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  1. The Rock Balboa of army lists. It won't kill much but will sit on objectives for years. Allegiance: Legion of Chaos Ascendant - Host of Chaos: Legion of the First Prince Mortal Realm: Ghyran Be'Lakor (240) Fluxmaster, Herald of Tzeentch on Disc (130) Fluxmaster, Herald of Tzeentch on Disc (130) The Blue Scribes (120) 10 x Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (220) 10 x Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (220) 10 x Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (220) 10 x Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (220) 10 x Brimstone Horrors of Tzeentch (60) 10 x Brimstone Horrors of Tzeentch (60) 10 x Brimstone Horrors of Tzeentch (60) 10 x Brimstone Horrors of Tzeentch (60) Host of the Arcane (120) Extra Command Point (50) Geminids of Uhl-Gysh (60) Prismatic Palisade (30) Total: 2000 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 2 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 103
  2. For this particular scenario the unit would not count as controlling. As you mention, the unit must move onto the objective as setting up is not a move.
  3. @meatpipeline - The list is one used a lot by Terry Pike of the Facehammer team. I really just liked the look and wanted to run three fat boys. He's been playing the army since the book dropped and has a good grasp of the mechanics. With the recent GHB2020 the army received a boost in points drops making it a bit more viable to run. As for the 30/10/10 it really came down to what else in the army I was willing to drop...which is nothing. For me Be'lakor and Geminids is auto include in just about any chaos build I run. Portal is massive for the plague wind. As mentioned above, the Untamed Beasts are fantastic for their points. So going back to your original question, keeping points as they are, 30/10/10 is the best way I can see of having three battleline units. a 20/20/10 split seemed too easy to break up...you only need to magic off one plaguebearer from each 20 block and they lose a -1 hit in combat and shooting whereas the 30 is really sturdy and takes some beating before it loses it's buff. The 10s still get the natural -1 hit in shooting which helps to keep them alive against shooting and draws opponents into combat...where you want them to be. As a competitive build I would 100% say there are way more lists out there that are better than this one...what this list does have is resilience and, on it's day (and with a bit of luck!), can go toe to toe with top build lists thanks to it's ability to absorb / shrug off / heal damage. Hope that helps!
  4. Hey man, thanks for the comment. Happy to chat through the untamed beasts. To be honest, they are one of the most versatile units in the list thanks to that pre-game move and run & charge. In scenarios like Focal Points / Blades Edge it means you can grab all the objectives early on without giving up your plaguebearers to a double turn hit. Against armies that teleport in with 12" range shooting attacks it means that you can position the fat boys behind them and pregame move the unit forward to screen out the droppers. Worst case scenario, you can throw them on a a flank wth Be'lakor to go hunting for any objective just to give him Lookout Sir! I know I haven't even begun to scratch the surface with how useful they are but for a 9 model unit that has 10 wounds, a 6" pregame move and can run and charge 70 points is an absolute steal.
  5. Solid list & can be a pain to try and work through with all the wounds. Not thinking about taking Witherstave on the Harbringer to keep things alive longer?
  6. I was running the Thricefold at this event. Haven’t been playing them long but found the list to be super solid. The one loss was to the effective hard counter of the army (33 screamers who do extra damage in combat with monsters and can fly over wizards doing d3 mortals - unfortunately the GUOs are both 😭). That being said, it was still a close game. The other games were against Zaitrec Teclis and Triple Frigate plus Ironclad KO. The KO were able to murder a GUO per turn but the plague bearers won the objective game with their innate -1 hit.
  7. As per title, I’m looking for a maggotkin army (all units considered). Painted/unpainted considered. Will pay good £££ for a well painted army. Fire me a PM if you’re looking to sell yours!
  8. Anyone trying out the Thricefold with all the points drops in GHB2020? Seems a decent build.
  9. @Arkahn - spread out the brutes do well late game. They are also a wall for chargers to hit early on which you can auto pass battleshock on. The MightyD from Ironfist (which can include a run) really helps units get around quickly. The teleport is also great. There’s also green puke for the extra D6” if you really need it. KO and other alpha strike armies will always be a struggle as all my characters are ‘support characters’
  10. Having lots of fun with this list. It's a bit 'eggs in a basket' but the Ardboys and Brutes have done excellent work late game. Allegiance: Ironjawz Mortal Realm: Chamon Leaders Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (460) - General - Boss Gore-hacka and Choppa - Command Trait: Ironclad - Artefact: Plate of Perfect Protection - Mount Trait: Weird 'Un Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (460) - Boss Gore-hacka and Choppa - Artefact: Metalrippa's Klaw - Mount Trait: Mean 'Un Orruk Warchanter (110) - Warbeat: Get 'Em Beat Fungoid Cave-Shaman (90) - Allies Battleline 10 x Orruk Ardboys (200) - 1x Gorkamorka Banner Bearers - 1x Gorkamorka Glyph Bearers 10 x Orruk Ardboys (200) - 1x Gorkamorka Banner Bearers - 1x Gorkamorka Glyph Bearers 10 x Orruk Brutes (260) - Pair of Brute Choppas Battalions Ironfist (160) Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs Extra Command Point (50) Total: 1990 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 2 Allies: 90 / 400 Wounds: 110
  11. Have tried running the below in a few games and it has done reasonbly well. Swapping the Pigs our for Brutes cost me speed but kept the body count up for Ere'we'go. The brutes have actually performed remarkably well as 'super subs' in the mid game once everyone is a bit closer to each other. Seraphon is still a terrible matchup - still not sure what to do about that one. Changehost is manageable thanks for teleport and Orruks coming back forcing them to cover their backline. Being 1960 (so keeping 5 Ard boys and not upgrading to Brutes) almost guarentees the triump as well, all of which are great for Warclans. Allegiance: Big Waaagh! Mortal Realm: Ghyran Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120) - General - Command Trait: Bursting with Power - Artefact: Shamanic Skullcape - Lore of the Weird: Da Great Big Green Hand of Gork Orruk Warchanter (110) - Artefact: Everspring Diadem - Warbeat: Fixin' Beat Orruk Warchanter (110) - Warbeat: Get 'Em Beat Wardokk (80) - Artefact: Mork's Boney Bitz - Lore of the Savage Beast: Gorkamorka's War Cry 10 x Orruk Brutes (260) - Pair of Brute Choppas - 2x Gore Choppas 15 x Orruk Ardboys (300) - 2x Gorkamorka Banner Bearers - 1x Gorkamorka Glyph Bearers 15 x Orruk Ardboys (300) - 2x Gorkamorka Banner Bearers - 1x Gorkamorka Glyph Bearers 10 x Orruk Ardboys (200) - 1x Gorkamorka Banner Bearers - 1x Gorkamorka Glyph Bearers 5 x Orruk Ardboys (100) - 1x Gorkamorka Banner Bearers 5 x Orruk Ardboys (100) - 1x Gorkamorka Banner Bearers Ardfist (120) Ironfist (160) Total: 1960 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 2 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 153
  12. Think I know the answer to this one but wanted to hear from others. When bringing back models from gravesites/Nagash/Heroes can I conga them out in such a way that they get within 3" of an enemy unit (thereby tagging them in combat) if: A) My unit being healed is already in combat with a DIFFERENT unit. B) My unit being healed is not in combat with anyone It doesn't have a restriction in the book but I may be missing something. Cheers!
  13. Yeah - I kinda figured that one. His huge positive is that he has a tool for just about every situation imaginable. If only he didn't die so quickly though!
  14. How does everyone go about keeping the big man (Nagash) alive during games whilst making the most of him points wise?
  15. Quick question - where do people tend to put their gravesites? I was thinking about creating a sort of 12" square on the board with them to create lots of overlapping areas for healing units. Interested to hear what others do!
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