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  1. They are both saying you can have as many skaven and everchosen models if you build a GA: Chaos list, as there are no restrictions on what you can take if it has CHAOS keyword. What Skreech also says is that you can build an Everchosen Allegiance list and take up to 200/400/500 points of skaven allies - depending on point size of the game using Allies system
  2. Despite disagreeing about Freeguild current old models not fitting into AoS I would agree with @mikethefish - we shouldn't really suggest them for a new player until the claimed support is proven by release of battletome, Wanderers and Darkling covens are arguably having the same support as freeguild, but their respective threads are almost dead and there is no signs of anything changing.
  3. Man, I love your list! I really dig the estetics of Freeguild and from time to time I think about starting them
  4. I glanced over it previously, considering picking up 40mm trays when they get produced (they probably should make those at some point)
  5. It makes transporting, storing and playing more convenient You can get a plastic box, glue a magnetic sheet to the bottom of the box and transport models with magnetised bases like that, same thing goes for storing models, a metal box or, I think, I heard someone was using metal baking dishes or smtg As the playing goes - recently I've seen no edge movement trays made of either metal or magnetic sheet
  6. That is a lot of ketchup... Probably should shower mine throne in blood like yours, that would help hide some mistakes
  7. Fyreslayers for main, defensive army Can't really name one particular option for offensive gameplay because all you mentioned are good
  8. Look at Cities of Firestorm abilities, there is an Allegiance called Fist of Everchosen that combines Everchosen, StD, Khorne and Tzeench and gives the army re-rolls of charge rolls and smtg else. Within this allegiance you have traits and artefacts of general Chaos. ATM it's the most you can get without playing a single god army using Blades of Khorne/Maggotkin of Nurgle/Disciples of Tzeentch/Hedonists of Slaanesh books
  9. Hello and welcome to the forum The easy way is to get your models painted for you. It also can be the best way, maybe you can do some awesome conversions that you will be super proud of and just send it to a commission painter. The hard way is to do it yourself, pick a low model count army or start from skirmish, later allows you to not only paint low number of models to get into gaming, but also paint different models instead of same average joes in multitudes of 10 which can be fatigueing to every painter. Don't be a perfectionist, stay at good enough and develop your skill, instead of trying to make one model look greatest of all for evenings. If you can set up permament hobby space do not clear it and when you don't feel like painting, but have some spare time - force yourself to sit down and paint, even for 15 minutes, it will be better than nothing. I, personally, procrastinate a lot so I have to force myself 80% of the time, but when I start I wouldn't stop.
  10. https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/age_of_sigmar_base_sizes_en.pdf Here you go
  11. You can play warhammer with cork and Infinity with silhouettes on bases and that might be fine with some people. You can hammer down furniture nails with a big file, I did that when I felt too lazy to look for hammer around. But if you can do something and it works, doesn't mean you should. I see Infinity's lack of sculpts as an excuse not to have 100% WYSIWYG, but I won't play Intruder with HMG as Intruder with Multy-Sniper because there is no valid reason to do so. And If you have this "rule of cool", which I respect and if you have a great looking conversion I won't mind if it has a blade on the warscroll, but you model it with an artefact, like Hammer of Awesome or smtg, but it's not a valid reason to play, let's say, paired swords as sword and board in your 30-man-chaff because first looks cool, but second works better. Generals don't give soldiers a second sword and tell them to use it as a shield for cool looks, this wholle proxy thing turns a game of flavourfull high fantasy into pushing markers around. People play this game for how it looks, for the lore, even competetive ones, when there are obviously enough wargames, better suited for competetive play. And to round it up - being a below average hobbyist I feel like I can expect from other people the same (which is little) effort to make the game look better for everyone. I had a discussion about Contrast Paints not long ago and figured out that there is a guy with tremors, a guy with previously broken fingers and a guy with very little time for hobby who are far better painters than I am. Now I look up to them.
  12. Infinity still doesn't have sculpts for all loadouts, as well as some attachments aren't represented, there is definetely no Intruder with AD launcher and I can't really remember if my Corregidors have Light Flamethrowers on every model which should have one. And you don't have a choice of how you want to build a model, you have sculpts with close to no variation. So, bad example.
  13. You can use those units, at least in my perspective. They have profiles and matched play cost, it's just old, but you can check it out here: https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Compendiums/warhammer-aos-high-elves-en.pdf You can build your army either around Order Allegiance, or one of Free Cities or small faction Allegiance, like Phoenix Temple or Order Draconis, but the only reason to do that are conditional battlelines. I suggest that you visit Elven discussion and ask questions there, give a list of units you have so someone can suggest you a list to try out
  14. Actually, nothing in AoS have natural 2+ save
  15. Maximum is 1400 points if you find 10 32mm bases and just make every model a hero, except Terrorgheist Normally you build GKoTG, 10 ghouls and 3 KNIGHTS which is a total of 660-670 (depends on what KNIGHTS you built) With first SC you probably don't need to make Courtiers
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