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  1. Anyone buying a ticket should have had an email giving registration details. If you haven't had it check your spam folder, after all it is from LGT! You might find it nestled between an enticing offer from the late Sultan of Abuja's brother and and equally enticing offer from a potential Ukrainian bride. Neither of those is real - but the LGT registration process on www.tabletop.to is - so get down with that program. If you still can't find the mail please PM me or email londonaosgt 'at' mail.com Handful of places left, singles and doubles, go to lgtpresents@co.uk . Get yourself to London's biggest AoS Singles event. Great people, great prizes on offer from sponsors KR Multicase, Army Painter and Gamemat.eu. LIVE streaming from Honestwargamer.com and as much of last years 40k polystyrene scenery as you can eat nom!nom!nom!
  2. Francois, yes? Amazing nice one mate. I'll bring that Ricard that @Peegee tried to poison me with
  3. Sure Adam no problem See you in a few weeks.
  4. Hi - yes they're available from www.lgtpresents.co.uk - for singles and doubles. Singles has @ 10 left at the last update.
  5. Packs are up for the doubles and the main event at https://www.lgtpresents.co.uk/aos 90/100 tickets sold for the main event - Tickets available for Friday afternoon/evening 'social' doubles (this is really the main event) 🍺 🍆 Any questions please holla.
  6. Nooo, no no - careful here. 'Slain' and 'Counts as slain' are two different things, in the same manner as 'as if it were' is different from 'is'. i.e. 'as if it were the combat phase' does not mean it is the combat phase, and 'counts as slain' is not 'slain' - it's simply the easiest mechanism for you to remove your models from the table.
  7. No organiser would willingly allow this as to do so undermines the integrity of the event. If a pack says 1000 or 2000 points that the limit - you don’t have any mandate to break that. I wouldn’t want any new player to read this and think this is ok in organised match - it is not.
  8. Not a fan of this. The simplicity of quickly theorising lists with round numbers is major plus.
  9. Put a sacrificial Razorgor on it for a 40 pts Bloodtithe point.
  10. Updated entrants list added. Pack is being updated will be up again soon.
  11. I'll gather some interest from South London Legion and South Coast Titans
  12. Hi @Dan Heelan the pack mentions Hidden Agenda Cards - you're supplying these right?
  13. BloodTithe is over for another year and below are the final standings. Going into round 5 any one of 7 teams had a realistic chance of winning and in the end it came down to a tiebreaker. In the end 4 Masters 1 Cup just edged Marauders 'A' comprising of: Darren Watson (Chaos) Dan Bradshaw (BoC) Dan Ford (Khorne) Will Barton (IDK) Best International team was 'Revenge for Joan of Arc' captained by the formidable @Sarhantaï Best Army was @Paul Buckler followed by @HadrielCaine and Alex Nygard. Best Sports were Ninja Badgers with 5 votes! @Paul Buckler @Lhw (who else) @Rich_B @Fireborn33(steve c)? We had a full compliment of 96 players throughout the weekend making my life easy, woohoo! You can see a huge about of pictures from the weekend by searching #Bloodtithe on Twitter and Rob filmed many interviews and lots of table action - check him out at https://thehonestwargamer.com/ and tune into his AoS channel every monday : www.twitch.tv/thehonestwargamer Name capped uncapped 4 Masters 1 Cup ENG 450 515 Marauders ENG 450 470 Balls Deep NI / ENG 435 440 Joan of Arc FRA 420 505 Ninja Badgers ENG 420 455 Team Wales WAL 410 405 Demonic Pigeons GRE 405 470 Fiction ENG 395 470 Northern Ireland NI 385 395 Age of Ricard FRA 385 385 Crown of Champions GER 370 420 Bucks Wargame Collective ENG 370 370 Angel ENG 365 405 The Winners ENG 355 375 Know her? I've never even meta ENG 350 365 MWGA FRA 350 350 Team Swidchiz SWE 340 340 Fjordhammer NOR 335 295 G.A.F. FRA 330 315 Cursed with Years ENG 325 350 Marauders Fluffy ENG 305 290 Team S.T.A.B. ENG 300 305 Hydra ENG 280 285 Rocksteady ENG 270 265 Lists can be found here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/rtgq1usk6x02jdf/Blood Tithe 2019 Lists1.2.docx?dl=0 Pack can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c7hp4od5rbvwxhm/Blood_Tithe_2019_v1.2.docx?dl=0 You can follow me on twitter @warbosswilson and don't forget I'm running AOS at London GT this September. Check out lgtpresents.co.uk for more info. Marc
  14. Historical wargaming uses measuring sticks a lot and with the proliferation of auras in AoS this market is quite light. Screwed or snap together magnetic 1" lengths would be a great idea. https://productsforwargamers.com/product-category/measuring-sticks/
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