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  1. The weirdest way in which I have seen this saying used, yet. Just wow. This is almost always used to describe a situation were at a societal level we choose the greater good, not to defend corporations putting first their "very few and select" shareholders over the "few" (majority?) of the consumers.
  2. Excuse me? Their boots are perfectly fine. Big enough to stomp on the consumer without breaking a sweat.
  3. Ahhh! Finally some proper reason to go to war. Retaking our (new) ancestral homes!
  4. This, so much. Which is compounded by the fact that, usually, models and rules go hand in hand, meaning that if a faction gets no new rules the model range is left to languish. It is a terrible feeling to spend hundreds of $ and many hours painting and basing an army that will get sidelined. Yet, that happens constantly with the current release schedule. And that's without bringing up when GW gives the death kiss to a faction, such as Legion of Azgorh aka chaos dwarves aka chorfs. 5 years post release of a bunch of super pricey FW models, they burn them down in a trash can fire
  5. Khazuk Khazuk Khazuk-ha! Khazuk Khazuk Khazuk-ha! Khazuk Khazuk Khazuk-ha!
  6. So much this. "Hyper-narrow" factions lead to abandoned factions, which is possibly the worst feeling for both hobby oriented people and "gamers".
  7. I find that very annoying, as someone who paints both old and new sculpts.
  8. Which is a pity, if you ask me. I really like some of the themes. For instance, seahorse eel conversions look really good.
  9. I have to admit, the prospect of rot-squids vs fishy-squids is appealing. But them sea lads need some more sculpts.
  10. ...and yet the revival of the Old World by GW is coming. So let's all go "oink oink"? Some community feedback is rubbish, but frequently GW releases obviously imbalanced options. This is not an satellite, it is a highly simplified wargame. My take? GW designs for imbalance and sometimes they make mistakes. They simply add too much salt and you have virtually unplayable factions. But, more often than not, whatever bullcrab we see in the rules is a conscious decision.
  11. To the CoD dev: Is the claim here that you guys design for balance exclusively, and not accounting for how progression affects the player’s engagement with the game, among other things? Because honestly, without going into the ad hominem, it looked like you were painting a picture in which devs do their best but a misguided community attacks them anyway. I don’t think devs want to do a bad job, but I also believe that a good job is not to deliver a properly balanced game. The illusion of balance is present3d because it has some appeal for the players, but the actual games are all but
  12. Bad rules are bad in relation to other armies. GW follows a design paradigm according to which you offer "better" options for people who crunch numbers to find. Thus, there must be relative worse options, otherwise there would be no "better choices". The beauty of this is that, whenever they want to make a product line appealing to number crunchers, they can just tweak the rules.As a matter of fact, they do this, constantly. I am more familiar with the "competitive" gaming side of 40k, and there units rise and fall within months. But there are always several broken options, which can be s
  13. And I think you (we) should complain. But know that, mistakes aside, they actually bake imbalance in their design. Because system mastery reward is a design paradigm embraced by many companies in the nerdsphere (DnD, Magic, and GW).
  14. I think we discussed this at some other point. Not all armies can be good at the same time in GW's design paradigm. Do you believe, for a second, that they cannot spot some of the underperfoming units and armies same as you can? It is not rocket science, it is very simple statistics we are dealing with here.
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