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  1. I have the feeling this would have worked better with the Rules of 1. or 2. Edition in mind. The thing is, while in 1. and second edition all Command Abilities were activated in the hero phase, now the activations are all over the place. Have you checked "Age of Fantasy" a system of One Page Rules? The rules are quite slim, the core rules, armylists and some stuff like campaign rules or solo rules are for free (their is additional stuff if you support them on Patrion, and the system is with alternative activation.
  2. I actually don't miss challenges that much. It sounds nice on paper and totally epic, this is true. The problem I have seen in WHFB as well as 9th Age was that challenges simply became a tactic how a 10+ Upgrade Champion tanks all the damage of a 400 Point Hero on Mount and the unit winning against that Hero because of passive boni. You are not forced to use all options. I have build a Ogor Mawtribes army that doesn't include any Banners, only Champions and Musicians Sounds a little like OnePageRule
  3. I really wich Josh Reynolds would still write AoS Stories. He was literally the AoS Black Library God. Yeah, he would have fit well as the Demigod of the Beastmen next to Archaon for Mortals and Be'lacor for Deamons. Thats the point. A world like AoS has so much more potential in case of lore than making a copy of our existing world. The thing is, it is more work, because they have to describe the rules of the world and have to create their own civilisations instead of saying, "these guys have a culture like in spain ... and these are japanese"
  4. Basicly but in a strange way. If 30k to 40k would be similar to Old World to AoS the complete universe would have been destroyed between 30k and 40k and either a second Big Bang would have taken place, or the story would have been outside of the known universe. Thats the big difference. Except for the part that some people from the Old World became gods in AoS and Aelfen souls were eaten by Slaanesh during the endtimes and extrated in the age of Myth by the new Aelfen gods their is not really much left of the old lore. AoS could be nearly the same if the Old World would never have existed (it was more a complete reboot), while the events of 30k are essential for the lore of 40k (the reason why Chaos Space Marines exist, why the empire became what it is etc.) + okay 40k existed first and GW filled the past later.
  5. In addition to the Cycle of the storm stormcast battletome Thread where I already posted this, FAQ is released: https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/eC2wlUtZJDX0ByXi.pdf
  6. FAQ is released: https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/eC2wlUtZJDX0ByXi.pdf
  7. @PrimeElectrid It's strange that it is already in the App but not on Warhammer Community yet.
  8. Most likely you mean the "Knights Excelior". That's not entirely true. Their are some cases where the "more effective" list is actually breaking the lore (multiple Frostlords or multiple Abhorrant Archregents). It is one thing if you lose against list that is fitting some way the lore of the faction or if the list is ignoring the lore completly and is only including the strongest stuff possible. Not sure about the Ghoul King in the mentioning above because a Flesh-Eater Court can have multiple, Ghoul Kings being the Royal Family, the Abhorrant Archregent is the real model that should be restricted in that case, but I can see that a court could be more focused around the Courtiers. It's the same with Auric Runefathers or Auric Runemasters each lodge normally having only one. My own point of "Unpopular Opinion" is "Unique" and "Named Character" is basicly still the same thing in the rules. It fits with the things @Dankboss said. We are missing a ruling in the Pitched battle Profiles that say that a model should only be once in the list without the restriction for command traits, Artefacts etc. This would fix the Problem @Dankboss mentioned and wouldn't give us the strange situation we had with the Scinari Loreseeker in 2.0 and again in 3.0 after the Errata. With making him unique GW is basicly stating that the whole civilisation of the Lumineth Realmlords only has 1 Loreseeker in all the realms together because of giving him the same ruling as a named Charakter while it was more likely that they simply wanted that only one model of those is in the list. Another "Unpopular Opinion", putting "Battleline if" behind a subfaction if that subfaction isn't the only faction using that strategy. Stuff like Dracothian Guard units only in Hammers of Sigmar Armies or Paladins only in Knights Excelsior. The thing is their are Extremis Chambers in other Stormhosts as well as Exemplar Chambers but rulewise we are forced to take a specific stormhost to play those specific chambers, at least in matched play.
  9. Well, it looks like the Old World will be part of Forge World as some rumours say. To give a little inside. 30k's lore is 10,000 years before the lore of 40k, also called the "Horus Heresy" because it is the time where the Space Marine Legions had the war against each other because Horus switched sides to Chaos with halve of the legions. I think it was losely described in early 40k lore and because their own system distributed by Forgeworld fleshing out the lore of that time. I think "the Old World" is described by some people as 30k of AoS because it is the lore that happened before the realms of AoS existed, the flaw with this description is that besides of some characters and Mallus, the core of the Old World, nothing of the old world really exists anymore, while the universe of 30k still exists in 40k with maybe some planets are destroyed. I have the feeling, if we would get a game that would be placed at the end of the Age of Myth and the start of the age of Chaos fleshing out the lore their this would be the real 30k to Age of Sigmar because the realms would still be the same + the corruption and later take over of chaos (or failing of the Pantheon of Order) would have some similarities to the Horus Heresy.
  10. The new Stormcast Stuff will be more likely in a 2022 Box. It's unlikly that GW will damage profit by giving the new stuff in a cheaper box during the first halve year (if it is Stormcast, it would be Sacrosanct Stuff or older). The Factions that would get a Christmasbox would have early 2021 at best as releasedate, more likely 2020. Cities of Sigmar could be more likely because all the kits are quite old.
  11. Maybe the profile picture is after her first reforging and the tagged picture after the 10th reforging After the profile picture literally looks like a Sister of Battle head the style would fit.
  12. No, re-rolls aren't modifiers. They actually happen before you check for Abilities which need a unmodified value.
  13. I really don't know if making models and rules for a Lord Commander was really a good idea. I mean Bastian Carthalos is basicly the AoS equivalent of Roboute Guilliman from 40k. Someone who lead an entire legion of Space Marines. I mean even the Lord Imperatant we got with the third edition would lead multiple chambers, so we won't even be sure if a Lord Commander would even lead something like for example the Heldenhammer Crusade or if this would have been lead by a Lord Imperatant instead (and back then those ranks didn't even exist or at least weren't known). 1 Strike Chamber normally has between 150-300 members (if we are building a warrior chamber with minimum size units we already would have around 120 models and a amount of 5000 points and than a model like the Lord Commander, that would lead most likely 50000+ points, are taken in a 2000 Point army (let's not begin with literal gods) 🤢. I don't know. Named Charakters normally only exist once in the mortal realms (or the 40k universe), so having named charakters with rules in the game most of the time is immersionbreaking because they are used way too often if they are strong. I mean, look in the soulblight thread. Looking at the last 10 pages their was only one listpost that had no named charakters, the rest at least had one or even more (and those that are taken are also leaders of entire dynasties or even legions). I remember the time during the Realmgate Wars where we had two warscrolls (Lord Celestant and Lord Celestant on Dracoth) and in the lore dozens of characters based on those two models in the game. In the lore they had a name, but no rules (and they had more lore than many of the named ones with specific models). It would make more sense to make more generic characters with more options instead of making more one of a kind models especially if those named charakters are so stupidly high ranked that you normally wouldn't see those at the battlefield at all (they are basicly collector models).
  14. Here is a discussion about Cycle of the Storm that already has 4 pages: I think the main problem is that the rule itself is a copy & paste of the rule from the Stormcast Eternals Battletome of 2018, while the way wounds are allocated and models removed have changed with 3. Edition.
  15. It should be 305 Points (Source: Generals Handbook 2021)
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