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  1. Hi guys, Got myself the Catacombs box for christmas. I really liked that you could play both on the "over ground" and "underground" sides of the map. I started by painting up all the over ground terrain because I felt like that was a nicer starting point, having never played Warcry before (but played quite a lot of AoS). The difficulty I found when I was actually trying to set up a game is that the way you set up a game (Choosing deployment "card", victory card and twist card) didn't work so well. In the Catacombs rule book there are ways to set up a game only for a game "underground", even though there are "cards" for setting up the over ground terrain. But looking at all the deployment cards for example; none of them are usable in the over ground terrain. Am I missing something here, or have GW only included ways to actually play Catacombs underground, even though they included the over ground terrain? I can't even understand if I can buy Deploymemt/Twist/Victory cards seperately that actually work with this terrain. I find it a bit frustating, I thought Warcry was ment to be super easy to start up a game in! Do you guys have any advice? Thanks!
  2. I think 12 is maximum size for the unit? I can at least get 12 in the warscroll builder. what do u mean with the gryph hours? That u can block board space?
  3. If im not mistaking the Stormkeep patrol batallion (Lord veritant, 2 units of redeemer/justicar units, 1 unit dogs) can include Vanguard raptors as they have the justicar keyword. Has anyone experimented with listbuilding involving say a unit of 12 vanguard raptors in anvils of the heldenhammer, and maybe a liberator screen, deploying on an objective 24” from your enemy shooting in the hero phase, then translocate (prayer from veritant) to be 30” away in the shooting phase. So you shoot twice turn 1 for just 1 cp. Maybe throw in a azyros that u teleport up with a vexillor if u really want that rerolling 1s. Just thinking out loud and wondering if anyone have given this some thought? 24” shots turn 1 only spending 1 cp, choosing your target, and if u kill it 2/3 chance to Relocate to another high priority target if u need to.
  4. Thanks guys, it felt right to roll for each But i gotta say its weird when a lot of scrolls explicetly states ”roll seperately for each” and This One doesnt.
  5. I’ve always played the Celestant Prime’s comet spectre to mean I pick a point on the battlefield and roll a die, and if the result is say a 3, I measure whatever units are within 3” and then I roll 1 die PER UNIT, to determine how many mortal wounds each unit takes. Then I played a game last weekend, where my opponent (who is from what I know very experianced) told me that this is incorrect: according to her, I can pick a point and then I just roll 1 die for the entire area, and whatever the result is is the amount of mortals wounds suffered by each unit. This is obviously better for the Prime, since I could use the magical dice ability to change that to a 6 and deal 3 mw:s in whatever area. Then a guy asked in a facebook group about this and I told him how I was taught it was supposed to be played. But in that thread there really were two camps: the ones who said you roll seperately for each unit, and the ones who said you only roll once. Seeing as it was about a 50/50 split, I just couldn’t figure out what was correct. I can’t find a faq on the subject. So: How do you guys play it? The warscroll states: ”In your shooting phase, you can pick a point on the battlefield within 24” of this model that is visible to them. Each unit within D6” of that point suffers D3 mortal wounds”. My gut tells me I have to roll seperately, but the warscroll isn’t exactly clear.
  6. Loving the looks of the eternal guard and wildwood rangers, the eternal guard seem a bit too defensive though, how are they performing for you? I guess you could charge them in and as long as they don’t just straight up die, and don’t pile on next turn, they will be very hard to kill with their 3+ save.
  7. Very true, haha. There is a lot of things ”wrong” with stormcast, bodies sure is one of the issues. Damage is decent though. But it’s rare to have more than 5 models on an objective, which just means you never control anything else you pretty much table your opponent. This is one the reasons I’m drawn to CoS, because I can use some of my very fun models (Gotrek, Stardrake, Celestant Prime) in lists that are actually powerful. The prime is pretty hard to play, but is very rewarding when you pull something nice off. Probably super good in Hammerhal, being able to charge in your Demigryphs, tying up something, then charging with the Prime from behind so that not a lot of models can pile in to him (making sure the demigryphs are the closest model for most of the unit), doubble hitting, and always remembering that he gives a 12” aura of -2 bravery the turn he comes down - and he is the master of sniping enemy heroes, so whatever support hero is there to make sure a unit doesn’t need to check for battlechock is easily wiped off the board. Loving the idea. If I were to start a CoS army with 3 units of demigryphs, 1 freeguild general on griffon, and then adding the celestant prime, I’d have around 700p left. Would probably want 1-2 wizards (Incantor?), and a few MSU for banners. Already have 1 unit of 10 freeguild guard and 1 unit of 10 freeguild handgunners from old fantasy, so probably wanna try those. What else would you add?
  8. Nice, gonna have to look into them as an option. Need to find battleline that I can field in different cities preferably, so i dont go all in on one Theme and then realize i want to play in a different city. just to clarify though, i want to run my sce in cities and not the other way around. So for example i might wanna try celestant prime/stardrake in Hammerhal. Prime fighting twice is nasty. Problem is i dont know how useful it really is, seeing as he Will die if he doesnt kill what he’s in combat with. This is very true, although sce is so tight for points to make any kind of list work that it is really hard to find the points to ally in something just for bodies.
  9. this is the best response to anything anyone has ever given anyone. Thanks a lot! Yeah the idea is not to be super strict about it, but it is kind of nice to have some sort of backround to the army. I based my stormcast with just regular battleground dirt from armypainter since I'm a beginner and after a year I obviously thinks it's boring to look at but hey, I'm never gonna rebase everything so it is what it is. The icy theme just seems super easy to make look good. Massive thanks for the ideas! Great to know I could use an icy theme and still get away with it being somewhat logical in all cities. Maybe the cities that need to be from Aqshy is a bit tricky to justify though, heh.
  10. what makes them so great? Being a stormcast player where everything is on 40mm bases, 1" range always means I can only fight in 1 rank. Can the greatsword fight in 3 ranks? Do you back them up with some hero or to they run solo?
  11. Love the great sword models aswell. I like all things freeguild really. It started when I listened to a podcast that mentioned something along the lines of "the stardrake is better in CoS than in Stormcast", and being the proud owner of a (finally) painted stardrake, that got me thinking, so I dug into CoS rules. I really like the Living City and Hammerhal, and also Hallowheart but to a lesser extent, mostly because I really dislike the idea of spending 100+ euros on endless spells when I only want 2-3 of them. So I've been thinking about different Living City/Hammerhal lists that include Stormcast models (and/or Gotrek), to get started with CoS. Ideas have been 4x concussors in Living city, or Stardrake/Celestant Prime in Hammerhal. Really like the Freeguild on Griffon model aswell. One idea have been to get the Griffon + demigryph batallion. My main issue with going down that route is that it's quite one dimensional, and that the demigryphs aren't very useful in other cities. What I'd really like is to be able to pick up a few heroes, and a few battleline boxes, and ally in my Stormcast and get playing with CoS, and then add units over time. But I'm having a hard time finding lists that do this. And especially given how many battleline options there are, I'd prefer to get some that I can use in different cities.
  12. Hi guys, Been doing this hobby for a little over a year and started with Stormcast. Now Im considering starting a new project which I would like to be a bit more of a painting project. Not in the meaning of being painted super nicely, but to have a theme and an idea from the get-go. I have really fallen in love with painting icy stuff, and want to do a ice/snow/winter themed army. I have been considering getting Cities of Sigmar. My question is for you people who might have a better idea of the lore, is if it is any base in lore to have a winter themed Cities of Sigmar list? Like for example is there a part of Ghyran that is winter, of does Ghyran have seasons?
  13. Hi! Thinking about getting a CoS army, and having quite a few Stormcast models, it just seems to fit so nicely. My main issue is the amount of battleline options i CoS. I just can't figure out where to begin with them. Really liking the Freeguild stuff, and the handgunners seem really good. But to the question: what is your favorite battleline in CoS and why?
  14. Thanks, yeah I figured I'd probably go with Living City and run 4 concussors + stardrake. Celestant on Stardrake's command abilility is to reroll wound roll on the dracoth, and with +1 to hit (hurricanum) and then rerolling the wounds where 6's do d6 damage, they are probably quite killy. Also gives me a reason to buy those models. Struggeling for battle line options though. Such a huge range to choose from. And honestly, the battleline options are incredibly expensive (money wise), I mean 10x phoenix for about 35 euro and you need at least 30.. jesus.
  15. Played Kroakcast for the first time last weekend. List was: Lord celestant on stardrake, ignore -1 rend artifact, Staunch defender Celestant Prime Lord Kroak Lord Arcanum on gryph Lord Castellant 5x judicators 5x lib 5x lib 5x sequitors Everblaze comet Choose the 5 x sequitors over a Knight Incantor since I knew I was playing Ogor Mawtribes and needed something to grab objective or to guard Kroak if we rolled a battleplan where battleline hold better. Still a massive pain to try and hold objectives with this list, and Ogors counting as 2 models or 10 for the stonehorns is just.. yeah. I ended up tabling him T4 after raining mortals all over the place, him making a few mistakes with his positioning with gave me the chance to run my stardrake into 8x ironguts AND 12x gluttons I think it was, basically just tanking them while dealing mortals wounds. I only lost 5x liberators, the Arcanum and the gryph hound (sad) but still only won 18-16, since he ran and took all 3 objectives t1, he took the first turn, and I basically just had to kill everything to win. My main take away is that there is a real strategy with this list to utilize Celestant Prime’s -2 bravery when he comes down. If you roll well in your hero phase and manage to snipe a support hero while at the same time dealing a good amount of wounds to a big battleline unit, you could drop the Prime turn 1 and cast his comet for guaranteed 3 mortals, and suddenly your opponent doesn’t have a hero to command point ignore battleshock. You could have easily dealt 10 MW to a unit with Kroaks comet, the Prime comet, rain of stars, and everblaze comet. If you run judicators, that can also pick off a few. Giving a unit -2 bravery at this stage could be huge. Just something to keep in mind if you’re running your beloved angel! This obviously also works later in the game aswell, say you focus on getting of a support hero in your first turn and then start working on a big unit of something preferably with low bravery, could be a lot of fun. Could also win you an objective if you play it smart, ride the winds to the edge of an objective and then pray they run away in battleshock hehe.
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