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  1. I've been cranking out lists for a while now and I think whichever list I take will have 2x Keepers. They're IMO the best choice when it comes to staying around combined with killing power, plus their array of spells and command abilities are great. While I think some people have put forth good explanations why they would like 3, I'm not so sure because then the lists get skinny. For Battleline, I'm really leaning towards 30x Daemonettes and 2x5 Hellstriders as a solid all-around, but I can definitely see 2x30 and 5x Hellstriders if you're running Epicurean Revellers. I see that some people say that Fiends are bad. I'm not so sure on that statement mainly because 420 for 6 gives you a very solid unit that poses a threat to everything in the game, especially multi-wound units. With double-strike and ASF from a Keeper nearby, that pretty much spells instant death for any monster in the game. Not that the Keeper needs that much help doing it itself.
  2. Supreme Sybarites is 120
  3. I'm not one to wait around. New thread created here: https://www.tga.community/forums/topic/22408-aos-2-hedonites-of-slaanesh-discussion/
  4. New topic for the new Battletome. Useful links Building and Converting: Old thread:
  5. I think they can add a spell from each lore.
  6. This is one of the big reasons why I moved to 9x Skyfires as a must for me. If you introduce a credible ranged threat that can possibly outshoot other ranged threats, then that forces the ball in their court. The 18" range on magic is a limitation, and your units can't just sit there and suffer the bleed. However, with Skyfires, you introduce a force that must be addressed or be destroyed
  7. Hmm.. why not test wounds on all models with shields first? For example, 10 damage done on the unit needing saves. Say you're going to take it all on shields, roll for saves, pull shield dudes first.
  8. I'm not sure if dropping Skyfires down from 9 to 6 is the right answer. You want to capitalize on big shooting turns with the Chaos Sorc and other buffs that you put on it. Getting double attack is great, but I'm wondering if its as good as re-roll 1s on everything, including hits as the benefits from the Sorc is amazing with big units of Tzaangors once they reach combat, and Skyfires when they're not. Yeah, it's a tough one for sure Math can probably determine which one is better: I'm thinking 30 Tzaans with re-roll 1s to hit, wound and save is better than 20 with double attacks. More mans too. Math in, thanks to my friend Chris: Assuming 4s to hit and 3s to wound, 1 attack each using the same weapon: 20 attacking twice = 13.33 avg damage 30 attacking once w/ reroll 1s on to-hit and to-wound = 13.61 10 more guys gives 10 extra bodies, more great weapons, more shield bodies, and effectively 20 more wounds. I think I will go with list 2 since it benefits the big unit of Skyfires as well.
  9. I wanted to run a list past you guys, please let me know what you think: This is the other list I'm comparing against: The difference here is that I'm adding 10x more Tzaangors, dropping the formation, and adding a Chaos Sorc to ease my shooting with the Skyfires and giving more re-rolls for the larger unit of Tzaangors. Which one would you go for and why? The skeleton of the list is pretty much the same.
  10. Good question, where does it say that they get all benefits?
  11. With 16" move and 24" range, I think they have the largest threat in the range. They can sure move around really well. The Bravery though... shutter.
  12. I watched the entire video, but I'm a little dubious on the overall impression that the power level is going to be through the roof. I'm currently seeing them place on a 6/10, or even 7/10 compared to some of the other... less savory lists out there (tusk ice lance, stormfall, skyre, hunters..etc). It's great the army is fast and can move well, but the dependency on magic in the hero phase, as great as it is, is still limited to 18" of threat, period. Other shooting threats just out-range it, especially hunters and ice lance because they can move and shoot. Also, on the point of the Tzaangors' Icon Bearer, I didn't see this before because I thought: No way would GW be that stupid. I mean, who plays individual horrors as Wizards? Has this never been addressed? I believe in other GW books "brotherhood" of psykers is still a single psyker unit and not per model basis?
  13. I was looking at 9 Skyfires being 36 wounds vs. the 18 from the Chariot.
  14. Nice. How does this compare to say, a unit of 3 Burning Chariots? I'm getting 5.94 wounds inflicted before tests for mortal wound.
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