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  1. Two questions. Temple Nest: it says each time the result is a one in a dice roll the attacker gets Mortal Wounds after all attacks are finished. The wording makes it sound that you also count 1's before rerolls or am I wrong? Morathi Khaine: when she gets wounded I then roll my armor save. Do I have an after save now? Or does it go straight to Shadow queen without her being able to negate any wound?
  2. I don't get why it's Slaneeshii's turn again... Considering release order and balance there are others in need first. Nevertheless, I like the new Bow Riders, they look awesome.
  3. Had my first match vs LRL today with Morathi update. I am disappointed. Even tho I played a fairly new player his units are on another level. The only positive thing is Stalkers and Morathi. New Blood Sisters are horrible bad for an elite unit. They swapped out Stalkers for Tax units. The new Crystal touch is just bad. 10 Sisters with Morathi nearby for one extra attack didn't even manage to take out a unit of 10 wardens and got killed in return... The reliance on extra attacks just doesn't feel right. Especially the command point hungry playstyle we now have isn't helping in an army that has difficulties gaining these. Not to mention total eclipse from LRL... Let's see what a new Tome, if we get one brings, but if things don't change I will place them beside my Sylvaneth. Or I just keep playing old witches spam. Just Glass left in our glass canon army. Canons got stolen...
  4. Having two isn't a bad idea. I need a third to build as Bloodwrack Shrine for the new battalion.
  5. All they needed to do was a rule that let's us not modify the amount of crystal touches a unit can make... Instead they utterly destroyed it. What is the issue to write something like "the amount of attacks this unit can make with their crystal touch can never be more than written in the warscroll characteristics" Crystal touch was one of the rare tools of DoK to deal with high armor saves... Now we basically just have Morathi left for this
  6. Eh? Idoneth and variety?! All I see is eels. Can't remember when I last saw thrall list with Bows and stuff
  7. +1 I second this. There is so far no other Character as interesting and dynamic as Morathi. Only Nagash is another one I consider interesting. Sigmar and the rest is bland. Even my second favorite, Allariell, doesn't have much going.
  8. New allegiance ability... Hmm... Do you think our Fanatical Table will be changed or removed?
  9. I don't know about a discord, but there is a WhatsApp group. The link is somewhere a few pages back. I don't know if it is anywhere else.
  10. Mounts would theoretical be eligible to pick mount traits.
  11. No, not really an issue. The weapons are the main indicators.
  12. @Tropical Ghost General I feel the change regarding terrain rules. We don't benefit from Mystical anymore. Last night I had a game playing in Hysh where everything was Mystical in addition. It goes two ways, you are free to ignore mystical now but you suddenly fight rats with lots of aftersafes
  13. Lifetakers only need 2" range to be viable. Stalkers need an extra shot. Besides the warscroll changes and temples I really wish for a new non hero unit. I wanna have a beast tamer unit that sends some bloody scary shadow beats into enemy lines!
  14. I don't play the army. But avoid anything with Mortal Wounds output.
  15. The new Wyldwood won't be a place of power. Only the one you pick before starting the game is a place of power (or other certain terrain piece)
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