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  1. In case of the summoned unit, those can't move in the following movement phase. Making a "normal move" only means making a move with the restrictions of the movement phase using the move characteristic not ending the move within 3" of enemy units. A retreat is basicly a normal move as well using the same restrictions because it is made in the movement phase.
  2. I know that there was a +-250 ruling until the Generals Handbook 2018, but I can't actually find it anymore in the Generals Handbook 2019 or the Gaming book.
  3. GW did actually only made min/max values for 1000, 2000 and 2500 Points for matched play. All other Point Values are basicly houserules. The easiest thing would most likely be playing multiple armies, with each having their own Restriction.
  4. Moin, Ähnlich wie im Thread der sich um Lexicanum und Age of Sigmar Wikia im Thread hier Möchte ich hier Werbung für ein deutschsprachiges Wiki Namens Sigmarpedia machen. Wie Age of Sigmar Wikia ist es auch ein Fandom Wiki das 2017 ursprünglich gegründet wurde aber mangels Unterstützung dann 2 Jahre kaum Beiträge erhielt. Ich bin 2019 in das Projekt eingestiegen nachdem ich mir eh für die anderen beiden Projekte Accounts zugelegt hatte. Nach heutigem Stand hat das Wiki gerade mal 242 Seiten und noch sehr viel Luft nach oben. Wenn also Interesse bestehen würde, die deutsche AoS Community zu unterstützen wäre ich euch dankbar. --------- Hi, Similar to the thread of Lexicanum and Age of Sigmar Wikia in the thread here: I would like to advertise for a german-spoken wiki named Sigmarpedia here. Like Age of Sigmar Wikia, it is also a fandom wiki that was originally founded in 2017 but didn't get much Articles because of a lack of Support. I got into the project in 2019 after I had accumulated accounts for the other two projects anyway. As of today, the wiki has just 242 pages and still a lot of room for improvement. So if there would be interest to support the German AoS community I would be grateful.
  5. Its conversion time again. I found some more shadow warrior bits und wanted to use the shields of the Darkriders (sadly I have not enough to make a full unit). The thought was to have more guard models for Mystport and the shadow warrior bodys and Dark rider shields are quite good for it. Sadly I had only enough for 3 models. Banner and Musician I can use the parts of the Dark Riders, but I have to look what head I use for the musician because the shadow warrior heads didn't spare out the mouth part.
  6. To specify this. The Corebook FAQ says on page 4 that they are activate in "your" herophase. "The" hero phase would mean that you can be activated in your or the enemy herophase. Also Dread knight states that it is actived until your next hero phase. So it will Star active in the enemy turn.
  7. Hm, I realized that I forgot one of the pictures in case of the Assassine/Shadow Guild. Those guys with the rules and parts of Corsairs have basicly a role of Thugs in the Guild
  8. Lately I have worked with this project again (well in my other main forum I have projects I actually brought all my projects together because even the five projects I have here do not hold all my projects I have). Who remembers the story of Mystport, where we have a Shadow Guild and a Fleetmaster? Well, with Cities of Sigmar I got the chance to give the armies some style (sadly not much painted stuff). At least these are most of my units of the Shadow Guild Shadow Warriors 1, 2 Assasssine and some Dark Riders Shadow Warriors 2 Executioners 1 Executioner 2 Bar maid, Dancers 1, Assassine 2 Dancers 2 Assassine 3 Oracle Sorceress Dark Riders 1 and 2 Ballista 1 Ballista 2 And these many of the Scourge Privateers Model Update phase 1 Model Update phase 2 Some WIP Stuff
  9. It isn't what "without faction" has meant to be. The real solution would have been changing the Deathmarch Battalion to "Deathrattle" and Castellans of the Crimson Keep to "Soulblight" with an Errata. (it was a huge mistake from the beginning that they wrote "Death" above it because 1.0 would have allowed it in a deatharmy because all units inside have the keywords and the first FAQ would have given the Battalion the Death Grand Alliance regardless). If this would be the case and they would add for the Legion of Grief that Battalions of the faction would get the Legion of Grief Keyword (like Legion of Nagash does for the Grandhost and the three Legions) or become part of the Legion of Grief Faction they would fix Legions of Nagash and Legions of Grief because the Legion of Grief would be allowed to use Nighthaunt Battalions as well as the Deathmarch Battalion after such a fix. In the end working with Keywords like for the warscrolls would be the better construct than everything we have above, creating new holes with each new implemenation in the worst case.
  10. No, Generals Handbook 2019, Page 54, Allied units, paragraph 2, first sentence
  11. To specify this. We have to make a difference between modifying the characteristic or modifying the diceroll. Etheral only ignores Modifiers on the diceroll, so Vitrolic Spray will change the Save-Characteristic (but like you said Rend or Cover will be ignored because those modify the dice Roll)
  12. After my posts got downvoted in the Thread: Legions of Nagash Battalion choices? I think some additional explanation is needed here. I have the feeling GW has to refine the FAQ entries for Alliance + Battalion (or better make an errata to the rules) after the FAQs Entries are basicly rulechanges. First off, there is a difference between 1.0 Warscroll Battalions with the faction name on the Warscrollbattalion and 2.0 Warscroll Battalions without the Factionname on the Warscroll Battalion: And we have one FAQ point that is mixed 1.0 and 2.0 and another that is only 2.0. The blue sentence is only 1.0 relevant after 2.0 battalions doesn't have the Faction named on the Warscroll. While the rest of the a Answer does basicly work for both Battalion types And the other one for 2.0 without factions on the Battalion Warscroll Looking at the downvote in the other thread it looks like those players are playing the 1.0 Battalions with the 2.0 FAQ even though the battalions don't fulfill the requirements for that point of the FAQ. In the end if GW would change the FAQ that 1.0 Battalions would use the same FAQ as 2.0 Battalion by removing the Faction from the warscoll, it would most likely fix the problem for Legions of Nagash. The Everchosen problem will hopefully be fixed with the Battletome Slaves to Darkness that should get released on December 14, 2019. The mainproblem remaining would be Defenders of Lethis and Legion of Grief as well as the strange ruling in case of Orruks that you can basicly ignor allypoints for Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz if the are part of a Battalion.
  13. It's not about making money of it. The thing is, you are not the owner of the character. I can't write background for "Vandus Hammerhand" for example because it could create conflicts with the official Background of Vandus. In case of Kemmler we don't know if he will come back to AoS but we know that Characters returned from the old world (Mannfred, Neferata, Arkhan, Gotrek) or that a character is most likely a reborn old world character (Balthasar Gelt is most likely the the Lord Arcanum Baltas Amun). After the background is quite losely in AoS compared to the old world fanmade background can basicly be as official as the GW made background, so it's importent not to create conflicts with official lore (which will most likely happen when named characters are used outside of official parts of the lore).
  14. @Eldarain Interesting. I don't know why it has to be "Heinrich Kemmler", a named char of the old world. I mean, what will you do if GW makes a version of Heinrich Kemmler for AoS. After the model is GW property you basicly don't have copyright on the character. Why not your completly own character?
  15. Okay, I thought Huskard equals Priest.
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