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  1. The laziest name in fantasy is Mount Doom. AoS had great names in comparison. The issue in trying to make a setting with no (surface-level) reference to our own world is it will never be "believable" and won't resonate with us. In the Old World, german-sounding town names worked because we have Germany with german-sounding town names. YOu just need to suspend your disbelief a little more in AoS than in fantasy.
  2. Updated Nurgle battletome is desperately needed! By far the weakest chaos force right now which is a shame as it has a big selection of great minis.
  3. Wonder how many of the big Khorne Dragon they've sold. Would love a whole range of Titan-Class AoS models, but AoS in general seems to have barely any Forge World stuff in games compared to 40k. Suppose the fact 30k stuff can mostly be played in 40k helps a lot too. Would also be good to get better rules for chaos dwarves - there's a few of them in tournaments right now but a few new models and high power level rules would be great.
  4. AoS got me back into it. Complex rules in 40k and WHFB put me off (as did my perception of the player base). AoS' simple rules were really attractive, and the AoS 1.0 thing of big models on a table with simple rules was exactly what I wanted. Plus the AoS player base (in London at least) is fantastic- loads of interesting and nice people!
  5. As in you use the allegiance? No one is saying that skaven is underpowered! We're saying maggotkin units are!
  6. Let's differentiate between maggotkin and "Nurgle", which for pestilens is really a technicality!
  7. Easy fixes- 1-20% point cost reduction across the board. 2-Make Blades of putrefaction/BK exploding attacks on "natural roll of a 6" instead of 6+ 3-Make GUOs the spellcasting baddasses they should be and give them some bonus to cast. They're literal manifestations of Nurgle himself, they should be able to beat most wizards and be able to cast their spells in the game. I know it's a tired point, but compare to any verminlord and they're way, way, way overcosted. They do zero combat damage, they're pure buff pieces, but they're huge points for spells which cast half the time IF the opponent doesn't try to dispel. In the current meta, you're getting 1/5 spells off if you're lucky. Having said that, 3x GUO thricefold is great as long as you're not playing Nagash or similar top level casters.
  8. As a Nurgle player who has moved on to other armies because I find them too difficult to win games with, maybe i can help? anything -1 to hit will turn off blightkings as their exploding hits activate on a "6+", not "unmodified roll of 6" as such abilities are usually phrased for all newer battletomes. You should have a few -1 to hit spells I think with legions? Nurgle have no casting/unbinding bonuses save for a GUO with bileblade and an artefact, and their most powerful spells are mortal ones which have no access to casting bonuses at all- should mean they're easy to dispel? So here's a sort of gameplan - The Blightkings' FNP is from a Harbinger of Decay- kill that off as a priority with ranged spells. Cast -1 to hits on Blightkings/the units they will be targeting. If successul you can pretty much ignore them as a damage dealing unit. If he's playing with plaguebearers- they're resilient but have no damage output, so tag them in combat as far away from objectives as you can and leave them to slowly whittle down your unit. You don't need to remove them from the table, just keep them away from objectives! With your list building- take a hero (Arkhan) with cast/dispel bonuses to shut down the ranged mortal wound output- it is Nurgle's biggest strength and can do enough damage over two turns to remove all of your 5-7 wound heroes. Take minus to hit spells to shut down blightkings. And even better, take a battalion to outdrop him to prevent that turn 1 sprint across the board that nurgle can do with the +3" move GUO and run/charge combo. As always- priorities are important- you don't need to kill the GUO- they're mediocre spellcasters with little or no bonus to cast and zero close combat damage output. (Funny saying this, I remember when the updated warscroll came out, there was outrage that they could cast 2 spells for their cost!). You should prioritise dispelling, not killing the GUOs/Rotigus . You will need to kill the Warshrine (probably giving a 6+ FNP?) and the Harbinger of Decay (GIving a 5+ FNP) as a priority and engage the blightkings only when they have a -1 to hit activated.
  9. Event Title: War in the Mortal Realms X, a one day tournament in Central London Event Author: hughwyeth Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 11/09/2019 09:00 AM to 11/09/2019 06:00 PM Hey TGA! Our next one-day, 3 game tournament is now up on our store: https://www.badmooncafe.co.uk/product/war-in-the-mortal-realms-x/ Rules pack attached! BMC_AoS_Monthly_RulesPack_November2019.pdf War in the Mortal Realms X, a one day tournament in Central London
  10. until
    Hey TGA! Our next one-day, 3 game tournament is now up on our store: https://www.badmooncafe.co.uk/product/war-in-the-mortal-realms-x/ Rules pack attached! BMC_AoS_Monthly_RulesPack_November2019.pdf
  11. Plus the number of "THIS IS OP!" scares that turned out to be nonsense 2 months later is too damn high.
  12. Yeah this is the most retrograde thing GW currently do. It's crazy we still need to buy print books for all this stuff. I love the printed books and buy a lot of battletomes for armies I don't collect, but they have to get a proper app that has all rules required, always up-to-date, and give free access to faction rules when you buy the physical book. They're years behind here and I don't know why. If a single dude can make AoS Reminders (check it out here if you don't know what it is!), why can't GW make an app that does exactly the same thing?? It would be great to bring a tablet to a game as the only thing you need. I know you can currently do this, but it's literally a PDF of the printed book, which is not at all an efficient way to find rules.
  13. If you tasked a super-intelligent being with creating a balanced game, it would first remove humans.
  14. I think there's an issue in the community where we rely on GW for perfect balance in order to have good games. That's not going to happen. Instead of bemoaning this all the time, find a community or group that don't meta chase constantly. The issue is the people you play with, not the balance. We have a great community of seriously competitive players, none of whom play Slaanesh. If you play with a group of people who's only interest is winning at all costs, you'll have a miserable experience. AoS can provide really great games, but you need a player who buys into the same mindset. If you're having a miserable time, change the group or the people you play with. This is by nature a socially interactive game- the player on the other side of the table will make or break your experience. GW can't control that.
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