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Found 34 results

  1. Two years ago, I started collecting Sylvaneth and Blades of Khorne for AoS. Despite the fact that I play miniature games for more than 10 years, Sylvaneth are my first fully painted army (unlike some of my Warmachine stuff that has been sitting half-painted for years) - there's just a handful of models left to finish. I really like the look of the models and I had a lot of fun painting this army. During the next few weeks, I will post the pictures of my painted Sylvaneth models, as well as some of the stuff that I'm currently painting. So, let's kick this off with my Sylvaneth Wildwood:
  2. I gave classic Archaon a new base so he can ride again!
  3. Hi all, Finally I can field my Everchosen at a somewhat decent level. So far the list is: Slaves to Darkness: 2000 points Legion: Host of the Everchosen Varanguard Circle: Sixth Circle Leaders: Archaon = 800 points /w Mask of Darkness & Aura of Slaanesh Battlelines: Varanguard x3 /w 1x Fellspear, 2x Ensorcelled Weapon & Mark of Slaanesh Varanguard x3 /w 1x Fellspear, 2x Ensorcelled Weapon & Mark of Slaanesh Varanguard x3 /w 3x Fellspear & Mark of Slaanesh Warscroll Battallions: Overlords of Chaos Current Total: 1820 Now, I need help with what to do with the spare 180. Another hero? Maybe a sorcerer or some beast running around picking off stragglers? Thanks for your help!
  4. Hi all, 1) Can Archaon's command ability trigger the command abilities present in the General's Handbook 2019? 2) If I have three Gaunt Summoners, can they each use Book of Profane Secrets to bring in more units, or is it ruled that it can only be used once regardless of how many Gaunt Summoners have the ability. 3) What weapons are best for the Varanguard? I am aiming to kit them with 1 felspear and 2 ensorcelled weapons per 3. 4) Which units are considered "best" to summon via the Baleful Realmgate? 5) Is there a limit to how many Baleful Realmgate's I can bring to a game? Regards, Jack
  5. Hey all wretched disciples of the dark gods, I got my grubby little hands on Archaon and some Varanguard NiB real cheap, could not resist. So, now I would like to build myself a nice little army around them. The Everchosen faction does not really appeal to me, it's way too limited in scope. Instead I am thinking a mainly Slaves to Darkness-based warhost with Archaon as general, Chaos allegiance so everything goes really. Looking for advice and suggestions since I am rather new to them. Help a new recuit out, will you? ?
  6. Hey all, Just wondering what your guys'/ gals' opinions are on the Warscroll Battalion: Overlord of Chaos for the Everchosen? Is it worth taking the Battalion or should I just throw in another Gaunt Summoner (making 2 in my list) for some additional summoning (Since I'm hoping to get use out of Baleful Realmgates) and throwing in some endless spells and/ or maybe a command point or two? Thanks in advance for any help!
  7. Hi all, First off, this list isn't supposed to be competitive, I just like all the models and love running 'elite armies' (I run Custodes in 40K). Anyway, in the previous edition my list was something like this: - Archaon [General] - 3 units of Varanguard - and for allies 2 units of Tzaangor Skyfires I can no longer do this now, since Skyfires are 220 points for 3 and there's another limit on allies as well, but you probably know that anyway. So the list I have now is a simple: Everchosen 2000 points (Actual 1900) Leaders - Archaon [General] = 660 points - Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch = 180 points Battlelines - Varanguard [3] = 280 points - Varanguard [3] = 280 points - Varanguard [3] = 280 points Warscroll Battalions - Overlords of Chaos = 220 points Total - 1900 points It's a pretty generic one, but that's what I've gone for. I'm assuming I either do some Endless Spells stuff with the remaining points or filter it into Command Points (Not sure how they work yet as I need to pick up my books). What do you guys think, shall I drop the battalion for some allies etc.? Thanks for any help in advance
  8. The last tournament I played in was 17 years ago. I was excited to come to Adepticon as it was only an hour from our home in Milwaukee. I painted Archaon last September on my week break from summer class to fall semester. He was played a few times, but shelved because it just wasn't good. A month ago an idea struck me and I began to speed paint the 80 reavers with Adepticon in mind. Here is the list I took: Here are some pictures of the army How the army works: The key mechanic of this army is the promotion mechanic. If a hero in the battalion dies, a single model gets promoted to be a hero! That model now functions as its own unit. This has five benefits: The first is blood tithe. Since it is a unit, it can die, and more blood can flow. When it dies, a new hero is promoted! You can always have the blood tithe you need this way. This is coupled with the lord of khorne on juggernaut's artefact, the blade of endless bloodshed, which gives you blood tithe if he kills a model, which is very easy to do even on the juggerlord's stats. (He is usually off on his own, away from attack buffs, but can usually kill one or two chaff models) The second is roadblocking. The new hero is its own unit and can move away from the others! I put the heroes in the way of the enemy, so that they have to spend time moving around the hero, or charging the hero. It is like having a unit of chaff (albeit not ten bodies long, but still in the way) The third is maneuverability: Since you get to choose the model that is promoted, you have a lot of tactical freedom of where to put that model. You can put the model on an objective that you otherwise wouldn't be able to get! The fourth is survivability: When the bloodreavers get wiped, if you had promoted one of them, that model will still be alive. This can kind of be thought of as keeping the unit alive an extra turn. The fifth is splitting attacks: If you have some of these tiny heroes in combat, your opponent must deal with them. They must split attacks wisely. These are the things we will try to leverage when playing the bloodmarked warband at adepticon. Game 1: Starstrike My opponent was a man named Will from Denver. He was a serious player who played quickly and precisely and with strategic intent. Here are some pictures of his army. His list was Chaos Dwarves with a Gaunt Summoner. He had three units of ten rifelmen, one unit of 20 infantry, one unit of 30 infantry, two magma cannons, and two of the other shooting machine train things. Then there were two demonsmiths and two standard bearers. I gave him the first turn. He moved up just a bit, took some shots with some magic and did a few wounds to a hero. I moved up to play for the double and then got the double. The reavers on the right side went into his infantry, archaon charged up a side of the pyramid (leaving the objective behind, it was only worth one point at the time, so no worries) to charge some shooters. Archaon killed them all, and puked on the demonsmith a few inches away for three mortals (he would puke again later to finish him off). The reavers killed many of the infantry, but they were inspired so it would take another turn. The lord of khorne ran up the middle to poke some other units for blood tithe. My opponent took his turn and shot into the reavers and killed them all. He got the double in response, and I used blood tithe in his hero phase to retreat Archaon onto the objective. The other two stars landed on the other side of the board, his into a unit of ten of his gunmen, mine into a unit of five blood warriors and 40 reavers. Archaon sat on the objective. His base is a bit bigger than six inches so he was able to zone out the enemies completely. Will was going to have to kill archaon to get the objective, and he couldn't do it. 20 wounds was just too many. Archaon deflected another unit of gunmen, and two warmachines. I got the double from 4-5, and he resigned because the math was in my favor. In the middle of the board a few annoying tiny heroes were running around, getting in his way. I was happy with my play with this mechanic. The key from this game was the unbinding. I always had two blood tithe to unbind the gaunt summoner's spell, so he could not wipe out my hordes. I also had the brazen rune to unbind, which I did use. After the game, my opponent asked me why I didn't just unbind the balewind right away. The answer is, if he does the balewind, he cannot move. That's where he will be for the whole match. I want to eliminate considerations and play around a static position. He also informed me that I had been playing incorrectly with the unbind. I thought you had to do it right when they announce the spell, but you can in fact wait until the spell is successfully cast, so he does have that small chance to fail it on his own! The bloodsecrator would be my best piece for the tournament. 80 reavers immune to battleshock is very good. 17/18 Points Scored Slaughterpriest prayer count: 0/8 Slaughterpriest wounds done to self: 2 I forgot to get a picture with my opponent. Game Two: Three Places of Power My opponent was Jacob from Nashville and/or California. He was drunk when he arrived and gave me a hug. I was happy to learn that his wife was also a Montessori teacher! He had a wireless speaker and played music for us. He bought me two beers because the line was too long to come back later. So I was on two IPA by 2pm. This is the way to play Khorne vs khorne. We did some yelling and some blood was spilled. He had 60 bloodletters, a blood thirster, a bloodletter on juggernaut, two units of dogs, ten reavers, some furies, and some slaughterpreists. Also a bloodstoker. Here is the starting position. I gave him the first turn and he moved up. I put archaon on the right side place of power and was ready for his charge. If I got the double, that would be good too, but I thought I could take the bloodletters. He took the turn going into the second round and swung on the grand marshall. Archaon survived with four wounds left and killed 14 bloodletters, then the reavers backing him up killed four more bloodletters. His bloodletters were hampered from getting anymore than ten models into Archaon because of a fence they had to go over and he had kind of blocked them a bit with the dogs. On my turn I had placed wrathmongers ready to assault his bloodthirster and they charged in. The other 40 reavers went to block the left objective. He sent bloodletters that way, but I think he would have been better to send them to the middle. Here is where my battalion abilities took control of the game. I didn't have to send a hero over to the left objective, I could just spawn one if he ever killed one of mine (which was about to happen with archaon going down). On the third turn he said "Oh ******. I'm lost!" realizing that the heroes were coming to get him. We rolled a few more combats and he resigned after securing his secondary objective. I chose the secondary objective to wipe out half his army. This was a good choice as he made it very clear were gonna be smashing into each other and pounding it out. "And then, we're gonna play warhammer." It was a good map for me though, and I had plenty of tactics to take control of the game. I was also lucky to nullify his bloodthirster before it got to the reavers, so maybe he should have sent it somewhere else. I think the tactical options for me with the promotion mechanic really make this an uphill battle for him. I was also lucky to have the eye of sheerian on Archaon be a valuable 4, which surely saved some wounds from going through. Quote of the game: Jacob - "Why do you have ghosts in your Khorne army?" Me - "Dude... Even the dead serve The Everchosen." Jacob - *not breaking eye contact with me* "Andrew, I gotta run up to my hotel room quick, because I just ****** my ****** pants." 18/18 Points Scored Slaughterpriest prayer count: 0/13 Slaughterpriest wounds done to self: 3 Here is my opponent drinking whiskey. Game Three: Take and Hold Archaon had climbed to table ten. I played against Jason from Ann Arbor. I stayed in Ann Arbor for a month one summer in highschool and we spoke about a place called Pinball Pete's, a large arcade in a basement, which sadly, he informed me, has closed. He had a mixed order army and I was loving his literal brettonians. He had two units of grail knights, two units of reavers, five liberators, two phoenixes, a king on hippo, a damsel, a mistweaver, and an enchantress. The phoenixes get better saves when spells are cast nearby, so they are usually on a 2+. They also give -1 to wound which is good. He has a spell to give a 5+ ward save to a noble, so the king was on 2+/5+. I gave him the first turn and he moved up. I saw my chance to charge a pheonix who only had a 3+ save at the moment with Archaon. I was actually ready to get a good position in a difficult map! It's rare to get a turn one swing with Archaon, especially one on one against a hero/monster, also while in range of my bloodsecrator. I made the charge easily. But Archaon died to deadly terrain. My opponent bought me another IPA when the beer cart came around so it was 3 IPA by 5pm (this is what happens when you wear your lakefront brewery uniform to the tournament). I told him I did not mind resigning as my secondary was probably impossible (it was to kill his general), but we decided to play on a bit, which ended up being good as I could practice some of the promotion shenanigans. I easily got my tertiary objective (control your own objective for three turns with a battleline unit). We had plenty of time to kill before he went to watch the Michigan basketball game. I used the promotion mechanic to be annoying around the objectives and sent my juggernaut to try and kill one of the five liberators on his point to maybe hold him to a minor, but his army was simply too fast and was in fact able to get back and he killed the juggernaut with a few shots from range from the reavers and magic from the pegasus and a wound from the grandhammer. Over on my side of the board, he did eventually get all my tiny heroes off of my objective in the fifth battle round, but I was pleased with the army for holding up so long. Having to split attacks between three different tiny heroes and the remaining unit of reavers meant it took two extra combats to get through, costing him one movement phase, which, if Archaon was alive, could be critical. Phoenixes are probably undercosted at 240. Debuffs are very valuable. Quote of the game: His laughter and my face as I picked up his phoenix to pile in for him and the head ripped off. 2/18 Points Scored Slaughterpriest prayer count: 1/18 Slaughterpriest wounds done to self: 5 I was happy with my play so far. I thought I had good threat assessment and played well tactically around my battalion's strengths. But you cannot help it if that roll of a one over deadly terrain haunts your dreams. Game Four: Scorched Earth This scenario was renamed as "plunder and pillage" and the only change that I understood was that the objectives were placed at 9" instead of 12" from your own board edge. I played against James. He had a changehost that was maxed out. He also had a gaunt summoner, 9 skyfires, and a shaman. He was very helpful with running through his spells and kept a good count on his destiny dice and was happy to answer any questions I had. He knew the army very well and understood its strengths. I felt good about my chances but needed some priority rolls to get a good charge on the skyfires. I didn't win any of the priority rolls, and his skyfires were able to run and gun and get the objectives. He sniped the bloodsecrator which allowed him to wipe a unit of reavers with battleshock and the gaunt summoner's spell. If I had a double maybe I can get some chances, but he probably had an advantage even if I was able to take off the skyfires. I need a bit more luck for this matchup. It was difficult to generate blood tithe in this battle, I could not stop that spell from the gaunt summoner, and from there he was in the drivers seat. If I can't shut down that spell, I cannot win against the gaunt summoner, so maybe I should not be afraid to throw forward some heroes to die. He was eating gummy bears which matched the color of his army. Thematic player! He also had pink horrors painted blue and green. 1/18 Points Scored Slaughterpriest prayer count: 2/20 Slaughterpriest wounds done to self: 6 Game Five: Blood and Glory This map you had to control all four objectives to win. I was happy to see that I would be playing Wayne Kemp from Heleenhammer (and Dan was on the table next to us). And he had an army that is a favorite of mine, the skryre. His skaven are all oldschool metal models, which is a project I am working on myself for pestilens. In fact, my friend on the way down had shown me Wayne's army on twitter. It was a gorgeous army and great to see in person and play against. I gave Wayne my best sports vote. He was a pleasure to play against and has a great attitude towards the game and appreciates both the hobby and the gameplay aspects. I got a lot of good charges and used my hero promotion to win the major. At the endgame, I had control of each objective just by using single bloodreaver heroes. Here is a picture of Archaon after killing a verminlord and doomwheel. And here is a picture of archaon running away with one would remaining. "Archaon retreating. The shame of it." - Wayne Quote of the game: After trying to blast the lord on juggernaut with spells and the juggernaut ignoring all of them. "I'm going to have a word with Jervis about that Khorne bloke." 14/18 Points Scored Slaughterpriest prayer count: 3/24 Slaughterpriest wounds done to self: 10 Final Thoughts: What would I change in the army? The only consideration is whether to trade the slaughterpreist for a bloodstoker. I think everything else is perfect and the army did exactly what I wanted. My goal was to win three games, which I did. I had five great opponents. I finished in 72nd place. If I had a display board and a freehand I would have finished 60th. I had five great opponents each with interesting armies and look forward to the next tournament.
  9. Is this battalion "The swords of chaos" aloud for use? I can not find it in the azyr app and the point cost for it. (It is from Iromwrap citadel)
  10. So, despite my initial years-long hesitation to start an army that is one dimensional and very expensive, I ended up buying and being gifted some Everchosen this holiday season. I thought I would start a write up of various battle reports, army configurations, tactics I find useful and not, and eventually photos once the army is painted. So far they are all just primed black but I have played two games and will share the experience. Firstly, I will lay out the models and the three army configurations I have planned. The first revolves around the Overlords of Chaos battalion, which can be quite exciting and plays some psychologial games with your opponent. Essentially it allows Archaon to predict turn order, so I always know who is going next and when and if the double turns will fall. It also allows Archaon to mark an ememy unit for one Varanguard to reroll all hit and wound against. Very interesting battalion. The second list throws in a Warshrine for useful buffs and a nice bubble of protection from mortal wounds, which is helpful for the Varanguard, as well as a small unit of warriors for objective grabbing. The third list puts in Bel'akor instead of the Warshrine+Warriors for a few extra spells, a sweet ability, and some extra fluff. List 1 Archaon the Everchosen, Grand Marshal of the Apocolypse Gaunt Summoner of Tzeench 3 units of Varanguard, one unit with each weapon choice 10 Marauders with hand weapons and shields Overlords of Chaos battalion 2000 pts List 2 Archaon Gaunt Sumoner 3 units of Varanguard 5 Chaos Warriors with hand weapons and shields Chaos Warshrine 1990 pts List 3 Archaon Gaunt Summoner Bel'akor the Daemon Prince 3 units of Varanguard 2000 pts I used list 1 in my first game vs Beastclaw Raiders, without the Marauders as I didn't have them built yet, in the Total Conquest scenerio. My opponent had Frostlord on Stonehorn with Master of Everwinter and an artifact that adds +1 damage to his Frost Spear, a Huskard on Stonehorn, a Butcher ally, Thundertusk Beastriders, and two units of 4 Mournfang with Gargant Hackers. I finished deploying first, placing Archaon and two units of Varanguard (Ensorcelled Weapons and Fell Spears) on my right flank just south of the objective, along with the Gaunt Summoner 3" away from Archaon to take full advantage of the battalion bonus. My other unit of Varanguard with the Daemonforged Blades took up position on my other flank to capture the other objective. My opponent deployed similarly with one unit of Mournfang, his Thundertusk, and his Huskard across the board from Archaon, while his Frostlord and another unit of Mournfang were across from my unit of Deamonforged weapon Varanguard. With Beastclaws you can never be too sure how far they will move, with the potential +3" move from Everwinter and the ability to run and charge Stonehorns, but despite that I made my opponent go first. I was out of range of the Thundertusk so I wasn't too worried. He rolled on the Everwinter table, and like I feared he rolled the +3" move. With his Butcher he cast a Mystic Shield on his Mournfang, and even pulled a +1 to hit out of the Cauldron, which he put on the Mournfang as well. After his Frostlord's command ability went up he moved up his Mournfang on my right to block off a choke point in the terrain while his Huskard followed closely behind. Luckily he was unable to make a charge with the Mournfang, but they were in a very good position, blocking access to his heavy hitters and all buffed up for my charge. The Thundertusk ran up to an objective and grabbed it. His Frostlord and second unit of Mournfang moved up around the centerpiece terrain (a giant mountain we have) and Line of Sighted my Gaunt Summoner and Archaon and positioned themselves for a potential counter-charge. The Butcher ran to grab the other objectibe and just made it with a nice run roll. In the Shooting phase the Huskard sent out his Hawk for Archaon but rolled low so I picked the Gaunt Summoner to suffer the mortal wound, as I had taken the Chaos Talisman, but he didnt save it and lost a wound. End of turn one for my opponent and he scored 2 victory points. My turn one, first thing I did was use the Overlords of Chaos battalion ability and secretly rolled a dice. I rolled a 5 (on a 4,5,6 I go first in the next battle round) and was pleased but tried to keep my best poker face on. My opponent was laughing at the rule and thought it was a really interenting mechanic. Next I used Archaon's Warlord Without Equal command ability, which lets Varanguard reroll charge rolls so it actually has a nice use and a fun mirror to the Frostlord. Then I marked the unit of Mournfang ahead of me with the Overlords of Chaos ability to reroll all failed hit and wounds with my Fell Spears Varanguard, put a Mystic Shield on the same unit, then used Arcane Bolt and Fractal Mindstorm on the Mournfang. I managed to get a few mortal wounds, but killing off a Mournfang is no joke and he only lost 4 wounds. In the movement phase I placed Archaon and the Gaunt Summoner on the objective and 18" away from the Thundertusk. I didn't need to worry about getting shot thanks to the foresight from Overlords of Chaos, so I planned on blasting it with magic next turn. The two units of Varanguard next to Archaon moved up to get into position for a charge on the buffed Mournfang unit while the third unit of Varanguard grabbed the other objective. I forgot the shooting attack from the Gaunt Summoner for the entire game, so I went right on to charges. I was excited to see what they could do in their first fight so the buffed unit of Varanguard charged and... rolled a 4. Needing an 8, I rerolled as per Warlord without Equal and.. rolled snake eyes. Lame. No combat for my buffed Varanguard. Next the second unit of Vananguard charged and.. rolled a 4 again. They were further away and needed a 10 so I rerolled and... failed again. Lame. No Varanguard combat in turn one. Because I knew I had the next turn I threw caution to the wind and charged the Grand Marshal of the Apocolypse and he easily made the roll with an 11. Time to show the underlings how it's done. My opponent and I are good friends who got into the hobby together with Age of Sigmar and Beastclaws were his first army so I knew what to expect from the Mournfang after almost two years of playing against them . Archaon went first and killed off 2 Mournfang dealing 9 wounds and puking in them with the Nurgle head of Dorghar for 2 mortal wounds! The Mournfang swung back and unfortunately lived up to expectations by not scoring any wounds on Archaon at all. Battleshock time, and of course the Mournfang rolled a 6+2 from the Crown of Domination. Luckily they had their banner bearer so he could reroll 6s for battleshock. He needed to roll a 3 here but just missed the mark by rolling a 4 and off runs the useful banner bearer. At least he helped before he ran. I got 2 victory points here to tie it up. At this point we were both dying from anticipation of the Overlords of Chaos dice, and I definitely took some pleasure in revealing my 5 for the double turn! Knowing it was coming was really exciting for both of us, as it's a pretty unique mechanic. I took turn two. In my hero phase I rolled for the Overlords Dice again, as the Gaunt Summoner was just barely in range of Archaon's gigantic base, and rolled another 5. No double turns for my friend. Next I marked the other unit of Mournfang with the battalion's other ability and tried another mystic shield. No luck this time. Fractal Mindstorm also failed, but Archaon pulled off another badass move and blasted the Thundertusk for 3 mortal wounds with Arcane Bolt and severly took down its effectivness. After Warlord without Equal I moved on to the movement phase. I decided to move my Daemonforged Blades unit of Varanguard off my objective and hunt down the Butcher across the board. I knew they would be able to make it into combat my next turn so it was a risk I was willing to take, since double turns were out of the picture next turn. The Gaunt Summoner moved 6" away from the objective to make some room for the advancing Varanguard. I decided to play a little mind game with my friend and retreated Archaon from combat with the last Mournfang and moved closer to my Gaunt Summoner, making my opponent think he had a double turn and would be able to get both Stonehorns on him. Really I was anticipating what he would do in his turn, which was go to block off my advancing Fell Spears Varanguard, so Archaon could buff and charge in my next turn. My unit of Encorcelled Weapons Varanguard got into position to charge the Mournfang, only needing 3" so they better not fail this time! The unit of Fell Spears Varanguard moved up to attempt a charge on the second unit of Mournfang 8" away. Chaege time, and the Encorcelled Weapons Varanguard made the 3" and prepared to take care of the last Mournfang. The Fell Spears unit charged and rolled a 10! That was all the charges so I moved on to combat. The obvious choice was attacking with the Fell Spears unit so I started there. With the rerolls and the charge bonus against an unbuffed Mournfang unit they hit really hard, killing more than half the unit. My opponents turn to swing and I explained the Varanguard's once per game ability that lets them pile in and attack twice so he no choice but to try to attack the Fell Spears unit before they took the last two Mournfang off the board. He swung into the Varanguard and almost killed one of the Fell Spears, but couldn't quite manage it. I attacked with the Enscorcelled Weapons Varanguard and defeated the last Mournfang before he could attack and moved on to finish the first unit. The Fell Spears attacked again with their ability, no better time to use it than buffed on the charge, and killed one more Mournfang. At the end of that bloodbath the final Mournfang fled from battleshock and I was up to 3 points. My opponents turn and he rolled the reroll saves on 1 on the Everwinter table. He somehow managed to pull a +1 to hit from the Cauldron again and put it on the Frostlord, along with a Mhstic Shield. Even with the nurf, a buffed up Frostlord is no slouch and I knew a fierce stomping was coming. He threw up his command ability and went to movement. The Thundertusk stayed put on the objective while the Huskard and Stonehorn manuvered around the centerpiece mountain to get some Charges off, while the Butcher tried to put as much distance between himself and the Daemonforged Blades Varanguard as possible. In the Shooting phase he sent out his hawk again and rolled low again so the Gaunt Summoner took another mortal wound and failed to save it. The Thundertusk took a Frost Blast shot at my Ensorcelled Weapons Varanguard, but only got 2 mortal wounds. The Arcane Bolt from my turn really paid off. He used the Chain Trap and Harpoon next but didn't score any wounds. In the Charge phase the full weight of two Stonehorns crashed into my Fell Spears Varanguard and did 7 mortal wounds from the charge alone, then the Frostlord preceded to crush the rest under his massive horns and stomps. End of turn 2 and he scored 2 more points, bringing it to 4-3. I revealed the Overlords dice and it was my turn next! My friend and I had a good laugh because he had been sure of the double turn and was planning on double charging Archaon next, but it was not to be. In my hero phase I used the Overlords dice again and rolled a 4, so next turn would be a mine again. The Gaunt Summoner and Archaon both tried to blast off the Thundertusk with magic but only managed a few mortal wounds. I managed a Mystic Shield on Archaon to finish off the hero phase. In the movement phase I moved up the Daemonforged Blades to get in range of the Butcher, the Encorcelled Weapons to get to the Thundertusk, and Archaon positioned for a charge. Everyone made the charges and on to combat. Archaon piled in with the Huskard and attacked first. Amazingly, he managed to drop the Huskard in one round of combat and was free from retaliation! The Frostlord was just over 3" away. The Thundertusk took its swings at the Enscorcelled Weapons Varanguard and managed to kill one with its Tusks. The Encorcelled Weapons wiffed on their rolls and couldn't kill the Thundertusk, and so had to use their special ability to kill it with a second round of attacks, while the Daemonforged Blades made short work out of the Butcher. I snagged 3 victory points here putting it at 4-6. In my opponents turn he rolled reroll saves again on the Everwinter table, put up his command ability, and tried to charge Archaon. Double 1s! He gets to reroll and does so but.. double 1s again! I reveal my dice, its my turn, so we decide to call it. Good game with an interesting new army! Fighting against Beastclaws is usually a roller coaster. Sometimes they kick serious butt and other times they wiff completely. I think this game was the latter with some seriously bad dice rolls. It was fun using the Overlords battalion ability, and I definitely want to try it again. I was very impressed with all the abilities from the Varanguard, for such a small model count the army has lots of cool synergy and rules. Only thing it lacked was objective holders, and next time I wil remedy that with Marauders. Next game was against the same opponent but with his Dark Elf Army! He brought in Malekith for the epic fluff, so it should be an excellent game!
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    Everchosen help

    So I have 1720 pts of Everchosen; 3 units of Varanguard, Archaon, Gaunt Summoner. I have 280 pts left over and I have 2 ideas I can't choose between. I was thinking of Bel'akor because I already have the model and it fits fluff wise, even if he is not incredible his warscroll is okay and his Dark Manipulation or whatever can be pretty awesome and enfeeble foe is nice to have. And with 6 spells I could hopefully get Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield, Enfeeble Foe, and Fractal Mindstorm off, but I would be wasting two spells. My other thought was a Soul Grinder for some range and its just such a cool model. Possibly summon it with the Gaunt Summoner or Archaon for a deep strike. I'd love some input here to help me decide haha
  12. So i recently got archeon as a gift and i was wondering if anyone has any tips for building an army around him. Ik recently started playing the game and all i have is a 1000 point skaven pestilence army. Can i combine archeon and the skaven?
  13. So for starters, this isn't really a tactics topic, there are a few of those running around elsewhere. Here I'd like to discuss what we as a community would like to see for the future of the varanguard and the everchosen as a whole. Let's be honest, it's hard to justify brining these guys when points are an issue. So how do we improve them? Costing less points is the obvious choice but I'd like to explore the concept of the circles of the varanguard. The 8 circles have always caught my fancy as an interesting concept. Specialists for the forces of chaos. Doing jobs that the rank and file can't. Basically along the lines of our modern special forces, only chaosy. Now how can we represent that on the battlefield? Let's start with what each one's specialty or description. 1st Circle: Archaon's bodyguards, his personal foot(daemon horse?) soldiers. 2nd Circle: Terror troops 3rd Circle: Infiltrators. 4th Circle: Raiders and pillagers. 5th Circle: Assassins/Executioners/Hunters. 6th Circle: Siege breakers. Destroyers of obstacles. 7th Circle: Cannibals? Gain strength from their enemies? 8th Circle: Leaves nothing but dust. So the varanguard (to my knowledge) are deployed across every realm doing various things for Archaon. Now big A can't be everywhere at once so who takes charge of the varanguard when he isn't around? Since no ranks or titles seem to be present and some chaos lord is certainly not going to order them about I feel that one of them would take command. Likely whomever had the most experience from the group (my guess). What that means in the game is basically some form of lesser hero who could lead them I feel should be present. I personally like the idea of each circle having it's own master (exemplifying its traits) who answers only to Archaon too but that's pushing past the envelope of the fiction that we have available as reference. Here's my example ideas for the rules for the circles (this is keeping them at their current 120pts per model): 1st: When friendly chaos units within 12" of a 1st circle unit take a battleshock test roll 2 dice and take the lowest. 1st circle units may never have their bravery negatively modified in any way. - This is more them as the unshakable foundation of the varanguard. They literally ooze confidence and boost morale around them. 2nd: When enemy units within 12" of a second circle unit take battleshock tests, roll 2 dice and take the highest. Enemy units within 3" of 2nd circle units must add 1 to the result of any battleshock tests. ie: 1 becomes a 2. These guys are the opposite of 1st circle. The enemy is assailed by their darkest fears made manifest. 3rd: Instead of deploying 3rd circle units normally you may set them up in hiding. Units in hiding may set up anywhere on the board more than 6" away from enemy models during the movement phase. This counts as their move for that turn. In the turn that they arrive all attacks made against 3rd circle units in the shooting phase are made with a -2 modifier. Hidden blade and all that. You'll never know when or where they'll strike. 4th: After deployment but before the 1st turn you may make a move action. You may not run as a part of this move. If a 4th circle unit wipes out an enemy unit you may make a charge roll at the end of the combat phase. (wording here is a bit iffy) If the charge is successful the 4th circle unit may make a single attack with one of it's melee weapons. Raiders and outriders are how I imagine them. 5th: Select d3 enemy heroes or monsters to be the quarry of the 5th circle units in your army. 5th circle units may add one to their attacks characteristics and re-roll to hit and wound rolls when making attacks against their quarry. Pick things that scare you and send these guys at it. 6th: When a 6th circle unit makes a charge move every unit without the everchosen keyword within 1" suffers d3 mortal wounds or d6 mortal wounds if the 6th circle unit has 3 or more models. Enemy units may never benefit from cover against attacks made by 6th circle units. 7th: Whenever a unit is destroyed within 3" of a 7th circle unit it heals d3 wounds and may add 1 to their attacks characteristic up to a maximum of 3 additional attacks. 8th: I actually am not sure what to do with these guys. I'm not a rules writer by any means just my ideas.
  14. Here's my painted Everchosen army. 2k on the nose - thanks to the DoT Gaunt Summoner on foot being 20pts cheaper than the disc version! Hope you like the army. I have it for sale on eBay right now as I'm clearing space for a new painting project (either my FEC or my 4 mammoth chaos army ?) Link to eBay auction https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252841750723 Khorne armour is tamiya clear red over a ruddy red, silver, red + purple glazed basecoat. nurgle armour is martian ironearth for a lovely cracked paint, rusty effect - painted over with some ruddy oranges. Slaanesh armour is dark purples with gloss varnish on the plates to give a laquered effect.
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    Chaos List Help

    I'm currently collecting a Chaos army but I don't really know how I can make my army competitive and was wondering if people had any ideas? I'm also planning on having Tzeentch theme. 1x Archaon Everchosen 1x Chaos Lord 2x Sorcerer Lord (May use one as a Gaunt Summoner) 3x Varanguard 15x Chaos Knights (5x Glave, 5x Ensorcelled and 5x Magnetized with 2-3 Banners) 12x Chaos Warriors (All 2 hand weapons, 1 Horn, 1 Banner) 1x Gorebeast Chariot 1x Warpfire Dragon (Forgeworld) Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  16. Welcome to the second part of our list-tech series, wherein I explore the dark apertures of a mind so insidious, even the Lords of Chaos can’t come up with lists as broken as his. I refer of course to the mystical augur we know only as ‘Jim’. Jim comes up with thematic, non-legacy lists that we haven’t yet seen from the international tournament scene, or at least are not as prominent as we feel they could be. Last time we looked at a badass, Dragon-Riding ‘A(e)lfa Strike’ list. You can check out that post here. This week, Jim gives us something far more sinister. Kneel, mortals, before Archaon Rotbringer. The Destroyer of Worlds is blessed by all the Dark Gods, often taking on their different aspects - including Nurgle. Archaon Rotbringer Archaon has been seen on the tournament circuit, but seldom, if ever, gets to a podium. Despite his intimidating stats, he is quite unwieldy, and can get taken out more often than is appropriate for a Destroyer of Worlds. This list will work probably better with small Archaon, but our goal is to find ways to make non-legacy warscroll lists viable. We think this is a great way to get value out of big Archaon. The basis for this combo is Archaon’s ability to trigger the Command Abilities for all Chaos Heroes nearby, and the fact that the effects of abilities can stack. It should be noted here that some tournaments add a house rule that stops abilities from stacking, so if you are looking at running this list, check the Player's Pack well beforehand! The List Archaon - 700 Festus the Leechlord - 120 Harbinger of Decay - 140 Harbinger of Decay - 140 Harbinger of Decay - 140 Harbinger of Decay - 140 Chaos Marauders (x10) - 60 Mark of Nurgle Putrid Blightkings (x5) - 180 Chaos Warriors (x10) - 180 Mark of Nurgle Chaos Warshrine - 200 Leaders: 6 Battleline: 3 Behemoths: 2 Number of models: 32 TOTAL POINTS: 2,000 The Combos Deployment As a unit-heavy list, you have 10 deployments, and are unlikely to get the choice of first turn. This leaves you vulnerable to turn one alpha strikes, so deploy cautiously when up against alpha-strike lists by bubble-wrapping your heroes with the Marauders. Command Abilities Let’s crack straight into Command Abilities. Archaon’s Warlord Without Equal ability allows all other units in the army to immediately use their own command abilities. In order: Harbinger of Decay uses Morbid Vigour, allowing each model within 7” to ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a roll of a 5 or 6. A second Harbinger of Decay uses Morbid Vigour, allowing each model to within 7” to ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a roll of a 5 or 6. A third Harbinger of Decay uses Morbid Vigour, allowing each model within 7” to ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a roll of a 5 or 6. A fourth Harbinger of Decay uses Morbid Vigour, allowing each model within 7” to ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a roll of a 5 or 6. Let us pause here to explain how this works. In AOS, there is no such thing as a ‘Ward Save’. Listed above are four separate abilities, each of which lets each model within range ignore all wounds suffered (after saves) on a 5 or 6. For example; Archaon is within 7” of all four Harbingers. Say he gets hit by an arrow, and fails his 2+ armour save (he has Mystic Shield on of course). Now he has four more chances to ignore the wound on a roll of 5 or 6 - once for each Morbid Vigour ability in affect. This means that after Archaon fails an armour save, 19%, or roughly one-in-five wounds are actually going through. Effectively you would have to inflict 100 wounds to him to take him down. If you do factor in his save, which even up against -2 rend is a 4+ with Mystic Shield - that is 200 wounds he can statistically absorb. Plus he gets the extra save against mortal wounds thanks to the Chaos Runeshield. The rotten cherry on top of this disease-ridden combo is the Chaos Warshrine, adding an extra save on a six thanks to Protection of the Dark Gods. The Chaos Warshrine could then activate, allowing all units within 16" to re-roll failed Wound rolls with the Favour of Nurgle. Festus can then heal D3 wounds on one of your models with his Delightful Brews, Splendid Restoratives. The Putrid Blightkings can also heal nearby units D3 wounds with their Virulent Discharge. Magic Spells If you need to make Archaon invulnerable, Mystic Shield goes on him. Festus' Curse of the Leper is a nice debuff that can make key heavily armoured opposing units softer and softer. This combos very well with the Putrid Blightkings, who need the extra help with their lack of rend. Movement If you want to make the most of the protection combos, you need to keep your units pretty tightly grouped within range of the Harbingers. This is a disadvantage for when you have to divide your force for objective play, so you could divide the Harbingers between a few smaller pods if required. Marauders are a fantastic ‘chaff unit as they have Move 6, and can be very fast on the retreat, allowing you to block charges and then move on to contest objectives. As mentioned, they will not die in a hurry. Shooting None to speak of! Combat There isn’t much to say here. The synergy of the list is that the Nurgle units will not die. All units benefit from the combat buff from the Warshrine, but again it's the protective synergies that are taking you the distance. Army Cost This is a bit more of an expensive army to put together using the correct models. Archaon is the single most expensive model in the game at the moment (though if you can obtain the small version that might be an option), and the Harbingers are Finecast direct order only models. You can get around this by maybe converting some Chaos Knights. As is, however, the RRP is £321.50, and you will have 10 Marauders and 6 Chaos Warriors left over from their boxes. Unit Substitution This list could work well with a variety of Nurgle units. Epidemius is a great choice - hide him in your backlines somewhere. You could drop a few Harbingers for some more mobile troops like Plague Drones if the confined nature of deployment is too restricting. The Glottkin could be useful to double the amount of wounds the Marauder chaff can take to 100. You can even run the small Archaon if you want to be even cheesier than Jim - as long as he can trigger the Harbingers, you’re golden. Or at least a sickly shade of green (it’s Nurgle after all). The list would scale very well up to Warhost sized games. Weaknesses Once the heroes start dying, your synergies fall apart. The good news is, this is very hard to achieve. Tactical flexibility is a big issue. To maximse the synergy, your units must all be in close proximity, relinquishing a lot of battlefield control. One way around this is to split your army into two pods, sending two Harbingers with each. A well-timed Hand of Dust or Curse of Years will also bring tears to your eyes. On the Table Jim and I had a game play-testing this list. My army consisted of: Nagash - 900 Wight King with Black Axe - 120 5 Black Knights x 120 20 Skeleton Warriors with Sword and Shield - 160 20 Skeleton Warriors with Spear and Shield - 160 20 Skeleton Warriors with Spear and Shield - 160 20 Grave Guard with Great Blades - 320 Legion of Death Battalion - 60 We played the Blood and Glory battleplan. It ended up being a poor example of how the Rotbringer army could play. Jim moved Archaon too far out of reach of the buffs. He charged some skeletons and fluffed all his dice rolls. I retreated my skeletons onto his objective, and charged him with my Grave Guard. Over the next few turns I was able to take him down, as he did not have the benefit of the Harbinger buffs. Plus his dice luck failed. I almost won the game, but missed a run roll with Nagash which would have allowed me to claim all four objectives. As a result, Nagash wasn’t involved in the game at all. Jim stayed in the game somehow, using his marauders and Harbingers to sneak through my army lines with canny use of retreats and piling in, and was able to snatch all four objectives by turn 5. An incredibly exciting and tactical game, which I’m still buzzing about, but not one that shows off the main synergies of Archaon Rotbringer! I am always keen to hear from anyone who has tried this! Please let me know your thoughts in the posts below. Can you think of any other counters? Would you be keen on giving the army a try?
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    Unleash the Varanguard!
  18. Hello all, thank you for reading! I've started this thread as I'm fairly new to Tabletop gaming despite having played a handful of 40k games a few years ago (and owning a size-able army of dust collectors). I was hoping to create a discussion where we could share the results of our battles to help each other learn and make our Chaos units more effective when on the battlefield. This thread will be used to discuss Tactical Theories (ex: I believe unit X is effective in scenario Y based on statistical probability) as well sharing the results of match ups of games we've played, recollecting our mistakes and the outcomes of each engagement and round of battle. Please keep the discussion civil and try to make sure you state if any point of your discussion is a theory, or based on actual experience. Both are welcome as long as you are quite clear about which one your topic falls under. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____ __ _ I'll get things started by discussing Daemon Princes! This is a unit that applies to a lot of Chaos armies so I figured I'd share my experiences with mine. My Daemon Prince has served me in most of the games I've played thus-far, having been one of the first models I purchased, assembled and painted. I equipped him with the sword and usually dedicate him to Undivided or Khorne for thematic reasons. EXPERIENCE - Engagement 1: Soul-Eater Daemon Prince vs Coven Throne (and then some...). Long story short, dedicating him to Khorne (in my case) would have been a far more intelligent choice before sending him into this match up. I sent him in way over his head and turned him into an expensive tar pit for a turn before he was wiped from the board. THEORY - Giving a boost to hit or to wound would've really helped in this scenario, but I should've been much wiser and avoided the throne altogether, especially when Skarbrand is on the table. Keep your Daemon Princes (especially your soul eaters), engaged with infantry. Engagement 2: Khornate Daemon Prince vs Treelord Ancient Having a better handle on my DP for this game in terms of his strengths and weaknesses, I used my big red bruiser to distract a Treelord Ancient and found it worked remarkably well. His high-flying movement put him at the edge of the board and caused the old tree to disconnect from most of his Wanderer allies. The DP stripped quite a few wounds off of the monster vegetable before falling to the Ancient. THEORY - Paint and Wings might be important for this one. Seeing a big red monster moving across the table could cause a primal instinct within us to protect ourselves. On a more serious note, a Khornate/Nurgle (even Slaanesh?) DP seems to be a credible threat to independent characters and some squishier monsters. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____ __ _ QUESTIONS - My opponents consist of a GA: Death player (mostly Malignants and Skeletons), Wanderer's/Sylvaneth player, and Nurgle - Dwarf - Ork player. We also have the occasional Seraphon and Stormcast armies on the board. What type of units would you send a Khornate or Undivided Daemon Prince after typically? Nurgle in particular has not been a pleasant foe. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____ __ _ I look forward to a great deal of tactical discussion! I'll be back to post more about my StD, KB and DoK forces.
  19. ive no idea if this is frowned upon, but im desperate for the everchosen and the battalions point costs ( fatesworn etc) Does anyone have a link to them ?
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    Archaon Everchosen

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    Converted Nugle Varanguard
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