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  1. If the list lab video is to be believed it kinda hurts us. The loss of seeker cavalcade will make cavalry lists harder or should i say simpler but less effective to pilot. Capping debuffs also hurts lists like glutos + fiends. The buff capping I expected tho since it's done a lot to help 40k. The new objectives sound weird, mission+secondaries+one picked at list creation? It's interesting and leads to a different kind of list tailoring. I do wonder if it'll be like 40k where each battletome will ahve unique secondary objective choices. The main thing we need to wait on before coming to an opin
  2. You know this is possibly the one thread where "spell-dom" is appropriate terminology lol. And yeah I wouldn't be surprised if Syn' becomes our way of reliably surviving the magic phase. I don't want her to be a total feels bad for my opponents but if she had some mechanic where she punished excessive spellcasting, like an extra +1 to casting and unbinding until your next turn for each spell the enemy successfully casts, or similarly getting a chance to gain cp or deny commands whenever the enemy uses a command ability like on a 4+gain a cp or deny the command. We already gain dp for our oppon
  3. I know comparing across books isn't the greatest way to gauge strength but comparing the keeper to basically any other 320-380pt monster and it's clear that the keeper is trash. It was okay when it could double tap itself but it's main strength was it's recyclability. Compare the keeper to the mountain spirit from lumineth, the spirit is slower by a significant margin but is waaaay harder to kill with a better save and -1 to hit (plus alarith ignore rend -1/-2), outdamages the keeper and has a way to fight always fight at full bracket and for fulfilling a similar condition gives a free command
  4. So I noticed a few things about the twins that I find super interesting. They're a mirror reflection of the elven twins (both tyrion/teclis and their younger counterparts) and the duality of morathi. One is a talented caster and leader, the other a powerful warrior killing machine. One looks elegant and regal (synessa even has butterfly like wings reminiscent of morathi-khaine's wings) the other flashy and monstrous (dexcessa and the shadowqueen embody this in a literal sense but dex's supposed violent tendencies reflects tyrions true nature as well) Not to mention their birth came about when
  5. So if Kragnos is next months book then we'd have made it what? 3 months? before getting a supplement. It's probably due too their release schedule getting wrecked by covid but it still leaves a sour taste. The models themselves look fantastic, I didn't think you could out keeper a keeper but here we are. I just hope these greater-greater daemons are better than the keeper. I don't expect these two to be cheap in money or points so i'm worried the voice might end up seriously stepping on glutos' toes. The talon has no real competition for combat monster (because the keeper is neutered, shelaxi
  6. I expect AoSified lahmians and von carsteins for mannfred and neffy but I expect any others we get will be AoS original. I also expect they'll take the lazy compromise on vampire customization and have vampires receive their dynasty bonus plus a mount/monster trait style rule of our choice. Possibly with the same lame one trait per battalion restriction a lot of armies with such rules get.
  7. So I finally had a chance to get some games in before another lockdown was called over here. Managed to get in 2 games with 2 different lists: First list was: lurid haze Sigvald Keeper (hand, slothful stupor, general, feverish anticipation, oil of exultation) shardspeaker (rod of misrule) syll'eskke (hysterical frenzy) 2x30 daemonettes 1x11 blissbarbs supreme sybarites mesmerizing mirror My opponent ended up bringing sons of behemat in a stomper tribe. My daemonettes where reduced to rock fodder for the first two turns. The shardspeaker di
  8. Nagash is undeniably competing for best caster in the game, but keep in mind the 200+ point difference between him and teclis meaning a significant difference in chaff hanging around to protect him (for argument lets discount LoN as they're being replaced with an army we don't know enough about yet and use bonereapers as our example) Sure points aside both have crazy casting in two different flavours, but Nagash also has the caveat of his casting weakening as he brackets, which is easy to do with some shooting. Melee armies will have a harder time at bracketing Nagash but that logic also appli
  9. Yeah something can be underpowered and still feel like ****** to play against. Personally for me it's how lazy vanari are with their sunmetal rule. I mention in my initial post in this thread that the reason they drain the fun out of the game for me isn't because of their mediocre damage output, it's because I'm never rolling saves when my opponent is running teclis and all vanari. Sure high rend exists but it's never across an entire army. Meanwhile Vanari don't care how much you debuff their to hit or wound, they only care about rolling a 5 or 6 anyways and it's just lazily copy pasted acros
  10. 1) spell portal is in like most LRL lists going around the local meta, so teclis isn't exposing himself most of the time to lambent light and searing light. Sure there's a chance the 5 wound buff hero only takes 4, but in my experience it's rarely that low. Yeah lists aren't static, but some armies don't have a lot of options to vary up those lists. 2) risk free buff pieces is not what I'm advocating for but you said yourself the warchanter by the end of the turn is at best 21" away from the unit he buffed, and if your using said unit to hold back the enemy castle from an objective that m
  11. Nothing is worse at least not in my own opinion. But I can see where at first glance the hurikan movement shenanigans feels like it'll make them untouchable. Which it won't but people will still see a 24" move and shout broken. Personally I find giving an army of all wizards more ways to buff casting can be a bit of a feels bad, especially for armies who don't have many unbinds, they'll save them for things the wizards are casting because teclis' 10+ cvs are too high only to have every wizard rolling high thanks to better reliability. Loreseeker is gonna definitely cause some salt tho if him g
  12. The exposed bone to metal ration is definitely giving me bonereaper vibes, maybe this is finally the mid size infantry unit we always wanted as a battleline option? Or maybe it's just skeletons or a new graveguard sculpt. It would be kinda interesting if a gravelords sub faction or battalion took some obr stuff tho.
  13. Lol I've heard some complaints locally that a lumineth double turn is 30 minutes of hero phases and I'd laugh if LoN hero phases didn't take just as long for all those invocations.
  14. So imma address some of this because i believe you're both missing some of the nuance the other is bringing to the discussion. I'll get the 40k comparison out of the way first because it's only tangentially related and because i used to be a tau player back when i played a lot of 40k. Tau where really good in 8th edition because competitive formats favoured killing power and killing based objectives, the edition change completely changed scoring to favour objective control (something tau struggle with) and made the board size significantly smaller making getting into melee easier, which also w
  15. So I'll preface by saying I don't play LRL, but I have played against them a lota s there are 5 LRL players in my local area + a couple that come from out of town for tournaments when we could still have those. Personally I play OBR, have been playing slaanesh for a few years and used to run LoN. I'll start by saying I like LRL in a general sense, all wizard armies are a cool gimmick, the encouragement of rank and file is nice and it's satiated the cries of at least have the old high elf nerds (as someone who witnessed the white lion+alariel list in action i'll admit to some schadenfreude
  16. So I sold most of my LoN (aside from my actaul vampire models from wfb because nostalgia) and have been playing obr for a while now (and slaanesh who I've been playing since i got into aos) and while gravelords won't be anytime soon for me they'll probably be my 2022 project so I'll give my two cents on some of the topics I've red in here. So to start, returning characters: we already have 6 vampire characters confirmed including the cursed city crew, throw in the non vampires and we're at 8 or 9 named characters before we even consider nagash or arkhan (arkhan will probably stay obr tho
  17. MWG never played AoS correctly, they handwave rules and ****** stuff up all the time. Which while normal for your average person is a little disappointing if it's supposed to be your job. They where prime amongst the butthurt when fantasy was replaced by AoS and the gap in quality between there AoS and 40k content is drastic. MWG are a joke among the AoS community here in Canada.
  18. I play slaanesh armies in both AoS and 40k, and have a hard time sticking to consistent colour schemes due to my painting skills vastly improving and acquiring second hand models with paint jobs too nice for me to strip. So I flavour my armies around that. For my 40k army I play emperors children and creations of bile and to represent that I have the bulk of "generic" units in different colours and schemes to represent the mercenaries that work for Bile, while my important stuff follows the horus heresy emperors children colours as clones of fallen marines, including discount versions of dead
  19. I suppose they will all be represented as a combination of weapon profiles and special rules. Palanquin bearers, myrmadesh and glutos will probably have weapon profiles while whip guy, platter bearer and halfling servant will probably be referenced as part of special rules for the unit like whip guy buffs units like a bloodstoker, platter bearer and halfling collect and prepare "food" for their lord.
  20. Like half of the old HE players I know love Lumineth, the other half hate them but most of the Lumineth players in my area never played HE or even WFB at all so it's interesting to see that the army appeals more to people with no connection to their older incarnation. And man as someone who plays Emperors children I really hope we get a codex within the next year or two. Me and the local world eaters player have been stuck trapped in a bad generalist codex for years now.
  21. The more I look at Glutos the more I think he'll work like Katakros. He starts off as a melee monster but becomes a better spellcaster as his retinue dies and he becomes less distracted. Maybe he gets a buff to spellcasting or the chance to cast an extra spell if a unit died near him as he samples their flesh/marrow/bark to discern the taste.
  22. You know I feel like a lot of these complaints could be mitigated by a 6 month road map updated on the first of every month? Like I feel that's a decent level of transparency and not seeing your army on the roadmap 6 months after it's release is probably a good indicator of whether or not to continue with the current range or wait for more.
  23. While I feel it's a bit off topic to steer into the debate of affordability and piracy I'll toss my two cents in anyways. As a games company GW isn't the best to my experience. While that experience only goes as far as a handful of different wargames across 5-6 years it's still worth mentioning how the quality of the game has affected my experience in wargaming as a broke high schooler/college student to gainfully employed and now unemployed. As a models company GW is the best I've had the pleasure to buy from, with Corvus Belli as a close second mainly losing out to their products being
  24. Well LoN or soulblight could get the actual crimson keep or a "crimson keep outpost" and it would work in lore and gameplay as the keep teleports wherever Nagash needs the blood dragons. Have it give an aura of bravery or buff vampires. I know KO lore mentions floating lighthouses that could be a large sized terrain piece that gives movement buffs or specifically applies effects to flying units? Tzeentch is the only mono chaos army without terrain, but it could be reasonable to have gateways to the silver labyrinth as terrain pieces that let daemon units move between them like gnaw
  25. Imagine a cogfort terrain piece that's one side of a cogfort placed on a table edge. It could have some special rules for deploying out of it or having a hero nearby lets you fire it's guns. It'd a cool concept for it to represent a cities force showing up on one of these behemoths.
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