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  1. Hello from a fellow new guy!
  2. Thank you! You new too?
  3. I see. How about the skaven warband? What's the opinion on them?
  4. Hello again! So... after asking all these questions on the forum and much deliberation, I decided to try AoS out! *gasps* I ordered some books, I'll be ordering Soul Wars... I'm kind of intrigued what will come out of this. Will I like the game? Will I manage to glue a sensible amount of the Stormcast folk in less than a year? Or will it all turn out to be some sort of mad endevour? We'll see 😁 Anyway, for the moment, I'm in! So - hello, world... erm, AoS and TGA. Great meeting ya! 😃 And thanks for answering all these questions of mine. It really helped me make this decision!
  5. How about spraying the MDF with a universal enamel paint? Do you think it'd be work as a sealant / primer?
  6. If I may ask: any rumours regarding a Daughters of Khaine warband? I'd a warband of these snakey ladies at once Also, any ideas what changes might Season 3 bring?
  7. I see! Thanks for your input That clarified some matters to me. I'm definitely looking forward to playing the first game... I just need to assemble one of the warband and find somebody to play with
  8. Hello! I hope it's not a wrong forum to ask this question... If it is, I apologize. I have a few terrain pieces made of laser-cut MDF (buildings etc.). Most of the stuff I own is pre-painted, so it's something you just need to glue together. But I have some pieces that came unpainted... Question: do you guys happen to know how to paint such MDF terrain? I've read that you cannot do this the same way you paint miniatures or plastic terrain, as MDF soaks up the ordinary paints and primers (it's wood, after all). So, what stuff to use? I've heard all kinds of advice, including priming the MDF with automotive primers... Still, I'm quite lost. Did any of you guys paint this kind of terrain?
  9. But what if you can make good use of *all* the cards? Sorry if this is a stupid observation - I haven't played the game yet
  10. Ah, so a bigger deck isn't necessarily an advantage?
  11. I see! If I may ask another balance-related question: is there some rule regarding the maximum size of the deck, or can the players bring all the cards their own (with the restriction of not using cards not related to their warbands, of course)? If so, wouldn't it lead to some inbalance - I mean, if one player has the power deck of 30 cards and the other one has 100 cards, then the other player can discard unwanted cards more easily...
  12. Hello! I have recently purchased Nightvault and here's something that I'm wondering about: The new warbands released after Nightvault core set are all (I think?) groups with wizards. So, how do the warbands released for Shadespire fare against them? If I understand correctly, there was no magic in the Shadespire version of the game. Does this mean the Shadespire warbands are weaker? Would a game of, say, Godsworn Hunt vs Steelheart's Champions be inherently imbalanced, or are the older warbands still valid options?
  13. Hello again! If I may ask one newbie question more, here's something that I'm wondering after looking over the various AoS armies... Stormcast Eternals are.... rather impressive as an army. Quite a lot of unit choices, very nice designs etc. Is it me or... are other armies somewhat less awesome? I mean, Daughters of Khaine seem interesting as a concept - but they are so much... smaller. so to say. They seem to have about 10 units - also, some of their units use models that seem a bit oldish. Melusai are really cool, Morathi is obviously a fantastic model - but Witch Aelves are a bit... meh. Not awful, but not really jaw-dropping, either. And Bloodwrack / Cauldron of Blood could *really* use an update. The same goes, for example, for the Hedonites - the new Keeper of Secrets is fantastic, other recently-released new models are very cool, too. But the Daemonettes are still the same design from at least a few years ago... So, here's a question: any chance of GW updating some of the older models in their armies, i.e. releasing a refreshed version of Witch Aelves etc.? Also, any chance on Daughters of Khaine (or other armies) getting some additional models?
  14. One year to paint 100+ models? Wow, that's... about 2 models a week. Awesome 😵 BTW. Could you guys tell me what are those new contrast paints, exactly?
  15. Oh, I actually do enjoy the craft side of wargaming! I like assembling models, I really like painting them... It's just that there's so much of craft involved that I feel intimidated when thinking of picking another game. I already get jokes from one of my friends who says that Infinity has the longest "loading time" of all the games he knows (he's strictly a PC games player) and asks whether I actually ever get around to playing it. I'm worried that if I add AoS to my wargaming mix, I will never play anything... I wish there was a way to assemble and paint models faster than I do. If I may: what are the options for playing with small amount of models? I have the current Skirmish rules and I have Shadespire / Nightvault. Is there some third way of playing with just a group of models?
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