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  1. The Chalice of Ushoran is triggered by the active player. This is stated in the Errata: Were the Ghouls the only unit that could return models, because in your opponents turn your opponent choses which units heal wounds or get Models back. He is actually only resticted to units that can be healed or can return slain models. So the Chalice is definetly a player ability used by the active player while looking who controlls an objective is a game ability.
  2. I think if something get's overridden GW will state it. We will see it with the Matched Play Rules and Meeting Engagements as well as you said with the Realmrules for Matched Play. Pitched Battles (2019) for example states the following below the Title: As long as there is not such a text or the Errata states that you can't use the rules any more the mercenary rules will stay active. The only thing that could happen is that some of the Mercenary Companies are not playable anymore if the units don't have a Matched Play Profile in the new book.
  3. If it only says "moves" it means all moves. In othercases it would specify "normal move", "charge move", "pile in move".
  4. They won't be playable in Matched Play anymore. In Open and Narrative Play the Malign Sorceries Artefacts are still usable.
  5. Then I have interpreted to much into that part of the Idoneth Battletome: I mean the "split into factions" could have been the splitting into the elementary Aspects. I will most likely get the box with my Battletome today, so I have the chance to work my way through the Background.
  6. The funny thing is, that they included "Skies of Slaughter" in the book but not the rules for Skirmish last year (most likely because of Warcry). I know that there was a 40k Version of Skies of Slaughter before that had 2 Player Boxes as well, but I never have seen someone talking about "Skies of Slaughter" after the White Dwarf Release and not a single Battlereport on Youtube for it. Okay it's more a lore thing, but it is not completly shoehorned. Each faction basicly prays to their own god, but all are aspects of Gorkamorka For Moonclan Grots it is the Bad Moon for Spiderfang Grots the Spider-god For Mawtribe Ogors its the Great Beast that Consumes the World For Beastclaw Raiders its the Hungering Predator For Firebellies it the Sun-Eater The only once that most likly play to Gorkamorka (or Gork/Mork), it's most likely the Orruks. Looking at the Gloomspite Gitz Battletome the connection between the Factions is, that all of them want to destroy bastions and civilisation to bring the realms to a natural primitive state, but they would basicly fight each other as well because they all think different how this state should look like. Strange with the alliances is, that when we look at the lore, that their are Ogors in Free Cities (Spear of Shadows) or Chaos Armies (The Black Pyramid) or several cases where Humans follow Nagash, have their own Warrior Priests and living soldiers fighting together with the dead, which isn't possible at least with Matched Play rules. I think GW had stated that a new Generals Handbook doesn't make the once before obsolete. As long as they doesn't state in an Errata or other publication that you can't use the mercenary rules anymore you can use those of the GH2019. In other cases the GH would be thicker every year because they would print the same stuff every year. And than nobody would buy the new Book when it would be the old book with some included Errata.
  7. In case of the Lumineth and the Deepkin I'm still wondering. Were the Idoneth Deepkin really a project on their own and Teclis started the Lumineth Realmlords after their retreat, or if the Idoneth Deepkin are basicly the Water-Aspect of the Lumineth Realmlords. The later would acutally make more sence. There was no mentioning in the battletome, wasn't it?
  8. Do you use Apple or Android? I use the Android Version and I have the sentence. Maybe something went wrong with the file.
  9. Yeah, it's actually funny when you than read"The Red Feast" where all Tribes of the Great Parch send armies to Vanx first and then when the Red Feast is announce they traveled in a time of about 2 weeks to the Aqshy Clavis-Islands by boats, which should have take way longer when the world was as large as the old world.
  10. I have to see where the 5-10k was. There was at least the mentioning that 1 Warrior Chamber has up to 500 Members, others between 150-300. We have at least about 40 Stormhosts and each Stormhost has at least one chamber, with some having 20 or more known chambers (Hammers of Sigmar have at least 20 known Chambers, the Celestial Vindicators had 18 Lord Celestants in a Story (so there should be a combination of 18 Warrior/Harbinger/Exemplar Chambers, maybe later someone switched to a Extremis Chamber. Aqshy is not really captured by Sigmar. He closed the Gate to the Eightpoints, but when we look at the Map of the Great Parch in the Slaves to Darkness Battletome, it actually looks like that except for Hammerhal Aqshy, Anvilguard , Hallowheart, Fort Denst, Fort Ignis and Vandium most of the Terrain is still captured by chaos. They have build there Stormkeeps so they can bring troops to attack chaos but not much more.
  11. I think the mainproblem of Season of War - Firestorm is the Armystrength. There was actually a Errata that changed the rule, so the Firestorm Armies can only be used with the Grand Alliance: Your Stormcast Eternals of Anvilguard would use the Allegiance of Grand Alliance Order + the rule of the City in the campaign book. You would get nothing from the Stormcast Eternals Allegiance.
  12. At least in germany it was a big topic that in April and May that companies that give dividents shouldn't get government bailouts. I don't know if it was carried out that way in the end
  13. I'm not sure if it is correct but I have read in another thread that GW can't pay dividents on shares or make bonus payment as long as they have furlough payments from the goverment. So paying back the furlough payments is most likely an act for their shareholders.
  14. Since the Generals Handbook 2019 page 57 each Hero basicly has a Command Ability for either rerolling to Hit rolls of 1 in the shooting phase or the combat phase. Maybe this is what @Dankboss means. At least if the GH2020 doesn't remove the Command Abilities.
  15. Maybe it's because Hysh and Ulgu are twinstars that should create day & night for the other realms. Another point could be, it is symetrical, so hysh could be crafted by a god the same way as the "Godwrought Isles" in chamon were, which became the "Spiral Crux" later. After we already had this article Lumineth Realm-lords: Exploring Hysh it looks like the realm is only as big as in the article. It actually looks like the full realmview of Aqshy or Shyish we had before.
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