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  1. Shouldn't you have another artefact as you've got a battalion? Dermal robe on the AR for +2?
  2. I believe it is now legal as the GH20 explicitly states you can ignore subheading on warscrolls when building battalions. So the interpretation is any ghoul king, mounted or not, is legal.
  3. It feels like GW is still not fully investing in digital. They're already a decade behind other systems and now they're finally dipping a toe in with the 40k app, it's obviously not had the effort put in. These apps are not complex to produce or upkeep. In terms of changing points, you could literally find a developer on fiverr who could do it in 1 hour. It's really, really strange that they can't figure out digital. They've done fantastic changes in the last few years, but somewhere in upper management, the blazingly loud message of DIGITAL IS FUTURE is not getting through. They should have a full-time team on both AoS and 40k apps. These apps should have all rules, fully updated to the second. They should be properly searchable. They should be easy to use and they should be super stable because these apps are incredibly basic in their structure. The apps should be the singular core of all their games. Books should be an accessory for people to buy to keep at home and get a code to get the rules in the app. How is this not obvious by now? It should have been where GW were 10 years ago. What's infuriating is that, as much of a layman as i am in coding, i could take an online course in a week and produce a better app that GW have. I could build a better app with app-building programmes that don't require coding. Why are we still dragging battletomes/codexes for the 10 pages of rules to our games? I actually love the hobby enough that it doesn't even matter. I'm fine bringing a book to a game, but COME ON, WAKE UP GW!!
  4. I got one of those for my Tzeentch!! Might try to paint this month too, if I can get the bloomin skyfires done first.
  5. Yeah this is a shame- I much prefer physical books to e-books still. I remember seeing a cover for a warhammer chronicles for the two Archaon books, but it never came out.
  6. Such a nice tone! Proper grimdark and spooky These photos are just absolute max-level warhammer!Would be so cool to play a game on that table with that army. I would love to do a seraphon force with rainforest bases, big dinos on ziggurats etc. This Batrep is bringing back so many feels!
  7. Gotta post those updates! It's gonna look incredible.
  8. This are great! Make them look a bit more evil/gritty than the standard ones! Incredible!! Are you doing the other wing the same?
  9. Haven't had any time to progress on enlightened unfortunately! Hopefully this week I can get a few hours in though. Been great to see others' progress on this thread though!
  10. It's a web app that i have pinned to the home screen on my ipad and functions so well you couldn't tell it's a webapp.
  11. Your paintjob really makes me wanna start a beasts army.
  12. I've played Blade's Edge twice now, and it's really fun. Going second is a really powerful thing in this scenario as you dictate the whole direction of the game. Choosing to go first on a round take a lot of thought. First time I didn't really realise this and decided to go first to try and get someone off an objective which wasn't too effective. Second game i decided to go second every turn (lucky priority roles!) and found it to be a really powerful position to be in. Take up a defensive posture on your home objectives and just remove opponent's objectives 1 by 1. Bog them down on one objective with 40 ghouls in one turn, then pick that objective to be removed- they just wasted 3 units for an objective that's no longer there.
  13. Very very slow progress with this fella. Too much work on at the moment to get all 3 done, might not even be done by the end of august.
  14. Brettonia is pretty old-school fantasy now. I can't really see a place for them in AoS, other than in a reimagined way, as Gaz says. All the new armies are much more exciting than Brettonia ever was, though I did like the narrative and a lot of the models.
  15. It's strange how bad it is really. I subscribe on both iOS and android but don't mind because it's cheap. It's an app with such basic functionality- it's, at most a 1 day a week coding job to maintain the whole thing for 1 person, if that. I really don't understand why it's so buggy and out of date. Pretty much the only reason I have it is because it saves lists and the warscrolls are really easy to access. If you look at something like AoS Reminders- it's pretty much bug-free, works incredibly well on any platform and is pretty much up to date.
  16. I love these poses! Nothing to add really!
  17. Finally selling my first proper AoS force! You can see most of the models here: Not shown are the Great Unclean One and Lord of Plagues, but they are included in this sale - Here's the full list - LeadersEpidemius Tallyman of Nurgle (200) (Primed)Festus the Leechlord (140)(Primed)Great Unclean One (320) (Fully painted single loadout, magnetised other loadouts)- Plague Flail & Massive BileswordGutrot Spume (140)Harbinger of Decay (160) (Primed)Horticulous Slimux (220) (Assembled)Lord of Plagues (140) (Fully Painted)Lord of Blights (140) (Primed)Poxbringer Herald of Nurgle (120) (Part painted as part of a test scheme)Poxbringer Herald of Nurgle (120)(Part painted as part of a test scheme)Slaves to Darkness Daemon Prince (210) (Painted)- AxeSorcerer (120) (Painted)Spoilpox Scrivener Herald of Nurgle (90) (Primed)The Glottkin (380) (Painted- the two brothers Glott are partly painted/ base colour only and not glued to the big dude)Battleline30 x Plaguebearers (300) (Painted)30 x Plaguebearers (300)(Painted)5 x Putrid Blightkings (140)(Painted)5 x Putrid Blightkings (140)(Painted)Units6 x Nurglings (160)6 x Plague Drones (380) (3 Painted, 3 assembled. Some of the painted drones have their swords snapped off- see pics)) 3x Nurgle trees, painted- some of the hanging bells snapped off. Total: 3920 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 266 Also included are the battletome, warscroll cards and the card cycle of corruption wheel. Total RRP cost for this is £750. I am looking for £500, but open to offers. Cheers
  18. Ok started on the skyfires. My decision to try and use blending everywhere really means every unit will take aaaaages.
  19. As others have said, it's going to be really hard for an AoS app to be worth £4 a month in a world of AoS reminders. I pay subscription for that app and it's invaluable, well made, super stable and fast. GW's record on these kind of things is appalling.
  20. I'm not saying they have a gender policy. I'm saying the imperium is a straight rip-off, hierarchy, titles, beliefs and all, of medieval Christianity at it's most hate-filled and intolerant. Calling for greater diversity doesn't make any sense in that context. The gender segregation referred to sisters and marines, not the whole imperium.
  21. You know- i half agree and half disagree. I really like diversity in armies just for the different aesthetics, totally separate from any social/political agenda. But at the same time, what makes 40k interesting is it is a riff on medieval christianity. GW have toned this down in Space Marines quite a lot, but it's still there in sisters and the inquisition. A super vicious, ignorance-encouraging, hyper-violent, other-hating religiously fervant group of soldiers, with a ludicrous hierarchy of men in silly hats. I mean penitent engines are something straight from the inquisitorial imagination of 16th century catholic spain. Part of this imitation is it's attitudes to "others" (xenos) and it's strict gender segregation. In that sense, a male-only army makes perfect sense in that lore and i don't think it needs to be made diverse, save for racial diversity perhaps. I don't want a racially and sexually diverse Imperial Inquisition. It's like saying WW2 wargames should have a racial and sexually diverse german army (for some reason the shorthand for nationalist socialist democratic party is censored on the forum?) . Like I've said before, AoS is great because it leaves fantasy tropes behind and there's huge space to include diversity without going against the narrative of armies. After all, Khorne cares not from where the blood flows. I'm just not so sure the same can be said of 40k.
  22. I think the strength in AoS is it can leave behind a lot of these fantasy tropes. To see how angry people were that GW dared give elves hammers was disappointing for me. It's fantasy, why do we need to maintain 70 year old tropes? Every single other wargame system maintains the tropes, if you want high elves, chose literally any other company. Thank god GW is daring to do something different. A fantasy world where a huge mix of genders and races fight together in one unit is actually pretty refreshing, entirely seperate from any representation agenda. Give me a unit of katana wielding female dwarves!! Give me a unit of bearded, muscly, hammer wielding elves!
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