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  1. I think u can win a tournament with nurgle and slaves atm. I win 1 Month ago 16 players tournament with nurgle rotbringers
  2. We can say that we are talking about abandonware...
  3. Then they can charge with this move or not?
  4. Balewind vortex in bloodgullet, next to the kitchen and with the object that gives more a spell. We would have a magician with 4 casts, +1 to cast,-+1 dispell and +6 '' of range
  5. What they are doing with the prices is insane. The azyr update issue is just ridiculous, I could fix it myself in a couple of days. I understand that someone could be a fanboy of the company, but in my opinion this is not doing anything well.
  6. I have been using azyr, the payment application for a long time. I must say that I am surprised by the extreme laziness in its maintenance. Its last update was in March, all the free applications were updated weeks ago. Does anyone have any information on when they plan to update? Or maybe they will abandon it?
  7. I think the best for competitive now is Katakros and his legion. Arkhan in petrifex now is too dangerous
  8. I think that the spears with knights make sense especially in carrying them in 10, otherwise the swords would be superior in most cases. With the 2 inches and its movement it is quite easy to hit with a large number of them. In this way we can greatly exploit the buffs that we can give them ... (oracle visions, daemonic power, karkadrak buff) and destroy 1 or two units without being touched.
  9. Knights with spears have 2'' and playing them in a unit of 10 is the difference.
  10. 24 gluttons 16 leadbelchers 60 gnoblars 4 tripasduras 3 iron blasters 1 scraplauncher 1 tyrant 1 butcher 1 slaugthermaster 1 great mawpot warscroll cards battletome 500€
  11. They need a buff... Chaos warriors are garbage
  12. JCar09

    War Mammoth!

    I have one and I am thinking of playing it in slaves to darkness shortly. Have you played it competitively? With what kind of list?
  13. JCar09

    War Mammoth!

    I think is usable on slavess to darkness lists.
  14. Can Putrid offering be used more than once to cast the same spell? For example getting 3 wounds to cast a spell with a +3? thanks!
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