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  1. Absolutely this. They need to do for SCE what they did for space marines. One moment SM were terrible- weapons that were uninteresting and a troop unit that was unremarkable compared to any other troop unit. Now they're much closer to how they're portrayed in the narrative. Their weapons can be AP/Rend -2 on a standard unit! When you read about stormcast, the armous is made FROM SIGMARITE ORE HARVESTED FROM THE HEART OF THE OLD WORLD THAT FLOATS ABOVE AZYR, CRAFTED BY THE DUARDIN DEMIGODS THE SIX SMITHS. THEIR WEAPONS ARE INFUSED WITH THE ENERGIES OF ONE OF THE SENTIENT STORMS OF AZYR. Hmm, what should their stat line be? 4+ save, 2 attacks 4+/3+/rend 0/1 damage, bravery 6. These guys should be incredibly powerful. 3+ save minimum. 2 attacks, 3+/3+/rend -1/1dmg minimum, bravery 8 minimum.
  2. Yeah i meant PBs. But honestly point drops won't fix it. The battletome was great when it was launched but needs a refresh rules wise. Lowering points still makes Nurgle difficult to play with and hard to match up with newer battletomes. I also think GW look at points for units they get feedback for. People have BKs, so they're lowering BKs because people are asking. No-one's playing with plaguebearers because they're hilariously outdated now. I mean compare them to Tzeentch's basic daemons- pink horrors- they're way way way more resilient, despite tzeentch being the fragile chaos faction and nurgle being the most resilient chaos faction. Keep Plaguebearers at 120/320, but revamp the warscroll. Make the save 4+/4++ to match phoenix guard and keep the non-existent damage output. Make the minus to hit available for smaller unit sizes. Then they might start to be useful.
  3. Good news, but please please make PBs like 30% less at least.
  4. Yeah it's not good- i play as generic LA on Dracoline, but she's not great in-game. But it looks great! Especially next to evocators on dracolines.
  5. There has been some Humble Bumdle stuff- i got first 14 (or so) horus heresy for £8 or something.
  6. Yeah i never heard of it before either! Annoyingly, I've read half the books, but still got it for hamilcar, iron dragon and the death book.
  7. I painted this when it came out, such a nice model!
  8. This month - 3 skyfires! Base shading done with airbrush. If these are quick, I might also try and do 10 tzaangors! Seems unlikely i'll get 3 empty days in a row as i did to do the Acolytes, but fingers crossed!
  9. Im painting the last 10 of my unit of 30! These look great dude!
  10. Same experience dude. nagash, 10 horsies and 20 skellies and plaguebearers have zero response. They're on 32mm bases, they're 120pts for 10. Make them -1 to hit in combat base, -2 if 20+. -2 to shooting base. The whole nurgle thing is resilience. Give them 3+/5+- even then they'd be only similar to pheonix guard, and without their damage output!
  11. I mean i still love Nurgle, it's just they don't have any of the tools that would really help. The wheel is actually pretty powerful, more so than most allegiance abilities. But we don't have all the extra bits, and most of our units don't stand up. My initial Nurgle list included 2x30 PBs, so i definitely agree they're good! I think there's an opportunity to really put Nurgle narrative into the rules- make them more resilient, make the weapons feel like they're absolutely filthy and contaminated with plague.
  12. Right, but you'd want 30 PBs with LoB, costing 460 points to slow down 1 enemy unit, which PBs will never manage to take off the table. It's a huge cost and only worth it against a super-high cost unit.
  13. The biggest gap for me was seeing the warscrolls for Mortek Guard and Pheonix Guard comparing to plaguebearers. Pleaguebearers have zero damage output - terrible weapon profile and 32mm base size. Their "strength" of a 5+/5++ was decent at the time, but is now barely mentionable. Pheonix Guard have 4+/4++ for 10pts more for 10, with weapons that do serious damage. Mortek Guard are insanely powerful - again 10pts more for 10. Even if plaguebearers were half points cost, is there any particular strength to them? They slightly more resilient than the average battletine, maybe?
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