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  1. EMMachine

    Pestilent Throng in Maggotkin and/or Azyr app

    1. This should be a bug, he should be legal. 2. Check the Pitched Battle Profiles. Bestigors are only battleline when you choose Beast of Chaos allegiance, not Nurgle Allegiance. If you want to fill Battleline Slots with BoC units in a Nurgle Allegiance army, you have to use Gors or Ungors of your Pestilent Throng Battalion.
  2. So, a little update here. After I made the lion's head in the background, which is in the Lion Chariots, a status symbol that the member has passed the Tamer exam, now my Lion Riders have also received the lion's head for their fur cape. In addition, I had increased the unit from 3 to 5, so I have now built a second unit to accommodate the previous 6th model. In addition, I have now painted my first Hunter Chariot This week, a few more units have been added. First, more War Lions, a second Hunter Chariot (this time with a Huntmaster) and some Hunter Riders.
  3. So, here is version 2.6.1 This is a pure background update. I've made some minor corrections and added, "The different cultures of brotherhoods," which now contains much of the text that was previously with the War Lions, as a new part of the lore Overall, the Battletome was one page longer.
  4. EMMachine

    Blood tithe

    It isn't actually a timing issue. You have two battle traits "Summon Daemons of Khorne" with the summoning Table "Blood for the blood God" with the Blood Tithe Table. Both Tables are using the same rescource. Blood Tithe Points. If you use Blood for the Blood God the ability has to be triggered in the hero phase. (using the rules for Blood Pact, in case of Summoning) If you use "Summon Daemons of Khorne" it triggers at the end of the movement phase (using the summoning rules).
  5. There is no point to say sorry, after it could be a regal theme (perhaps with with cloth instead of the dark grey one I used), it wasn't meant to be in this case.
  6. EMMachine

    Blood tithe

    Stated to the Blades of Khorne Errata, both tables are in use. Blood Tide as well as "Summon Daemons of Khorne" (that is in the Errata as well as in the Generals Handbook 2018). But keep in mind, that the 4 Entries "Bloody Exemplar", "Murderlust", "Apoplectic Frenzy" and "Blood Pact" are changed with the Errata.
  7. EMMachine

    Scar Veteran Exploding Hits doesn't obey rule of one?

    Ripperdactyls aren't a case anymore, after the rule was changed with the last errata.
  8. EMMachine

    Retributor Lightning Hammer Rule (how to save)

    The Term "Save" is only used for the role on the "Save Characteristic" in the top left part of the warscroll (the circle with the values for move, save, bravery and wounds. Rules like the chaos shield don't have an official name by GW, but are often called "After Save" because they are triggered when wounds/mortal wounds are allocated, after the save.
  9. Thanks, but actually it wasn't planed as a regal theme. More as a Aqshy Themed Army. So, at the end of the weekend, there is version 2.6 of the Brotherhoods of Korhil Battletome. In addition to the expansion of the background, there are now Throwing Axes (which only have a 4 + / 4 + profile) for all melee units and the option for Warrior Blades on Recruits, Warriors and Lion Riders which cause 2 hits on an unmodified hit roll of 6 , Hunter have only have a To-Hit roll of 4+ on their Hunter blades. And there is now a mounted version Regarding the Savants, there is now a variant on War Lion And a High Mage / High Priest variant riding on an Emperor Lion. (However, one is limited to a total of two).
  10. So, yesterday I looked through my bits and noticed very quickly that I still have everything I need to build a mounted Tamer. I will also try to get a few more Lion Riders (for a second unit), after I raised them from 3 to 5 models and now my unit currently has a model more than needed.
  11. EMMachine

    Age of Sigmar Skirmish - Full Points List

    Looks like there is some sort of error. I have the same message, and when I look at the toppart it looks like I'm not signed in, even if I was before. This happens with every link in this Thread. Edit: Today the downloads work again.
  12. EMMachine

    Stacking Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount Command Ability

    Both abilities saying that the unit can attack twice/a second time (setting the value how often a unit can attack in the combat phase from one to two) , not "an additional time". In this case, no, you can't attack three times.
  13. Here I also submit version 2.5.1. I made slight changes to the prayers of the Savant Priest. Now the prayer itself indicates what valid target the prayer has, Healing Hand can now be spoken to any Brotherhoods of Korhil unit, the other two are still limited to Lion Guard and Militia . In addition each of the prayers can only be spoken once per round. The idea behind it was that if I had to make additional prayers about Allegiance Abilites, I'd be freer with it and not just a copy of the Sigmar Priests. But I also had a buggy melee profile of the Lion Riders (there was, for whatever reason, the profile of the Lion Chariots slipped in). I have corrected the mistake now. After a comparison with other cavalry units I noticed one thing. I basically had the Lion Riders in the wrong cavalry segment all the time. GW has two divisions, but one does not always see the meaning of the number. Cavalry with 2-3 Wounds and 5 models Monstrous cavalry with 4+ wounds and 2-3 models I had my Lion Riders between the two areas. From the number of wounds, they were regular cavalry but I have treated them like Monstrous Cavalry in terms of unit size and point cost (in part, probably because of the acquisition cost). I've now downgraded them to 2 Wounds (3 Wound Cavalry are mostly Blood Knights and Chaos Knights and even on a Lion, it is questionable if the Lion Riders are as resilient as the other two). I really can not get them to the level of monstrous cavalry (meaning 4 wounds) through the values the Chariot and the War Lions have. Point Technically, I have now classified them once at 200 points (regular cavalry with 2 Wounds usually has a maximum of 160 points, Blood Knights are currently the most expensive with 240 points for 3 Wounds if I have overlooked nothing).
  14. EMMachine

    Chameleon skinks summoning

    In case of Battleplans, it is actually a corerule. The corerule sets something like an Interface, every Battleplan is using on Page 11 of the core Rules. So the corerules say, there is a point set-up and the battleplan says what to do, during set-up (down below is the example for First Blood). So the Battleplan Set-Up rule, doesn't override corerules, it specifies the corerules (so it's the corerule for the specific battleplan). But Abilities like Chamelion Ambush, is overriding the Set-up, when used, and uses his own ability instead,a s well as the summoning ability overrides the battleplans set-up and uses his own set-up rules instead.
  15. So, version 2.5 of my Brotherhood of Korhil Battletome is online. I've built in more background, including mentions that belonged to the Grand Alliance Order book, the attack on Hammerhal from the novel of the same name, and Trystra's story of "The Red Hour," which I've just read. Maybe someone here could tell me if the name of the environment is correct on Trystra's mission (I only have the German version of the book) Regarding rules, I have again made changes to my militia. My Lion Recruits now also have two-handed players like the Lion Warriors, with one attack, a 4+ save, and a full guardian, and get through this +1 on Bravery and the 5+ save against fleeing they had before, but have no standard more. (The reason is that they want to become Lion Warriors and therefore maybe they should use Great Lion Axes before). The Lion Archers now also have a full-fledged huntmaster, similar to the Recurrits +1 on Bravery and the 5+ Save against the ones they had before. They have lost the Aelfen Archery (which was only used on 20 or more models, but the unit only has 20 models as its maximum size. My idea for the Militia is that maybe they should not have a plum on the helmet.