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  1. I am really excited about the new edition. I also finally have enough models for a Tzeentch force, so I am really looking forward to playing my first game with Desciples of Tzeentch (and Tzeentch-marked Slaves of Darkness). In the same time, I am painting Lord of Change, and I’m really enjoying the colour scheme. It will be one of my centrrpiece models, so I really want to spend some extra time and make it special.
  2. True, but it still does not prevent wizards from accessing additional spells - it is there to stop characters from receiving subfaction artifacts and traits, because they must be given to your heroes before anything else.
  3. There's nothing preventing Kairos from taking additional spells at the moment. The rules (section 27.3.1) does state that "Enhancements cannot be given to Unique units or allied units, unless noted othwerwise", and when spell lores are described it is clearly stated that every wizard gets to choose a spell - and there's even sidebar stating the same, with the word every being underlined:
  4. In that example, I would say that it works like you described - despite the other player's unit fighting first, the abilities are resolved starting with the player whose turn it is.
  5. You should be still able to use the ability under the new rules. In this particular case, this will cause simultaneus triggered effects (sections 1.6.2 and 1.6.4 in the core rules). Which means that first your opponent will have to chose one of his effects if he rolls 6s to hit, and then you will have to choose one of your effects that trigger on other player gettng 6s to hit. Here is the quote from the section 1.6.2: "if the effects of two or more abilities would be applied at the same time in a turn, the player whose turn is taking place applies the effects of their abilities first, one a
  6. This is fantastic! I am a Sylvaneth player myself, and your Allarielle is beautiful! However, your Nighthaunt paintjob (especially the one on the Black Coach) is among the best I've ever seen! Absolutely stunning work!
  7. I am trying to slowly return to more regular painting schedule, and I have a new army as well! Here's the colour scheme that I've been trying out today (guess which Army I'm going to play):
  8. I like the changes so far - especially for the Wyldwoods. The Warsong Revenant looks interesting so I'll definitely try him as soon as I get the model.
  9. If only Everblight models looked like this! I still have nightmares because of those metal Nyss swordsmen
  10. And here it is - Warsong Revenant!
  11. I started building my Tzeentch army recently and this is one of the pictures that serves as a great inspiration for me (in general, I absolutely love Adrian Smith and Karl Kopinski): I really like the idea of playing Tzeentch army with a lot of Chaos Warriors, Knights, Tzaangors and Skyfires, supported by Wizaards and Greater Daeons (this is probably far from being tournament-level army, but that was never my intention anyway). Cult of the Thousand Eyes from the "Wrath of the Everchosen" book is definitely something that fits in this idea.
  12. Wait, wasn’t he already dead? His remains were taken to Allarie after he was slain in war agains Nurgle. Last pieces of his essence are within the spear she carries. I know that there may be some additional info in “Dark Harvest” - but I haven’t read it. Where is this part about Alarielle flaying Kurnoth - is it from that book?
  13. My opinion may be "the unpopular one", but I truly believe in that people should not try to focus too much on achieving balance and that giving too much attention to balance is very bad for your overall enjoyment in the long run. I do not believe that Warhammer is a game that is designed around the ideaof competitive play. I alwas thought it was a game where people could use beautiful miniatures to tell stories (inspired by novels, movies or whatever). This was something that (at least for me) was true for both old WHFB and AoS. The rules itself were designed in a certain way, which is gr
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