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  1. I think I remember Vengeance Eternal too. He was quite furious and hatred driven in there (but hatred is a mainproblem in case of Celestial Vindicators. Hammerhal & other Stories isn't the best book, sadly. There are many first chapter quick reads in it (at least 4 that if you want read them completly you need Realmgate Wars Omnibus Books. This chapter is part of the "Bladestorm" Series, an 7 Chapter Quickread Series (in the second Realmgate Wars Omnibus), there are two other quickread series in the second Realmgate Wars Omnibus and one in the first) Edit: There are actually 5 quickreads with multiple chapters that only have the first chapter in Hammerhal & other stories. With 4 of them in the second Realmgate Wars Omnibus. I actually forgot one.
  2. In AoS basicly each type to terrain can be los blocking if the terrain has the "Overgrown" rule of the Generals Handbook 2019, if it dosn't use a unique scenary warscroll.
  3. I have finished the story last week so the story was still quite close. When Hamilcar died, he had basicly nothing of his equipment on him. The Lantern was the only equipment he found. We don't know if other parts of his armour stayed in Ikrits lair, but we know that Sigmar remade the Hamilcars Halbert. So there was still a connection. I know that at least Thostos Bladestorm was send back to the same mission to return Ghal Maraz (together with Vandus Hammerhand), as well as Ionus Cryptborn in the same story (in his case it was a very short time between death and reforging). And that Arkas Warbeast and Theuderis Silverhand needed two attemps for the same mission.
  4. In case of time it looks like that the amount of reforgings of Stormcast or how difficult it is to reforge the soul. You're most likely mentioning the Story of Hamilcar: Champion of the Gods. In his case it was quite difficult to the Smith Ong to reforge into that state Hamilcar has at the moment. And it took 5 years in his case. In case of equipment, it looks like there is a connection between Stormcast and he's gear. And that the bound has been cut. Speaking of Hamilcar. In the case mentioned above his Lantern wasn't transported back. After reforging is complete they are send to their next mission by sigmar most of the time (often returning to their chamber when possible).
  5. The first 5 questions are more about the rule "Overgrown". In all 5 cases the answer is "yes" because of the sentense "The scenery rule does not apply if either model can fly." Either is in this case either the model that shoots or uses a spell or the target of it. In case of 7. Here is the FAQ points for this:
  6. I think this list has only shadespire cards. The list has a last edit date of 13.11.2017, while nightvault came out in September 2018.
  7. I have used made to order twice. The first time for some Vostroyan models and the second time for Throgg. The main problem I see with made to Order is that you normally will have 1 week to Order the stuff or you will never have the chance again. After GW already has problems to keep the regular stuff on stock they maybe don't have other choices but maybe it would work better if it would be a permanent thing having models models or books made to order instead of having a single run.
  8. Actually, Battalions can gain Keywords. In case of Legion of Nagash we have the following on Page 60: With the release of Nighthaunt it was a little watered down with the "selected from this battletome" Actually it would have been better if the units we see here had a specific keyword, so they could have fixed this with a keyword instead of a list of 9 units. The problem with Lethis and Legion of Grief is. they don't mention battalions like Legion of Nagash did. If both armies would simply have mentioned "all units and warscroll Battalions" the thing would have been mostly fixed for those two (except that the Legion of Grief would only have Nighthaunt Battalions, after the Battalions of Legion of Nagash have no appropriate faction that is used for the Legion of Grief.
  9. The corerules allow allies from a different allegiance. And the grand Alliance has no restrictions for allies like more specific allegiances have. But it's more likely a narrative thing
  10. Yeah, but this doesn't say that "Brutish Cunning" of the Command Traits and "Up and At'em" Ability of the Ironfist Battalion can't use the rule or that it doesn't work for those two abilities when used in a Great War! Allegiance. It only says that an Ironjaws Army automaticly has those two abilities. Up and At'em allows Mighty Destroyer it for the Big Boss of the Battalion and Brutish Cunning allows it for every Hero that could use the command Trait. Mighty Destroyer itself isn't restricted on any Allegiance.
  11. It should be legal. Most likely an Error in Azyr.
  12. No, the Gaming Book has the following content from the following books. Core rules (Corebook, PDF Download) Rules For endless Spells (Corebook, Malign Sorcery) Pitched Battle Rules (Generals Handbook 2019 without Erratas) Pitched Battle Battleplans (Corebook, Generals Handbook 2018, Generals Handbook 2019) Realm of Battle Rules (Corebook, Malign Sorcery) Artefacts of the Realms (Malign Sorcery) Grand Alliance Allegiance Abilities (Corebook)
  13. Spells and prayers are entirely different things. Prayers are basicly normal abilities. They aren't casted, can't get unbound by wizards and things that affect spells don't affect prayers. It should be possible because the Chaos Lord on Manticore can get the Khorne Keyword. In case of the Artefact, you need at least 1 hero who takes the "Thronebreaker's Torc" which is not the Chaos Lord of Manticore in that case and to take the sword of judgement you need an Battalion (so you get a second artefact)
  14. Actually the Ability Mighty Destroyer itself doesn't say anywhere that it is used in an Ironjawz army. It only refers that it is used on an IRONJAWZ Unit and that only the unit has to be in range of an IRONJAWZ HERO with the Ability. You refering to "Command Abilities" in the Ironjawz Allegiance Abilities, that an Ironjawz Army gets the Command Abilities "Mighty Destroyer" and "Ironjazw Waaagh!" . This allows the rule to all heroes in the Ironjawz Army but doesn't restricted the use of it in "Brutish Cunning" of the Command Traits and "Up and At'em" Ability of the Ironfist Battalion At least I don't see a point that says: Only in such a case it wouldn't work. After the blue marked part isn't in the ability itself the two abilities can use it.
  15. It's part of a problem I have in this thread, too, after they basicly created a new hole last weekend. The Problem with Legion of Grief is that the Allegiance only gives units the Keyword, but not Battalions. And after the FAQs I quoted in my thread above want that the Battalion has the Keyword or is from the same battletome (in that case the Legion of Grief) the Battalion is not part of the Allegiance.
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