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  1. IMO they are the example of what elite footsloggers should be. They get rerollable 4+ save, 2 attacks, 2 wounds, easy access to rend. I'd prefer them as the baseline for balancing. Also horde discount was increadibly bad idea and only serves the purpose of selling models, not making the game better and it should go.
  2. *blows dust from 60 liberators with malicious intent*
  3. The horizontal distance that opposite points of model's base travelled is still different though. So no, it won't.
  4. Yes, you can place whatever on whatever except other models however you like. This is how simplified the rules for it are and that feels wrong because it's stupid and lazy design. You can even put a Forge World gigantic Khornate dragon on the tip of this statue's sword and that would be legal within the rules.
  5. Here, I hope this illustrates the point EDIT. Man, that would be a sick "Smooth Criminal" charge
  6. It wouldn't even engage models on the ground in melee
  7. I said he would need to make a higher roll for a succesfull charge in this situation
  8. You absolutely can. This particular command ability created a list type called "Gav Bomb"
  9. They can stay on it and it is not required for a model to be able to physicaly stay somewhere without falling
  10. He would need more than 9" to make it there. Here's why: We know that to get into combat he needs to get withtin 0,5" of clanrats. Because of climbing mechanic I think it is valid to place him on the other side of the wall, his base almost perpendicular to the table. Than, based on movement rules here He would need to roll enough to get the furthest point of his base over the wall. IMO that is the only way you can make this charge since you can't stand on top of enemy models nor he will get into 0,5" of clanrats by standing on the wall.
  11. I did a metallic zenital for my Celestial Lions space marines and it does look good. But than I'd reccomend creating shadows also with airbrush (I used some Druchi Violet for that after all metallics) Also never had any problems airbrushing GW paints.
  12. Everything stays, you save the model from being slain, not replaced the slain one with new one with 1 wound remaining.
  13. It's very unfortunate that both of those are skirmishes, I own models for both but don't have the drive to play any games (also our Malifaux community is dying since the new edition) low model counts just don't cut it.
  14. Only for the cheapest to buy troops. It gets bearable as FEC only if you are a madman and plan to collect full megabattalion (Royal Court) than you need exactly 3 big courtiers - which is 1 full box. But when you just start this army it really sucks
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