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  1. Yeah, I was wrong (I guess this snippet is from the GHB?)
  2. Please note that Archaon is not currently legal in a Hedonites of Slaanesh army.. This fact is sadly exacerbated because our points where mostly too high even before the changes.
  3. At least we can only use the Keeper (if you can afford it) Command Ability once now, and still not on it self....... .... Hello 3.0, the rules some people have touted was good for Slaanesh..
  4. But isn't it noted at the top of your spell lore in you battletome? That any *insert faction name* wizard can roll for, or pick a spell? I would say so, but could use clarification 👍
  5. Care to clarify for those of us not so rule-savvy, which rules allow your whole army to shoot two times? 🤔
  6. Let's agree to disagree shall we? I am borderline in love with the priority roll ❤️ and would probably stop playing if it was removed fully. Most of the new changes have me excited, and it looks to me to be a more dynamic game. Looking forward to see pitched battle profiles to get a better grasp on what the game will really look like 🙂
  7. Guerrilla Miniature Games is saying that you roll off, and lowest drops wins ties... Wonder what is correct?! 😮
  8. Obvious FAQ And the intent of the rule I like.. Guess 3.0 wasn't flawless after all (not sure anyone expected them to be though, except maybe GW themselves )
  9. In my opinion the biggest effect of this change, is going to be the fact that you have to spend more CP to buff all those small units now. Instead of mostly being able to buff up one big unit to smack face.
  10. I strongly disagree costing, lets say 20-30 points extra would hurt them alot. Maybe even 10 points would do it, but that is questionable.
  11. Happy that you, to my knowledge, are not in charge of deciding point values for this game 👍
  12. You forgot to mention broken artifacts, missing subfactions (in the battletome), a really weak spell lore and just a huge lack of command abilities and synergies in general..! (And I'm really trying not to mention how broken the Azyr app is in regards to Slaanesh (and a lot of other stuff)). God I hope the Twins and 3.0 is awesome! PS. I STILL prefer the new playstyle to the old one we had, so there is that
  13. I would in no world take Painbringers over Twinsouls.. Re-rolling the save only in melee made the call really easy, before that I was probably 85/15 towards Twinsouls... Math doesn't lie, 2" range, 8"move.. It's not even a contest if you ask me 🙂
  14. 100% legal until they omit it from the FAQ. By the logic of checking Azyr, for if things are legal, artifacts in Godseekers Hosts are no longer legal 😂 😂 😂 Azyr is a hot mess and should be taken as such.. Sadly..
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