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  1. As a correction here. It looks like that this is only the case in the german version. The english book has less pages than the german one.
  2. EMMachine

    Gristlegore Terrorgheist

    here is the answer in the Rulebook FAQ (page 3) to this question.
  3. EMMachine

    Start Collecting battalions

    From an official perspective they wouldn't be usable in matched play. This is stated in the Corebook FAQ
  4. This could be the point, why GW made the "Overgrown Wilderness" rule for the Citadel Wood and the Sylvaneth Wyldwood with the Generals Handbook 2018, so measuring 1" through the would blocks line of sight.
  5. EMMachine

    White Dwarf Warscroll Battalions

    I don't think that it will help, because there are no points for the exact warscroll Battalions, but in the end the 4 battalions are simply a specified variants of the Warrior Chamber, Lords of the Storm, Thunderhead Brotherhood and Hammerstrike Force. Perhaps it is possible to Houserule, using the points for those battalions, when using the White Dwarf Battalions.
  6. Like @XReN said there are multiple different variants of armor colors in case of Celestial Vindicators (I have seen 3-4 different styles already). For example. I used the colorsThousand Sons Blue, Ahriman Blue and Baharroth Blue The result is in my post. https://www.tga.community/forums/topic/10431-order-through-vengeance-celestial-vindicators/
  7. EMMachine

    Chaos allegiance - everchosen battalion?

    Grand Alliance Chaos is not a problem. There is a Question in the Core Rule FAQ: In case of any other allegiance, what @King Taloren said. A main problem with Everchosen is, that the Battalions aren't even useable outside of the Grand Alliance, because since the rules where changed in 2.0 that units, not having the Everchosen Keyword would still be allies in a Everchosen Army (with the difference that they don't count against the limit) instead of becoming part of the Allegiance (and only restricted not able to use Abilities) like it was before 2.0. Everchosen really needs an update, like with Beasts of Chaos, giving the units inside the Battalion the Everchosen Keyword or a new Battletome.
  8. EMMachine

    The New Skaven Battletome, Terrain, Model & eSpells!

    Yeah, I thought the same when reading that Thread: There are at least 14 articles (without counting multilingual releases in case of Battletomes and the Carrion Empire Box ) that we can pre-order next week (the same amount as this weeks genestealer Cult release).
  9. EMMachine

    How can I do a three player free for all game?

    If you mean "Triumpf & Treachery!". Those rules were updated with the Age of Sigmar Rulebook. (Page 302-305 with two battleplans).
  10. EMMachine

    Sentiment about the new releases

    Reading through all the comments, I'm wondering about something. Is it confirmed that this will be a 1 week release? I mean. When looking at yesterdays preview article we have about 14 articles that will get ready for preorder next week (without counting statt stuff like the Carrion Empire Box and the Battletomes will be released in multiple languages). This weeks Genestealer Cult Preorder has about the same amount of articles (12-14 without counting the multiple languages of the Codex). We have the Carrion Empire Box Battletome, Terrain, Endless Spells, Cards and Dice for Skaven Battletome, Terrain, Endless Spells, Cards for Flesheater Courts second Release Wave for Genestealer Cult with 2 Boxes/Clampacks. That is actually a lot of stuff for one week. Rebasing and/or bringing new models for skaven could possibly fill one too.
  11. EMMachine

    Some Questions about Death

    Yeah, thats possible.
  12. Okay, I will buy my White Dwarf on Friday (don't have an subscription). But in case of that information @robinlvalentine shared, I would say the following: I think we will get at least 5 more Realm rules. We already got an Aqshy Expansion for Skirmish in Malign Sorcery and now Chamon with the White Dwarf. The point that the champion becomes a leader fixes actually a problem of the old skirmish, because the old rules used 25 Points renown and still needed a hero. a 150 point warband without a model with a Hero Keyword should be possible. Hm, perhaps some sort of map campaign would work better.
  13. EMMachine

    Skarr's Slaughterstorm and bonus attacks

    Yeah, looking in the App, the Bloodsecrator is raising the Attack Characteristic of the Weapons, so it woundn't work.
  14. Okay, than I got the "Each model in your warband is therefore therefor treated as a single unit" wrong (don't know if the White Dwarf rules still have that exact wording because I don't have my White Dwarf right now and even then it would be german, so I wrote that sentence from the old Skirmish Book I have in my App), fearing that, when choosing 3 Flesh Hounds they would be count as 3 units and would get 3 unbind rolls.
  15. @Agent of Chaos It's partly an immersion break compared to the regular game when normally a unit of 5-20 models give 1 unbindrolls while in Skirmish 5 models would give 5 rolls. (It's the same for Wizard units (except spells are restricted). Don't forget that each model has 4 attacks hitting on a 3+ and reroll charge rolls. Okay Champion was the wrong Term in that case because Fleshhounds don't have a Champion, only Gore Hounds that are more like Specialweapons.