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  1. Packs are up for the doubles and the main event at https://www.lgtpresents.co.uk/aos 90/100 tickets sold for the main event - Tickets available for Friday afternoon/evening 'social' doubles (this is really the main event) 🍺 🍆 Any questions please holla.
  2. Nooo, no no - careful here. 'Slain' and 'Counts as slain' are two different things, in the same manner as 'as if it were' is different from 'is'. i.e. 'as if it were the combat phase' does not mean it is the combat phase, and 'counts as slain' is not 'slain' - it's simply the easiest mechanism for you to remove your models from the table.
  3. No organiser would willingly allow this as to do so undermines the integrity of the event. If a pack says 1000 or 2000 points that the limit - you don’t have any mandate to break that. I wouldn’t want any new player to read this and think this is ok in organised match - it is not.
  4. Not a fan of this. The simplicity of quickly theorising lists with round numbers is major plus.
  5. Put a sacrificial Razorgor on it for a 40 pts Bloodtithe point.
  6. Updated entrants list added. Pack is being updated will be up again soon.
  7. I'll gather some interest from South London Legion and South Coast Titans
  8. Hi @Dan Heelan the pack mentions Hidden Agenda Cards - you're supplying these right?
  9. BloodTithe is over for another year and below are the final standings. Going into round 5 any one of 7 teams had a realistic chance of winning and in the end it came down to a tiebreaker. In the end 4 Masters 1 Cup just edged Marauders 'A' comprising of: Darren Watson (Chaos) Dan Bradshaw (BoC) Dan Ford (Khorne) Will Barton (IDK) Best International team was 'Revenge for Joan of Arc' captained by the formidable @Sarhantaï Best Army was @Paul Buckler followed by @HadrielCaine and Alex Nygard. Best Sports were Ninja Badgers with 5 votes! @Paul Buckler @Lhw (who else) @Rich_B @Fireborn33(steve c)? We had a full compliment of 96 players throughout the weekend making my life easy, woohoo! You can see a huge about of pictures from the weekend by searching #Bloodtithe on Twitter and Rob filmed many interviews and lots of table action - check him out at https://thehonestwargamer.com/ and tune into his AoS channel every monday : www.twitch.tv/thehonestwargamer Name capped uncapped 4 Masters 1 Cup ENG 450 515 Marauders ENG 450 470 Balls Deep NI / ENG 435 440 Joan of Arc FRA 420 505 Ninja Badgers ENG 420 455 Team Wales WAL 410 405 Demonic Pigeons GRE 405 470 Fiction ENG 395 470 Northern Ireland NI 385 395 Age of Ricard FRA 385 385 Crown of Champions GER 370 420 Bucks Wargame Collective ENG 370 370 Angel ENG 365 405 The Winners ENG 355 375 Know her? I've never even meta ENG 350 365 MWGA FRA 350 350 Team Swidchiz SWE 340 340 Fjordhammer NOR 335 295 G.A.F. FRA 330 315 Cursed with Years ENG 325 350 Marauders Fluffy ENG 305 290 Team S.T.A.B. ENG 300 305 Hydra ENG 280 285 Rocksteady ENG 270 265 Lists can be found here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/rtgq1usk6x02jdf/Blood Tithe 2019 Lists1.2.docx?dl=0 Pack can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c7hp4od5rbvwxhm/Blood_Tithe_2019_v1.2.docx?dl=0 You can follow me on twitter @warbosswilson and don't forget I'm running AOS at London GT this September. Check out lgtpresents.co.uk for more info. Marc
  10. Historical wargaming uses measuring sticks a lot and with the proliferation of auras in AoS this market is quite light. Screwed or snap together magnetic 1" lengths would be a great idea. https://productsforwargamers.com/product-category/measuring-sticks/
  11. My plan is to run a 3 drop 19 unit list to basically get up early with rapid centigors and chariots, force the opponent into killing them - accruing hopefully 7 Blood Tithe points then activating Relentless Fury to explode Bestigors all over the table backed up by a duo of Bloodsecrators. Have you played it much?
  12. Has anyone played Brass Despoilers in a Khorne allegiance army? I'm one converted unit of Centigors away from having my army built but as I've done it during a busy time it's power is all based on supposition and 'feelings' ha ha.
  13. Good idea in general Ben. Aligning it to GBH release is a good idea, moving the 'seasons' summer-summer. I'm not personally a fan of watching warhammer but I know people are, and as long as players are miked, the commentators are on the ball and viewers can see and know what's going on you may convince me! If I was playing in the GT I probably wouldn't want someone parachuted in day two. Better to do the masters on the friday night as others have suggested, or like @Countmoores excellent idea above. The rankings site would need an overhaul to match the professionalism forecast; auto-submission of results, correct allegiance banding etc. Look again at weighting so that sub 2000 point events don't get equal merit. Exciting times.
  14. There's a link to the Blood Tithe pack here https://www.dropbox.com/s/c7hp4od5rbvwxhm/Blood_Tithe_2019_v1.1.docx?dl=0 The goal was to produce a setting in which all members of a team could feel they can contribute, whilst the elimination of kill points ensures punitive play is kept to a minimum. I wanted to reduce duplication without dictating hobby so this was my criteria 'Only Warscrolls with a points profile in The Generals Handbook 2018 current Battletomes up to and inc Feb 16th 2019, Season of War: Firestorm, or units with a Forgeworld points value are valid. Compendium Warscrolls will not be used. Each player must play their own list for all games. No two armies on the same team may have a duplicate warscroll, nor a duplicate allegiance, nor any duplicate artefacts. This includes Endless Spells. Summoned units are not subject to duplication restrictions.' I think capping is crucial to team events and my scoring is as follows: Major Win: 30 Minor Win: 20 Draw: 15 Minor Loss: 10 Major Loss: 5 Secret Mission 5 (per mission) Individual player points will be capped at 30 points per round. Total team points per round will be capped at 100/50. Secret Missions - a precursor to GW Secondaries were very popular. 4 between each team per round, with each player being able to use between 0-2. This meant frequently that the player with the worst draw had maybe 1 or even 2 shots at redemption and contribution to a teams score. I have to add that I think my Secret Missions are better and more suited to team play than GWs own, as they don't depend so much on doing well in the battleplan. I feel GWs reward the winner (anyway) as most are 'end of game'. I tried to formulate mine in a way that they are achievable in early turns and so give an alternative objective to the wielders. Secret Mission 1: Incalculable numbers Destroy any three enemy Battleline units. Secret Mission 2: Precision Strike Destroy the enemy General and / or two enemy Leader warscrolls by the end of battleround two. Secret Mission 3: Bring down the beast Destroy an enemy Behemoth with a Battleline unit in the Combat Phase. Secret Mission 4: Sustained Attack Destroy any two enemy units during your own turn – either by killing them or causing them to flee to battleshock. You must reveal this card in the turn in which you attempt it, at the beginning of the hero phase, before any other actions are taken. I chose 5 Batteplans which I thought would encourage the most diverse armies, and also those that promote Minor Wins, and avoid random scoring. Game 1 : Focal Points (GHB2018) Game 2 : Total Commitment (GHB2018) Game 3 : Take and Hold (Core Rulebook) Gift from the Heavens Game 4 : Places of Arcane Power (GHB2018) Game 5 : Blood and Glory (Core Rulebook) Overall this pack was very popular last year with no suggestions for revision - so I didn't!
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