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  1. Thanks for the advice! I havent played as soulblight yet, (or in 3rd edition yet) and while working on the army I see other forces with either mixed or range heavy. Blood Knights are 100 percent why I decided with soulblight. I'll have my glorious Knights fighting for the lady somehow! I do wish we could ally in bonereapers, just for flavor I really want to use a trebuchet, and the crawler is good substitute for it.
  2. I had a quick general question on what other peoples thoughts were on chainghasts. Since in general death has barely any range units, I saw that a few units of allied chainghasts for their alright range attack may be worth while. For 150 points its 8 wounds and 4 d3, 15 inch range attacks at -2 rend. they could sit behind a screen to unleash hell, which is something we sorely lack.
  3. I finally got around to reading the neferata novels for AoS. I fell in love with the idea of her legion having mortal followers and vampire infantry. I decided to build an army based around a human/vampire dukedom that worships her as the lady of the blood grail. I'm working on a living thralls to be a noble and honorable dukedom under her control. Sadly the face on the banner had a casting bubble and I had to file away some of it to smooth it out. ain't the greatest at painting but I like it. I based the banner off of the art from the novel. The knight unit is vampire heavy infantry (graveguard)
  4. Looks great! gotta love bretonnia! there is something about standard fantasy knights that I just love so much!
  5. I have a couple different sets from Northstar, I have the oathmark human infantry, human cavalry, light elf infantry, dwarf heavy infantry and the frostgrave knights. They are all great kits in hard plasic. I have a love for bretonnia so the human kits were perfect for my "bretonnia" army. The quality is really good, the price is also amazing, 30 figures for 35 usd is great. it's got pretty great customization potential as well. The detail on the dwarf heavy infantry is great. Personally I like the oathmark kits over games workshops comparable stuff. though I've never been a fan of games workshops human infantry models (old bretonnian men at arms. current freeguild everything)
  6. still a work in progress as I'm going to be moving it over to a larger base with a building for it to perch on and men at arms below, but here is the Black Serpent. rules I'm going to be using Mannfreds, though I'm using legion of blood for my bloodline. A kingdom under the Black Serpent, who has sworn his serves to the lady Neferata. During the age of chaos, she came to their defense. The kingdom is a feudal lordship where the humans and undead work together in order to survive and prosper. During times of war the undead will rise to defend their family lines. They are so devote to their worship that it's an honor to be brought back as an undead from dying in combat. besides man power, the lower classes give a blood tithe to the nobility, who form the ranks of heavy shock cavalry. based loosely on Mallobaude the black Serpent of Mousillon and of bretonnia.
  7. I know this is an older post, but any update on the army? I've been working on a Mousillon army myself. I'm in love with how the realm of death have undead kingdoms with humans "living side by side" I'm using men at arms as fanatic thralls (Skeleton rules, when one men at arms dies they are brought back to continue to serve and protect their lord and families) I also saw where someone took and made mounted yoemen mixed with dire wolfs thats a cool idea. they have the same armor as the black knights. and its cool to have the youngest knights errent have to go to battle as the vanguard with their wolfs. those who survive move to the hire ranks, those who die continue to serve in other rolls. personally the real of death have so many cool ideas and stories to be explored. Hope your army works out!
  8. I've been thinking of making a faction based on the different mixed human and undead kingdoms from lore. Partially based on Mousillon of old. Also because I still want to use my old bretonnia knights as feudal blood knights. When reading through lore from the Wiki I saw where souls from the world that was were taken and and could be brought back. I want to make mallobaude the leader of a remade bretonnia kingdom with devote human thralls (skeletons) and when they perish they are brought back as zombies. I did a test model of a thrall unit, Mousillon foot vampire who is recently turned. similar idea of knights errent, they have to prove themselves in combat before they fight on horseback. I'm also going to repaint the shields to be black and yellow. at some point I also plan on making a unit of zombied thralls. going to get emblems for the shields as well at some point. I always liked the idea of a mixed human/undead army for Mousillon.
  9. I'm big dumb, thanks! might switch over to settlers gain, and just run them all as dawnriders.
  10. ah I always assumed you could as the list builder on the their site has them as allies. I may have also miss read it as well.
  11. thanks for the write up! I'd probably like to stay order/cos for the army, I was originally making them the mercenary Boood knights till that got taken away. I've normally stuck to hallowheart for the little extra magical resistance but I may try tempest eye. I'm unsure how many points krondys is to take a chunk out of the list. but I'll definitely look into him, I liked his model anyways. I was going to use 10 dawnriders as allies and then 10 drakespawn knights. as you say, they are decent priced heavy armored units. thanks again!
  12. thanks! I really just been trying to find the best way to use my bretonnia knights. I made some "grail knights" to use as realm lords Dawnriders allies.
  13. I havent been able to test must out yet, has anyone used drakespawn as a highly mobile tanky unit? they have a base 3+ save and with save stacking they could be hard to move. also in HallowHeart they have protection against spells. their damage is pretty lackluster sadly though. any thoughts on them?
  14. I thought about settlers gain, but I like the magic abilities of hallowheart. it's the closest I think to blessings of the lady for me. again i used third party for the infantry, but here is a picture.
  15. this is for the most part my list I go for. i play in a narrative/semi competitive group. I havent been able to use it much as my state keeps going back in the red with covid. also the remaining points goes to a mounted warrior priest from the most recent FAQ that granted it the cos keyword. with curse. I also like hallowheart for the anti magic protection that's the ladies blessings. last thing as well, I've had to convert or go 3rd party models outside the knights. I for a couple boxes of knights of the realm then GW decided to cut me off. I'd kill for 10 questing knights for their uninflated prices.... Allegiance: Cities of Sigmar- City: Hallowheart- Grand Strategy:- Triumphs:Leadersgrail knight foot (110)Anointed- Generalpaladin (100)Freeguild Generalpegasus lord (110)Knight-AzyrosBattlelinepeasant archers (210)20 x Freeguild Crossbowmen- Reinforced x 1men at arms-pole arms (170)20 x Freeguild Guard- Halberds- Reinforced x 1foot squires -sword/shield (85)10 x Freeguild Guard- Swords and Shieldsgrail knights on foot (350)20 x Phoenix Guard- Reinforced x 1Unitsmounted yoemen (115)5 x Dark Ridersmounted yoemen (115)5 x Dark Ridersmounted yoemen (115)5 x Dark Ridersrangers (120)10 x Shadow Warriorsgrail knights (140)5 x Vanari Dawnriders- Alliesgrail knights (140)5 x Vanari Dawnriders- AlliesTotal: 1880 / 2000Reinforced Units: 3 / 4Allies: 280 / 400Wounds: 145Drops: 13
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