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  1. I think the main reason we have this discussion is because AoS gives us a specific point in time when to make the re-rolls (before modifiers are applied). The main reason is, because if re-rolls would be made after modifiers re-rolling dice rolls of 1 wouldn't work anymore when the roll would be modified. The funny point is even the 9th Age (where they like really strict rules) doesn't define the time when the re-roll is applied (before or after modifiers). Or if you have a buff on the roll and you might not re-roll a roll that would be a success after modifying the roll.
  2. I think the main problem is, that GW should have put this into the Errata instead of making an article + some FAQ Changes, because this was a serious change of game mechanics.
  3. The "Designer Commentary" in the FAQ Section of Warhammer Community is the official FAQ from the Games Workshop Rulesteam. They only call them "Designer Commentary". And the FAQ Points @King Taloren mentions are from the Official Corebook Designer Commentary.
  4. It is a command trait and all command traits that don't say that it affected the Mount as all don't affect mounts thanks to the corerules: If it wasn't a Command Trait or Artefact it could have affected Mounts as we.
  5. Even without climbing. The stairs cover a horizontal space of about 1" and about 2" vertical space. The corerules allow you to be in Formation when you are in 1" horizontally and 6" vertically, so when 1 model Stands below and one model stands on the dais they are still in formation.
  6. When I look at the summoning rules of Slaanesh or Khorne for example there summoning rule says So that part of the Reserve rule is basicly fulfilled: They are part of the army but set-up later after the battle has begun. And it is the only rule that states that set up isn't a move so that hole would open up again.
  7. Well, deadly territory says that the units must treat the enemy arrival edges in the same way as an enemy model. And most of the summoned units have a "more than 9" from any enemy units" rule. I don't think that they should be treated in other ways.
  8. Oh, you meant that rule. Summoned units are basicly reserve units, so yes, they have to keep distance. That's the purpose of that rule.
  9. Summoning is not a movement, instead it's set-up. And the Deadly rule is only triggered by normal moves and chargemoves. Even pile in doesn't trigger it. The rule takes place at the end of the movement phase. So if you place the unit in Mainbody it can arrive at the end of the second turn movement phase.
  10. EMMachine


    What @King Taloren said. @Chaosbob can you perhaps change the title of the thread, by editing the startingpost, to something more fitting to the question? "Chaosbob" is not really a speaking title for a "using flying while charging" question.
  11. The main problem I see with wanderers, is that even the stuff that is left is optical quite mixed together. We have the Nomad Prince, Eternal Guard and Wildwood Rangers as one design. We have the Wild Riders standing alone We have basicly Sisters of the Thorn and Sisters of the Watch standing alone I know I like to show my projects as an example but in case of the Theme of Eternal Guard and Sisters I had some themes in my Faithful of Elony Project My Maiden Guard was a Fanmade Project in the first place but it is an example for an optical consistent army. And in @Melcavuk Blogentry there are some nice designs for a Wildrider Theme.
  12. And after Plague Garden I would add " Ghosts of Demesnus" to the list. In case of Stormcast Eternals it is basicly Gardus only story but it is somewhere in the timeline as a shortstory.
  13. Well, I have my project here: The main problem is, I have only made a group picture of 3100 Points and there are basicly 4 Chariots, 4 Warlions, and and about 14 riders are missing at that point (and 1 Chariot and about 10 Riders aren't even build yet).
  14. The question is, what are significant numbers. I mean, in 2018 I bought 12 Boxes of White Lions and about 32 Boxes of Chariots for my Brotherhoods of Korhil Army during 6 months. I still have some stuff to build and have about 4500-5000 points (fanmade) but now I can't make them bigger because the mainscource for the project is gone.
  15. Yeah, you can use the battalion in Everchosen allegiance. The problem is, after the units inside the battalion are still Allies. You can't use Marauders or Chaos Warriors as Battleline, which means even if you use the Gaunt Summoner + 3x Varanguard you have to pay 1000 points for your minimum requirements in case of 2000 points.
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