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  1. You're amazing for remembering me but my partner got us PaxU tickets and I can't be away from work that often. Definitely keep me posted on events though, I've got 2k of Fyreslayers all painted up. Question for you though, do these tourneys allow the White Dwarf Fyreslayer stuff? I've got a cheeky list using one of those battalions and I have been trying to gauge how likely it is to be permitted.
  2. I found the perfect list but I need another Runeson on Magmadroth- anyone got one kicking around the US they want to get rid of on the cheap back from when peeps were buying 3 or 4 SCs?
  3. I got so excited when I saw the Tyrant and the Bonesplitterz book on the same page- for a split second I thought my pipedream of combined Splitterz, Gutbusters, Maneaters, Firebellies, and Aleguzzlers into "The Hordes of Hunger" had somehow happened. I just want a giant cauldron of broth that changes allegiance abilities around based on what you put in it. And maybe an Aleguzzler Brewmaster that throws huge casks of booze at his enemies.
  4. Probably? Word on the street is you'll need more than one set to build everything.
  5. I'll play Bonesplitterz until Corvus comes out.... unless the firebois are particularly amazing.
  6. Holy mother of turtles @Scythian- crunchiest list ever. Might suggest going Ember Storm on one of those priests, give yourself the run and charge, real boon combined with the movement rune.
  7. A Magmadroth is key, the distance between the zones can be brutal in ME.
  8. Yeah, literally painting right now actually. Excuse my terrible painting skills, these are all first run, my partner and our roommate are gonna touch them up because they are amazing.
  9. I solved this by mixing some KO models- my Auric Hearthguards are mixed units of Arkanauts, Thunderers, and Skywardens. The Karl if my HGB unit is a endrin-less Skywarden dual-wielding the flair part of the poleaxes. My handaxes vulkites are blended 50/50 with dual-wielding Arkanauts. Throw a bunch of mohawks on them, the odd helmetless head, etc.
  10. Typo on my part! Prayer of Ash, not Ashhorn Ancient! And I meant I'm saving on a 2+, reflecting on a 3+.
  11. In the combat phase successful save rolls of a 6+ reflect mortal wounds back on the attacker. Forge Brethren, Ashorn Ancient, Runic Fyrewall, and a Battlesmith get that to a 3+ rerolling 1's (and me to a 2+ rerolling 1's). My magdad soloed Drycha and a Treelord Ancient the other day, and the 10 HGB are so much more independent than 10 Vulkites are it seems like it might be worth the loss in output from the Latchkey Grandaxe.
  12. Question! Do you all think it is worth the cost of running a Runeson on Mag instead of Runefather on Mag in return for getting 10 HGB instead of 10 Vulkite Bezerkers? The real gas is the Shardfist Pelt anyhow, but that latchkey axe is a real bruiser and I can't decide.
  13. I think we are a LONG ways off of new sculpts for this army, barring maybe another hero if we score a box set, and that doesn't seem terribly likely. That said, I'd have killed for a riderless magmadroth scroll. All you'd have to do is not affix the guy on top, if they still wear the saddle you wouldn't even need a new kit. I'd easily pay 180 points (cost of magdad with dads 100 points taken off) for just the magmadroth, especially with the option to run them in 3's.
  14. Shardfist Pelt Magfather killed Drycha and a Treelord Ancient on his onsies today, even after a successful "fights last" stomp from the TLA. Don't forget to pet your friendly local Magmadroth today.
  15. I'd love to see the full list! I need to get 3 more mags before I can run a full Lofnir list. My Greyfyrd Forge Brethren (primary) list centers around my Magfather carrying the shardfist pelt. I chuck him at hordes with tons of bonuses to save rolls and let him wipe them out so I can actually get numerical advantage on objectives. I've branded it the Spiky Daddy List. I've got a couple different versions kicking around as I twiddle with the units and artifacts.
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