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  1. hughwyeth

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    I'd diverge slightly- the GUO is a terrible melee damage dealer. If you take him with a sword, you're missing out on the bell (the biggest reason to take GUO) and if you take the flail for damage you miss on the bileblade- what makes the GUO the best spellcaster for Nurgle. Otherwise, i'm with you on GUO! I think Glottkin is undervalued by Nurgle players. For 80pts more you get a far better command ability, the best nurgle spell there is (Except perhaps Rotigus' spell) and way better damage output if you do have him in combat. Plus the shooting attack, though hard to get off, is very powerful. Plus Horrific Opponent for -1 bravery. Major issues are no way to boost magic casting, only 1 dispel, and no disgusting resilience means he can't last as long as a GUO. I have both- when I take GUO I can get him close to the action and usually get more spells off. With Glottkin, i usually keep him a bit further back as he's less resilient, but his spell can make 30 plaguebearers outlast almost anything! Plus if you can get him into combat at full health, he's pretty decent.
  2. hughwyeth

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    Nurglings are an excellent unit to summon onto a objective. The whole SC box is great really. It's just the poxbringer is not used in net-lists generally, but it's a decent choice for cheap deamon spell casting.
  3. hughwyeth

    The Rumour Thread

    I imagine the Beasts of Chaos release is the template we can expect for all redone battletomes. Consolidated force, a scenery piece, endless spells and perhaps a new SC box.
  4. hughwyeth

    The Rumour Thread

    Oh i thought they never expanded on their initial "profits will be lower than forecast" statement? I initially assumed it must be Brexit but when they didn't elaborate i thought it might be some major product they wouldn't get to market in time.
  5. hughwyeth

    The Rumour Thread

    Did anyone explain the profit warning GW issued a week or two ago? I imagined it was because a big product launch wasn't going to happen this quarter as they previously planned so the profits would be lower?
  6. Sorry, had a quick look for one and couldn't find it! Found it now
  7. hughwyeth

    Skaven Pestilens stuff

    Hey people, I have an unused SC Skaven box and an additional 60 Plague Monks (in an old SC box)- one of the 60 has been assembled, but unpainted. Looking for £70 inc postage to the UK.
  8. Imagine this isn't the kind of club we're supposed to have in the directory? ++ REMOVED ++
  9. Hey @Ben are the subscriptions reflected in the hosting cost widget on the home page?
  10. hughwyeth

    The Rumour Thread

    Dracothian is next.
  11. hughwyeth

    The Rumour Thread

    I think in a narrative game (a massive order force VS this dragon) would be great. In matched play- just avoid it or chuck chaff. It has the same issues any super-powerful model does (loads of points in 1 location) in matched play. This vs 1,200pts of any chaff unit- this loses everytime by being bogged down.
  12. hughwyeth

    The Rumour Thread

    I think it's clearly not meant to be played in regular matched play. I mean we now measure base to base as standard in 2.0 and it has no base. FW are probably just starting on some huge models for AoS, like they have titans for 40k. No one plays (or can, points-wide) titans in competitive play.
  13. I think the internet has helped the hobby tremendously but also means we're all exposed to the absolute best painters and players on a daily basis. That helps to have something to aspire to, but also means it's easy to fall into the trap of "my paint job/game play is nowhere near that good" and think you've therefore fallen short.
  14. hughwyeth

    tactical advice to improve

    Nurgle don't do combat- by that i mean they're not generally going to dish out massive damage in combat and remove a unit in one turn, except for specific combinations of spells/buffs on plague drones and a good match up with blightkings. Nurgle have great resilience which is really what you want to use to your advantage. So it's not so much Stay out of combat completely as Don't just charge into combat- combat for nurgle is generally what they use to stop enemy units from moving to objectives, not to destroy them! Getting 30 plaguebearers into combat with an enemy dragon will ****** them off mightily- it'll take at least 2 turns to churn through and their most powerful unit is being taken up with removing a battleline unit! There's also a basic principle in any conflict - you and your opponent have 3 units each- a strength 1, strength 2 and strength 3 unit. How do you make it so you kill more of theirs? Or more precisely- how to you engage them to your advantage when on the surface you're both perfectly balanced with identical range of units? Engage you weakest strength 1 unit with their strength 3 unit- as i said above, 30 plaguebearers will generally hamstring any big dragon in the game! Then engage their strength 2 unit with your strength 3 unit and their strength 1 unit with your strength 2 unit. Your 3 beats their 2, your 2 beats their 1, and their strength 3 is just occupied with taking your weakest unit off the table. This is actually pretty difficult to work with in AoS because units may be strong at one thing and weak at another, but it's worth keeping in mind as a principle. Don't be afraid to chuck your battlelines and weaker units as chaff to die, but keep back your heavy hitters for taking out the enemy's middle strength units. Rushing a GUO or Glottkin into a combat turn 1 is the absolute worst thing you can do! But rushing 30 plagubearers into a dragon, or 5 blightkings into the enemy's battleline unit is an excellent thing to do!
  15. hughwyeth

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    I have magnetised my GUO but never switch from the bell+blade- the issue with the bilesword is it's not playing to the GUO's strengths at all. It's the only weapon in the whole force (pretty much, excluding things like Glottkin) which has rend and serious damage, but it's crazy to spend 320pts on a GUO you send right into combat. The GUO is great behind a line of battleline troops casting spells and using it's abilities to support. It's not good in combat. Consider- 3 attacks, 4+, 3+. So you average 1.5 hits and then 1 wound. Which only gives 3 damage total. Compare to an actual big combat beast model, which can dish out 10-20 damage in one round of combat, it's really obvious it's totally not worth it. 3 damage can be done by 10 plaguebearers easily, it's not worth wasting the GUO on a weak combat role instead of one of the best supporting roles in the game.