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  1. XReN

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Well that sucks to see DOPEelganger cloak being hanged in the closet forever and I wish we had 3+ save on our kings like vamps do, but since we don't Etherial Amulet won't help us much I'll try to throw some thoughts on what we can take now, few things that come in my mind first are The Ragged Cloak, Ignax's Scales and Gryph-feather Charm Also Essence of Vulcatrix sounds cool if we use it with GKoTG to make him super-killy for one turn at least Guardian's Coronet is pretty solid with 4+ prevents for wholle battle round
  2. XReN

    Does anyone run Haunter / Infernal Courtiers?

    Great news, GW FAQed this today, so it counts as unmodified roll of 6 to trigger
  3. XReN

    Chameleon skinks summoning

    As FAQed today - you can't set them up in hiding
  4. XReN

    Wood Elves?

    It's actually units, not models. You can have 3 stormcast heroes and take 40 freeguild guard as allies and that will be valid
  5. XReN

    Sword of Judgement and conflicting 6+ rules

    As written, when you get a 6+ with SoJ against Hero or Monster you inflict D6 MWs on the target, it happens immediately as well as Plague Sword's ability, so it's up to you to decide which to apply, but wording is that you will benefit only from single effect
  6. XReN

    NEW Stormcast player, help with 1st 1000pt list

    Once per turn when model dies you can use this ability to save it with one wound remaining, if there is any excess damage remaining it will kill this model a second time, so you can save the model only if damage was just enough to kill it, otherwise it's just allows you to negate a wound that unit suffers. And ofc it works only when a model dies, not after. So if you take 3 damage on your, well, lord relictor with 2 wounds remaining he will take 2 damage and die, if you bring him back with Cycle, he will still die due to overkill damage. Also you can stack Cycles, so if you have two arcanums in example above you can use Cycle from another arcanum to save relictor a second time and he will survive.
  7. XReN

    Does anyone run Haunter / Infernal Courtiers?

    Yup, thats how we played such things in the past at least.
  8. XReN

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    It's time to break the silence The discussion of courtiers that included some Deadwatch talk got me thinking What if instead of investing points into fighting in the hero phase which might be two combat phases after the start of engadgement we just make our sad Flayers charge turn one with a mounted ghoul king by their side and also take more good models? So we will need a mounted ghoul king, I think the one on terrorgheist to bring in Grim Garland Cogs And Royal Mordants with Varghulf bringing Flayed Pennant with a unit of 9-12 flayers Plus another ghoul king to cast dem Cogs whille GKoTG will throw his spell on flayers so thay can hope to survive retaliation With all that we get whopping 20" move and rerollable 2d6+5 charge on our flayers, and 16" move, same charge on GKoTG The garland should allow us to deal some additional bravery casualties on initial charge and the next turn it will help us to scream on our enemies louder and scarier I honestly think it's way better than deadwatch and can actually make flayers work, since it's capitalising on something that horrors don't have - speed
  9. XReN

    Does anyone run Haunter / Infernal Courtiers?

    Because it has never been FAQed or re-written you just lose your MWs when facing negative modifiers, since you can't just assume things
  10. XReN

    Would this mixed death force be worth playing?

    Right now by looking at this I realise it's not so much a FEC list, but you can always add 40 ghouls and more horrors)
  11. XReN

    Would this mixed death force be worth playing?

    I'd say if you play mostly FEC in such force - you won't be losing much, except rerolls for runs and charges, second all death armies are really hero-dependant, so you don't want to be short on those. For mainly FEC army I recomend getting a block of skelletons, couple dog packs and necro, because doggies are just great, skellies with attack from VLord and Danse Macabre can hit quite hard, looking at legions abilities you will be mainly lacking staying power delivered by gravesites and Command Ability to raise dead, which would be sometimes easy to stop if you would run Vlord on foot cuz he is not the toughest guy in the world. For FEC synergy you REALLY want a King, Zombie Dragon one is the best pick IMO but one on foot can work as well. If you don't want a King (for fluff reasons I guess) than Coven Throne or Attendants at Court battalion from FEC book is the good route, Coven Thrones CA would give your horrors some important rerolls and have a solid spell that can mess with your opponent quite good, the battalion on the other hand will shower you with command points which is nice to throw bonus attacks to your troops (from VLord on foot) and will give all of the battalion (which is 2 units of horrors and Haunter Courtier) rerolls for all hit rolls which is undescribably great (they will count as always being near Ghoul King so you don't need one) Here's a little something to get you started: Allegiance: DeathLeadersCrypt Haunter Courtier (140)Vampire Lord (140)- GeneralNecromancer (110)Battleline5 x Dire Wolves (60)5 x Dire Wolves (60)40 x Skeleton Warriors (280)- Ancient SpearsUnits3 x Crypt Horrors (160)3 x Crypt Horrors (160)1 x Corpse Cart (80)BattalionsAttendants at Court (160)Total: 1350 / 2000Extra Command Points: 14Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 106 All very good heroes, corpse cart for magic and wolves buffs, said battalion because I think its great From here you can go and grab a VLord on Zombie Dragon, slap Ethereal Amulet on top and make him very hard to stop, goes well with FEC start collecting so you could build mounted Vamp Lord, 3 horrors and have a king with 10 ghouls to summon if you fancy yourself another caster with good self-healing that brings bodies to sit in the backfield or distracts enemies
  12. Kinda late, but I'm running ghoul patrol courtier with Flayed Pennant (FEC artefact from GHB 2017 and 18), so I'm going to model him with a standart
  13. It is a beautiful army, as it should be! The desire to start Slaanesh force came back again