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  1. That's an interesting rumor engine , def not Lumineth.
  2. I'm just going to sit over here and play with my Vampire themed Khorne army until a proper Soulblight / Vampire battletome comes out 🙃
  3. Played against Orgre Mawtribes last night and Chaos Lord on Karkadrak as a general in Goretide with the Runeblade on his axe is so nasty. He took down a Frostlord on Stonehorn in one combat phase. I definitely think it's a solid model in a Mortal list. Also used a Daemon Prince and while his command ability worked only one time in negating a charge, I think he is still really good, it's just that Mawtribes (Beast Claw specifically) move really fast, so they don't usually need a long bomb charge to start with. Against other armies with average movement speeds I think he will be incredibly powerful.
  4. Yeah good point, I just re-read the article and I guess I missed that part. Makes more sense now.
  5. So I think we're going to need an FAQ for the that Varanguard one, since they get the Hero keyword you can give them the Sword of Judgement and all of a sudden a unit of Varanguard have 18 attacks and 6's do D6 mortal wounds to Hero's or Monsters or give the riders weapons -3 rend, etc. I wonder if only one model in the unit can use the artefact?
  6. Was really hoping Death would get some love in this book and maybe give LoN some updated Battalions to use.
  7. Pretty cool, where was this posted originally?
  8. I just ran a Khorne mortals list this weekend with the Chaos Lord on Karkadrak as my General in Goretide with the runeblade artifact and I can definitely confirm that he can absolutely lay waste to things. At one point he was in range of my Bloodsecrator, he was Whipped to Fury and had Killing Frenzy as well.
  9. Does anyone happen to have handy a link or know a list of the various AoS box sets and their approximate release date (the month) over the years?
  10. Interesting about the possibility of Giants. I posted the above last November. When I was in the UK at one of GW's major stores I was told about how an army of "giant" models was coming for destruction this year and then he went on to talk about a Soulblight specific battletome end of this year or start of 2021. I took all of that with a grain of salt but now it seems a little more legit.
  11. I'm just getting into Khrone and I am in the process of building my Mighty Skullcrushers and I too have not yet decided what is best. My current plan is to run a Mortal Khorne list and use a unit of six Skullcrushers. Their whole purpose in my army is one of two things. First being, since they are a unit of six they can do great mortal wounds on the charge, however if they get charged or I need them to tie something up for a while they can do that. If I want them to be killing things with their weapons then I'll put killing frenzy on them. Currently I'm leaning towards Bloodglaives so that I can get the rend with them and that will allow them to hurt some bigger harder hitting models. They have the wounds and saves to tie something nasty up. Looking at the math with no buffs the Bloodglaives do slightly more damage to things with a 2+ or 3+ save and the same against things with a 4+ save. Then Ensorcelled out damages the Bloodglaives against thigns with a 5+, 6+ or no save. So it really depends on what you want them to go up against.
  12. Not to necro this thread, but I just want to confirm that this is in fact the case that every Khorne Daemon (that isn't a named Character) can use the Reapers of Vengeance command ability "Leave None Alive" and not just your general?
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