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  1. Painbringer

    Painbringer's Sylvaneth (last update: 08/11/2018)

    Recently, I've decided to add some Wanderer allies to my Sylvaneth force. However, soon after that, I decided to build a small Wanderer army Since I don't have much time to paint recently, I'm mostly focusing on heroes. When it comes to units, I found a small studio that does commisions - and I am very happy with both quality and price. Below, you can see Nomad Prince that was painted by me (keep in mind that I managed to break smaller set of antlers when I was assembling the mini, so I improvised):
  2. Painbringer

    Do You Have a "Pet" Unit/Model?

    Kurnoth hunters with Bows! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  3. Painbringer

    Sylvaneth Wyldwood and LoS blocking (AoS 2.0)

    I've just checked the FAQ - this is a really BIG change!
  4. Painbringer

    The Painting Contract - July 2018

    I've finished my Branchwraith. Dryads are next.
  5. Painbringer

    Painbringer's Sylvaneth (last update: 08/11/2018)

    I have finished my Branchwraith today (it is actually a converted Branchwych - I used Dryad arms):
  6. Painbringer

    Sylvaneth Wyldwood and LoS blocking (AoS 2.0)

    I've sent this question by email to the Rules Team. We'll see what happens next.
  7. Painbringer

    Sylvaneth Wyldwood and LoS blocking (AoS 2.0)

    Actually, those D3 wounds are not triggered automatically - you have to "activate" the Wyldwood first by casting a spell nearby and then rolling 5+ (or using some other ability that triggers "Roused by Magic"). When you say "Any other move you make near the Wyldwood you roll a dice for the Citadel Wood warscroll", I'm not really sure what you are referring to. For Wyldwood, you do not roll Scenery abilities (that's explicitly stated on the Wyldwood warscroll), so I don't know why would you roll for Citadel Wood warscroll. The only ability that Wyldwood "inherits" from Citadel Wood is LoS blocking - and that's why I opened this thread
  8. General's Handbook 2018 uses updated warscroll for Citadel Wood, that has the ability: "Models are not visible to each other if an imaginary straight line 1mm wide drawn between the closest points of the two models crosses over more than 1"of the base of a Citadel Wood. This scenery rule does not apply if either model can fly." However, Sylvaneth Wyldwood warscroll says: "A Sylvaneth Wyldwood is a terrain feature consisting of up to three Citadel Woods placed within 1" of each other". So, does this mean that Wyldwood also can block Line of sight? If I follow rules as written, I would say yes - but I'm not sure.
  9. Painbringer

    The Painting Contract - July 2018

    My Pledge for July: Branchwraith Finish 3 more Dryads Finish 5 more Bloodletters Continue work on Skarbrand (this is kind of a stretch goal)
  10. Painbringer

    Painbringer's Sylvaneth (last update: 08/11/2018)

    And here's my Treelord Ancient and Branchwych (I have two, they are painted exactly the same). For TLA, I still need to finish the base.
  11. Painbringer

    Painbringer's Sylvaneth (last update: 08/11/2018)

    Here are some close-ups of my Dryads and Tree-Revenants. Also, I have purchased third Branchwych, but decided to convert it a bit (by simply adding Dryad arms), so I can use it as a Branchwraith (as I don't like the regular Branchwraith model).
  12. Painbringer

    The Painting Contract - June 2018

    I have managed to finish my unit of Tree-Revenants yesterday. Did not manage to do anything else, however.
  13. Painbringer

    Painbringer's Sylvaneth (last update: 08/11/2018)

    Hey guys, thanks - glad you like my army! But, there's more - so here's some more Kurnoth Hunters:
  14. Fantastic! I really like bases and the war paint. That herdstone/objective marker is also sweet
  15. Painbringer

    The Darkwood Court

    This is a fantastic thread! Concept is great and you have really put a lot of effort into this. Keep up the good work!