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  1. That's pretty cool - i know there's always been chatter about old world and 40k being connected but was a bit jarring to see it so explicit!
  2. Gotta say I'm a little confused with it- there's loads of 40k stuff! Even though it's written by an Old World character, there's loads of pages on traitor legions and stuff! In other news, Soul Wars is coming out in paperback! I never buy BL hardbacks, so I'm glad it's coming- i know it's highly recommended!
  3. until

    Rules pack now available here.
  4. Mine just arrived! Really impressive book
  5. Though the PL system is not that well done in 40k, generally more granularity makes it harder to balance a game, not easier. It's harder to balance a game with 10,000,000 possible combinations than 1,000. Age of Sigmar already has different points for different weapons loadouts- they just call the units different names. For example one kit makes Paladins, Retributors, Protectors and Decimators, all with different rules and points values. In my experience, "micro management" manifests itself as "figuring out how to break the system" or "how did the rules designers ****** up points values?". Much harder to do when units have simplified points values.
  6. Thanks dude- I ordered mine fromGifts for Geeks and emailed them asking. Didn't read anything about it, just went to the BL site today to look at new paperbacks and saw it! Looks sold out on BL and GW, so I assume it's limited. The three shots on the BL site looks great, similar level of art direction to the big hardback End Times books.
  7. I know it's not quite AoS lore, but Liber Chaotica seems to have been reprinted by BL: https://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/liber-chaotica-hb-2019.html I had no idea they were doing this but found Gifts for Geeks had some pre-order stock (whatever that means). Anyone know what the deal is with this reprint? Can't find any info on dates or anything like that anywhere on the web!
  8. Yeah what a bizarre list of points changes for Nurgle. It's always funny seeing these points change wishlists because it's really clear that on a smaller local level, the meta is completely different from city to city, country to country. Nurgle are non-existent in our tournaments and they just cannot compete against almost any other recent battletome army. Thricefold is the only competitive list in our local meta and even then it's pretty low-level and basically never played.
  9. I think it's worth saying that AoS was just open play previously. In that sense, anyone can play with anyone. They've just been slow to integrate that flexibility into matched play. But they're getting there. And I'm hyped for a necromancer and skellybros with my other armies.
  10. That's a good point RE old world associations. I think SC being able to ally with anyone is thematic generally, as Sigmar is the head of the pantheon (sort of). But there's lots that don't make sense, particularly by their absence.
  11. Yeah people who think it breaks narrative has never read an AoS novel. Hell even in forbidden power, fyreslayers betray SC for Nighthaunt.
  12. This is really exciting! Having read quite a few AoS novels, there's an interesting mix between forces and even grand alliances that isn't reflected in the rules right now (unless you just play open play). Having rules for a rogue necromancer to join my Nurgle or Stormcase force is really cool!
  13. Finished 40 ghouls- another 60 to go! Simple base coat/wash/drybrush for these guys so i can concentrate on the basing for the bigger models. Quick job on the charnel throne too- airbrush basecoat and shading then wash/drybrush. Trying some skin shading on the second Arch Regent and it looks ok...sorta.
  14. Spear of shadows got me into AoS books! In fact it sort of started my whole re-appraisal of AoS lore in general- the old world was total fantasy trope world. It was done really well, but it was essentially identical to a huge number of other fantasy worlds. AoS, and especially aos 2/recent books, have made AoS a much more interesting world that's unlike any other.
  15. Wasn't that the warhammer world only book? Imagine there were very limited number of copies. I got it e-book- it's worth reading- the physical copies are just ludicrously priced.
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