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Found 48 results

  1. Hey all, I'm Arvandus and I do short stories and lore videos on various Miniature games properties. I have done some Malifuax and Warmachine but my main focus has been Age of Sigmar since I am such a huge fan of the setting. If your interested, please check out my latest video on the Ironjawz! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDT_7nTiuXA&t=237s
  2. The Lexicanum proudly presents its newest project - its own, dedicated Age of Sigmar wiki! While originally a part of the Fantasy Battles Lexicanum, after a month of intense work the AoS wiki now is available as an independent, stand-alone wiki which fully and exclusively concentrates on the extensive Mortal Realms setting. https://ageofsigmar.lexicanum.com/wiki/Main_Page Here are a few examples of our work: An article about the Mortal Realms in general: https://ageofsigmar.lexicanum.com/wiki/Mortal_Realms A list of characters found in the Mortal Realms: https://ageofsigmar.lexicanum.com/wiki/List_of_Characters A bestiary with artwork of creatures from the Mortal Realms: https://ageofsigmar.lexicanum.com/wiki/Pictorial_Bestiary If you want to join us and contribute, you can request an account at: https://ageofsigmar.lexicanum.com/wiki/Special:RequestAccount If you have any issues, you can request help here or on our Helpdesk on Discord: https://discord.gg/NBYmvXB If you want to know where we are taking the AoS Lexi next, follow us on the in-wiki forums: https://ageofsigmar.lexicanum.com/wiki/Lexicanum:Forum Happy New Year!
  3. Consider joining lexicanum or Sigmarlore. Even if it's just to fix typos they can use some help. It does not matter which one, the choice is yours. Lexicanum is great with it's navigation and layout, but is harder to sign up for. Sigmarlore on the other hand is a mess navigation and layout wise, especially when compared to the Warhammer fantasy Wiki( https://warhammerfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Warhammer_Wiki ) . However it is very easy to sign up for. http://ageofsigmar.wikia.com/wiki/Age_of_Sigmar_Wikia https://ageofsigmar.lexicanum.com/wiki/Main_Page https://ageofsigmar.lexicanum.com/wiki/Everspring_Swathe https://ageofsigmar.lexicanum.com/wiki/Prime_Innerlands https://ageofsigmar.lexicanum.com/wiki/Great_Parch https://ageofsigmar.lexicanum.com/wiki/Spiral_Crux LINKS UPDATED, THE SPLIT HAS HAPPENED
  4. Spoilers for Soul Wars Prior to the Soul Wars novel, its was (fairly) argued that Celestant-Prime could not be Karl Franz, due to the fact Franz belonged to a different world and had simply perished. However with the advent of the Soul Wars - It is heavily implied that a Lord Arcanum, known as Balthas Arum, was in fact at one point Balthasar Gelt of the old world. Whether he was reincarnated as mortal in the realms before becoming a storm cast - or whether his soul was preserved from the end of the 'World that Was' is up for debate. However what it does show is that non-gods can somehow be preserved from the Old War in one form or another. Does this mean that Karl Franz' soul has been recycled as Celestant-Prime? Given he is once again Sigmar's favoured champion and once again wields Ghal Maraz? Or not? Or does it really matter? Thoughts?
  5. Dead things dreaming in the darkness. Nothing stirred in the utter blackness of the Deepknell Depths. Nothing living remained in the vast catacombs and narrow tunnels to make a sound. The last incidental collapse of rock, or old bones finally falling apart to clatter across the coarse ground, had happened decades ago. No noise sounded in a place where nothing happened, and nothing ever happened down in the dark. So they had accepted a long time ago, that it was better to simply try to stop existing at all than to wrack and rage at the injustice of their fate. The people above had chosen to spend their lives as coin, and discard them when it suited them. Cold and forgotten. Those people had long since passed into the dirt, their progeny and their progeny after them living quiet and comfortable high above the erstwhile crypt. So quiet not even the slightest sound carried down into the dark. A peaceful life built on the suffering of thousands, ironically mounted above their very tomb. No passage down to the Depths existed, no crack for air to pass through or natural current of water. Noxious gasses were commonplace in the tighter tunnels, but they were oddly repellent to flame rather than conductive - early attempts at clearing the Depths of it's vermin infestation had involved the hurling braziers of flame both natural and otherwise down, achieving nothing more than the odd short-lived fire and scorched whisker, par for the course with the Skaven regardless. Choking throats long-since rotted away. When it became clear that the only solution was to confront the beasts in their own tunnels, hard choices needed to be made. The people of Deepknell Rock were largely peaceful, and were forced to petition the Stormcast Eternals, newfound defenders of Aqshy, to assist them lest their city and the Realmgate within fall to the insidious corruption of the Skaven. When the lightning-men arrived however they were not greeted by the familiar colors and heraldry of the Hammers of Sigmar, but the stark white and sky-blue of the Knights Excelsior. The Knights were a very different breed to their golden armored brethren, and immediately set to work. Forbidden from leveling the whole mountain, caverns and all, due to the presence of the Deepknell Realmgate, they came up with an elegant solution. The city had long housed an impressive prison complex, serving as the jailing quarters for the whole region. The prisoners within were offered a choice by the Knight's leader Cerrus Sentanus, they could die in their cells or take up arms and head into the caverns to redeem themselves and, if they emerged, win their freedom. A choice between death and worse is no choice at all. The people of the city had cheered as they marched into the Breach, and despite their situation the First Penal Legion of Deepknell felt themselves swell with pride. They had been dealt a hard hand, but one they had aided in drawing themselves, and those that lived through this would be welcomed back into a grateful city. They lit their lanterns, straightened their backs, and marched down into the dark. Warp-lightning flashes searing cavern walls. The Skaven are a perfidious race, and deep in the Depths they'd had nothing but time to prepare. Blasts of acidic green lit the caverns as engines of death lanced hellish energy through the ranks of the Penal Legion, with every strike claiming half a dozen lives. Neither force was well trained in the arts of war, and in that dank and dark battleground they fell to disorder, fighting as back-alley cutthroats in the dying light as the lanterns faded and the warp-lightning engines fell to the flaws of their own design. The last light to go out in the dark was the only natural source, the light filtering in from the Deepknell Breach entrance. There was no longer a way out. A prison, traded unknowingly for a grave. The bitter irony was not lost on the former prisoners. Sentanus would keep his word, freedom awaited any of the men that emerged from the caverns. It seemed he had simply ensured that promise could not backfire. Runes of sealing had been inscribed into the now-sealed entrance, a potent force that would ensure the Skaven Gnawholes present in the structure offered them no escape. Sentanus had cleared house effectively, dealing with both the Skaven infestation and the criminals his Stormhost harbored such contempt for. With the natural airflow cut off entirely by the enchantments of the Knights Excelsior the damned criminals and Skaven alike died by degrees as their own panic rapidly consumed the available oxygen. Within hours, every soul under the mountain lay dead, their throats clawed to bitter ruin by their own hand. The rope would have been cleaner. Within weeks the people of Deepknell Rock had stopped mentioning the prison that now stood empty at the edge of the city. An axe would have been kinder. Within years the last insect had died, having gorged itself on the last remaining flesh of the last corpse. The price paid by the guilty forgotten by the innocent. Within decades the First Penal Legion was forgotten. The Knights Excelsior had moved on to less remote climes, and the people of Deepknell Rock had used the breaking of Sigmar's Tempest as an opportunity to build a bustling hub at the edge of the realm. Aqshy was not hospitable by definition, but they had made a life among the geysers of boiling steam and hissing rocks. And far beneath them, the dead granted a mausoleum of their own by the cruelty of the Stormcast, had slipped into languid dreams to cope with the passage of eternity in the dark. Until, on an unusually quiet night both above and below the rock after a season of dark tribulations unprecedented in the fiery realm, a bow-wave of amethystine energy rippled through the world and set hot skin to cold sweat. He calls. A thousand pairs of blue eyes lit up in the dark, the first light the cavern walls had known in decades. Scraps of bone swathed in ethereal blue mist seemingly pulled from the wave of energy itself lifted from the ground, dark animus hoisting the ruined corpses like marionettes on strings of cast-iron chain. As one they looked to their warden, the only soul beneath the mountain who had not come from a cell. Silent as the grave, as soft as the breeze who's touch they had forgotten, he pointed up through the rock to where a sleepy city was coming awake in surprise. We answer.
  6. Bit of a lore question. Potentially putting together a themed army based around the free city of Hallowheart. I your opinion would the Fyreslayers in the army come from a particular lodge based in the city or come from lodges from the surrounding area to bolster the cities defences? If from outside the city which lodge would be the most appropriate or if they are citizens of Hallowheart is there any info out there which suggests which lodge resides in the city? Thanks for any help.
  7. Has anyone tried reconciling the settings for OldHammer and AoS? Or found a nice attempt at it online? I’m not thinking about the 9th Age here but rather a joining of these two very differently flavored settings with both “realities” existing side by side. Note: all of the following is just some quick brainstorming done as I write. This is nowhere near complete or even intended to be, it’s just ideas and questions (and sorry if this turns into some long winded ramble... it probably will). As to why... well Old Warhammer always had a grimmer, grittier feel to me and I loved the setting. Age of Sigmar is much more “epic fantasy” in my mind and I wanted to find a way to bring the two together without destroying either. I don’t know if it is really feasible but... I see two ways to do this: first the Old World isn’t actually destroyed during the End Times, and second the Old World is recreated by the raw power of the realms intermixing and formed from the memories of the new gods. In either example there would need to be some modifications to the history and/or fluff of some factions and the settings themselves. Races completely destroyed and/or decimated by the End Times could be transplanted to the mortal realms as they were in AoS, while others remain in the physical world instead. There are no Disposed or Free Guild in the mortal realms, they exist in the physical world. The Sylvaneth aren’t a part of the wood elf/wanderer faction because they’ve lost that connection to magic which allowed them to hold onto the physical world. 1) What if the world wasn’t destroyed during the End Times and instead the Mortal Realms were born? As the rifts are finally closed there is a cataclysmic explosion. Chaos thinks they have won, the world that was is gone. The mortal races believe they’ve won, but at a great cost: their world is greatly changed (nearly destroyed?) by the closing of the rifts, Magic no longer functions (or not like it used to?) and their gods voices are little more than a whisper of what they once were (if they answer at all?) The Avatars/New gods of AoS awaken to find themselves in the eight realms. Their old world is gone. The age of myth continues more or less as written, but (most) factions formed of legacy armies do not exist (dispossessed, Swift hawks, wanderers, scourge privateers, free guild, green skins, gitmob, etc). During this age of Myth the old world is slowly recovering and suffers something of a dark ages period. The old world isn’t the same as it once was, portions of the mortal realms touch upon their reality making small areas of the world hostile hellscapes which ironically have the greatest connection to the gods (the edges of the mortal realms, where magic exists in its most raw form, bridge the gaps between realities). Eventually, the old world is discovered by the AoS pantheon, but even though they have discovered their old home the gods themselves cannot enter it (similar to how the chaos gods cannot enter reality themselves) and mortals cannot enter the eight realms. The dark ages end and the world that was slowly comes back to something akin to what it once was. The age of chaos comes. Pretty much as written the Ruinous Powers learn of the eight realms and begin their assault on this new reality. The nearly unrecognizable old world isn’t realized for what it is, it is simply another new realm to conquer (although it is a much smaller realm, only a fraction of the size of any of the other realms). Chaos cannot enter the old world directly, but rather must pass through one of the mortal realms first (they serve as an intermediary barrier between the physical world and the realm of chaos). Chaos incursions do occur but the war is mostly contained to the eight realms. Slaves to Darkness (and Dark Oath when/if released?) plague the Old World while the Everchosen, god-specific factions and Daemons flood the mortal realms. Sigmar locks himself in the celestial realm. The war is lost, and while the realms fall to chaos the physical world suffers more and more incursions but hasn’t fallen yet. The old world becomes a grim dark place where war is nearly constant but until all of the mortal realms fall to chaos it still holds out. Daemons (once considered nothing but a superstitious myth of a bygone age) begin to assault them but cannot stay long. Sigmar takes most of his “recruits” from the humans of the physical world as they fight their own wars. The gods still hear the cries of their followers but are preoccupied by the wars within their own realms. 2) Mostly what’s written above remains, however the world that was actually was destroyed. A new ninth/tenth/eleventh realms is formed where the power of the eight realms intersect. This realm is formed of the memories of the gods, just as the seraphon are formed from the memories of the slann. Each of the eight gods should have a realm they cannot enter using this method, similar to how the lords of shadow and light cannot enter their opposite’s realm. This helps keep the gods themselves from entering this physical realm while also allowing them to interact with it. This realm is physical while the “mortal realms” of AoS are spiritual. Chaos daemons have an even harder time manifesting here than other realms (necessary to explain why such a small world hasn’t been completely conquered already). As for opposing realms I’m not certain which realms could/should pair up. Light/Shadow, Life/Death, Celestial/Metal, Beasts/Fire? Maybe: Metal/Life, Beasts/Death, Celestial/Fire. The idea comes partly from the stories about Slaaneesh’s imprisonment and partly from a fan supplement for Advanced HeroQuest which took a different look at the winds of magic. In that supplement they broke the winds into two groups of four with a “light” and “dark” aspect of each of the four classical European elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. The lore of “high magic” was the four “light elements” combined while the lore of “dark magic” was the combination of the four “dark elements”. Chaos magic was the embodiment of all eight winds. I’ll try to look the supplement up later and refresh myself on their take. Anyway... sorry I think this may have gotten rather long winded but I won’t try to edit/shorten it. Does anyone else have some ideas, input, or references to add? I’d love to hear other players views on the possibility of merging these two realities.
  8. This is a call to lore enthusiasts! I am designing a small narrative campaign based around stormcast vs nighthaunt (for now) I have a good idea of the setting : secluded moutains somewhere in the realm of fire. The chaos armies have been mostly driven back and Sigmar’s main forces moved on. A small contingent of stormcast and freeguild were left there to eradicate the last traces of chaos. But the endless circle of war and reforging has radicalized the stormcast and they see chaos everywhere. They have turned into an inquisition of sorts, executng people for te slightest misstep. The repression has taken a heavy toll on the local population, and their dead have started to rise... So here’s my question (finally) : How independant are stormcasts? I know some of them get pretty strange after a couple reforgings, but would they be allowed to keep coming back to a place they are oppressing? Wouldn’t the guys in azyr lock them up or give them different orders after a while? Or are the stormhosts able to pursue their goals as they see fit, without interference from a higher authority? Maybe it would be better for this story if some kind of magical interference kept them stuck without access to reforging, their numbers dwindling, slowly going mad? What’s your take on it? I’m sorry if the question isn’t completely clear, if you have any question or feedback about what I’ve written please say it I’m also interested in any bit of lore that you feel is interesting / relevant for this setting
  9. Quick question: I only own the Nightvault starter set and will eventually dive into some other warbands. I have noticed that the warband boxes include a card with a short blurb about the lore of each leader and their crew. I just want to know if the information on the card is the same on the warband page on the underwords website or do they have more info on the card? Bit of a lore nerd so want as much info as possible about each warband. If the cards do hold more info, is there a collection of the cards online somewhere? Thanks for any help.
  10. Introduction One of the things I really like about the latest Warhammer 40,000 releases for 'The Gathering Storm' is the idea of a Triumvirate. This was a word I had not heard before and as well as sounding very cool I also liked the meaning behind it: I have also recently been thinking about backstory writing for my Age of Sigmar mixed Order army, and as I recently finished my third centre-piece model for the army (A Freeguild General on Griffon), it seemed the perfect chance to add my own "Triumvirate" into my army. The Roots of the Story: When Age of Sigmar first came out, I put together a backstory for my army called 'Siegfried's Desperados'. I had a blog on Dakkadakka which was quite popular at the time, perhaps because it was one of the safe havens away from the heat the game was getting from some disgruntled veterans (especially on Dakkadakka). You can check out the thread here if you are interested: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/663727.page To summerise, the initial background I created for my army was that they were a mercenary outfit (called the 'Desperados') operating out of Azyrheim. I wanted to add a bit more grey and a bit more low fantasy into the backstory (as it was something Age of Sigmar didn't really have at the time), so I came up with some hooks and ideas of the dark side of aelven society in Azyrheim (lots of intrigue and assassinations among the nobles), the ideas of slums in the city, and that a mercenary outfit might employ a necromancer in their ranks. This was also an excuse to add in Aelves, Duardin and even Death into my army which was all a lot of fun to play with before the General's Handbook came out. But since the General's Handbook came out the narrative and story behind my army has taken the backseat. I have been focusing a lot more on Matched play and my narrative outlet has been with Hinterlands. As the recently finished Freeguild General on Griffon was meant to be Siegfried Stormhart once more, I thought it would be fun to update the story of the Desperados, and so the Triumvirate was born. The Triumvirate of Mistmire; Master Geppetto, Siegfried Stormhart and the alchemist, Massym Al-Izzar Creating a Triumvirate: I want to throw out the question to all of you, what cool Triumvirates could you add into your collection? All you would need are the following: 1. 3 Cool Models 2. A Cool Story that connects them For me, I had my 3 Centrepieces. The Griffon, the Steamtank and the Hurricanum. I wanted them to have some sort of purpose other than being in an army together, so I decided to bring back the old Necromancer I used to run in the Desperados pre-GHB. He goes by the name 'Cornacaprious'. I decided that he has since betrayed the Desperados, and has resurrected an ancient vampire (with the title of the "Blood Queen"). This gives me a reason to finally paint my Neferata model and also gives the triumvirate a goal to accomplish (they of course seek to kill both the Necromancer and the Blood Queen). So with the scene set, I put together a 4 pages as if they were from a campaign book and detailed my Triumvirate of Mistmire. I would love to hear what you think, but more importantly I hope this inspires you all to go off and create a Triumvirate for one of your armies too. My Triumvirate:
  11. Beneath a sky resembling an oil spill, the footfall of the Lunar Nomads rang out against a cobbled road. Their gold and crimson armour would have at one point been illuminated with the moonlight refraction, however after two and a half decades of carving their way through the land of the forsaken, it had lost it's previous lustre. When they had first arrived in these lands under a flurry of holy lightning, they had been freshly forged and brimming with anticipation for service of their Lord. The years in servitude had dulled not only their armour but also their zeal as fresh faced green soldiers were turned into gnarled and bitter veterans, under the pressures of this hostile land. At the head of the march was Carthan Kelvar, the Lord Celestant of the Lunar Nomads. Carthan was a pragmatic man who lead through example rather than hollow words. In battle he was the foremost in the ranks and while resting he always took first watch, never to be seen asking anything of his company that he wouldn't first put himself through. After so long from holy Azyr this was the figure head that drove the Lunar Nomads. Their mission had been to forge ahead of Sigmars forces and claim a realmgate deep in a Shyish citadel. At first the mission had seemed straight forward as they found minimal resistance between them and their prize. It was only upon activating the portal gates that they had discovered it's true nature. Purple lightning had erupted from the twin pillars and the entire company had been swallowed up with a feeling resembling being drowned in hot had before being thrust out the other side in a twisted shadow realm. Where Shyish had been a crumbling husk of its former glory, here ethereal towers loomed and the air tasted metallic. The portal had crumbled to dust behind them scattering to the winds as piercing screeches echoed through the shadow citadel halls. Many of their number had fallen in that first attack. Banshees had assailed them from above, drifting from the great stone rafters and descending upon startled prey. Great azure lightning burst from each warrior struck down by the ghostly fiends as Sigmar reclaimed his tortured souls. Carthan hastily organised his warriors into a retreating shield wall, with liberators and judicators in alternating lines. As crackles of lightning arrows pierced the apparitions, the judicators flowed backwards through the ranks and the liberators forced back their adversaries with shield and hammer. Holy sigmarite weapons smashed banshees out of existence as the company retreated out of the citadel. The bitter sting of a crushing defeat at the hands of such a trap and the loss of so many companions had shattered the companies morale but it was nothing compared to the realisation that they had been cut off from Azyr. No reinforcements arrived and try as they might they could not make contact with the God King. They had been cursed.
  12. Acolytes of the Withered Word The Fecund Hordes of the Ashen Wastes The Skaven Clans, and most particularly the teeming hordes of Clan Pestilens, are infamous for their Gnawholes, unstable tunnel-gates that run between the realms chiselled into being by the twisted claws and sorcery of the rat-men and guided by their insidious Verminlords. They can be seen dotting the realms, particularly great sites of battle during the Realmgate War, leaving warping and twisted effects upon the nearby landscape. However despite their repeated attempts to achieve such, the clans have yet to successfully penetrate the dark and mysterious realm of Ulgu, the infamous realm of shadow. The Roiling Basin Deep within the twisting ash-storms of Aspiria in the fiery realm of Aqshy lies the realmgate known as the Shadowhame. One of the few stable realmgates that runs to the realm of Ulgu, it sits deep in the centre of a shattered volcano in what appears to be ancient azyrite ruins. The crater, known as the Roiling Basin due to the ash storms that whip around it’s interior walls as they blow in from the eastern plains before churning out over the western seas, has been settled by an enormous contingent of Skaven Great Clans hailing directly from the Blight City itself. Towering and haphazard Skaven constructions are piled atop ancient Azyrite heritage sites as the industrious Skaven claw the skies with their fell machinery, their destructive and corrupting presence going so far as to warp the nearby landscape and even the weather. Wealthier members of the clans have their residences and bases of operations in the high towers, with Skryre and Pestilens holding dominion over their respective supporters from on high. Moulder Clan members prefer to practise their disgusting bio-science in the depths of the crater and Clan Eshin’s base naturally remains a mystery as to its location. The lowest members of the system such as Skavenslaves and lowly Clanrats eek out an existence in the Depths, killing one another for scraps that fall from above and mysteriously disappearing into the Moulder surgery-labs. The Shadowhame realmgate itself lies in the Pestilent Knave known as the Prior Vermalanx, deep in the structure and well-guarded by acolytes and the Plague Guard. The Church of Contagion Skaven city-warrens are usually inhabited by clans belonging to a single Great Clan or an uneasy alliance of multiple clans present for their own interests. While the Roiling Basin is inhabited by representatives of all the Great Clans, Clan Pestilens is currently ascendant amongst the group due to the overwhelming ranks they currently count in their faithful throng. No mere no-name virulent procession, Clan Morbidus of the Pestilens are an ancient and wealthy clan that proudly boast of heritage that dates back to the World-That-Was. Faithful to their god and mindless in their devotion to his ascension, Morbidus offers it’s prayers up to the Verminlord known as Vermalanx, a legend among the pestilent clans who lead the Pestilens Clans during the Realmgate Wars and dared to scheme against the Glott Brothers and Nurgle himself, all while seeming to aid them in their goals. Allegedly defeated by the Stormcast Eternals at Rotwater Swill, Vermalanx has since arisen once more by the Corruptor’s claw to lead his most faithful of children. Bearing twin Plaguereapers forged from raw warpstone dipped in the filth of the Horned One itself, plague monks gladly throw themselves to a gory death at the orders of the dark servant of The Great Witherer itself. The dominance of Morbidus has forced the other Great Clans to toe the line against them feebly for now, with them offering up gifts of arcane ingenuity, shadow operatives and hordes of lowly rats to break against the ranks of the enemy before the Plague Monks destroy all opposition. Ruler of the Rat-Race Ruling over the Church of Contagion and by extension the Roiling Basin itself, Archdeacon Skirik Vileclaw presides over his “beloved” flock with sharp claws and a tendency to hurl those who oppose him from the high points down into the Depths. Quite unlike most rulers of his race, Skirik has little in the way of cunning or subtlety. Prone to fits of deranged madness due to the fever in his brain and the poison in his veins, Skirik’s temperament veers wildly between the faithful servant of the Great Corruptor and behaving like a rabid animal. Riding an enormous Plague Furnace into battle known as the Altar of the Redmaw, named for the Great Plague Skirik so famously brought back to the faithful long decades ago. His lifetime long enhanced by the righteous fury in his body and the ministrations of the absolute pinnacle of Skryre and Moulder sciences, Skirik has plagued Aqshy for as long as many in Aspiria can recall. The Shadowhame Gate The focal point of the entire settlement, deep within the Pestilent Knave lies the Shadowhame Gate. One of only a mere handful of stable gateways to Ulgu, and one of the scant few held by the forces of Chaos, this gateway represents an incredible potential advantage to the chaos forces as Malerion and Morathi’s machinations are kept secret beyond the twisting fold of the realm they rule over. Forces from the Roiling Basin have established a foothold on the other side of the gate, a continuous supply of troops marching through to man the defences and fortify the location further. Known as the Rotted Claw warren, Malerion has been forced to drop his façade of bored contempt for the Skaven to actively destroy the gateaway, knowing that while he faces Plague Monks and baying Clanrats today, tomorrow it could well be the Varangard riding through the mists. Schemes Within Schemes With Malerion and Morathi throwing their forces into the fortification of the Rotted Claw bastion and increasing aggression from the resurgent forces of Order in Aqshy, the Roiling Basin’s constant threat may yet be dealt with by the allied forces of Order. However, while the fighting forces of the rats hold back their aggressors Clan Skryre has begun a grand undertaking in the Warpstorm Tower, the only tower to rise higher than the Prior Vermalanx (a fact that Skirik has hurled many a warlock engineer to their doom over when reminded), with their research into the construction of a stable Gnawhole built using the arcane secrets gleaned from the Shadowhame Gate that will lead directly to the Blight City, enabling an enormous horde of Skaven without number to storm through. The completion of this gate will see all of Aspiria brought to it’s knees by the Skaven, and Ulgu flooded with resurgent forces to bring an end to the God of Shadow’s dominion.
  13. As the Kastellan drew closer his witch sight began to make out the arcane warding that pervaded the place, and had sealed the ancient tomb shut. There was the symbol of rest. There the glyph of containment. Nine runes of binding glowed faintly around the dais that the tomb rested upon. Senechal Konstantine reached out to the traces of magic, seeking to discover their creator. The weaving of magic was subtle, but had an unmistakable flair. Their author was not a humble spell weaver, no there was power there. There was confidence, pride. The vampire drew his conscious back with a start. Neferata, Queen of Lies and Mortarch of Blood. Whatever lay at rest in this box, the Tyrant of Nulahmia herself had sealed away. The Kastellan proceeded up the onyx steps of the dais with caution, his muscles taunt in expectation. Finally he stood over the Iron-Bound coffin. What could have been so terrible that Neferata herself had seen fit to seal it away? Why would Arkhan want it released? Konstitine shook his head, it did not matter. Arkhan had commanded Konstintine would obey. The Kastellan gathered himself, and set to work unbinding the myriad spells. The vampire's brow furrowed, he felt his mind strain to the breaking point at the extreme difficulty in unweaving such a masterful tapestry of magic. Finally he could take no more, Konstintine stumbled and caught himself on the edge of the tomb. A chill jolted up his arm, Konstintine tried to recoil and found himself stuck in place. The air in the crypt began to move, slowly at first but soon whipped into a fierce gale. The howling wind sounded like the screams of damned souls. The seals Konstintine had been working so hard to dispel flared in strain and the tomb beneath him began to shudder. The Vampire pulled back with all of his unnatural might in a desperate attempt to free himself from whatever trap he had fallen into but he could not. Pain erupted up his arm as a shock of black lightning ripped up his trapped limb, burning the flesh away. Beneath Konstintine the tomb exploded in a blast of magical energy, flinging the wounded vampire across across the barrow. The Kastellan crashed against the rough stone wall with a groan, weakly raising his head to gaze upon the terror he had unleashed. Gazing down back at him, framed in the unnatural glow of wraith fire was a towing wight clad in tarnished baroque maroon and gold plate armor emblazoned with the symbols of death. Upon the wight's skull sat a massive horned helm with a bristling red plume. I am Krell. Lord of Undeath and Mortarch of Despair. The skull of this Krell did not move yet his commanding voice echoed throughout the barrow mound, originating from nowhere and seemingly sounding from every corner of existence. Konstintine scrambled to his feet, and simply stood, mouth agape at the thing in front of him. Krell. He had never heard of any Krell. Then again, he had never paid much attention at all to the hundreds of thousands of deathrattle empires that the wight kings rule over. And yet this Krell had named himself a Mortarch, no mere petty potentate, an equal to Konstintine's master, and to his jailer Queen Neferata herself. Such a thing seemed impossible. That this Krell could be amongst the vaunted Deathlords and for a right hand of Arkhan the most foremost of their number to know nothing of him... It made no sense. Finally sense returned to the bewildered vampire. Konstintine was wounded, exhausted and in no shape to duel with this Krell who may or may have been a mortarch, but whose aura of immense power was palpable in the air. With this in mind, the vampire knelt in the dirt before the massive skeleton. “Hail Krell,” he addressed the wight “Allow me to introduce myself, your lordship. I am Konstintine of House Tervyrn, Kastellan of the Knightly Order of the Blood Wolf. I am here on the orders of his holiness Arkhan, the Mortarch of the Sacrament.” I care little for you name. What is your purpose in releasing me? Speak. “I am afraid I do not know, your lordship. I know only that my master asked me to.” Take me to him, leech. “Pardon me?” Konstintine responded in surprise. Temporarily losing his veneer of polite obedience he stood definitely and sneered “One does not simply demand an audience with my master, wight.” The Kastellan realized his mistake immediately. The wind in the chamber began to howl again, wraith light blazed in Krell's eyes, black lightning cracked through the air blasting holes into the stone. The wight lifted a massive black bladed ax in one hand and began to walk towards Konstintine at a deathly slow pace. I am Krell the Lord of Undeath, and Mortarch of despair. I will be obeyed. Take me to Arkhan or I will destroy you and seek him out myself. “My apologies, your lordship. Please allow me to redeem myself.” Konstintine fell back to his knees “I can lead you to my master, your lordship. Please.” Krell's pace never faltered, the heavy clank of his antique plate heralded each deliberate step. “Your lordship, I swear to you, I will take you to Arkhan directly. Only I know of his location with any certainty, I beseech you, listen to me.” Krell continued his march all the way past the trembling Vampire and into the tunnel leading into the starless night. Come, miserable leech, lead me to Arkhan the Black. Konstintine sucked his teeth. Hate burned through every fiber of his being. Krell was too strong for him to duel outright, but perhaps he could lead the wight into ruin. Thus he is most the master when playing the slave. Yes. This is what he was doing. And it was a brave thing, surely, to plot and attempt the betrayal of such a mighty being. Yes. He was brave, and he was in control of the situation.
  14. Hi all, so I am all up to speed with soul wars lore and I read all the malign portent short stories, however I am aware there was a narrative that went along with the campaign results/and conclusion and was wondering if someone could summarise?
  15. Know if any Wanderer info, Please post it hear, along with any sources, I'm looking to read up on em, even if its just a mention. With them getting allegiance abilities I might want to dive into them, any info/points of discussion is highly appreciated. I'm also curious very curious about their lore, If you know any books that mention them, or any random tibits please post =D, are waystones still a thing? and if so what do they do and what was their purpose in the old world as well?
  16. So has anyone come across any mentions of named personalities from the Age of Myth that are not the current pantheon of gods? I know some beasts are mentioned and Sigmar occasionally defeats some foe that can occasionally be named, but are there any you think are worth mentioning? I'm finalising the scenarios for a campaign that is a struggle for the soul of just such an ancient being. Anyone have any idea who or what would be a good candidate for the object of a quest for an ancient tomb?
  17. As above, shouldn't the immortal demigods have a large pool of bravery?
  18. Hullo TGA, I am a long time 40k gamer and recent AoS convert and I am noticing some lore bias on my part. The army I'm building is a destruction soup of Greenskin, Moonclan, and Spiderfang. When thinking on my Warboss' backstory it dawned on me that I was filling in gaps in the AoS orruk lore with 40k ork lore. In particular 40k orks are asexual, genetically engineered,fungoid creatures. I mean 40k Orks are almost as two dimensional as Nids. AoS orruks don't seem to be. They might be but I can't seem to find any connection. I think this frees me up to create more relatable characters. The open lore for orruks potentially allows my warboss to have a wife and children and or a home, and thus care about more than just a good fight. Was my initial conflation between the two lores understandable? Does the openness (or lack of) certain AoS lore lend for better narrative? And am I in the minority when I say certain factions seem really boring due to a limited depth.
  19. I feel like this is question that has been answered in both ways at least 6 different times. I recall a white dwarf including them as an Aelf faction and in brightest memory Josh Reynolds saying they're not Aelves. Which is it? Is there a definitive answer?
  20. Right I put this information up on dakka and the total war forums I shall put it up here. People are free to add to the thread after christmas planning on finishing my everchosen, fyreslayer and bonespillterz post. Yes this took me bloody ages when I first did it on the total war forums but I enjoyed it and shockingly people enjoyed it on the total war forums got some people to even rethink AOS and see that the lore is actually not bad at all. I decided to do this because not everyone has the battletome and the battletomes have a wellspring of lore on the factions hell the stuff I post is barely scratching the stories in there. It's just enough for where people can get an idea about the faction and what they are doing, plus if you want to know the rest you can grab the tome. My favorite lore flesh eater courts. Second favorite and may have huge implications in the lore Skaven Clan pestelins Sylvaneth Beastclaw raiders (Mork has huge involvement with their creation than Gork) Mistweaver and the Realms Ulgu and Hysh opening and What the slaaneshi lords are doing DA BONESPLITTERZ FOR GORKAMORKA wait? Iz it Gork or Mork? hmmm Decided to put Josh Reynolds stuff up as well since I feel it's relevant and Death is lacking in terms of fluff. Josh's insight into Nagash worshipers, mortarch's (Why he keeps mannfred around and the purpose of each), insight into how the people of shyish views vampires Fyreslayers For Grimnir!(Another personal favourite in my opinion) Pantheon Short story overview Everchosen! ] City of secrets overview (I am not going to detail the whole story I will more or less try and put down how people live in the city, what it is like etc and what I liked about it sooo spoilers of course) ] Tzeentch! Just as planned...... ] General Summary of the Age of sigmar setting from the end of end times up to this point. By Lord Kragen(With his permission I could add his post to this thread) ] Warhammer Quest Hammerhal lore ] Who are the mortarchs and why he bought them back, along with reincarnation (Disclaimer Josh Reynold's opinion GW could change this) ] Priffa Dreng! Kharadron Overlords post
  21. Nagash - his story, lore & background. From mortal man to God of Death in the Mortal Realms. In only 20 minutes. A new lore show in AoS Shorts style with the massive help of our local Mortarch, Tronhammer. Nagash is a pillar of Warhammer – so we could easily have hours of in-depth coverage – but I’m going to stick to AoS Shorts form and try to distill the story into a show around 20 minutes long. The first half of the show is background, it tells the origin of Nagash from the world-that-was through to the End Times. Given it is ancient history for those living in the Mortal Realms, this part is told as a saga. The second half of the show is more descriptive and lets you know the main Nagash story from the Age of Myth through to Malign Portents and the Time of Tribulations. It was certainly a challenge trying to capture the essence of the story and decide what was in and what was out. Let me know if we succeeded & if you'd like to hear more lore in this format. Also, I'd love to know if there are extra community resources I should add to the further reading section at the end. https://aosshorts.com/nagash/
  22. Nagash - his story, lore & background. From mortal man to God of Death in the Mortal Realms. In only 20 minutes. A new lore show in AoS Shorts style with the massive help of our local Mortarch, Tronhammer. Let me know if we succeeded & if you'd like to hear more lore in this format. Also, tell me if there are extra community resources I should add to the further reading https://aosshorts.com/nagash/
  23. When a mortal goes through being stormforged (I think that is the right name for it). How much of the person actually remains? First off it's known that as the person goes through multiple "rebirths" their personality is lost over time but what about physical traits obtained through their mortal life?
  24. I was reading through the DoT battletome, and came across this guy: Is it me or is this the ULTIMATE daemon prince? So I incorporated some of his backstory into mine... Essentially the fluff about him is the preamble to the Children of Xenthos. After thousand of years of having El'an'zeth standing guard over Uzalith, t he great library-city was eventually attacked by the Thunder-Wrought, a Stormhost of Azyr. By then, almost all of Uzalith had felt the power and strength of 'The Architect', as Tzeentch is known. After a whole year of brutal guerrilla combat through the pristine streets of Uzalith, the citizens fled to a final stronghold: The Hex Citadel. It was at the gates of this iron fortress that El'an'zeth fought Emmanuel Witchbane, a Lord-Veritant of incredible might and expertise. Every spell flung by El'an'zeth was deflected by Emmanuel, and every stab and slash directed at El'an'zeth was parried with similar skill. After an hour of non-stop combat, El'an'zeth was beaten, and his body was paraded through the streets of Uzalith in celebration. The city was in turn burnt to the ground, and what few citizens survived lived in fear and terror. Yet, from the broken body of El'an'zeth, the change-cycle continued. From the ashes of Uzalith came Xenthos, a daemon sorcerer like no other. Claiming to be a reincarnation of El'an'zeth's spirit, and known to be a prophet of his return, Xenthos brought society and prosperity back to the remains of Uzalith, teaching its people the secrets of wyrdflame and sorcery and taught them the Enlightened Path: the true way of The Architect. Reborn in vengeance and magistry, Uzalith and her people marched to war, seeking the Thunder-Wrought, and, having found them, delivered the worst punishment of all. Death was to good for them; they would simply be reforged in Azyr. No, the punishment for the Thunder-Wrought was simple in its genius. Xenthos, casting a mighty spell, and aided by ninety-nine other wizards, turned the stormhost into the servants of one thing they had sought to destroy. The Thunder-Wrought were forever bound to protect Uzalith, and, exposed to the sheer change-magic that dwelt in the library-city, slowly warped into the first Chaos Stormhost: that of Tzeentch... Thanks again guys, hoped you enjoyed it, and thanks for looking!
  25. So, legions of Nagash...
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