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  1. I think you missed the errata for the doubleganger cloak from December 2018 Since the Errata you can activate it once per game.
  2. At the moment no, because the rules only state that "unit" get the Keyword, while Legions of Nagash stated that "units and warscroll Battalion" get the Keyword.
  3. The problem here is the weird way GW changed attack first and attack last. Then both players have Abilities and attacks that work at the start of the Combatphase, the player who's turn it is makes all activations and attacks that apply at the start of the combat phase. So if the Gristlegore General is in close combat with the bearer of doppleganger cloak and it is the Flesh Eater Courts turn, the General can attack before the doubleganger cloak can even be activated. It is basicly this:
  4. It's not about stuff being removed. Models like the Errant Questor and the Guardian of Souls with mortality glass only had pitched Battle Profiles in there Box because the first one is only sold on Warhammer World and the second one was a miniature that only could be bought once a year per Games Workshop (on the day that is stated as Store anniverary). (Okay that could basicly a point for not using them in tournaments because many players don't know what the model does after you basicly need a box of it to get the rules. The Guardian of Souls is the wierdest case because his ability is even mentioned in a Battalion in the Nighthaunt Book, but they didn't print the warscroll into the book that uses the ability). They aren't in the Destruction section either. It's quite strange that they removed the Gitmob Grots from Pitched Battle while Greenskins are still playable (even though there models vanished from the shop basicly at the same time.
  5. @VonSmall has added a Command Point for 50 Points. With the changes to Pitched Battle 2019 you now buy a command point for 50. The Warscrollbuilder counts adds the 50 Points and 1 Command Point but doesn't mention it in the list itself. Without the Command Point the list above would have 1930 Points.
  6. It basicly depends on the wording of the ability. If it returns "slain models" the unit can't get bigger due to an FAQ question. Sadly I think this question was in the old Flesh Eater Courts FAQ, because I don't find it anymore in the actual FAQs. Normally the rules state "add x models" when the unit can get bigger (for example the standardbearers of Daemons)
  7. Allegiances never have pointvalues and you would basicly see the same points for Legion of Grief as you see in the sections Nighthaunt Deathrattle Deathwalker Deathlords Deathmages And in case of Lethisian Defender Stormcast Eternals Fyreslayers Kharadron Overlords Idoneth Deepkin Excelsior Warpriest (Devoted to Sigmar) So we would basicly have 10 more pages without any additional content because it is a copy & paste of 10 other tables, wasting space that can't be used for other content. And to refer the Errant Questor I mentioned the FAQ above. He was released in 2016 and GW still stated in the FAQ that he can be used in Pitched Battle in 2018, without having a Pitched Battle Profile in any of the Generals Handbooks. I think, GW can't put limited miniatures/battalions into a Generals Handbook, and because of that we can't find the Errant Questor, Guardian of Souls with mortality glass or any 2 player box Battalions in the Generals Handbook. The funny thing about the Gaunt Summoner is, that the Model without the Familiars was the official release in the Battletome Disciples of Tzeentch. The Model with Familiars was only a White Dwarf release for the Model when Silvertower was released.
  8. You can make all three weapon profiles because wounds are allocated after the Damage of all 3 profiles is added to the damage pool. Page 7 Corerules, Allocating Wounds
  9. That's not how it works. The point "Add units" does only show what units Nighthaunt can get, there is no check which could be used in another allegiance. (And there is a Legion of Grief Section, that has all units included, that can be used in Legions of Grief) With the same logic you could say that Soulblight are playable when choosing Legions of Grief allegiance because you can still choose "Soulblight" in Add units, which is not the case rulewise. Scrollbuilder checks the bare minimum if you have the right amount of leaders, battleline, artillery and behemoth. It doesn't even know what Allies are if you don't mark them manually and doesn't know if a unit is a possible ally or part of the Allegiance.
  10. Hm, it looks like it doesn't work that well yet in case of meeting engagements. All units except Behemoth are pushed at first into spearhead (even when taking double size units) and Behemoths are put into the mainforce automaticly. edit: You can change manually but in case of double size units it would have made sense if they would autoswitch like it was done for behemoth in the first place.
  11. I haven't read the entire thread (okay most of it was before release), but what do you guys think about the Army Generator? At first I thought it was an interesting idea (possible to use as an alternative campaign format to Path to Glory), but quite quickly a flaw jumped at me (and I'm not even a competitive player). The system is basicly "balanced" in lose term with the amount of amount of wounds a model has and in the lowest categories (Horde, Regular) with the save as well . In most cases I think the system will work (mostly in Horde and Regular Category), but I have already found two cases where the unit will create some problems in its category. For example Fanatics (loomsmasha as well as sporesplatta) are basicly in the horde category (both of them normally would have a maximum of 15 and would cost if they could have 20 models 480 - 560 Points) and that for 1 armypoint (or basicly 20 Freeguild Crossbowmen/Handgunners or Archers for 1 armypoint) 🤔 And in some other cases Savage Orruks are in the Elite Category because they have 2 wounds paying basicly 1 arymypoint for 60 points if we compare both systems. In that System its basicly better for Bonesplitterz playing only Boarboys (because they are in the same category as the normal Orruks). Edit: Another point could be that it can get expensive when you need to use substitutions because you rolled a value that you can't field (Gargantuan model or Horde unit in a Dispossessed Army)
  12. Actually the Guardian of Souls with mortality glass was never part of the generals Handbook, after it was a store birthday miniature. Asking the organizer should be a good idea, but I think it could follow the same rules as the Errant-Questor from Warhammer World.
  13. Yeah, with all the point changes the list is now 1920 Points, so a warchanter could be included as well.
  14. So, this weekend was again more of a converting lesson First, I built 3 more Demigryph Knights to reinforce my existing unit to 6 models (and 6 more for a second unit are still on the way) Then I built 10 more Archers. And I've built 10 more Grandswords, now my two Chieftains (Freeguild General) each have their own bodyguard unit. And, oh deer! 😛 Then I have these guys here. 2 units of 5 Reavers each, all riding on stags (the unit of the Swifthawk Agents is more suitable in profile than the Outriders of the Free People, even though it means I have to put the army as an Order Allegiance.) And with the new Generals Handbook 2019th The Army currently looks like this. Allegiance: Order Leaders Battlemage (110) Freeguild General on Griffon (280) - Greathammer Freeguild General (100) - Great Weapon Freeguild General (100) - Shield & Sigmarite Weapon Battleline 5 x Reavers (140) 5 x Reavers (140) 10 x Freeguild Archers (100) 10 x Freeguild Archers (100) 20 x Freeguild Guard (160) - Spears and Shields 20 x Freeguild Guard (160) - Spears and Shields Units 6 x Demigryph Knights (260) - Lance and Sword 10 x Freeguild Greatswords (120) 10 x Freeguild Greatswords (120) Total: 1890 / 2000
  15. There are two values: Rank is Lord Celestant Community Repution is Celestant Prime I don't know if the dots have any effect but the names are most likely paired with the number of posts. Including Prosecitors und Desimators it Liberator (1 dot) Judicator (2 dots) Prosecutors (2 dots) Decimators (3 dots) Retributor (3 dots) Dracothian Guard (3 dots) Lord Castellant (4 dots) Lord Celestant (5 dots) Megaboss (5 dots) Actually I have seen the Rank "Megaboss" only once, in case of @Chris Tomlin so this could be an overridden rank (after I have seen other users with more posts those are still Lord Celestant. Perhaps Chris can say something about this.
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