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  1. hughwyeth

    Battletomes, a bygone era?

    GW need to make Azyr watertight. I pay for it and it's great- all the warscrolls are now stored locally so no more downloading ****** PDFs. The only issue is it's just completely incorrect in list building so often that's it's not any use. But once you've built your list, and if you know you allegiance abilities, the app on a phone is all i need now.
  2. These are great! I got some kind of plague by just looking at the photos.
  3. hughwyeth

    The Rumour Thread

    I'd like to see a source for that rumour.
  4. hughwyeth

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    Important lesson that victory is possible in the most unlikely circumstances! So many times it's Turn 3 and I think there's no chance, but I turn it around T5. Nice writeup, thanks!
  5. hughwyeth

    New Podcast! Comedians talk Sigmar!

    Dude you missed ep5 about Beastclaw Raiders- one of the funniest so far! It shows up for me on Overcast?
  6. Right, but the issue is a well painted non-power list isn't making the tournament any less enjoyable for anyone. A 3 colours done army is making the tournament less enjoyable. It sounds like NOVA punished people too much for painting. I don't think it should be that large a share of the points. However, there's many people who would just not want to play against an army with no paint job, or at least would not enjoy it.
  7. I sort of agree with you- with painting, I don't think you should be pushed down rankings if you're not a good painter. For me the issue is people just not bothering. Anyone of any level can make a good tabletop-quality paint job army. I'm not a good painter and I can do it. It's just colouring-in in 3d, it's not a skilled thing to apply some colours to a model and spend time on it. I think the issue of splitting it all up is that it'll of quickly descend to lowest common denominator. One of the biggest discussions pre-40k tournaments is "how many colours do i have to have on my model- oh it's 3? i'll just paint the base colour A, the body B and the head C, done. I can tell you I would not enjoy a tournament where I'd spent 4 months painting an army to lose to a netlist with a base coat. I'm not there to just win. I'm there to enjoy the games- it's a miniatures game, not chess. The look matters- hell the look is everything for me. Otherwise why are we playing miniatures games? When you have a red army vs a green army and blocks of foam as terrain, is it even warhammer any more?
  8. I've seen tournaments where painting doesn't count (40k tournaments) and they look terrible. Flat red marines vs flat green chaos marines, how immersive! Perhaps I'm in the minority, but I like painting being part of the score. It's a decent barrier to quickly assembled netlists and makes the games look good. Warhammer is not just the game, it's a hobby, and it's nice for tournaments to represent that. If you really care only for the game, play 40k, MTG or play an iphone game. It's great that (in the UK at least), the hobby is integral to the tournament scene. Top 10 in UK AoS tournaments are full of amazing looking armies. It would be a real shame for AoS to turn into what the 40k scene is.
  9. hughwyeth

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    So was chaos war shrine worth it? And did Glottkin do their thing?
  10. Painting the Celesta Ballista easy to build kit now. Going to have two of these including the one from the Soul Wars box- they're slightly different designs so should look good sitting next to each other on the table!
  11. HE needs to play someone who's sympathetic. When I play players with good lists, I bring my best list. When I play players without battletomes, I bring a bundle of my favourite models for fun. It's no fun when there's that difference in player mentality and list strength.
  12. hughwyeth

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    Some good points. Yeah I just rolled extremely bad for GK. I've had serious bad luck with him- the previous time I played him I didn't get a single spell off. Against Ironjawz it can be hard- he took 2 weirdboyz and they kept getting +2 to cast/unbind because he had them next to a big unit of ardboyz. RE drones- ardboyz (the basic IJ battleline) have 2 wounds. He takes 30 of them and 3 drones aren't gonna chew through 60 wounds, no matter how well I roll! The best i did was to remove 16 boyz with all 6 drones engaged, with +1 attack from GUO, +1 for the locus and +1 from GK (failed to get blades off). Having the 6 drones also allowed me an additional offensive strategy- I have the mega defense with the combined -4 to hit, 60 PBs and the +1 wound spell from GK or the drones mega offense, with the double +attack from GUO and GK along with blades. As it turned out, GK didn't do anything for me, so I couldn't do either one to maximum effect, but having 4 sources of -to hit and having 2 command abilities with +1 attack, and regaining 4 command points with the artefact, meant I could try both in the game. I think if GK's spells went off, I would have gotten to the objective in enemy territory 1 turn earlier and would have won a major, as it was it took 3 turns and we drew on VPs, so i won a minor on kill points.
  13. hughwyeth

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    That's an interesting list! Be interesting to see how it plays. I took GK, GUO, 30PB, 30PB, 5BK, 6 Drones, Geminids. Gives me 4 opportunities for -1 to hit. The list is only based around that and giving the GUO the Hysh artefact to give a command point back on a 5+ and then use GUO and GK and blades on the drones for big bomb-tasticness. It's ok but using 750 points or so on two fat dudes is a big commitment and it's hard to see both the GUO and GK getting their points worth in a battle.
  14. hughwyeth

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    As in you can choose during the game or have to choose one pre-game as with all other units and factions?
  15. hughwyeth

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    100% with you on Glottkin. I did roll badly. He was primarily included for his command ability and his -1 to hit ability (ironjawz having bravery 6 made this pretty reliable). I chose him over the GUO for the London GT, so he is my preferred. That list I played was not a good list by any means, just wanted to see if 4 -1 to hits would stop ironjawz, and it sort of did!