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  1. EMMachine

    Making Soup

    Some times I have the feeling that the "soup" battletomes are sort of a double-edged sword. It's true, that many of the are quite small (or maybe too small), but combining them in a soup book instead of giving them more units has partly the result, that the subfactions kind of loose there thematic identity. So instead of a themed army it will result in soup or in worst case, that instead of multiple themed units perhaps lists could be created having one big blob of the themed unit combined with cheap units filling the other battlelines, with the only restriction, that the general has to be a certain model. I think there was a point why the "Highborn" and "Exile" Keywords were removed (sort of bring the old classification back with the Alliance Rules). Having the factions not purely connected to one type of Aelfrace gives the Age of Sigmar Realms far more possiblilites in creating additional races. Maybe it's a quirk of my, but I'm one of the people making Fyreaelfs and Frostaelfs. And I wouldn't say that things like Lion Rangers, Phoenix Temple, Swift Hawk Agents, Eldritch Council and Order Draconis aren't Light Aelves only as well as Scourge Privateers, Darkling Covens or Order Serpentis aren't Shadowaelfs only and instead could be part of nearly every created aelf culture (Phoenix Temple with Frostaelfs only including Frost Phoenix and Fyreaelfs with only using Fyrephoenix as one of the best examples). Binding the factions to a race could be more harmful than helpful.
  2. EMMachine

    Black Knight Horde - LoS or GHoN?

    It's the first one. " I never give a unit more than +1 with Blood Feast ". The sentence in the FAQ should prevent from stacking the command ability multiple times on the same unit.
  3. EMMachine

    AoS 2 - Clan Pestilens Discussion

    I don't know if you will need that many Plague Censer Bearers. The point is that the rule states: "In your herophase, roll a dice for each unit that is within 3" of any units in a Plaguesmog Congregation" Each eneny unit in range rolls one dice regardless of how many Plague Censer Bearer units are standing in 3"
  4. Hm, the point is, that I associate the Phoenixes with the Phoenix Cult aka Phoenix Temple and I don't have any Phoenix Temple in this project yet. So thats the point why my project doesn't have a phoenix model. Thanks, I first thought, using the arms of the shadow warriors. This is the reason, why the Hunters with Bows have a "Hunters Blade" in there profile. But in the end, the flaming bows felt quite fitting here.
  5. So, I did some little updates on my battletome. Some typochanges where I still uses the Term "White Lion" in abilities and I made my first Allegiance Abilities for them. The idea was, that through the connection to Korhil the Lion Rangers would be a little bestial in there fighting style. I hope it is not to much Khorne like. I only made 3 Command Triats and 3 Artefact first. Battletome Lion Rangers 2.1 This is the first result: Allegiance Abilities Battletraits Guerilla Tactics Friendly LION RANGER units can Retreat and Charge in the same turn. Defiant Hunters You can Re-roll battleshock tests for friendly LION RANGER units. Lions of the Celestial Realms. Blazen Lions: For each unmodified save roll of 6 a unit of WAR LIONS makes in the close combat phase (after re-rolls), the attacking unit suffers mortal wound after all attacks are made. White Lions: When a unit of WAR LIONS runs or charges, roll an additional dice and discard the lowest. Frost Lions: Enemy Units that target WAR LIONS must subtract 1 from their wound rolls. Shadow Lions: Enemy Units that target WAR LIONS must subtract 1 from their hit rolls. Leaf Lions AT the Start of the hero phase, roll a D6 for each unit of WAR LIONS. On a roll of 5+ that unit heals a wound. Command Traits D3 Command Trait 1 Fury of Battle Your General can run and charge in the same turn 2 Impossible Swift Subtract 1 from the hit rolls for attacks target this general. 3 Dazing Frenzy Roll a dice each time the bearer suffers a wound of mortal wound in the fighting phase. On a roll of 5+, the wound is negated. Artefacts D3 Artefact 1 Claw of the Eternal Lion Pick one of the bearer’s melee weapons. Improve the Rend characteristic of that weapon by 1. In addition, if the unmodified hit roll for an attack made with that weapon is a 6, add the target suffers 1 mortal wound after all of the bearer’s attacks have been resolved. 2 Eternal Cloak Add 1 to the Save rolls for this model. 3 Furious Axe Pick one of the bearer’s melee weapons. At the start of the combat phase, you can add 2 to the Attacks characteristic of this weapon until the end of the phase. If you do so, subtract 1 from the save rolls for attacks that target the bearer until the end of that phase.
  6. @syph0n Or alternativly searching for other possible units (bleakswords or Darkshards (converted) for example) But in the moment, the Assassine Guild isn't very high in my priority. Actually I was doing a little for my Lion Rangers. I have my first testmini for the Lion Guard: I have two painted Warlions And I have my first three Hunters with bows (after my Lion Rangers are Fyreaelfs, I thought, the bows of the Sisters of the Watch sould fit). Sadly I have to buy new stuff to finish the unit because it was the box I used for the Riders and the Tamer.
  7. @syph0n You mean Reavers for the Shadowaelfs? Actually didn't thought about it, yet. Just using the Dark Riders count as Reavers isn't perhaps the best thing, but after having Shadow Warriors and Dark Riders in one army, perhaps a conversion between the two could be interesting. Another thing that could be interesting for a little variation, would be mixing Dark Riders with Corsairs.
  8. So, I finished painting this Medusa today. I pained her mostly end march 2018, but couldn't decide what color the liquid should have.
  9. EMMachine

    Solbright as general?

    Yes she can be general. The forced command trait (she has the Hammers of Sigmar Keyword and abilities that only work on Hammers of Sigmar units), where else should she be general? The point with the "forced" command trait (command ability is something different) is only for Generic Characters, so they can't get a Command Trait from page 118 (which a named character can't get either). The command ability "Soul of the Stormhost" can actually be used by Solbright and is a addition to all other command abilities she can use.
  10. So, here are the latest updates. I had the bits for quite some time now, but yesterday I actually built something again for my Lion Rangers. I made another 3 Lion Riders, so the unit has 6 models now. I brought the War Lions unit to 6 models and I built a Lion Tamer. Sadly I didn't painted anything. And I actually made my AoS 2.0 update for the Fanmade Battletome, bringing the layout to a more similar way and making some little point changes (mostly to the Changes in the Generals Handbook 2018), what makes my army actually 140 cheaper than before. Battletome Lion Rangers 2.0
  11. Fyreaelfs May 2018: May 10, 2018 So, the beginning of my Lion Rangers were mostly models I had in my old high elf army, rebasing some of them and buying a new box of Lion Rangers to get new Command Units, leaving some old models I started painting (so I didn't have to decolor them) and building an hero for them because GW didn't. The result was this: 1 Lion Noble (using the Dragon Noble Warscroll) 3x10 White Lions 3 White Lion Chariots 6 War Lions (don't having a Warscroll at all) After that (mostly because at the moment the War Lions don't have an Warscroll or a real hero) I started to work on my Fanmade Lion Rangers Battletome: Battletome Lion Rangers 1.0 In the next stage I give my army some new Units like the Lion Lord on Emperor Lion (made out of a Manticore) and the Lion Riders Cavalry. The next goal will be finding a interesting color theme for them that will fit into the fantastic world called "the mortal Realms". May 13, 2018 So, this is more of a WIP Post. At first I thought making a Scar like Theme, but this didn't worked out, mostly because of the light underbelly. At the end I got a little inspiration of @kenshin620 Lionpictures in the Fanmade Lion Rangers Battletome Thread. The Idea could be that my lion ranger aelfs could be some sort of firealefs (or fyreaelfs if we take the wording of fyreslayers) living in aqshy having Blaze Lions. Actually I'm writing something about a Lionlike Godbeast, that isn't translated yet, don't know if it is even finished, yet. In this time a made an update for the Fanmade Battletome. Battletome Lion Rangers 1.1 May 14, 2018 So, I wrote a small introduction of the godbeast that stands befind the Lion Rangers and created the different kinds of Lions. May 16, 2018 There was another update for the Fanmade Battletome: Battletome Lion Rangers 1.2
  12. The Frostaelfs. March to July. March 18, 2018 At first, here do I have a backgrounddescription about this army Then I also painted my first testminiature. The Army used to have ice-blue armor, greyblue cloth and violet skin. March 21, 2018 So, I thought that I would paint the unit were my testmodel came from. But for the last 3 evenings I thought I would like to paint my first "Frostdragon" for this project. Here is the result. March 24, 2018 So, I'm finished with painting 10 of my Dreadspears (but need to paint another 10 to finish the unit). After a thought the cloth was a little flat on my testmodel, I made another hightling with Blue Horror. June 1, 2018 At this time, I published the first Story, from the "Tales of Anvenna". The Frostaelfs from Frostbreath June 4, 2018 Here is another story attempt. At first the story was planned with the Fleetmaster Delayar as protagonist, but I thought the landlady Thalia could be an interesting protagonist (mostly because she can have several customers to interact in her Tavern). It's a try to fit in some official GW stuff into the story as well as some bits of my own creations. (After I mix Frostaelfs, Fyreaelfs and Shadowaelfs in this story I wish I hadn't split the Projects into two.) called the "Tales of Thalia". Character Description Thalia Delayar's Loss
  13. Hi, this will be a big one (actually like most of my projects). Here I have a project that combines most of the aelf factions. Some of this stuff was actually in blogs before. Here are the actual armylists, structures as the Aelfengroups and subgroups Frostaelfs Fyreaelfs Shadowaelfs Not definied aelfen groups Next will be the stuff I already posted in blogs.
  14. EMMachine

    Lion Rangers - Children of Korhil

    Hm, didn’t realized until now that I had a typo in the titel. Now I corrected it.
  15. EMMachine

    Fanmade Monsters of Destruction Battletome

    Hm ... right. You mean the "Ghostsight" rule. It's actually a rule for all Cygor Attacks. Fair enough, we actually have to think, that most wizards have only 1 attack. Actually I could do Rend -2 and/or Damage 3. What I don't want is, that the Stave is a better Massive club in everything. Another idea for an Gargant King Ability. How about a bubble, that let's the Gargants re-roll Random rolls for Attacks? "Put some effort in to it, boys"