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  1. There are two points. In the core rules, do to the point Allegiance (Page 17 in the PDF). If you choose the Stormcast Faction (so Judicators are Battleline) you are stuck to Stormcast Eternals Allegiance Abilities. You would have to choose the Grand Allegiance Faction to use Grand Alliance Allegiance Abilities. There is only one exception in the Errata. If a faction doesn't have there own Allegiance Abilities, can use Grand Alliance Allegiance Abilities instead.
  2. In the end, what are "High Elves". Even in the old world they were more or less a wild mix of Cults and Cultures. We had a Phoenix Cult aka Phoenix Temple, a Lion Cult aka Lion Rangers, a Dragon Cult aka Order Draconis a mage cult aka Eldritch Council (it's a shame, that the Dragonriders in this group aren't part of Oder Draconis as well) Seaguard (at the moment inside Swifthawk Agents) Shadow Warriors (at the moment inside Swifthawk Agents) Most of this stuff we still have now. The main problem is, that the Aelven Militia was mostly removed in 2016 (last units that could be count to some sort of Militia and not part of a Cult could be Chariots and the Highwarden, which are both inside the Swifthawk Agents). It is a problem, because the factionmix that was originally in the High Elves Book doesn't have any true Battlelines besides Reavers (which aren't available at the moment and the warscroll is only in the app). Why do we have to be stuck to the 3 Groups "highborn (a)elves", "dark (a)elves", "wood (a)elves? Why can't we just see the subfactions as cults and cultures that are working together. We have the Cults/Cultures I said above + the following nature aelves aka Wanderers Treekin aka Sylvaneth Sea Aelves aka Idoneth Deepkin Witch cult aka Daughters of Khaine Assassine Guild aka Shadowblades Lizard Cult aka Order Serpentis Corsaires/Beasttaimers aka Scourge Privateers Darkling Covens (as the next thing for a Militia)
  3. EMMachine

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    This could simply mean, that they have one Allegiance but need Gors and/or Ungors as Battleline because those two are true battlelines.
  4. EMMachine

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    The problem is, we don't know yet, what the Battletome will give us (except for the Endless Spells and the Stone). We don't know if Bullgors will be "Battleline if" in a new Allegiance or if they will stay battleline in Warherds (like Blood Knights are still only Battleline in a Soulblight Army, not in the Legions. I would wait with those assumptions until we have evidence what the Battletome will give us.
  5. EMMachine

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    As long as Brayherds are allies there is a problem in the list. Since 2.0 you need 3 Units of the Allegiance for every 1 allied unit (this is in Matched Play too). With your 4 Brayherd Units you would need 12 Warherd Units but there are only 6 in the List.
  6. EMMachine

    Legions of Nagash and Dreadblade Harrows

    The Dreadblade is an ally, so he can't profit from Allegiance Abilities and so he can't be used for the summon.
  7. EMMachine

    Tenebrael Shard way to go for Mixed Order?

    Short Answer, it doesn't work. Telebrael Shard is a named Character, and named characters can't get artefacts (Page 17 Rulepdf) Edit: The, it sounded like a name, but after looking at the scroll and the pitched battle profile he isn't handled as a named character. Okay my bad.
  8. EMMachine


    To this question here. I realized that there was actually a an Errata on the Cloak on July 23, 2018. So, after the change, the cloak does only make damage with the normal move and only one unit takes damage.
  9. Okay, a small update for my Blazenheart Chamber. Yelena Stormheart my Judicatress Prime is back with her new Mini, ready to lead.
  10. EMMachine

    Guardian of Souls Lanterns in Legions Army

    No, If you take Grand Host or Legions of Sacrament/Blood/Night Allegiance you don't have Nighthaunt Allegiance (and Nighthaunt Artefacts are part of the Nighthaunt Allegiance Abilities).
  11. EMMachine

    Lord Castellant is obsolete

    You should remember that the Gryph-Hounds Warscroll was updated, too. And with the new Warscroll only Stormcast Eternals Units profit from the Warning Cry ability.
  12. This is more a information post. Here are the colors I used for the project: Cyan Armour Thousand Sons Blue Nuln Oil/Drakenhof Nightshade/Coealia Greenshade Thousand Sons Blue (retouch) Ahriman Blue Baharroth Blue The first models I painted, I used Nuln Oil, later models (I think it started with the Prosecutors) where shaded with Drakenhof Nightshade. At last I switched to Coelia Greenshade, after the color is closer to the Thousand Sons Blue and required less retouching after shading Gold Retributor Armour Agrax Earthshade Auric Armour Gold (alternativ Sigmarite) Metal Leadbelcher Nuln Oil Iron Breaker (Optional) Wood (Bow/Crossbow) Dryad Bark Nuln Oil Gorthor Brown White Armour/Cloth Celestra Grey Nuln Oil/Drakenhof Nightshade Ulthuan Grey Dracoth (Scales) Incubi Darkness Coelia Greenshade Kabalite Green Sybarite Green (Optional) Dracoth (Leather) Stegadon Scale Green Coelia Greenshade Sotek Green Temple Guard Blue (Optional) Purple parts Screamer Pink Nuln Oil Pink Horror Carroburg Crimson Red Cloth Methiston Red Agrax Earthshade? Evil Sunz Scarlet Wildrider Red (Optional) Parchment/Bone Zandri Dust Seraphim Sepia Ushabti Bone Armour Innerlining Skavenblight Dinge Nuln Oil Bags Dark Reaper Nuln Oil Leather Rhinox Hide Nuln Oil Doombull Brown Agrax Earthshade (optional) Tuskgor Fur Base (Desert) Armageddon Dust Agrax Earthshade Karak Stone (drybrushing) Steel Legion Drab (Base Edge) Base (Ghyran) Armageddon Dust/Astrogranite (texture) Castellan Green (Base) Rhinox Hide / Elysian Green (brushed patches) Nurgling Green (drybrushing) Averland Sunset (drybrushing) Steel Legion Drab (Base Edge) Actually I have forgotten what color I used for the skin of the Gryph-Charger. Could have been The Fang Drakenhof Nightshade Russ Grey Fenrisian Grey but I'm not sure anymore.
  13. EMMachine

    New Coherency Throws Prosecutors Under the Bus

    It's more a project thing in my case. Beside this unit I have one 6 man unit with Hammer + Shield and 2 Grandblades, and a 6 man unit with Javelins and Tridents. I actually never had them on the field. Sure. In my case it's not the standardversion. I used Thousand Sons Blue Nuln Oil / Drakenhof Nightshade / Coelia Greenshade Thousand Sons Blue (retouch) Ahriman Blue Baharroth Blue In case of Shade, there was a little evolution. At the beginning, I had used Nuln Oil, I think the Prosecutors were the first Models I used Drakenhof Nightshade and actually I use Coealia Greenshade (mostly because it is closer to the Colors I use than the other 2, and it's less retouching). (I should actually make a post with the Paintlist in the project)
  14. EMMachine

    New Coherency Throws Prosecutors Under the Bus

    I actually glued my Prosecutors on 50mm Bases after realizing quickly that 40mm is too small for them. These aren't GW bases. I had glued them on 40mm first. those bases have a 40mm notch, so I only had to cut-off the edge of the 40mm base and glued it into the notch.
  15. A little building during the last month. Actually realized that I didn't post anything here. July 7, 2018 I had build my Stormcast Eternals Part of the Soulwars Box. Only difference is the Lord Arcanum (which I gave a Blood Angels Head) July 29, 2018 The Sacrocanct Chamber is growing, by Tempest of Souls, Sequitors (Snapfit) And I made some other head changes, this time Castigators August 4, 2018 I bought some other Boxes. Astreia Solbright, Knight Zephyros, the Farstriders, Escher Gang, Sequitors (Mulitpart Box), Sequitors (Snapfit), Stormstrike. I really wanted a Lord Arcanum on Dracoline (I know that the Gryph-Charger variant is better, but it was for optical reasons after next week the Evocators on Dracoline will be released). I didn't liked the idea of using 1 of 3 Evocators for that, but Astreia's base was to overloaded for me. In combination with the Bases of the Farstriders and an Escher Gang head I built this: First I wanted to use the Neave Blacktalons head, but the colar and her picktail didn't want to fit. In case for the Sequitors I built 3 more 5 man squads (and yes, I only had built 2 Greatmaces in each squad: (The Prime was already build, but I changed the head) I made a conversion of the Prime, changing the leg, the shoulderpad and the head. Some headchanges for Castigators (now I can play 2 units of 6) I actually built the Knight Zephyros with an Escher Head, so I can use Naeves head for something else. At last, I built a new model for "Yelena Stormheart", my Judicatress Prime. The first model was made from a male Judicator model, with a Sisters of Silence Head and some greenstuff for the chestplate. (here the old model) The new model is build with the parts of a female Sequitor-Prime with the bow Parts of a Judicator and Naeves head (in case of the Robe, as a follower of the Order of the Verdant Cycle she is wearing it, as a reminding for her old membership with the cloth colored in green instead of the normal colors).