations stack so having several wight kings, necromancers and vampires will provide alot of regeneration if you can manage the formations well enough
  8. Lucky Snake Eyes

    Thoughts on the Shadespire warbands in AoS2?

    So I own the sepulcral stalkers because i wanted some nicer models in my skeleton horde and i've been considering getting the thorns of the briar queen. I've been wondering how useful they'd be in actual matches. I know the sepulcral stalkers would have to be taken as allies, which is fine since they have their own revive mechanic and thus don't need as much babysitting from heroes and i don't run many allies outside of banshees. The briar queen i believe has the nighthaunt keyword so would also be an ally and seems like a decent spellcaster/ranged combatant. The thorns themselves just seem like meh non-battleline chainwrasps tho. Thoughts?
  9. Lucky Snake Eyes

    Spells of Nagash

    Nagash can throw around a disgusting amount of spells, he has more spells himself than i see in most armies in my area. Throw other wizards on top of that and your getting more than half your spells uncontested. I've been interested in getting nagash and trying to cheese hero kills using spell portal + arkhans command ability + hand of dust.
  10. Lucky Snake Eyes

    Making Mortals Lists

    Well now i need to get a slaughterpriest. Actually a buddy of mine is dropping his bloodbound army to start a second 40k army, i might be able to grab his slaughterpriest.
  11. Lucky Snake Eyes

    Questions for a potential Slaves to Darkness army

    @Sabotage! I run a fun and fairly casual undivided list using the darkoath allegiance. The bulk of my army is warriors, knights and marauders (both horse and foot), with a warshrine, gorebeast chariot and chosen for good measure, I run different marks on different units and several heroes for full mark coverage. I also ally in valkia, the masque of slaanesh and the ogrid thaumaturge using my 400pts of allies to give a more undivided feel and have some hero representation for the gods. Slaves can be fun but aren't flexible enough with their rules to be competitive. If non slaves heroes could also benefit from gifts or provide the reroll buff to units with matching keywords then i could see them doing better. Fingers crossed that darkoath get's a battletome and makes undivided chaos a viable competitive choice.
  12. Lucky Snake Eyes

    Questions for a potential Slaves to Darkness army

    I wouldn't say everchosen, they have no allegiance abilities to my knowledge, only diff between them an slaves is slaves has allegiance abilities and everchosen get archaon. Dark oath will probably get their own battletome considering two of the 4 malign portents models already have battletomes/army expansions. Darkoath will probably be the true undivided faction with no mark mechanics and focus more on the brutal glory seeking and viking style fight for survival. They'll probably incorporate a system similar to slaves gifts from the gods. Slaves as it is might as well be generic chaos filler as all their units can join other armies using their mark mechanic. Albeit if darkoath is markless then it should still be able to have some way of taking slaves units and archaon with them also falling under the umbrella of undivided.
  13. Lucky Snake Eyes

    I’m feeling stuck with Deathrattle.

    Zombies also get some decent buffs but they require large numbers and a corpse cart to be effective and get all their buffs. But they can be cost efficient at the loss of deathrattle and attack volume. But it will even out to 60 attacks hitting on 2+ that has a 1 in 6 chance of anything killed by it becoming a new zombie.
  14. Lucky Snake Eyes

    I’m feeling stuck with Deathrattle.

    @Mutter Skeles get a +1 to hit if a death hero is within 18", it's their serve in death ability
  15. Lucky Snake Eyes

    Slaves to Darkness list composition ponderings

    Against dispossessed your gonna want chosen, gorebeast chariots and knights. You should also run several heroes to maximize buff coverage from marks, it also gives you more heroes to potentially benefit from killing enemy heroes with the gifts from the dark gods. Slaves seem to enjoy having a few aggressive glory seeking heroes, like the lord of chaos on foot, he is a pretty deadly melee fighter and if he dies you get a free chaos spawn, but if he kills the enemy general you get a free daemon prince. I've also found the warshrine to be a must have since it gives rerolls and a wound mitigation aura, not half bad in melee either though i usually screen it with warriors until i need some easy charge damage.