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  1. yes, it is possible. But, holy ******, have fun figuring out the right point. thanks to circles on both sides I would think, that is impossible to finde the right spot. Also I would understand if your opponent would say "I dont think this model is in the right spot for holding that objective."
  2. As long it has points it is legal for matched play, but if in doubt (you already did that) talk to you tournament organizers. In a game in the store or with friends you can always ask them if they are okay with that, but as before, it has a point value.
  3. @EMMachine Thank you. So even the hero was slain with Slayer f Kings the other wounds can still allocated, if the hero still lives.
  4. Hi @ll, if got 2 qustions for you: 1. If Archaon triggers his Slayer of Kings ability (target is slain, not after all attacks are made) and a Lord-Arcanum is using the Cycle of the Storm ability to bring this modell back with 1 wound, do Archaon attack the target with the rest of his attacks or is the ressoureccted unit a "new" unit? 2. Is there a specific order to use the weapon profiles on the warscroll?
  5. Hi all, I've got a question (obviously...): For example one player has the S2D-DaemonPrince on the field 8" of an enemy Khorgos Khul. Start of combat is over and the Daemon Prince is not able to fight. Khorgos Khul can still be picked because of his ability and is able to pile in and attack. Does the Daemon Prince fight back? Abilites: Daemon Prince: Immortal Champion: This model fights at the start of the combat phase. This model cannot fight again in that phase unless an ability or spell allows it to fight more than once. Khorgos Khul: Aqshy’s Bane: This model is eligible to fight in the combat phase if it is within 8" of an enemy unit instead of 3", and can move an extra 5" when it piles in.
  6. I really like the dirt on the cloth! great job!
  7. it's not a tournament list, but I think it is fun with 2 SoDs. you can always drop the dryads für spites and outcast (because it cost less points). with the xtra CP you can give both SoDs and the Hunter-Squad an additional attack.
  8. here you can see the first 4 core game decks. https://warhammerunderworlds.com/deck-guides/
  9. I am thinking about the Awakend Wyldwoods and Overgrown Terrain, where you can only see through if one of the units is flying.
  10. Hi there, are the embarged units in a ship considered as flying as well? For me it would makes sense, but with GW you never know :-)
  11. Hi there, when having a CA, that can only be activated in the beginning of a phase, can I still use this ability multiple time? In my head it is: - Beginn of phase - CAs will trigger once to activate them - Main body of the phase If yes, it means, that I can activate Graviel Surehearts CA 3 times for 3 CPs to get a +9 to charge?
  12. When the Lord Arcanum uses the Cycle of the Storm ability on an buffed Hero (Warding Lantern for example) does the Hero still got the buff? And if it is your General, is it still the general with all artefacts, etc.? Cycle of the Storm Once per turn, when a friendly STORMCAST ETERNAL model is slain within 18" of this model, instead of removing the slain model, you can heal 1 wound allocated to it. This model cannot use this ability on itself.
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