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  1. Sounds like the lesson is 'make the most of the new while remembering the good bits of the old'
  2. There was a period in 8th edition where O&G were the hotness. Doom Diver, Spear Chukka spam. O&G gunline.
  3. Some decent results against what sounds like really tough matchups. What was the list you ran to the event? I've been um'ing and ah'ing about what sort of list to run. The battalions give some good rules to boost things like bravery, speed and surviability T1 but at the cost of a couple of units. Seeing what a lot of people are playing against, I find myself asking the question "should we just try and max out on the body count to get the most from Waagh whilst also maintaining board position and chaffing up mega heroes?" A decent mix of Gruntas and Ard Boys backed up by the "I won't fight until it's completely neccasary to kill that thing" Krusha gives you those things. Sure, you'll never get the choice of first turn but you have board coverage with a decent screen and lots of redundancy for the counter punch.
  4. While I like the sheer brutality of the list right from the very beginning how do you secure objectives with this list as it looks like just about everything fights? Also, how would you deal with screens
  5. Oh lord, what is happening here? His head is big enough already 😂 Don't know what all the fuss is about tbh - why is anyone surprised that a guy who is good at the game and only plays the best lists in the meta at the time is winning events? 😋😉 Give the man some Ironjawz and watch the Jack shaped empty space in the crowd during the awards when he doesn't win a trophy.
  6. What's everyone's typical load-outs for the Aard Boys? Thinking 7 Choppa/Shield , 3 Big Choppa for the unit if I need it to be an anvil.
  7. I suppose the power of the Fungoids is that you are exponentially improving the attacks of your units using Waaagh. By having 1 rather than 2 Fungoids you have reduced you ability to used waaagh by an average of 1CP every 2 turns. This could prove especially costly early in the game if you haven't generated those extra CPs.
  8. Do they still get access to those spells if it’s not a Gloomspite army? Thought they just used the realm spells instead.
  9. Thanks for the great reply @Andrew G! I used to push Brets around in 8th Ed so I know all about running a sub-optimal army and having to think incredibly tactically about it...it does make winning those tough games and getting podiums oh so satisfying though! Is the thought process behind keeping the GG within 3” behind the Aard boy screen so that they can pile in and fight when the Aard boy’s are charged? Vs the 30” flyers I imagine you would deploy a little further back to ensure they could t get behind you. Looking at lists like the triple thirsters who jump forward, they would probably see off the best part of an aard boy unit each. Would you then consider waaagh and countering with Pigs and the Krusha as that constitutes the majority of the army? Sorry to bombard with questions, but what are your thoughts on Archaon & Morathi matchups?
  10. Congrats on the great result @Andrew G! Couple of questions, if you don't mind, around deployment of the army from a learning perspective. 1. Apart from the one unit who might get the free move at the start, how do you play T1 when your opponent gives it to you with this list as there is little chance of you actually causing damage to anything (apart from that one unit you may throw forward opportunistically). With so many units it's likely that you will not get the choice of first/second turn so what does the deployment look like? 2. How would you deploy to counter armies that can 30+" rush you with fliers from the first turn to ensure you still have enough staying power to hit back come your turn? Thanks for the comments!
  11. This is for the hobby story in Hong Kong (runs events there reasonably regularly) Name: Fun Atelier 油楽坊 Location: Kwun Tong, Hung To Rd, 香江國際工商大廈 5/F, Block A, 56 Hki Building Game: GW & Others For me: Name: Steve Follows Location, Guangzhou, China Game: 40k & AoS
  12. With 6 attacks I'd say he could handle any small hero with the 3d6 average mortal wounds. For something bigger, he gets the re-rolls Vs a monster anyway
  13. While I like the no-battleshock effect for the King, at 400 points he's really expensive! The Bret Lord is less than half the price, gives other units re-roll charges and with sword of judgement and legendary fighter has 6 attacks as well with 4+ being D6 Mortals... Sure he has less wounds but he's also not such a big investment if he dies.
  14. Greetings everyone, Having moved abroad a few years ago and not being able to play much AoS except on the occasional visit home I've had to theory hammer quite a bit. While we Brets have certainly had a massive power hit with the latest compendium, there's still a few units in there that are defiantly still a goer. - As mentioned, the Enchantress is an absolute steal at 160 points. Cast twice a turn with a re-roll and can self heal? Moves 14" a turn? 7 Attacks?! Yes please. All of that without mentioning their (I love that you can pluralise them now by taking more than one) other cool ability of buffing arguably the only decent 'unit' left to brets...Grail Knights - The current meta seems to be filled with Death and quite a lot of Daemons (including Lizzies 😂). A unit of these bad boys can go through stuff in pretty short order thanks to their reliable charges and decent damage output. Combo that with multiple Enchantresses helping to buff them and you have a very nasty unit (or units as i'd probably be running them in 5s). Sure, they're not as survivable as previously but you still have access to a damsel to help out where needed. - Bretonnian Lord - Re-roll charges and can fight monsters for 140. Enough said. I recently wrote a list with these maxed out and some endless spells - pretty confident it could get 3 solids wins in an event.
  15. VonSmall

    Mourngul save

    Really? The wording for the Deathless Minion is "Roll a dice for each wound or mortal wound inflicted on a Death unit from your army that is within 10" of your general..." The wording for the Mournful's save is "...if they suffer a mortal wound, roll a D6. On a roll of 4+, the mortal wound is ignored." Having had a look through the rules and wording for mortal wounds, I can't seem to see the difference between a unit having mortal wounds inflicted on them and suffering mortal wounds. Why then would a unit gain two saves from what is effectively the same thing? A unit who has a special armour save against shooting doesn't get both it's normal save and boosted save against shooting, just it's best one. Can anyone explain with actual reference to the rules? Happen to be proven wrong!
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