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  1. Finally back to painting the tzeentch. 10 Tzaangor next and starting on a test model for the scheme. Basically the same as the skyfires but need to see if it works without the discs.
  2. Love this!!! I've gotten sidetracked by Sisters of Battle, but aiming to have some Cities handgunners done in novemeber!
  3. Finally had some time to make some progress! Had a month and a bit of a lot of work with no hobby time, but this week i had enough time to finish 1 of my 3 skyfires!
  4. Yeah, thought i had found one of these online for £36 but stock level was wrong! Anyways, back to the models- Current plan is to make obnoxious themed bases for all big bois based in the same city as my Cities of Sigmar army- Hysia. The gatecrusher will be smashinng through a stone wall, the Kraken will be on the docks with resin water etc. I believe they're archaon sized bases- 150mm?
  5. You know i really balked at the price, but will likely still get an army. The logic you're showing really only makes sense in the world of the GW hobby, in relative terms using points as a way to measure value. When you buy an army, you're getting a stack of boxes of different sizes and a load of different kits, likely 2-3x the amount of sprue. With Gargants you're getting 2 different kits in 4 boxes. In absolute, real-world value, it's really poor. It makes sense in the GW world, but in the "buying a product with reasonable profit margin taking into account manufacture, design and distribution costs" it's really poor value. I know that GW haven't actually increased prices above inflation in general as a principle, but this is definitely stretching any value proposal for buying plastic models for a game. Maybe we're too used to to buying 2/3 SC boxes and some other boxes to make an army for £300, but I personally feel the price too much. It should, at most, match a Castellan Knight at £100. The worst part is the 2 mancrushers at 75. That was £45 literally 3 years ago- £47.50 with inflation. A £30 increase in 3 years is ungenerous considering the age of the kit. They still come with a square base on the sprue! Having said that, people (including, probably, me) will buy this. So who the hell cares.
  6. It would be quite a big change for AoS considering AoS was originally about putting lots of big models on the table. Would be interested to see how they implement it. In a way, adding a similar rule and then lowering big model costs to compensate might make for a more interesting rule. But then at the same time, a load of battleline units in AoS are amongst the most powerful units anyway and don't need to be put anymore above competing units! That's not the case in 40k.
  7. Anvil characters may not be allowed in tournaments, but if you're not playing those it's a great idea! You can always put it on a Celestial Hurricanum or Luminark of Hysh- both with wizards have the required keyword and enough wounds to take the damage.
  8. Ironbreakers with a 3+ save and some tasty buffs from the various dwarf support heroes are nice. But I like Sisters of the Thorn- they're not great in the game, but they are wizards, good move and great models.
  9. Also can't save your lists to return and edit at later date. It's really nice to have a load of lists to test out combinations.
  10. AMAZING! Such a cool mini! I am making very slow progress with my skyfires, but will have a day off soon to finish them off before the end of the month.
  11. It broke on my phone. Tweeted WarCom and they said an update is coming in 48hrs.....
  12. Perhaps just as Demigryph knights? Bretonnian knights are heavy cavalry so might fit with the theme. The only issue is the base size might look silly! The Hammerhal 6x demigryph units+general on griffon, equipping all with the lances means you get 2+/3+/rende -2/2 damage on 3 attacks. I think you can even get stuff to help wound rolls as well. Priority Roll Podcast Ep 23 interviews Jack Armstrong who ran it and went 4-1 (i think) but more importantly said it was great fun.
  13. I would have said it's not when reading the FEC battletome battalions because they specify 2 different GKs, but it's totally clear in Core Rules that subheadings don't count, and GKTG is clearly a Ghoul King, with terrorgheist as subheading - And i was mistaken when i said "now legal" as i assumed it was amended in GH20, it's actually core rules, P16.
  14. Shouldn't you have another artefact as you've got a battalion? Dermal robe on the AR for +2?
  15. I believe it is now legal as the GH20 explicitly states you can ignore subheading on warscrolls when building battalions. So the interpretation is any ghoul king, mounted or not, is legal.
  16. It feels like GW is still not fully investing in digital. They're already a decade behind other systems and now they're finally dipping a toe in with the 40k app, it's obviously not had the effort put in. These apps are not complex to produce or upkeep. In terms of changing points, you could literally find a developer on fiverr who could do it in 1 hour. It's really, really strange that they can't figure out digital. They've done fantastic changes in the last few years, but somewhere in upper management, the blazingly loud message of DIGITAL IS FUTURE is not getting through. They should have a full-time team on both AoS and 40k apps. These apps should have all rules, fully updated to the second. They should be properly searchable. They should be easy to use and they should be super stable because these apps are incredibly basic in their structure. The apps should be the singular core of all their games. Books should be an accessory for people to buy to keep at home and get a code to get the rules in the app. How is this not obvious by now? It should have been where GW were 10 years ago. What's infuriating is that, as much of a layman as i am in coding, i could take an online course in a week and produce a better app that GW have. I could build a better app with app-building programmes that don't require coding. Why are we still dragging battletomes/codexes for the 10 pages of rules to our games? I actually love the hobby enough that it doesn't even matter. I'm fine bringing a book to a game, but COME ON, WAKE UP GW!!
  17. I got one of those for my Tzeentch!! Might try to paint this month too, if I can get the bloomin skyfires done first.
  18. Such a nice tone! Proper grimdark and spooky These photos are just absolute max-level warhammer!Would be so cool to play a game on that table with that army. I would love to do a seraphon force with rainforest bases, big dinos on ziggurats etc. This Batrep is bringing back so many feels!
  19. Gotta post those updates! It's gonna look incredible.
  20. This are great! Make them look a bit more evil/gritty than the standard ones! Incredible!! Are you doing the other wing the same?
  21. Haven't had any time to progress on enlightened unfortunately! Hopefully this week I can get a few hours in though. Been great to see others' progress on this thread though!
  22. It's a web app that i have pinned to the home screen on my ipad and functions so well you couldn't tell it's a webapp.
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