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  1. Wasn't there something about a battering ram recently? Maybe it is a battering ram rotated 90 degrees.
  2. Yeah Shootcast is a tough draw for us. I never write a list without Runic Fyrewall, also- the line of sight protection can be key for moving up your stunty foot heroes.
  3. I'd agree with this, but use Vorstag or Hermdar lodge. Greyfyrd Command Ability is too situational and rarely worth the CP while the other two are very useful most turns- imo.
  4. I wish we knew how long Rumor Engine lead times were... what if I start buying Cities and then Sky Grots happen!?!
  5. Although. 6 would defy the points cap for a 2k game. I'm planning on running 2 or 3 myself to provide backup to my magmadroth
  6. Has anyone gotten the new Gyrocopters/Bombers on the table?
  7. I don't know any good proxies or substitute torsos, but my argument has always been "how do you know some of these figs aren't females? They are dwarves after all."
  8. The battleline question has been plaguing me also. My kingdom for a Wanderers Wizard Hero.
  9. Welcome! If Brooklyn is your scene feel free to reach out to me and we will get you a game at Carcosa Club! If you go to www.carcosaclub.com you can get access to the Slack channel and get you set up. Alternately, you can shoot me a message on here and we can set up a game!
  10. I'll probably do something like: Nomad Prince (General) 2x5 Sisters of the Thorn 1x20 Sisters of the Watch 20 Shadow Warriors 6 Demigryph Knights Battlemage on Griffon And then whatever other stuff strikes me, with three or so endless spells to round it out. Goal is twofold, something as far from my Fyreslayers as possible, and my partner wants to paint the sisters and Gryphs
  11. I wasnt seeing a specific thread for Hallowheart so I started one! Share your lists, synergies, combos, hidden gems, and general advice; ask for help from your fellow Hallowhearthicans; and tell us of your gloriously magical victories on the field of battle!
  12. Too many Grimwraths? I don't think there is such a thing.
  13. I run a Runesmiter on Magmadroth pretty regularly, and he definitely has gas in the engine in certain builds (especially in Forge Brethren with the Shardfist Pelt), but if you are getting three anyhow I'd say get two of the Runesons going because they really do get quite hitty whilst showing off for one another. The Runefather hits hardest of them all, and his 3" reach makes him great for doing some damage from behind the lines, but I rarely find myself using him because I don't play Lords of the Lodge usually.
  14. No, although the Lords of the Lodge battalion allows you to tap twice with the Hearthguard unit, but there isn't another strike first mechanic in the book. Were they using an ally or artifact or anything? Or maybe i'm just drunk and am leaving serious power on the table for some reason?
  15. Great job! Would love to hear more about your Sylvaneth game. My friend plays them and always beats the stuffing out of me.
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