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  1. Are they really that good. I have the feeling the underworlds Warscrolls for AoS rarely fit. In most cases the unit is too small (maybe not a problem for a unit with minimumsize 5), but at least I try to more generic characters and use the underworlds models mostly as alternative builds, instead of the named once (because most of the underwords units are stuck in Shadespire) I basicly bought enought of the soulwars, storm of souls and easy to Build Castigators so my army has 2 units of 6, the two shared models from soulwars replacing the Primes. It's the only way I'm thinking of, why the modelcount for Castigators was that wierd.
  2. In case of the Evocators there is a work around. You can use the cursebreakers to make the Evocators a unit of 5, you only miss on models with Staff. And Averon Stormsire has to be played as a Standard Knight Incantor. And in case of the Castigators you will have 2 units of 3 or a unit of 6.
  3. Line of Sight and Flying units isn't actually that difficult. Flying itself has no real rules besides the movement. Most of the time it is interacting with other rules as special cases. First of: If you have terrain or models that blocks line of sight physically, that means you don't see any part of the model, it doesn't make a difference if one of the units is flying or not. You don't see it (flying has no rules to ignore physical LOS Blocker and can't be seen if completly blocked). The more interesting part is if terrain has rules that state that you don't see a model inside or behind the Terrain even if you can physically see it. For example the rule Overgrown from the Matched Play rules (Generals Handbook 2020) and woods have a similar rule. In this case the flying model would see models inside or behind the terrain and can be seen because the rule states that it is ignored if one of both is flying. You basicly have to look if an ability you are using in your game interacts with flying units or not. In this case cover has no interaction with flying units, so a flying unit can profit from cover if it is not a Monster or Warmachine with more than 8 Wounds. They still can get +1 Save from Cover if they are inside the woods or are in range of a terrainpiece with the obsticle rule (Azyrite Ruins)
  4. I basicly only know this: https://app.warhammer40000.com/subscriptions Because I don't have downloaded the 40k App The way I heard is that new Codizes for 40000 have a code inside to unlock the Codex inside the 40k App. If you have a subscription you have access to all contents (for example the still valid 8. Edition Books) as long as you pay the subscription. What I really don't know is, if the App only included rules or lore as well, so it is possible that you pay 3,99€ Subscription for rules only and maybe still need the Books when you want the lore but I think I can get the information. Edit: Got my answer from one of the german forums. The Subscription is rule content only. So if you are interested in the lore you still need the books. It's only good for people you are mainly interested in the gaming part.
  5. They said at least 2 years, more like 3 or 4, when they anounced it (and this was before corona). Even without Corona it will most likely take at least 2 years from now before the game is released.
  6. And than with one Update the App-Crashes und you can't play for the next 3-4 Weeks, and any old content is lost after a new Battletome Update, your smartphone isn't compatible anymore or the Battery of your Smartphone dies during the same and you are unable to check the values for the rest of the game. App only could be the death of the game. An App would only work well if you could say for example that I want the state of the game of December 31st, 2018 and get the content of that time, so backtracking what has changed would be possible. Still I think, PDFs with the rules that could be downloaded would be a better alternative, because you can use a PC or Laptop instead of only a Smartphone and you can print the rules if you want that you don't need an electronic device when playing. And you can store them so you can check changes still after 1-2 Years or play an older edition if you want (basicly like 9th Age does). I think I would still buy Battletomes if they were Lore-only content.
  7. Hey, good news for this question here. Today we got a new FAQ for the Generals Handbook 2020. And they stated which publications can be used. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/09/24/legendary-battalions-update/
  8. Okay, es sind jetzt fast 11 Monate seit meinem Beitreten bei Sigmarpedia und wir sind bei 1525 Artikeln. Ich könnte es zwar mit meinen Quellen schaffen das Wiki mit genug Zeit zu befüllen und zur Zeit sind 7 mehr oder minder aktive Nutzer eingetragen, die etwas zum Wiki beigetragen haben. Falls es hier noch ein paar deutschsprachige Forumsleser mit einem Fandom Account gibt die der deutschen Community helfen wollen besser in den Hintergrund von Age of Sigmar reinzukommen, wäre ich wirklich dankbar. -- Okay, it's been almost 11 months since I joined Sigmarpedia and we're down to 1,525 articles. I could manage to fill the wiki with enough time with my sources and there are currently 7 more or less active users who have contributed to the wiki. If there are a few German-spoking forum readers with a fandom account who want to help the German community get into the lore of Age of Sigmar, I would be really grateful.
  9. I think we can add, that quite often units of 30-40 Models were needed that the unit has use, where in AoS you can have these units but 10-20 man units can work as well. WHFB wasn't really made for small games. Most of the time Armies of 1750-2500 Points were build from the beginning because 1000 Points were played rarely. And looking at the world, the lore was quite stagnant for maybe 15 years, with undoing the results of the 6. Edition Storm of Chaos and shoehorning units into the same intime years that were lore in older editions as well without explanations + the new units were a better fitting for AoS as for WHFB. I know I could have spent more time with WHFB Lore, but I really like ne AoS lore with all the creative potential.
  10. If you don't mean the give away book from some convention you won't have luck. Those stories shouldn't be part of the campaignboik. The shortstories were published on MalignPortents.com which was shut down weeks ago and is now redirecting to ageofsigmar.com . Someone read the stories on Youtube so this could be a source as well or if someone still has the epubs.
  11. I think the problem with the old characters is that they either had to be in the Realm of Chaos and are coming back (like Gotrek) or a god remembered them and forged them that way. In the lore of Neferata, Mannfred and especially Arkhan it is mentioned that Nagash Created them, the way he remembered them in the old world and because of this they are bound to him (with the productplacement that the 3 mortarchs were new models in the Endtimes like Nagash himself, and wasted potential not bringing them into AoS). Bringing back another Carstein for example would most likely raise some questions like, "why didn't we hear about him before" or "why had Nagash thought, that he needed another Carstein now". In fact Katakros was already a weird one in case of lore, with his imprisonment by Sigmar in a Stormvault, but it should be easier to create new Mortarchs instead of trying to bring old once back.
  12. Considering the Battletome of 2019, the source of his downfall is unknown, but that he lost the favor of Nagash and became a monster a Nagashs punishment. The first mentioning of the spreading delusion was actually after Sigmar smashed the cage and the Carrion King tried to rebuild his court
  13. The "Ranks unbroken by Dissent" Rules only exist if the army has Ossiarch Bonereapers Allegiance which includes relentless discipline points. If you use the Death Allegiance you get nothing of the specific Allegiances only the stuff you find in the Corebook on 252-253. If you don't use the Ossiarch Bonereaper Rules your Ossiarch Bonereaper units use the same rules as all other armies. They have to take Braverychecks and they use Command Points and use Command Abilites the same way a Ghulking, Vampirelord or Wight King would do. Not using the generic Command Abilities is only a Ossiarch Bonereapers Allegiance thing because they are basicly creating about 5-10x the Points with Ranks unbroken by Dissent compared to the regular Command Points.
  14. Looking at the Carrion King also known as (Sumeros Summerking, the Blood-Rose Prince and Ushoran the Handsome), he already was a Vampire in the Age of Myth. The Ghouls we know as flesh-eater Courts and there delusion came after he was imprisioned by Nagash. I don't know if Deathlords and Mortarchs should be exactly the same (because you wouldn't need 2 Names for the same thing). Maybe it's more the case that the strongest Deathlords are the Mortarchs. Temra ven-Drak in "Nagash: Undying King" was also called a Deathlord in the end, and the Source is from February 2016, a time where the lore still was in it's beginning. We don't even know what GW wanted to do with Deathlords and Mortarchs back then.
  15. If your army would be Grand Alliance Death (not Legions of Nagash), your Battleline Options would everything that has the Role "Battleline" without being "Battleline if", so: Crypt Ghouls Dire Wolves Skeleton Warriors Zombies Chainrasp Horde Kavalos Deathriders Mortek Guard The mainproblem should be that the Death Allegiance Abilites should be quite weak. You only have Deathless Minions as Battletrait, 6 Command Traits and 6 Artefacts. So no special Lores for example. And Command Points should be a problem as well. It is stated in the Ossiarch Bonereapers FAQ that they use command Points for the Abilities if they don't use the Ossiarch Bonereapers Allegiance: The problem is, that command Points are far more restricted.
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