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  1. Sure, I guess I was more or less bummed that Pretenders will still be terrible. Well, not terrible, just not as powerful as Invaders or Godseekers because of ONE battalion being dominant (Supreme Syrabites).
  2. Hmm.. doesn't look like there's going to be battalions that are going to benefit Daemons. oh well, more Godseekers it is!
  3. Yeah, I think that's the thing though. We already have a hero battalion that generates CPs, and Pretenders cannot have that. I don't think its going to happen. Specter of Domination is nice, but having a ****** ton of drops is not.
  4. What do you folks think Pretenders need right now to be as competitive as Invaders and Godseekers? I'm hungry eyeing the new battalions once they come out.. hopefully one will be good for Pretenders.
  5. So... Pretenders seem to suffer atm in the competitive community at least. I don't see a lot of lists or talk about taking big ol' Keepers and their pretty artifacts. Seems like the best Slaanesh builds right now are the CP-loving Invaders or speedy Godseekers
  6. So... in October, we're going to get 4 more Battalions. Who's excited? Any bets on maybe getting a Fiend battalion?
  7. This might sound pretty nuts, but what about Pretenders but without the Daemonettes? Run them the same with as Godseekers, but you're primarily taking them for the artefacts and Uber-Keeper. For example: 3x Keepers or 2/1 Shalaxi Epitome Masque 3x Hellstriders Cavalcade + Supreme (for the artifact) Run Thermalrider on a Strongest Alone/Hunter of Godbeasts General, Silverslash on another and Scepter of Domination on a third (or another artefact of choice).
  8. How do you feel about Pretenders with Epiccurean?
  9. That's kind of my feeling a well.. I asked above and while the justification is great and all, I think the biggest justification actually comes from the cost. There's so many times where that 20 points make the difference. I did want to mention something though, while everyone and their mother seems to be a huge fan of lore of fire for the cloak, I am really looking at metal/Chamon for some of the artifacts there. There is some insane value coming from their items, while still giving you access for Fly.
  10. Thanks, curious on the math then.. Is Shalaxi that much better at killing other heroes/behemoths? I'd love to see some math behind this, especially since a tri-KoS list has 3 fight twice essentially. I know that the regular KoS is better at killing troops, so I guess when I *can* take a Keeper, would that extra Keeper be better than Shalaxi?
  11. I'm playing something similar as Godseekers w/ fatties leading them is how I like to play. However, I'm not seeing the value of Shalaxi over a regular Keeper. @HobbyKiller, can you please explain the reasoning and maybe provide some specific matchups where Shalaxi excel compared to a regular KoS?
  12. I've been cranking out lists for a while now and I think whichever list I take will have 2x Keepers. They're IMO the best choice when it comes to staying around combined with killing power, plus their array of spells and command abilities are great. While I think some people have put forth good explanations why they would like 3, I'm not so sure because then the lists get skinny. For Battleline, I'm really leaning towards 30x Daemonettes and 2x5 Hellstriders as a solid all-around, but I can definitely see 2x30 and 5x Hellstriders if you're running Epicurean Revellers. I see that some people say that Fiends are bad. I'm not so sure on that statement mainly because 420 for 6 gives you a very solid unit that poses a threat to everything in the game, especially multi-wound units. With double-strike and ASF from a Keeper nearby, that pretty much spells instant death for any monster in the game. Not that the Keeper needs that much help doing it itself.
  13. I'm not one to wait around. New thread created here: https://www.tga.community/forums/topic/22408-aos-2-hedonites-of-slaanesh-discussion/
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