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  1. Your question is about his command ability, right? Only he and other archregents can use it
  2. XReN

    Balewind and arcane sac with endless spells

    Not really, there are situations when something affecting spell also affect endless spell, right now only thing that comes to mind are abilities to ignore spell effects, those were FAQed to work against both normal and endless spells
  3. XReN

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Since my first army were SCE I was just shocked when realised how many people find mount traits confusing
  4. Sweet, dude! I've been looking for updates for this blog and I'm not dissapointed, can you try how those fit on monter's shoulders?
  5. Kharadron Overlords Now when everyone stops laughing I will continue: You can only trully get rid of opponent's buffs by obliterating their sources, completely removing them from the game and only way to do it - is to kill it How to do it fast? Shoot it. Is it possible? No. There is no real army that can fulfill your criteria, but I would recommend taking a look at new Skaven, they are shooty, they are diverce, they have great magic play potential, they have many tricks to play with and surprise your opponent, their endless spell - something vortex is a pain in the ass to deal with (at least on paper) And remember all the Nagash's attempts to build Black Pyramid? Lil' rat pests just adore ruining other's fun
  6. XReN

    measurements for scoring

    Dammit, that's the most stupid rules debate I've head, since I'm not a native english speaker I did not know the dictionary meaning of "within". So now after I've searched it I agree with your arguments, they make perfect sence.
  7. XReN

    New to AoS - Army/list advice requested

    I can't say much about nighthaunt since I haven't been very interested in them or theorising lists for them, but I'm not really impressed by how they work, from my point of view FEC are both stronger and more fun to play, but I think you might want to wait/ask people in Nighthaunt Discussion to hear more opinions and info before making your decision.
  8. XReN

    New FEC Tome List Thread

    Since we're talking about Gristlegore, here is my list for 3 tour tournament this weekend, some essential info first though: All games will be played in the realm of Shyish, realmscape features are in play and will be randomised before every turn, realm spells are in play as well Battleplans will be: 1) Places of arcane power 2) Shifting objectives 3) Focal points So in most games I'll be able to push forward without leaving units behind to protect objectives. And about my collection: I don't yet have archregent or new endless spells, nor ghoul kings on foot. I do have some horrors and flayers and at least one of every courtier. I've been thinking about swaping patrol for king's ghouls (and changing how many ghouls I run of course) which can help them to stay on board because we have some shooting and alpha-strike armies here So I'd appreciate some advice for my list Finally here is the list: Allegiance: Flesh Eater Courts- Grand Court: GristlegoreMortal Realm: HyshLeadersAbhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist (400)- General- Trait: Savage Strike- Lore of Madness: Monstrous Vigour- Mount Trait: Gruesome BiteAbhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Zombie Dragon (440)- Artefact: Aetherquartz Brooch - Lore of Madness: Blood Feast- Mount Trait: Razor-clawedCrypt Ghast Courtier (60)- Artefact: Ghurish Mawshard Battleline40 x Crypt Ghouls (360)40 x Crypt Ghouls (360)10 x Crypt Ghouls (100)BattalionsGhoul Patrol (180)Total: 1900 / 2000Extra Command Points: 3Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 124
  9. XReN

    New FEC Tome List Thread

    Read what you posted there, I've got some CC for you. The list looks really good, agree on most of the choices you made there, but I would toss court artefact on crypt ghast to make him score in scenarios where it is relevant and I also don't see much use for Maelstrom since it will just be there, messing your own spells and getting in the way, I think to round up 20 points Shackles are your best bet. Now about the throne, I don't know how many people realised it already, but you can place it further from your "deployment" zone so you can make a move forward in your first turn and then use summoning which is possible in quite a few match-ups and would help you a lot by providing bravery swing aura and cover for your regent, oh, and you also said that mounted kings can use summoning for free near the throne which I believe you know that they can't. About the write-up: It feels too in-depth for a FEC player and not enough for someone who never seen them and that way it feels inconsistent, like sometimes you mention ability's and spell's ranges, sometimes you don't, you mentioned ghouls rerolling hit rolls but haven't said why and so on. If you intendent to make it a deep explainatory thing you should have wrote more numbers and less praising. If not, than it's fine. Also there are some things I want to say about ghoul patrol: it's been 180 points and optional reserves since the drop of GHB 2018 and first FAQ in AOS 2, so it wasn't changed on that part with the new tome at all
  10. Well, essentially you advice to: Buy/build terrain for your local club/store! Not every place has enough terrain to mess up sylvaneth before they mess up the table Play 1 drop armies! Because if you don't sylvaneth will mess up the table Pray to your gods that you'll win set-up roll-off with your 1 drop army! Because otherwise, yeah, you know what'll happen. I'll write up something smart later.
  11. XReN

    New FEC Tome List Thread

    You might want to get Flayed Pennant instead of Garland, because your chances to get 1st turn charge are actually very dicey IMO, and I guess that's the core of your strategy?
  12. XReN

    New FEC Tome List Thread

    Well, in most cases they are indeed better (though someone need to do math again since flayers got better), but such comparissons does not account their speed and some new synergies we got with our spells. But even with that I'll still use horrors more often oh well
  13. XReN

    measurements for scoring

    How does being within 0" of control zone makes you control it? You're not inside it!