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  1. It is the Spear, including the hand, of the Wildriders, glued on the arm of the sisters of the watch.
  2. Hm, I also made some sort of "Monsters of Destruction" Battletome before Gloomspite Gits came out: Do Tribes worshipping Alarielle count too?
  3. Yeah its quite a strange situation, that the Campaign rules did not make a rulechange here. In the end you and your group can houserule the campaign like in the batrep, not using Heroes. Funnily enough only restricted stuff costs extra, so in this case (in case of books that are older than 2.0) it would be for free. But it would actually make sense to say that for those it would cost as well because all new books have the number of them restricted.
  4. I have build my own model with parts of the Sisters of the Watch, Sisters of Thorn (in my case legs of the Skycutter crew and the cloak of the Eternal Guard. But this was also for an army that is completly build on models looking like Sisters of the Watch and Sisters of Thorn. In case of the latest version of the Handmaiden I have the feeling that it looks quite different to most of the Wanderer models.
  5. I think @Grimrock meant the Skulltake Battalion (it's the only one with Korgoraths) but this wouldn't work with Slaughterborn because the Skullreapers can't be in both Battalions at the same time. Something with the battalions went definitly wrong here. When looking at the used models I would say Skulltake + Gore Pilgrims
  6. There were definitly cases where Order and Death or Order and Destruction worked together against chaos. In case of rules it should be some sort of Coaliton of Death rules (like in the Rulebook on Page 272)
  7. Yeah No, as the corerules page 6, Attack Characteristic tells us the following: If you choose 2 blades you get the "Pair of Foetid Blades" Ability instead.
  8. @FiskSteel You don't have enough battleline in the list. The Dragonblades are only Battleline if you have Order Draconis Allegiance (this isn't possible because of to many allies) The Eternal Guard is only Battleline if you have Wanderer Allegiance (this isn't possible because of to many allies) So your only battlelines are the two units of Glade Guard, but you need 3 units of Battleline for 2000 Points
  9. I had written a Tweet to @Ben, @Gaz Taylor and @Chris Tomlin after it was basicly a problem since friday, as I remember. About 4 hours after my tweet Ben fixed the problem.
  10. Hi, since AoS 2.0 Everchosen is a little of a problem-child. The main reason is, that before Editionchange, Units inside Battalions were part of the Battalions allegiance (even without a keyword), in 2.0 they are still allies but do not count towards the allies limits. So in case of 1), the only things counting towards the Allegaince are the three units with that keyword. In case of 2.) 3.) and 4.) the Everchosen Battalions are basicly only playable in Grand Allegiance Chaos, because it is the only way units like Marauders and Chaos Warriors can fill Battlelines quite cheap. The part you are searching for is in the Rulebook FAQ on page 8 To point 5.) do you mean Allegiance Abilities or the GA Book? The first thing won't be disappear, the Book will most likely when all Factions are in Battletomes (at the Moment Slaanesh, Slaves to Darkness, and Deamons of Chaos (undivided) is missing), but I could think of the point that Everchosen, Slaves to Darkness and perhaps the undevided Deamons could become part of a new book
  11. Hm ... 40k had apocalypse since 4. Edition and never where Movement Trays really needed. Okay, such 5 model trays like those made by third party could be nice in some situations, when playing a mass army.
  12. I think I see a future Errata in that case too. An interesting point about the FEC mentioning of @Fluttershy In case of Grand Courts there is only one Grand Court not referring to a hero and that is the Morgaunts Command Ability "Heaving Masses". The strange part is, GW uses similar wording in case of FEC Command Abilities like for those new Slaughterhosts (but in case of FEC the wording is often used on Warscrolls. @Drib Good point, a Chaos Spawn isn't a hero, and still it is the focus of the Command Ability.
  13. Yeah, because Cleansing Phalanx requires EVOCATORS (the Keyword ) not Evocators (the Warscroll Name).
  14. If a model is part of the Allegiance it is allowed to take an Artefact. Not having a Artefact Table with a proper keyword in that allegiance doesn't deny the use of Realm Artefacts.
  15. Which Battalion do you mean? All Battalions I have seen in the Battletome use the Name of the Warscroll as a Requirement. Those can't use Magore’s Fiends . Only if the Battalion states BLOOD WARRIORS (so the Text is in Capital Letters and Bold) it uses the Keyword as a Requirement. As a additional Information. The AoS App is quite Buggy in that case and doesn't show the right formatting (only the Battletomes show this correctly).
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