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  1. Zlatan

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    @someone2040Can’t wait to see ‘em! @KillaxThat orc scheme is awesome! I may do something similar myself but perhaps a little more of an orange tone...
  2. I thought it would be nice to have a thread so people could post their painting progress and share ideas for colour schemes/conversions etc. For me, I’m 2 warbands down and 2 (so far) to go. Stormcast: Sepulchral Guard: Gonna do Orcs (Orruks?) next. Any recommendations for colour schemes would be very much appreciated.
  3. Zlatan

    Nurgle List feedback for mini tourney

    Thanks guys for all the feedback and suggestions. I think I'll go for something like the first list. Good idea about the DP. For some reason I hadn't really considered him , but he seems to do nice damage and could support the drones well. Gotta think of a conversion idea now. @Slaves2Chaos, I really like the look of your theoryhammer list and may end up stealing it! @Killax, yeah Bloab looks better and his extra -1 to hit would stack well with the blightguard formation. Anyone know of any good DP of Nurgle conversion ideas?
  4. Zlatan

    Underdogs Nurgle Plog

    Looking good! Is it just the photo or have you highlighted more on the right side? It looks like some good zenithal highlighting and really helps the models stand out. I love the green tone as well. It's more saturated than most nurgle stuff you see and really pops even though it's quite dark. Well done P.S- It'd be good to see them with finished bases. What are you going to do?
  5. Hi all, I'm hoping I can get some advice on list building for an upcoming mini tournament in my local GW. It's 2 months away and I'm in the process of collecting and painting a new Nurgle army for it. The tourney is 5 games over 2 days, with just 12 players total. There'll be soft scores for painting and sportsmanship, and uber-cheesey lists are discouraged. I'm quite aware that a pure Nurgle list has some big disadvantages - low movement and lack of seriously hard hitters. This is one of the reasons I went for a Nurgle force. I want a challenge and I want my opponents to have some decent games. That said, I want the army to give me a decent chance of winning a few games. I've drawn up 2 different lists below. Which do you think will be most competitive and why? Also, would you suggest any changes to them to improve them? I'm not constrained by models as I am still in the process of buying the force. List one: Great Unclean One (General): Dark Avenger, Crown of Conquest Epidemius 3 Units of 10 Plaguebearers (battleline) 2 units of 3 Plague Drones Tallyband of Nurgle battalion 2 units of 5 Blight Kings 2 Plagueclaw Catapults (1980 points) List 2 - Great Unclean One: Chaos Talisman Orghotts Deamonspew Nurgle Sorcerer Lord of Plagues Harbinger of Decay (General): Dark avenger, Crown of Conquest. 4 units of 5 Blight Kings Blightguard battalion 3 units of 10 plaguebearers (battle line) Beast of Nurgle (2000 points) Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Zlatan

    Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    Daemonspark is a command trait, which you get for being the general. It's not an artefact or a gift. You're right though that each character can only take one artefact or one daemonic power.
  7. Zlatan

    Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    Thanks that's what I thought.
  8. Zlatan

    Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    @arkiham Is there an FAQ for this? I can't find anything in the core rules that says the whole unit would benefit from the special rule for the shields, which says "before allocating a wound to a model with an arcanite shield..." allocating wounds happens after save rolls, so although the whole unit has the same initial save roll, presumably if you choose to allocate a wound to a shield guy and then fail the 6+ you can't then decide to allocate it to another guy(?) also, the core rule states that in order to roll for attacks en mass, they need to have the same weapon characteristics (including to hit roll), so I think you'd need to roll the attacks from any double sword guys separately. if I'm missing something here or there's been a FAQ, please let me know! That'd make the unit a hell of a lot more usable! :-)
  9. Zlatan

    Do Destiny dice affect mortal wounds?

    Rules-as-written there's an argument there that it shouldn't count as a regular damage roll, but on the other hand the twitch stream last week had an interview with the guy who wrote the rule, who specifically used a spell which inflicts d6 mortal wounds as an example for how the allegiance ability mechanic works (He said you could use a Destiny dice to choose to inflict 5 wounds if you had a five). Ben Curry I believe was also involved in the rules development as a play-tester and used a similar example in his Bad Dice daily podcast yesterday. I think that makes it pretty clear what the rules-as-intended were, but it probably should be FAQed. I have a feeling it's probably too powerful if it does count, so I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually FAQ that it doesn't.
  10. Zlatan

    Waaaagh Zlatan

    So I've started work on my squig gobba. Love the model, but the rules are terribad. Gonna run it as a substitute ironblaster, unless anyone has any other suggestions. The reason I'm posting it unfinished is because I'm looking for some feedback on the colour before I get carried away with highlights. I think the brighter orange will contrast better with the blue of my orcs than a more standard red. What Do you think? Also, should I recolour my manglers to match?
  11. Zlatan

    6" pile in query

    This is the main bonus I think- Imagine you charge a monster on a large base: You'll still need to get within half an inch to successfully complete the charge, but afterwards, as long as you end up in contact (and are therefore closer to the model than before), it allows you to move round to the other side of the base, freeing up space at the front for another unit to pile in at the front. It's more useful when you have multiple units charging the same target. Yep. But this still means the model has to be within 3" to pile in in the first place, I think (?) I remember when I started playing AoS, When the rules were still new to everyone, people I knew played this rule (on the high elf griffin lord) in a way that meant he could pile in 6" after a charge, in any direction. This gave him great utility because he could leap over units to engage more protected targets. Now that people are more familiar with the basic rules this is obviously not the case, but nevertheless I quite liked that mechanic and I wish models with a funky pile-in ability did work in that way. It made the ability less situational and a fun way to catch people out.
  12. I agree to an extent. The old eighth edition army books had some amazing covers, especially some of the paul dainton stuff - he really managed to capture a feeling of imminent violence in his poses. E.g below I love the artwork in most of the books, but I find that in most cases the artwork from inside the book is more interesting than the cover art. I think the new covers are good at what're they're meant for - attracting the eye with distinctive colors and showcasing the look of the army. If you line them up on a store shelf each one is distinct and stands out well. The artwork inside the new books has really blown me away though: it has so much vibrancy and movement compared to some of the old art.
  13. Zlatan

    Da Black Jawz

    The yellow-orange shoulder pad is a great addition - ties-in with the brown of the weapon haft and the base and helps balance the model. Great job.
  14. Zlatan

    Lions of Sigmar

    Great work. The sigmar pride model is amazing and the scroll seems characterful and not too OP.
  15. Zlatan

    Da Black Jawz

    Love 'em. Such a simple but effective pool and kudos to you for doing black, which I find really tricky to do. I can't wait to see them en masse - gonna be a really striking army.