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  1. The one thing that sets BS test apart from most other rolls - the target value is also modified. And it would be reasonable to houserule this moment, personaly I'm 100% sure that any of my local TOs would agree on that.
  2. This text defines what a BS roll looks like, if a roll considedred failed when the modified result exceedes modified bravery, than it's considered succesfull when modified roll is equal or less than modified bravery. That's when you force a reroll with unbridled malice
  3. There is a clear definition of what a failed BS test is: From this information I think it's safe to say that rerolls to BS test are applied after modifiers
  4. But you lose the game in any of those scenarios, I think we can agree that feelings are not a valid arguement. I get my kick of action gameplay from Rainbow 6 Siege, it's also way easier to find time for. I would gladly welcome changes to priority roll, but not removing of it.
  5. I haven't played them for the last year, right now I play with my FEC
  6. Managing expectations is what makes my games good, when I go to a tournament, I do not care about how hard I will smash/get smashed, it's a competition, I enjoy every part of it, if I lose I always have something to think about. When I play outside of tournaments against people who are not that competetive or new I tone down my lists so I won't smash my opponent, I can also do stupid moves and deny myself of good opportunities, to provide better experience to my opponent and make a game more enjoyble to myself, I don't like it when friendly games end by turn 2 so I decide to not end them by turn 2.
  7. Well, when the situation is that bad, isn't getting double turn yourself is your only hope to win?
  8. Doppelganger Cloak, aka, better Gristlegore (imo), Ethereal Amulet - for monsters. For courtiers I used to bring -3 rend artefact on Haunter Courtier if I knew there will be SCE on the tournament. Betrayer's Crown can also be good to slam those screens. Aetherquarts Brooch can be nice if you're going with the court instead of Feast Day, but I usually potatoed my return CP rolls so I stoped taking it. I think you can use both, but I haven't tried it much. GK on foot is strange, I think if you can also take Balewind Vortex he can act as mini-regent and be a secondary support, but typicaly if I have 2 casters, I would rather take courtier instead of GK.
  9. I sort of agree with @willange on that one, if brevery debuffs cause opponent to spend CPs than they give you value, but at the same time it does nothing against abilities that don't require CPs, like Skaven auras, King's Ghouls battalion, ect. Whille a player still pays something for that, it's not CPs. I'd like to see some changes made into IP and every similar ability, based on number of casualties, like when unit is reduced to 50% of it's starting strenght than those abilities make you count bravery roll as 1 instead of ignoring the check, once unit is reduced to 25% of it's starting strenght it can no longer benefit from those abilities.
  10. My reply wasn't about randomness, it was about the fact that for some people getting double turned sucks I see only 2 complains about priority roll - it decides games and people get bored. And both are stupid. And there is solution to both: why don't people who dislike the priority roll spend those 30 minutes of boredom thinking about how they should have played differently so double turn won't be decisive factor of a game? I personaly don't get bored, how can I if I spent dozens of hours painting the very models I play with right now? Get some patience. And I rarely have games where double turn actually does decide the outcome of a game, because I and my opponents know what we are doing.
  11. Losing a game because of failed charge roll sucks just as much as losing a game because of any roll, prove me wrong.
  12. Let's go and discard every potential cause of "feels bad" from the game then, why stop on double turn? Let's remove all dice rolls, because they can cause just as much bad moments as double turn can. We can have fixed numbers for everything, wouldn't that be great?
  13. You really should build your next skeleton units in a way to be able to field wholle units with same weapons. And, of course, you should by A LOT of skeletons, unless you want to go for elite force of grave guard you probably want 80 of them on the field. Whille you build up your numbers you can buy some heroes (Wight King, Vampire Lord on foot, Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon) and Morghasts for Nagash's Battalion (It's not great, but its fluffy and gives you a reason to show off cool minies) And that will be pretty much all that is worth buying in this book, you can supplement your force with some Grimghast Reapers from NH because they are a great unit.
  14. That is what I usually run and won local tournament or 2 with, but I've been using Miasmatic Blade on my TG and right now I think of experimenting with Spectral Host on monsters and Doppelganger Cloak This list is very well rounded
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