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  1. Hey all! As part of our community building at Bad Moon, we've made a couple of videos about our community members and their armies (first one was Benjamin Savva's Daughters of Khaine - see it here). A few weeks ago I finished the new one with Jamie Littler telling us about the inspiration behind his Skryre force. It's a beautifully painted army with some fun sources of inspiration! Check it out here!
  2. Most of these are for units that are underused in competitive play though? I disagree with clanrats and all the skryre changes though- doomwheels can cut through almost any unit right now when they're properly buffed up!
  3. I think everyone needs to move away from the idea that everything on the internet should be free. If this costs Ben money for us using it, we should be helping to pay, or else he's paying for us to enjoy the site and that's not ok. That's part of being a community. If we're happy to spend £500-800 on an army of plastic soldiers, £5 a month shouldn't be too much of a stretch. I'm sure adverts are annoying but I bet Ben would like to go on a holiday to the Caribbean rather than pay hundreds for us to natter about warhammer. yet he's doing it.
  4. Some screenshots of the video of Teclis from other angles. I wonder if it will be a dual kit, like the Magister of Hammerhal also being a lord-arcanum on Tauralon?
  5. She might be! The rotbringers spell isn't that great, so depends what they give her!
  6. The staff on mine snapped off and the idea of pinning it back on is too much to bear. This chonker will be my new sorcerer fo sho. Sorcerer is on 32mm i think so should be easier.
  7. If you're actually into the hobby, buying for models is the only way to do it. Your "power" model may be squashed in the next faq/meta change/battletome update.
  8. Changing meta benefits GW but also makes for an interesting (albeit expensive) hobby!
  9. It's not quite that- Mortek Guard cost 130 with a choice of different additional allegiance abilities, one of which is +1 to save. You point about allies is spot on, but then you make a choice on if those units are worth it without having allegiance abilities- bringing in a wizard in an army without one, or some shooting without one- that makes them worth it. I guess I think this whole thing is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. Points changes can balance things. If petrifex is too powerful, they can increase points for those units that particularly benefit from it.
  10. GW include the points cost for everything - summoning and allegiance traits - in the points cost for models. No point in paying twice. If you split the allegiance costs, it makes things even more complex. AoS is great because of it's simplicity- any increased complexity in points costs should be very carefully considered. This doesn't address the point of "internal balance", but remember these books aren't made exclusively for the 1,000 competitive players in the world. They're made for the 100,000 casual players. Example- I'm building Cities and will be playing Hallowheart for probably all tournaments, but I'm buying a load of models that won't fit in Hallowheart because I want to play all the cities in casual games. Variety in allegiances, including some that aren't as competitive as others, is great for most of the players.
  11. Honestly I think it's a fantastic background. The realms are a nice original idea that make a lot of things possible narrative-wise. Azyr and Mallus are incredible ideas- the descriptions of Mallus in Soul Wars are incredible. I think the issue is concentrating on SCE rather than anything else. In the Old World, the protagonists were elves, dwarfs and humans. They are comfortable tropes that allow us easy access to the fantasy setting.
  12. Or he finished writing those a year ago? Not sure if they ever hold back books to even out the releases.
  13. It's the go to faction because it's the only relatable faction. Immortals aren't relatable. They've definitely improved with some recent SCE books- Soul Wars gives them some character, but ultimately, they live forever and wear God armour. It's hard for us to relate. An Order of Azyr battletome would be amazing. Perhaps not a battletome considering there would be 1-3 models- but maybe a White Dwarf job or something for the new campaign books they're doing?
  14. I think marketing may be a big issue- Spear of Shadows was great but GW have cancelled it. Written by their best (or at least one of their best) authors, with a good variety of characters and an easy set of sequels, but didn't sell so they cancelled them. It was good enough to be a mainstream book, but don't think they do any marketing for it. Really dissapointing really! Tainted heart was also great with a different story to what you normally hear. Glad to hear Dark Harvest and Requiem Infernal are good- both on my bookshelf to read. I think the nearest parralel for BL is the D&D novels- like Drizzt. I've read about 12 of the Drizzt books- they're not incredibly written, but they're great fun. I think some BL is better written than D&D stuff but they're at least as fun. Drizzt books consistently went on the NYT lists (as did some HH books) but I'm pretty sure WOTC advertise those books and promote them.
  15. I think the issue is making whole armies for a smaller game is not the best return on investment. It's now basically there for 30k- but it's all space marines, not 12 distinct different races (or however many there were). It wouldn't surprise me if they did bring back some of the older plastic kits- they have the moulds and many of the kits were quite nice, though not as detailed as current ones. I mean, if they make whole 10-unit ranges for multiple armies in new designs, that would be amazing- but there's a paid cost already for WHFB models that might be too tempting to ignore!
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