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  1. You better read through the battletome, but here is some knowledge: They think that names like Goretalon are normal human names There are courts that follow Nagash and there are courts who flee from him and they all see him differently. Also Nagash himself can control FEC in his presence through the Abhorrants, unlike Ghouls they are proper undead and therefore belong to Arch Necromancer. And they see literaly everything and everyone delusionaly, they can see their allies as noble knights even if it's actually madened tourtured souls of Nighthaunts and they can see Stormcast as vile abbominations that came to destroy their kingdom. They think they tame the beast, whille actually they just ressurect one with help of Shyishian magic, to make this absolutely clear: they can see anything as anything else, they don't see themselves as nobles performing necromantic ritual over half-eaten rotten body of a dragon or what not, they see themselves as nobles training their gryphon.
  2. I don't think it's that easy to counter with Sylvaneth, the amount of woods they can set up is limited by terrain set-up and deployment, they will also have to take 1st turn to protect themselves therefor making it possible for shootcast double turn, with THAT many birds they also won't be able to touch Shootcast in melee for a whille, at the same time multiple reserve deployments would mess with Sylvaneth's ability to place new woods even more.
  3. I'll buy everything. But will start with a battletome and Mortarch
  4. There is only one book, you either buy whatever you like or check out Anvistrike list (there was a link a page or 2 back), any way you pick you need to learn the rules and play some games to get you going. The better units in our book are: Lord Castellant Lord Relictor or Lord Veritant (they share some functions) Knight Incantor Knight Azyros Vanguard Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows Aetherwings (when used with Vanguard Raptors) Evocators on foot (called just "Evocators") Sequitors Dracothian Guard (4 types of dudes riding wingless dragon things that come in pairs) Knights Heraldor and Vexilor, as well as some named characters are usefull in some lists Liberators and Judicators are a decent choice for battleline requirements
  5. You are also using wrong point costs in your list, they have been changed in FAQ
  6. Use this to build your list: https://www.warhammer-community.com/warscroll-builder/ PLEASE NO CUSTOM NAMES, you can add them later when you settle on what list you like Then post your list here: https://www.tga.community/forums/topic/18228-aos-2-flesh-eater-courts-discussion/?page=113 Then we can discuss it.
  7. Buy second-hand models You can save up and buy an army second-hands once you find a good deal. Or play Stormcast, they are by far the cheapest to collect because they are elite (means more points for less models) and poster boys ( means having loads of 2 faction boxes, battalion boxes and start collectings which you can buy yourself, split with a buddy orm again, buy second hand for low price) If SCE are not your cup of tea - you can still choose a more elite army to go for (like FEC, you can get 2000 points for very cheap price) Don't buy units because they are cheap, buy what you actually want when such opportunity arrives. If you stumble into a deal with units that you do want and don't want you can still buy it, strip whatever you don't want of paint and re-sell, or just re-sell it, I just think stripping models of paint would add some value to them for not that much effort. Trade bits, make conversions, lately I've got a unit of freeguild guard for free with mish-mashed weapons, I just need to find some bit's to build a normal unit from them. I also converted myself a Ghast Courtier for my FEC from bits and Blackstone Fortress' Ur-Ghoul that I've got really cheap.
  8. Awesome report, thank you for sharing. Do you by any chance have any photos from those games? At least after deployment? My friend who is interested in running similar list would like to see that. Also, what are you planning to run instead of ballistas in Evos on Dracolines list?
  9. Considering units: You are right on spot about castigators, they are overpriced for not being a battleline, shorter range than Judicators, less shots than ballista Ballistas are best when you take 4 of them with LOrdinator Evocators are great Incantor is good Sequitors are good Lord Arcanum is your "tax" for battleline Sequitors Usually SCE can do well regardless of the list, but for competetive play your friend will need to go Anvilstrike route.
  10. just to add to @Kramer's pretty accurate response - like mentioned in the lore sometimes reforging can return a stormcast to the same battle in which he was slain. It's probably a long battle, but it's still rather impressive.
  11. Sorry, your initial question haven't transfered your intentions that well. Yes, they are viable as skirmishing distraction unit, you can also use vanguard palladors in such role.
  12. Yes I suggest that you play entirely dfferent units, because Prosecutors can't be the core of your list and aren't intended to be one, they don't have what it takes to do so. They are purely utility - you can use melee ones for tying up missle units or charging into the corner of big blob to mess with it's pile-in whille your main fighting unit charges other side and deals damage, you can also run them with shields and Grandaxe so they will deal some damage in the process and stay in combat longer. You can use ranged prosecutors to chip down wounds on multi-wounded targets and flank with them, then throw them in opponent's way to prevent a charge to more valuable unit. And knight Azyros is only usefull for his lantern, his combat abilities aren't any better than any other hero. I have been using Prosecutors for more than a year back in 1st edition, they are great fun, but there are better options damage-wise, so you have to use Prosecutors for utility they bring.
  13. We also still need a command trait as good as staunch defender and more battle traits, that make sense - "here guys, we give you this amazing battle trait of -1 to hit but it only works in your turn, we also take away all your battalion's abilities that would synergise with this trait, except one that have a bunch of tax units, have fun" Named characters that are not golden boys, seeing Lynus is a sign of hope though. Further reduction of Celestant Prime's cost and give him 2+ save already! That is an Alpha Stormcast, he deserves to be the only model in this game that has a native 2+ save.
  14. Flesh-Eaters are their own allegiance, skeletons and vampires are part of Legions of Nagash book and can be taken under 4 different allegiances. You can ally those units between allegiances (though FEC can't ally vampires). And you can field them as a single army under Grand Alliance Death allegiance. But keep in mind that Allies are restricted by points you can spend on them and ratio at which you can include allied units (1/4 allied/all), they usually don't bring any sinergy with units from other allegiances and GA Death allegiance is rather unimpressive compared to FEC/LoN
  15. First - Prosecutors and Azyros themselves ARE support for your other elements, try playing Vanguard Wing - it can be fun. Maybe as a variation of anvils list with big judicator unit. Sigh, I miss the days of VW's glory
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