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  1. I stands corrected and accept giant octopus as a well-established mythical creature; I'd happily paint both of them.
  2. I'd like the octopus, but I do feel the serpent is more atuned to the "mythological" approach of AoS. But yes, it is unlikely that idoneth get much more love in the near future. Do they not sell? I don't get it, they are a faction that is easy to expand on.
  3. I sea serpent would be amazing. Why don't you want it? I'd reserve derpy names for regiments of renown, not for entire factions / subfactions.
  4. My jam is more this: More "lizard / snake", less "dino", if that makes sense.
  5. Absolutely, this. I grew up on this and I just can bring myself to like this current iteration.
  6. I do not like the dragons, they are a bit too "chunky" for my taste. That said, I haven't liked any of the many dragons released over time by GW. Hopefully enough people like them to encourage them to keep trying. That said, I'd very much prefer more gryphons and the like, in the leaner style of past (do not like chunky monsters, as I said).
  7. Yep! Though recently I have been experimenting with smaller / non-gaming sizes, and I find that you can easily capture the feeling of a "regiment" with 4x3. Of course this is a matter of taste, but I do not like painting too many of the same thing, to the point that I will not participate in some systems if I feel I got to put down too many of the same thing. This is my approach nowadays, as gaming takes the back sit to painting. Very much so!
  8. Well, the horde VS elite issue is also nasty in 40k. A first solution would be to limit the size of units. Do we really need 60 models of the same? Wouldn t sizes like 12/6/3 represent well the regiments? I mean, first thing we need to abandon is the 1 to 1 scale. A model should not be a trooper, they need to abstract from this. Smaller units are also more maneuverable, allow for more unit diversity, and look more fun on the table. Frankly, huge regiments in model count look more like a way to sell more kits than anything. Except that in the end it was just too much for anyone sensible to get into (so no need blood).
  9. I don't have a firm position on this, but this was one of the worst cases of bad faith argumentation I have seen in a long time. It is quite obvious that GW has a position of dominance (market power) in the miniatures / wargames market and that's what the poster meant.
  10. It looks like GW is getting this right. I think some people are so used to some of the more consumer "unfriendly" practices to the extent that they seemed to wanted lack of oldhammer compatibility (they have to sell minis, it is a business, it wouldn't be viable, etc.). I am glad they are accepting that some people will want to re-use minis, and then just adding re-sculpts and new models on top. So: 👌👍👍👍👍👍
  11. Is it missing, though, or just pushed to the side? Because those helmets from the conversions come current kits, great swords and demigryph knights. If I had to guess, they really like blocky only armor designs as they are, at a beginner level, just easier to paint. So it is easier to recommend as an entry point for the game (elite, easy to paint). For sure that's the case with marines, and sigmarines is a meme for a reason.
  12. Is there a reason to take Vargskyr over Blood Knights ? Aside from the thematic aspect.
  13. To me, the popularity of these types of conversions highlights the fact that there is a real demand for more "toned down" design. While I am sure some like stormcast sculpts, I know some of us are put off by the over the top design paradigm. I like some wacky stuff, otherwise I'd be playing historicals, but I like some semblance of "normality" too. Face masks or "everyone is Gelt now" has never appealed to me.
  14. I wanted to paint a GK army, but there is too much uncertainty over their future. Just because they haven't been primarized now there isn't any guarantee that it won't happen next edition.
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