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  1. Holy ****** someone is willingly starting a brettonia inspired army... We need more cav heavy armies in this game. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out. As for lore inspiration, you could take the obvious idea of vampirism being a respected trait among nobles. Or you could take a spartan approach and have the orders of knights see death in glorious battle as the ultimate honour and a right of passage before they end up a black knight in nagash's endless legions (as i doubt a single corpse in shyish get's to rest in the realm of the great necromancer). And how about a dark twist? The entity they worship as the lady is merely an aspect of nagash, as the soul of the fey enchantress is one of the few used in his resurrection, that absorbed soul became an aspect of him, and guides the living into knowingly or not, serving his grander machinations. The 'avatars' could be similar to the nagash we see in tabletop, a small fragment of the gods power sent out to enforce his will where his legions falter. With 'the lady' being a weaker aspect of himself, it must be fueled by the devotion of 'her' followers and brought to life by prayer and the souls of 'her' slain enemies. The ramblings of my inner DM aside, it's a cool army idea!
  2. For my slaanesh: - Shoot the heroes, you can go for spells but if an enrapturess and/or epitome are in range your gonna have some trouble getting off your damage spells short of running nagash himself - you don't need rend, but piling in first with high damage or high volume weapons dumpster 90% of our units due to poor saves and us no longer having as many hit debuffs as we used to - mind your positioning around our heroes, either go in with multiple units so only one gets locus, or tie them up with something expendable with single wound models while your damage dealers mess up our battleline For Legions of Nagash: - for magi heavy lists, kill the mortis engine and corpse carts to remove some of the +1's - snipe necros as they are a force multiplier - melee arkhan as his bones are brittle - for vampire heavy lists, swamp the heroes in chaff - counter skeleton spam with stuff like Hearthguard berserkers who can counter swarm and dumpster with the right support For Kharadron overlords: - we're deceptively vulnerable to shooting - Our boats have trash saves and are only propped up by a multitude of small heals - with the exception of endrinriggers and brokk, we can't stab worth ****** -hit debuffs ruin our ships due to them having single shot cannons with 4+ to hit, we spend too much effort trying to buff our hit chances so killing off lord ordinator allies or our mhornar general makes our ships close to useless - be ready for the clown car, once we drop 80% of our army on one objective using a boat, just run fast units onto other objectives because 90% your cav will kill whatever we left on the other objectives and it will take too long for the rest of our army to turn and kill you while we're tied up putting lackluster shooting into your main troops
  3. I'm not an ogors player in any capacity, but I would love to see a more AoS rebranding of ogors that goes all in on the ogors obsession with eating. A "devouring Horde" battletome or something like that that umbrellas the existing ogor factions like gloomspite. The terrain piece could be a big cauldron or representation of the great maw and the endless spells could be representative of the everwinter or whatever it's called that follows the beastclaw raiders. I feel going all in on a theme like this could drum up hype and make them stand out more against other factions with equally crazy themes like fish aelves. Throw in the obligatory new plastic hero that every non AoS unique tome gets and it'll make for a decent sell, at least for the several players in my area still clinging to their ogors.
  4. So Personally I collect Hedonites, so I guess I can say that army is exactly 50/50? My second army is legions of nagash... yeah literally just vampires for things that visibly have a gender and even then it'd just be the foot vampires (until we hopefully get new vamp units) that could get more varied sculpts since the coven throne are all female and blood knights are in heavy armour so it doesn't matter. Albeit I love the designs of the old Vlad and Isabella models from 8th ed fantasy and would love to see more vampires of both varieties follow similar design schemes. An old hag necro or witch would be neat tho since our sculpt options for those are limited to a single sculpt and a long dead fantasy character. i also recently started a small KO force, so I don't know if it's still cannon but I recall fantasy stated that dwarf birth rates where 75% male or something crazy like that? Regardless of whether that's cannon KO are all wearing heavy suits so any physical signs of gender would likely be hidden anyways. Most armies can realistically include female sculpts without causing a fuss anyways, and in many cases you wouldn't be able to tell the differences between men or women either due too armour or racial biology anyways. While I don't really care what direction GW takes with future sculpts I will be all for any sculpts that are good, because in the end that's what matters. I don't care if the next 50 sculpts shown off are all female as long as they're quality sculpts. As for the minor point of racial representation, they all come grey just paint them how you want, they're your models after all. Who cares what the official paint scheme is? I usually don't follow them anyways.
  5. Recently got into KO because the models are just so GOOD! Rules however are poorly thought out and pale in comparison to newer books (for example hedonites who are my bread and butter) I honestly feel all we need are just a few tweaks to make us viable again without having to long bomb a clown car full of endrinriggers. 1. Make the navigator able to do his things while embarked, he's the boa man, let him be on his boat! 2. Split the admirals rules into two different warscrolls, he can't seem to decide whether he wants to foot slog or support the ships. 3. Either make the main guns of the ships flat damage or keep the random damage but add a shoot twice rule (I'm thinking something similar to grinding advance for 40k leman russ tanks) 4. As a tau player in 40k i feel some mechanic that could give more reliable rerolls or a +1 to hit will help offset our 4+ to hit and make us more viable without ordinators or escort wing. 5. buff the ironclad to a 3+ save, so few models in it's price range have worse than a 3+ or 4+ with ward Some wishlisting would also include a ship with multiple main guns instead of transport capacity or an "open top" ship that lets the transported troops shoot and use abilities while riding. Regardless of all this I am enjoying the army and my local meta is lacking in shooting lists so they'll be a fun addition to my collection. I do enjoy the swingy nature of the army so if things don't get better for us I'll just use them casually and bust out the hedonites for tournaments.
  6. Hordes are still playable and popular man, check out the 6Nations lists on honest wargamer (was recently looking at these because I heard some mad man brought KO) plenty of hordes of rats, reapers, skeletons, etc even some hearthguard blobbing (while not a traditional horde it is internally a horde by fyreslayers standards)
  7. Demolishes their usefulness as well, otherwise builds would go to favour meatier units that couldn't revive anyways (not that there are many options for that), thus making them a death reskin of a generic army. besides, with the exception of reapers, any amount of rend will drop our most common units like flies and even spamming dice will make enough die considering our usually abysmal saves, The revive mechanic is how we justify having such flimsy units.
  8. Skaven get their own book, three entire chapters are dedicated to the great horned rat himself.
  9. I feel some reworks might be needed considering how old his rules are now, still I could see him working in a slaanesh list for his command ability and 6's hitting twice alone...
  10. Yeah, but I feel the irons gone cold on that one and GW has missed the window to capitalize on it. Still wouldn't complain to see Harkon wheeling out old bess again and to throw walking boats at my opponents, but it seems unlikely at this point. Then again production time for GW is far from speedy so maybe they started a Vampire coast revival project after seeing the success of the VC dlc. Still you'd think that if that where the case they'd tease something by now just to say "hey we heard you like vampire pirates?". Besides our own Mortarch of night(betrayal, scumbaggery, failure) killed off harkon in the end times if I remember correctly. Would be cool to see Harkon or Vlad come back for a bit of revenge against Mannfred though.
  11. Harkon I'd doubt despite how badly I'd want him, he just isn't as popular as the others and would require gw to design an entire pirate themed army again (which I'd buy in a heartbeat.) Abhorash would be awesome, could even make Vordhai relevant again as the blood dragons would sooner follow their sire and patriarch or a crazed traitor. I'd even be down for the return of Ushoran for some proper FeC/LoN soup. Ushoran, Mortarch of Madness or Mortarch of Feasts sounds cool. Then again so does Abhorash, Mortarch of the Blade or Mortarch of the Hunt.
  12. Blood stalkers should definitely get more attacks at the very least or maybe some poison special rule for mortal wound potential. I've got to disagree with you on morathi though, she's pricey for sure, but in a tournament setting with time constraints where you usually won't get past turn 3, she becomes an insane wall that can shut down the momentum of key units just by existing. Play her right and your opponents beat stick or big horde of whatever might as well not be on the table anymore once she gets into them on turn 2 or 3. I also feel heartrenders or lifetakers could use some adjusting to be more viable options but I'm not sure exactly what should be done with them.
  13. If only we where so lucky. But yeah I guess inheriting shadow would work. I guess that means abyss is also up for grabs if GW ever wants to do undead pirates again. Isabella as the mortarch of shadow could also be an opportunity to give soulblight their own standalone release instead of being a footnote in LoN.
  14. Vlad and Karl where broing it up a bit in the end times so it makes you wonder... What would Isabella's mortarch title be?
  15. If it's the return of Vlad (or Isabella for that matter) I'd buy in a heartbeat. I know Vlad is super dead, but that didn't stop nagash from resurrecting him the first time during the end times. As I recall Isabella should be alive though since she should have the von carstein ring. Also didn't one of the recent rumor engines look like a bone construct? What if Krell got turned into a Morghast hero? Now that's a model I'd pay to see!
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