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  1. The way the organisation is written, no. The Battalion needs a Model with "Orruk Megaboss" Warscroll. If the Mawcrusha was allowed it would have used the MEGABOSS or ORRUK MEGABOSS Keyword.
  2. The problem is, the Horrors are the first unit of it's kind, where basicly three different units are included into 1 warscroll.
  3. If GW had planned something like Orruks vs. Cities of Sigmar it basicly had to be released in October 2019, because both Faction got there battletome back than. It's quite impossible that a two player box like this would be released unless the factions get a new Battletome in the next 0-6 months after the Boxrelease or at least one of them has a new release plus the other just got a new Battletome 1-3 months before.
  4. The problem is, giving a unit of Varanguard 2 circles was basicly a lore violation. Being Part of the First Circle is basicly as being part of the Hammers of Sigmar Stormhost, being part of the Oakenblow Warglave or another faction. Those guys have specific colorthemes for each circle (but not all are known). Saying my Varanguard has the second and sevened circle would be the same as having a Treelord Ancient that is Oakenblow and Gnarlroot at the same time and wants to get the effects of both glades.
  5. There is another exception. Gloomspite Gitz got their Battletome in January 2019 while Looncurse was Release in May 2019. So one army could have the Battletome Release before the Box. So a future Released Battletome vs. Slaves to Darkness wouldn't be impossible.
  6. If you would have to choose between both the rules for everwinter prayers should have stated that you can't combine both (which is not the case). Prayers don't use one pool like spells. Blizzard Speaker and the Everwinter Prayers are two different pools and you can use both. You only have the restrictions inside the different pools.
  7. It has to be on a hero in your army if possible, but it doesn't have to be the General.
  8. Except Settra is most likely a Stormcast Eternal named Settrus, and we would need at least one special Stormcast Modell + one Deathmodel + a near release of either a Stormcast Eternals Battletome or Legions of Nagash Battletome. One other theme could be an introduction of the "pointy aelfs" with a Story in Hysh (the same way the Bonereapers where introduced). Which could actually fit after the trailer said Spring 2020
  9. The 2 Player Campaign Boxes try to tell a story and have either a new future release or are released at the same time as the Battletome and the first way to get new re-released Minis. Blight War. Slimux tries to corrupt a realmgate near Excelsis (Introduction of Slimux and Neave Blacktalon, the Future Release of Maggotkin of Nurgle ) Wrath and Rapture = new Slanesh + Khorne Daemons. New Battletomes for both Factions months later. The story how the daemonweapon Eignogrom was stolen from a Infernal Enrapturess and Karanak tried to get it back Looncurse new future Sylvaneth Release and more Story about Ayadah in Chamon Carrion Empire , released at the same time as the actual Flesh Eater Courts und Skaven Battletomes + Story about the region Metalurgica in the Kairic Heartlands of Chamon Feast of Bones new Ossiarch Bonereaper Release + new Battletome for Ogor Mawtribes. + Background for Hallost between the two Factions. Aether War = new Battletomes for Kharadron Overlords + Tzeentch (because I don't have the box yet I have no idea in which region they fight. So in that case Seraphon, Maggotkin, Legions of Nagash, Daughters of Khaine and Idoneth Deepkin would be candicates to be one of the Factions because there Battletomes were released before 2nd Edition. And it would be conected to a story in the box to flesh out some Background. Edit: Chaos vs Death we will basicly get with the Campaign Book "Wrath of the Everchosen"
  10. You have to look if the rule blocking line of sight does mention if flyers ignore it. The overgrown rule (thats also in the generals Handbook 2019) mentions it and the Prismatic Palisade doesn't. So thePalisade blocks line of sight for flyers too. Flying doesn't ignore line of sight by default, only if the rule that grands a line of sight block states that fliers ignore it. The house would also block if you can't see the Banshee behind, because you still follow the normal line of sight rules, that you have to see the target. There isn't a special rule that states, that flying models ignores all terrain, they ignore terrain only in case of moving. Overgrown is a special case because it blocks line of sight even if you would physically see the model.
  11. The reason for the change is maybe if they want to add new Tzaangor Units with other weapons or want to Split the Warscrolls Weapon Options. So the Keyword would be the Constant.
  12. Maybe this Point of the Corebook FAQ will help. So, it is for units with the Keyword TZAANGORS. You can combine multiple Keywords but you can't split a keyword. The reason for the change is maybe if they want to add new Tzaangor Units with other weapons or want to Split the Warscrolls Weapon Options. Edit: For some reason that thread was posted twice:
  13. The re-roll triggers before modifiers or abilities trigger, so the dice have to be re-rolled and the other effect doens't trigger unless the re-roll would trigger it. After the model has x wounds allocated to the it before it is removed, yes, it would use the lowest stats The term "fight" is a synomym for pile in and attack. Corerules page 5 Combat phase paragraph 3
  14. No, you have to add the Artefact to a Hero in your Armylist, not a summoned one.
  15. He is an Ally because he doesn't have the "Nurgle" Keyword. And "being part of a nurgle army", means "having the nurgle allegiance". So these points are against Belakor getting a spell. Plus these points of the Corebook FAQ
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