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  1. Oh thanks I must have missed the second part of that. I recall the part about Grand Host of Nagash, maybe that's what I was thinking of.
  2. I *think* the answer is yes, they can still use artefacts but I'd also like clarification. If it disables artefacts, it would be a good way to deal with an Etheral Amulet user.
  3. Am I understanding correctly that there are only two Warscroll Battalions that ANY Legion can use (Deathmarch & Castellans of the Crimson Keep) and that the other Warscroll Battalions can only be used with their associated Legion? Furthermore if that is the case and you're playing Soulblight, can Soulblight only use the Deathmarch or Castellans of the Crimson Keep Battalion?
  4. Technically any Vampire Lord can have chalice of blood. There isn't a flying horror model but it doesn't cost anything to make it a flying horror (or riding a nightmare steed). I kit bashed my flying horror, using the wings from a Tyranid Gargoyle
  5. It's unfortunate because I'd really like to have that Crawler to give some range to the army.
  6. So we know that Ossiarch Bonereapers cannot have allies, but does that mean that LoN will not be able to take them as an ally? What is everyone's thoughts about them being FAQ'd into LoN as an ally?
  7. What's the current Tier break down for AoS armies anyways?
  8. I just want to ally that catapult into my Legion of Blood army!
  9. Would be nice to see more of these siege weapons. Ballista's, Trebs, Catapults, etc.
  10. What's peoples thoughts on whether or not LoN will be able to take Ossiarch Bonereapers as an ally? Would love to have that Mortek Crawler to add some range to my Legion of Blood.
  11. What's everyone's thoughts on this? I usually play against Nighthaunt or Stormcast, but will be checking out my local scene in the near future to add some variety to the factions I play against. Realm: Shyish Legion of Blood General: Vampire Lord (with wings), -Aristocracy of Blood -Amethystine Pinions Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon -Ethereal Amulet -Vile Transference Coven Throne -Soul Pike Necromancer -Fading Vigour Blood Knights x10 Chainrasp Horde x20 Chainrasp Horde x40 Dire Wolves x5 Dire Wolves x5 Aethervoid Pendulum 2000/2000 84 bodies, 146 total wounds. The 40 Chainrasp can be subbed out for 40 Skeletons, but I usually use the 40 man blob to soak up damage and board control, so with that I find that Chainrasp are better, also a little bit more maneuverable. The Necromancer supports the 40 man blob, Five Dire Wolves screen for the ten man unit of Blood Knights which is in range to recieve the Command Ability from the Coven Throne. Depending on what my opponent does, the Coven Throne can be close support. If that is the case then my General (Vampre Lord with Wings) will provide reroll to charges with his Command Trait. I made the normal Vampire Lord my General so he can break off and summon units at the Grave Sites if need be. The other five man unit of Dire Wolves are for objectives or flanking. The VLoZD does his own thing and depending on the type of game is also supported by 20 Chainrasp Horde. Finally I took the Pendulum for some mortal wound generation and it's a fairly safe endless spell that shouldn't come back to bite me unless I position myself poorly. Anyways, I don't really have experiance playing against other armies aside from Nighthaunt and Stormcast, so I'm not sure how it will work. I've tried to figure out a Battillion to use to lower my drops (since this has 9 total drops), but I just cannot fit anything good. If Court of Nulahmia had a Coven Throne instead of a Bloodseeker Palanquin I think it would be a lot better. I've considered making a list with Castellans of the Crimson Keep, but I really like being able to give the Ethereal Amulet to the VLoZD..
  12. Are we expecting to get all the update warscrolls this weekend or only a sneak peek since it is preorder week?
  13. So what does everyone think that Heros are going to be like for Cities of Sigmar since there is such a diverse battleline option list? A lot of the current Command abilities for msc. WHFB Heros state that that their command ability only has an effect on specific key words. I'm wondering if they reworded a lot of the Command Abilities so that the key word is "City of Sigmar" units, however that may lead to some real strong synergies. I know they mentioned on Monday with the Faction Focus: Cities of Sigmar, that units would likely be better if certain Heros were taken as your General, depending on what you plan to field.
  14. I'm fairly new to AOS (been playing for a couple months now) and play LoN, specifically Legions of Blood. None of the Order factions really appealed to me, however I am legitimately excited for Cities of Sigmar and I'm seriously considering putting an army together.
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