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  1. I expect AoSified lahmians and von carsteins for mannfred and neffy but I expect any others we get will be AoS original. I also expect they'll take the lazy compromise on vampire customization and have vampires receive their dynasty bonus plus a mount/monster trait style rule of our choice. Possibly with the same lame one trait per battalion restriction a lot of armies with such rules get.
  2. So I finally had a chance to get some games in before another lockdown was called over here. Managed to get in 2 games with 2 different lists: First list was: lurid haze Sigvald Keeper (hand, slothful stupor, general, feverish anticipation, oil of exultation) shardspeaker (rod of misrule) syll'eskke (hysterical frenzy) 2x30 daemonettes 1x11 blissbarbs supreme sybarites mesmerizing mirror My opponent ended up bringing sons of behemat in a stomper tribe. My daemonettes where reduced to rock fodder for the first two turns. The shardspeaker did wonders however by punishing my opponents aggressive gargant rushing and enabling the blissbarbs and syll'eskke to shred a unit early on (the new locus helped lock part of the unit out of the fight which helped). Between subvert and slothful stupor i managed to keep my opponent from using command abilities for most of the game but if I'm being honest between failing my 2+ to throw the oil into the fane and some really underwhelming combat the keeper didn't do much else besides die to the warstomper. Sigvald did a decent job at grinding down gargant units and taking hits but his damage output is way too swingy for his points. I got the mirror off on the second turn on his warstomper but got no wounds off on it and he just moved it away after the priority roll. Sylleskke ended up as the surprise mvp as I unintentionally ended up getting her reroll 1s rule to work most turns between the blissbarbs and the keeper and later 30 daemonettes summoned on turn 3. Speaking of which the summoned 30 daemonettes pulled out a close win for me by swamping his last gargant unit, stabbing two of them to death and triggering their icon in battleshock. Second list was: Godseeker host Keeper (hand, general, speed chaser, cameo of the dark prince, paths of the dark prince) exalted bladebringer (enrapturing circlet, hysterical frenzy) exalted bladebringer (progeny of damnation) 2x11 blissbarbs 2x5 hellstriders with scourges 2x5 slickblades seeker cavalcade My opponent was lumineth running some of the new units. He didn't bring teclis so I gave my opponent first turn not realizing what some of the new stuff did and ended up with 30 ethereal wardens on one of the centre objectives immediately. I'll summarize that side of the table by saying I sacrificed a bladebringer, hellstrider unit and slickblade unit to keep them there. He also got aggressive using dawnriders and windchargers to take the other mid table objective. Using seeker cavalcade to get around lightning reflexes helped and I slaughtered the dawnriders and kept locking down and chipping at the wardens. My other hellstrider unit managed to chip away at a 10 man unit of wardens coming up to save the dawnriders and the windchargers got shredded by my blissbarbs. I also managed to kill half of a 30 block of sentinels with my keeper using paths and throwing the cameo into the fane to fly over some terrain they where hiding behind on the first turn (once again the keeper disappoints) Between Lyrior and a calligrave on the terrain piece he never ran out of command points. He aggressively placed his shrine as close to the edge of his territory he could so that he could keep the calligrave (his general) within 12" of the 30 wardens for spamming reroll 1 commands. two cathallars backed up by 5 bladelords kept battleshocks at bay but also was a 2 for 1 deal for depravity for my blissbarbs. Lyrior, the bladelords and a very effective magic phase slaughtered my keeper but my second bladebringer wrecked lyrior the following turn and my surviving slickblade and hellstriders rolled around to clearing the remaining sentinels on his back objective. after losing everything i threw at the 30 warden block I resorted to summoning daemonettes and throwing one of my blissbarb units at them to keep them back. The game ended with the wardens and a windmage (which i haven't mentioned before now because all it managed to do was cast the teleport spell once) )being the only units he had left while I had a unit of hellstriders, slickblades, blissbarbs and bladebringer left. The game definitely would have been different if I hadn't taken paths of the dark prince on my keeper and crippled the sentinels early on. Long story short I pulled a decisive win from being put on the backfoot early by abusing seeker cavalcade to pick apart his weaker flank and throw a bladebringer into his support heroes.
  3. Nagash is undeniably competing for best caster in the game, but keep in mind the 200+ point difference between him and teclis meaning a significant difference in chaff hanging around to protect him (for argument lets discount LoN as they're being replaced with an army we don't know enough about yet and use bonereapers as our example) Sure points aside both have crazy casting in two different flavours, but Nagash also has the caveat of his casting weakening as he brackets, which is easy to do with some shooting. Melee armies will have a harder time at bracketing Nagash but that logic also applies to teclis. I feel while nagash can be a game changing caster in the early game his overall effectiveness is hampered by the spells he has access to, Nagash gets one spell list in OBR consisting of mostly single target debuff spells, a buff spell for their exploding 6s, a mortal wound save that doesn't stack with existing saves and is only applicable with units with shields, a spell to give himself a 5+ negate that doesn't stack and a teleport if he lives and a spell fro d3 RDP which he'll be religiously casting as taking him cripples the armies RDP generation. And we don't know what or how may he'll get in gravelords if he makes it in it. Meanwhile Teclis has 3 spell lores at his disposal, sure he can only cast 4 at a time but he's got a tool in his toolbox for every occasion and all he needs is a spell portal for the harder to reach spells. I feel people are failing to articulate that the biggest difference between nagash and teclis as spellcasters isn't the quantity or reliability of their casting, but the quality of spells they can cast. Yes 8 acrane bolts can wreak some havoc, but doubling CP costs, mass bravery debuffs and now a teleport spell can be pretty game changing. I do feel nagash could use some tweaking but honestly if he's playable in gravelords and they have some strong spells then even current nagash will be drawing the same ire as teclis, possible even more.
  4. Yeah something can be underpowered and still feel like ****** to play against. Personally for me it's how lazy vanari are with their sunmetal rule. I mention in my initial post in this thread that the reason they drain the fun out of the game for me isn't because of their mediocre damage output, it's because I'm never rolling saves when my opponent is running teclis and all vanari. Sure high rend exists but it's never across an entire army. Meanwhile Vanari don't care how much you debuff their to hit or wound, they only care about rolling a 5 or 6 anyways and it's just lazily copy pasted across enough units to form a cohesive 2000pt army. It's just taking a mechanic that removes defensive options (armour, hit/wound debuffs and in the case of sentinels line of sight) and giving it to an army's worth of units that kills it for me. Several ways to play defensively are removed in favour of "just don't get hit".
  5. 1) spell portal is in like most LRL lists going around the local meta, so teclis isn't exposing himself most of the time to lambent light and searing light. Sure there's a chance the 5 wound buff hero only takes 4, but in my experience it's rarely that low. Yeah lists aren't static, but some armies don't have a lot of options to vary up those lists. 2) risk free buff pieces is not what I'm advocating for but you said yourself the warchanter by the end of the turn is at best 21" away from the unit he buffed, and if your using said unit to hold back the enemy castle from an objective that means the archer with 30" range is probably in range or a short move away from hitting that warchanter. I'm not saying support heroes need to be harder to kill, but I am saying there should be a better way of keeping them alive than staying 36" away from the fight, because many support heroes don't have that kinda range to buff. Yeah my buddy that i used for the ecample won his game by walling out the enemy but at the same time isn't it kinda strange when he had to master the movement phase and pray to the dice while all his opponent needed to do was move forward and "point and click" targets with impressive range with no worry for unbinds or his opponent getting cover or saves? 3) Sure ****** is gonna suck when your gimmick is broken, but man do some armies just not have the option of dodging gimmicks. Fyreslayers is a good example, another friend of mine runs them and the army is so reliant on heroes in general that sentinels have a field day. Sure there's a relic for a 4+ save against spells but once the slow moving heroes are riddled with arrows the lumineth player can start taking the fight to the duardin. And yeah I never implied the game was about fighting your opponents army, it's always been about scoring? At what point do I say you need to kill off your opponents army to win? All I'm saying is you can find the game unfun despite the win. 4) Not every army has good monsters and not every army has cheap chaff, and sure cheap chaff is great but if their bravery sucks all it takes is a few dead from sentinels to force a battleshock that hopefully isn't made worse by mountain call (i'm bad at remembering spell names but it's the bravery debuff one) and now your forced to make a decision (provided a hero is close enough) to spend 1-2 cp keeping them around. This is actually the niche use i see dawnriders in, archers damage objective holders to force a battleshock while dawnriders double move onto it. Didn't even need to charge and risk other combats because the battleshock gave them the model count to take it. 5) he doesn't get the 4+ and 6+ against mortals, his casting degrades unlike teclis, LoN has no problems with bodies but like i said CP is a problem for them and nagash isn't the fastest old man in the realms. As for OBR sure 40 mortek is only 440pts, but they're slow and need RDP to go faster or use their rerolls. RDP being a resource you only get 1 of from nagash (plus d3 if you cast arcane command) when you take nagash in OBR you actively are making a choice to hinder yourself when it comes to access to teh resource that makes OBR as good as it is, Nagash is antithetical to their design by nature of eating up points that are better used on more cheaper heroes or katakros. Nagash doesn't even get direct damage spells in OBR, he gets some decent to great utility spells tho. As for endless spells... newsflash teclis gets access to just as many and is more likely to have the points to spare for them.
  6. Nothing is worse at least not in my own opinion. But I can see where at first glance the hurikan movement shenanigans feels like it'll make them untouchable. Which it won't but people will still see a 24" move and shout broken. Personally I find giving an army of all wizards more ways to buff casting can be a bit of a feels bad, especially for armies who don't have many unbinds, they'll save them for things the wizards are casting because teclis' 10+ cvs are too high only to have every wizard rolling high thanks to better reliability. Loreseeker is gonna definitely cause some salt tho if him getting 40k style obsec is true since it's a concept that hasn't been applied to aos before.
  7. The exposed bone to metal ration is definitely giving me bonereaper vibes, maybe this is finally the mid size infantry unit we always wanted as a battleline option? Or maybe it's just skeletons or a new graveguard sculpt. It would be kinda interesting if a gravelords sub faction or battalion took some obr stuff tho.
  8. Lol I've heard some complaints locally that a lumineth double turn is 30 minutes of hero phases and I'd laugh if LoN hero phases didn't take just as long for all those invocations.
  9. So imma address some of this because i believe you're both missing some of the nuance the other is bringing to the discussion. I'll get the 40k comparison out of the way first because it's only tangentially related and because i used to be a tau player back when i played a lot of 40k. Tau where really good in 8th edition because competitive formats favoured killing power and killing based objectives, the edition change completely changed scoring to favour objective control (something tau struggle with) and made the board size significantly smaller making getting into melee easier, which also works against tau. Tau are bad because the game literally changed around them and besides comparing 40k and aos shooting is a poor comparison when in 40k almost everything has a ranged weapon and, cover is more readily available and look out sir outright denies shooting heroes instead of a -1 to hit (which sentinels don't care about since they fish for 5 and 6s anyways). The damage output of sentinels may be small but it's compensated by the range, ignoring line of sight and a good support spell (guiding light) to let them do that damage reliably to whatever they need to target. In a game where you can't outright deny their shooting you can kiss your support hero goodbye. As for player accountability to learn something new and evolve, what's their for say an ironjaws player to learn? They can only reasonable fit one or two single cast wizards in a list... against an army of all wizards. Their warchanta is great... but he has to stay close to melee units to buff them meaning he's within range of sentinels who don't care about line of sight or look out sir... The entire army has mediocre bravery so those 10 brutes are eating despair plus mountain call then cathalar shut down. It's not like ironjaws can't win, they can and do but what counterplay is their for an army that just has tools you yourself have no tools to counter? I've seen the ironjaws win, it was purely a game of using pigs to hold the lumineth back and scrape by a win on VP with next to nothing left alive. A win is a win but ****** what more could the man have done to not give up every auxiliary to his opponent? You imply in point 3 that people have no right to complain if they win, but that's a false notion. People enjoy the game in different ways, not everyone has fun in an uphill battle and for some people the fun is in making combos happen. So win or lose, watching your combo or even the basic mechanics of your army fall apart because of a matchup your army has no real tools against can be very disheartening. Things can feel bad without dominating a game man, some things just feel bad to play against, you can look to my earlier post where I rant about vanari for being copy pasted trash and praise the creativity of the temple units for my own feelings on lumineth. And yeah, their emotional state is arguably the most important factor, this is a game after all, the point of a game is to geta positive emotional state out of it. as for point 4) yeah people choose to build around gimmicks... gimmicks that gw purposefully puts in and encourages us to use. But here's where I'll start agreeing with you more. Your right that a competent player can beat some scrub running a netlist, we saw a lot of that on the 40k side during the rise of the marine meta. It was pretty wild seeing the second market for marine stuff go wild. As for your tips against LRL? Well aside from the battleshock tip in which case you're gonna be eating a battleshock in return which is just bad for some armies, yeah this applies to most castles, it's just a shame most of these castles include enough damage to force your hand and enough chaff to walk onto objectives. Lumineth is on the weaker end of castle lists but seraphon is the prime example of this being a hard thing to beat. Sure measure ranges, but 30" covers a lot of the table so you gotta make sure that's damage your willing to take. Personal advice for anyone going against sentinels, have something scary in your army be a distraction carnifex as we say in 40k. If you have means of giving it MW saves or healing then use it to pressure the opponents bubble and just be a pincushion while literally anything else takes objectives. Sad truth is sacrificing key buff heroes is necessary to score points in this matchup and as unfun as that is for some people it's the cost of beating lumineth in their current state. Lando needs to understand that yeah some armies require a playstle you might not enjoy doing if you want to win. But on the other hand approaching teh game with a "get good" attitude can be pretty toxic to a community and the skill gap required for some armies to reliably beat lumineth reaches a point of kinda being unreasonable in a casual setting. And man as someone whose used nagash in both LoN and OBR, he is not comparable to archaon or even teclis. Nagash has the melee output of a 300pt hero, fair enough he's a wizard hero, and hes casts 8 spells at a good casting bonus. But he's less wounds than teclis with a worse after save (6+ compared to 5+) his spell list is smaller than Teclis', his casting degrades unlike Teclis', his save is better that much is true and he does have a table wide heal... but your left with not many units to heal due to his cost. His command ability is decent so at least there's that... in LoN who are starved for cp and would rather use it to revive a unit or OBR where taking him vastly hampers your RDP generation and reroll 1s to hit and save are readily available by other means... Nagash seems like a good warscroll until you realize Teclis does the whole mega mage thing consistently despite any damage he takes and archaon has a warscroll that slots more elegantly into the multiple factions he can join. Nagash tries to do both but is kinda kneecapped by still following aos 1.0 design philosophies. Nagash just needs an update to make him less antithetical to his factions and suffer less for his low wound/point ration so he can be impactful for longer in games and I hope that comes either in BR: Teclis as part of headline fight or in the upcoming gravelords book.
  10. So I'll preface by saying I don't play LRL, but I have played against them a lota s there are 5 LRL players in my local area + a couple that come from out of town for tournaments when we could still have those. Personally I play OBR, have been playing slaanesh for a few years and used to run LoN. I'll start by saying I like LRL in a general sense, all wizard armies are a cool gimmick, the encouragement of rank and file is nice and it's satiated the cries of at least have the old high elf nerds (as someone who witnessed the white lion+alariel list in action i'll admit to some schadenfreude). LRL power wise are on the better half of the scale but aren't KO or a seraphon kroak goon squad by any measure. But unlike KO or tzeentch or even non kroak seraphon (kroak deserves a rant of his own) I can't help but sigh whenever i see a vanari list across the table from me despite having a good personal win rate against them. Now my issue is purely with the vanari core of the army, the cathalar IMO is fine albeit i can see why people who play armies with low mobility or shooting hate her. Teclis is cool and I've had the Teclis Vs Nagash smackdown before which was fun, it did make me feel like nagash should be costed similar to Teclis but similar to my opinions about the new slaanesh book, some point changes are all that's needed (except fiendbloods, their a universal disappointment). The new stuff that's coming looks cool and I like the movement shenanigans hurikan is getting because similar to slaanesh it makes list that make or break in the movement phase (which is a playstyle i personally enjoy). People are kicking up a fuss over LRL getting fast units that can bounce out of combat without realizing that they can just charge into or shoot them when it comes around to their turn, the hurikan stuff is made of paper but hey that's nothing new to slaanesh so welcome to the club you knife eared nerds. And free CP? Sure, they'll just spend that on... rerolling 1s for archers? Autorun 6 on their first turn? The army has no good commands outside of syar and the free cp is only for the wizard on a stationary terrain piece. The magic buffing effect is a little cutting tho, you guys already have casting buffs and everything is a wizard do you really need to double down? But ****** do vanari sap all the fun out of an otherwise cool army. It isn't just that they do mortal wounds and can buff that rule, but that it's so lazily copy pasted across an army's worth of units. I'm being hyperbolic when i say this because of course it's mathematically close to impossible but it feels like I've had games where I never rolled a single save. Not only has GW created an army that can do a build where everything does mortal wounds, but it's due to the same lazily copy pasted rule. No duh it's the only build you see at tournaments and it will probably continue to be the better build after this update because as cool as the new stuff is, pure vanari with teclis require less skill and you don't have to worry about a matchup where your opponent is fast enough to catch your speedy hurikan units when you bring reliable mortal wound spam instead. It's not even that powerful, it's just irritatingly consistent that no matter what you do your gonna be eating mortals from something. Man I pray to the god of failures that is Teclis that people start using Hurikan stuff, I wanna experience wild cat and mouse games between windchargers and slickblades. Double activations make windcharger pile aways pretty good but lets see it save them from 6" follow ups from my own cav. The temple units just all seem to have that "high elves with blackjack and hookers" feel that vanari are missing from having the animal influences and the cool rules. Even if the mountain cows are just objectively better than a keeper of secrets for the same points I'd rather face 3 of them than any amount of vanari. My vanari rant aside, a lot of the salt around the army in general seems to be from this "all that and a bag of chips" mentality. LRL have doubled in size in only a year and are quickly usurping stormcast as the jack of all trades army. Of course they haven't hit that point yet, they still lack stuff like heavy cav or core units with actual variety, but they're getting there fast and I can see people getting a similar bad taste space marines have been giving people from sheer amount of support GW is giving them. Seriously GW we've seen the next two BR books titles but we still have no previews for what the other 3 armies in BR Teclis are getting? (aside from the now teased bilepiper changes) Honestly I believe GW only have maybe 5 more new armies in them at best and that we'll eventually reach a point where every army has that sense of depth most 40k armies do. That comes from decades of support tho and LRL are just getting there faster than others. At least the bilepiper changes show there's stuff that wasn't in the FB "theories" and means there's a possibility these "theories" aren't as true as they seem. And I'd hope so because the battalion for obr they "theorized" is just an objectively worse kavalos lance. Anyways TL;DR LRL are cool, temples are cool, vanari are lazily designed wastes of space and we should get more fun temple stuff. People are viewing these rules in a vacuum and not looking at the more complex picture of how they interact across a 3 turn game. Yes there are bad matchups that get stomped by lumineth, welcome to a meta where fyreslayers exist and man let me tell you they the joys (/s) of fighting seraphon with the kroak squad and solar engines before I had mortals for my slaanesh. Yes it can give a bad impression when every warscroll card is going to be 2 pages to account for all the rules but man I can't help but look at the lore seeker and see a lord arcanum who traded their CA, warscroll spell, revive aura, flasks and better arcane bolt... for 40k obsec?
  11. So I sold most of my LoN (aside from my actaul vampire models from wfb because nostalgia) and have been playing obr for a while now (and slaanesh who I've been playing since i got into aos) and while gravelords won't be anytime soon for me they'll probably be my 2022 project so I'll give my two cents on some of the topics I've red in here. So to start, returning characters: we already have 6 vampire characters confirmed including the cursed city crew, throw in the non vampires and we're at 8 or 9 named characters before we even consider nagash or arkhan (arkhan will probably stay obr tho since his legion was recycled into null myriad) But while I don't think we need more characters I'll admit a returning Von Carstein would be an instant buy for me. Abhorash is cool and all but if he ever descends from his damn mountain he should be a nomadic hero as death's equivalent to gotrek or the new aelf twins. My pick for a returning character would be Isabella WITH Vlad in a more limited form. Vlad was the mortarch of shadows when he died so how cool would it be to have Isabella on a 60mm base with the shadow/ghost of Vlad looming over her protecting her? It'd be s sick smaller scale diorama piece. As for the discussion regarding the invocation tax working against elite builds you can solve that by taking a seraphon style approach. Split the dynasties or whatever the sub factions are called into two groups, call them the "lords of death" and the "midnight aristocracy" or something. The former plays like a polished LoN, their shared allegiance abilities includes invocations auras on all heroes, access to nagash and can take nighthaunt allies or something. The latter group represents more martial vampires/vampire rebels if mannfred does go mask off traitor like the recent short story implies and gets blood knights and/or vampire infantry battleline, access to vordrai, bonuses to charge or a better version of the red thirst rule and maybe a deep strike from being less tethered to their undead puppets. Universally I'd like to see a traits list for vampires similar to mount trait tables. I'd expect at least 4 dynasties as well, hopefully following themes similar to the underworlds warband as they all look like their from different dynasties with the armoured blood dragon, the heavy yet regal Von Carstein, the fast and stylish Lahmian and the wild and bestial fourth dynasty. This is all wishlisting but having an army with two shared mortarchs it'd make sense to split it in a way to make each ones respective force feel different while sharing a unit roster.
  12. MWG never played AoS correctly, they handwave rules and ****** stuff up all the time. Which while normal for your average person is a little disappointing if it's supposed to be your job. They where prime amongst the butthurt when fantasy was replaced by AoS and the gap in quality between there AoS and 40k content is drastic. MWG are a joke among the AoS community here in Canada.
  13. I play slaanesh armies in both AoS and 40k, and have a hard time sticking to consistent colour schemes due to my painting skills vastly improving and acquiring second hand models with paint jobs too nice for me to strip. So I flavour my armies around that. For my 40k army I play emperors children and creations of bile and to represent that I have the bulk of "generic" units in different colours and schemes to represent the mercenaries that work for Bile, while my important stuff follows the horus heresy emperors children colours as clones of fallen marines, including discount versions of dead named characters like Eidolon and Rylanor. The army lore is sort of a twisted tragedy of this particular bile clone longing for his long gone brothers. For my hedonites I like to lean into the civilized and tragic aspects of the army. Slaanesh can survive off of base pains and pleasures but they are at their apex when in a civilization that enables more complicated excess. Slaanesh has an entire subset of daemonettes called muses that urge mortals to pursue their passions to the point of self harm and tragedy. Musicians pushed to a breaking point of being willing to do away with any taboo to perfect their music and seek new sounds. Chefs looking to otherwise forbidden food sources for new flavours, warriors driven to be the best and master their martial arts. Twisted tragedy is the logical endpoint but you can find sympathy by focusing on the path to tragedy. My daemonette units are various different colours from pale skinned to vapourwave and represent the forsaken and discarded servants of other keepers serving a new master who takes joy in spiting the previous masters of their followers. My blissbrew homunculi are alchemists who where driven to the point of self experimentation, now finding kinship with the disenfranchised and the rookies that make up the ranks of blissbarbs. My myrmadesh are warriors who took their training too far and killed their sparring partners, now convinced to double down and take up the way of the painbringer, but hide their faces in shame. The twinsouls are the opposite, revelling in their sins and continue to try to stand out. My slickblades are hellstriders who grew to accept their fate and developed a bond with their seeker, aiding it in growing into an exalted seeker and earning a place amongst the elite knights of their master. My lord of pain takes pain not only in masochism but because he doesn't want his companions to get hurt in a twisted saviour complex. There's so many ways you can flavour your hedonites to be ****** up people who mean well. The road to hell is paved with good intentions after all.
  14. I suppose they will all be represented as a combination of weapon profiles and special rules. Palanquin bearers, myrmadesh and glutos will probably have weapon profiles while whip guy, platter bearer and halfling servant will probably be referenced as part of special rules for the unit like whip guy buffs units like a bloodstoker, platter bearer and halfling collect and prepare "food" for their lord.
  15. Like half of the old HE players I know love Lumineth, the other half hate them but most of the Lumineth players in my area never played HE or even WFB at all so it's interesting to see that the army appeals more to people with no connection to their older incarnation. And man as someone who plays Emperors children I really hope we get a codex within the next year or two. Me and the local world eaters player have been stuck trapped in a bad generalist codex for years now.
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