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  1. Bringing 2 mounted GKs is too CP-heavy for Blisterskin, you can just take Cogs in Feast Day army, or cast Spectral Wings and auto run 6 for CP
  2. Keywords are written in bold, not titles, look at GKoZD and GKoTG warscrolls carefully and read the rule I highlighted on screenshot.
  3. Pretty much against all of those: charge first, charge smart aka engage as few models as possible with your monsters. And hope you roll good enough to punch through slayers and OBR (target Harvester first if there is one).
  4. They are wrong, it's written in the core rules, in case of GKs on Mounts the "Abhorrant Ghoul King" is the title and "on Royal <mount>" is a sub-header which doesn't need to be included to be legal to take in battalion. Reading Core Rules is a marvelous thing, honestly, those people should try it.
  5. Ghouls with AAR and AGK, Varghulf with GKoZD
  6. 80 is plenty for most lists, more is needed to meme with them.
  7. Hi there! Your first list is pretty solid, however I suggest to take Majestic Horror command trait for your GKoTG so you can bring all your summons turn 1. Also take Deranged Transformation on one of the Arch Regents instead of Spectral Host. And leave Swords of the shelf, simply taking Triumph is better than this spell. Your second list is starving CPs so bad it's not worth trying. Whenever you choose to use anything except Feast Day you should bring Extra CP and Battalion (I bring it always, no matter if I use Feast Day or any of Grand Courts) Considering my Morgaunt list that @KibaWildFang mentioned, you can check it out: This list was made for non competetive event, a somewhat competetive version would look like this: With so many ghouls you will be able to swarm objectives and thanks to Court units of 20 ghouls will benefit from Boundless Ferocity after suffering casualties which is a nice damage boost, but your only reall hammer unit would be single GKoTG and if properly focused - he will go down, depending on the meta or the opponent you can take a defencive artefact that works best.
  8. Depends on how big collection you want, if you are one of the maniacs like me who want to build huge armies - than you will want to have at least 2 Haunter and 1 Infernal Courtiers to be able to field Cannibal Court battalion which is over 5000 points. If not - you better search for spare model on the internet or split a box with someone. But no matter what way you choose - for your first couple of units don't build courtiers - instead buy a Varghulf, this way you'll be able to rise your point count faster.
  9. Well obviously as close (per all the rules for placing faction terrain) to the middle. Which means within my deployment zone. There are barely any armies that can block with their own terrain - Idoneth, Skaven and Sylvaneth I can remember. Might be Nurgle as well. But in most cases only Skaven can benefit from wasting their own terrain on that.
  10. The closest to the middle I can get. I do the conga line of ghouls first turn to give them Look Out Sir! and put them within the throne for cover, if there are reserve units that my opponent can bring in my backline I'll leave a unit of 10 ghouls in a wide curved line to deny space behind my lines. Chalice as well as both extra attack spells have range of 24 which is plenty even for 2nd turn to buff whatever I want. The fact that I'd usually stack buffs on huge screening unit turn 1 and my monsters would stay behind them also helps, because on the 2nd turn I'll be buffing my monsters who will be in range no matter the battleplan.
  11. I'm always using it if I have AAR or AGK in the list. And I only ever had real trouble placing it once. Also it's cover for my AAR where I want him to be turn 1.
  12. Of course I use Charnel Throne, it's awesome and saving CP's outweight it's cons imo. Absolutely, instead of one of the spells.
  13. - I use Razor Claws a lot, want to try out Necrotic and see if they are better since I really hate to see ones on d6 damage - I was asked to remove it because we try not to bring too strong lists and some armies may just get absolutely stomped by those ghouls - Varghulf, 20 and 10 ghouls, I don't feel like bringing 2nd Varghulf - I spend 1, AAR and AGK summon from throne for free, I don't need Inspiring since Morgaunt's Artefact on a general gives me 18" auto bravery bubble and it's better to try to summon full unit back on 4+ with Morgaunt CA anyway Me too, I painted 50 ghouls, Shards, converted and painted Ghast Courtier and painted Corpse Cart in 2 weeks for this list, now I want to win a lot of games with those!
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