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  1. Oh, I didn't mean statistics - just the whole concept of them being armed with *lances*. If I understand correctly, those lances work like any other melee weapon, right? Meaning, the Knights can fight multiple rounds with them in close quarters... which is not how lances worked in real world. Such lances were, as far as I know, more of a one-use weapon: the cavalry took up speed, they aimed their lances (long heavy poles, basically) at the enemy, they crushed into the enemy. Then, the lances got discarded and the knights used swords and other close-quarter weapons. I know, AoS is fantasy, but there's just so much suspension of disbelief I can have strained... BTW. Do you guys think we'll get new Chaos Knights with other weapons (their warscroll has them listed as an option)? Or Chaos Warriors with other weapons configurations?
  2. I also do agree that Chaos Marauders are just... completely unappealing visually, to be polite. Coincidentally, I also think that Chaos Knights with lances make zero sense. Which means that of the "core" StD units, only Warriors and Chariots are fieldable, at least for me. One of the reasons I'm not sure I'd want to play with this army...
  3. Interesting. Where do you live, exactly? I'm in Poland...
  4. Really? The official description mentions female heads, as do some reviews..?
  5. Hey guys, I have a small question related to the new Start Collecting set for StD: it does have female heads, right? How many of these heads are included there, if so?
  6. Thankfully, I haven't assembled the big models yet... I'm still looking at them and deliberating. Hmmm. Ha! But I want big models! I love crazy Skaven contraptions As for the Rat Ogor conversion: I admit I wouldn't want to lose the whole blade... It's wicked I've been thinking about adding something (like some leftover tubes from Storm Fiends) to that spherical thing next to the blade. I'm worried about ruining the minis, though... BTW. Does anyone know what stats that Ogor had in Island of Blood? Maybe the blade (which seems connected to some Skaven energy tech) counts as a warpfire gun as it is?
  7. Island of Blood was good. I managed to hunt down four Rat Ogors, two Warlock Engineers and two Warpfire Throwers from that set. Nice minis, GW should make them available normally instead of the older versions. Speaking of models - two requests for advice: 1. As mentioned, I have four Island of Blood / Spire of Dawn Rat Ogors. Very nice models! One problem, though: none of them has a Warpfire Gun listed on the warscroll... I've been wondering of converting two of them so that they have those WFGs, but I'm not sure it's worth the risk of ruining these nice models? On the other hand, without WFGs, the Ogors don't look as a good unit in comparison to Storm Fiends... Here's how these Ogors look like: What do you think, should I tinker with them or leave them alone? 2. I'm assembling my Skaven army and I've currently run into a problem: I'd really like to add some of the bigger units (Doomwheel, Thanquol & Boneripper, the Screaming Bell...). Unfortunately, I don't feel like I'm good enough to try painting them just yet - but I've also been told that these models could be a real hassle to paint when fully assembled. For instance, painting the Doomwheel pilot is very hard when he's inside the contraption - also, painting Thanquol could be tricky when he's on top of the big Boneripper. The same goes for the Seer on the Bell... So, not sure what to do? I want to play with these models, but I also would like to be able to paint them well at some point... I admit I'm stuck. Help, please-please! 😵
  8. Oh, I would've loved to do that... if Carrion Empire was available for a reasonable price. It wasn't. I checked all the shops I normally buy stuff at - and none of them had this set anymore. There were copies available on eBay... for $250 or so. So... yes, until today the only way of getting the Bombardier was buying it from someone for a rather high price. When it comes to me, I specifically paid about $40 - $45 for the mini + postage costs. Overall, I did have to pay something between $50 - $60. Oh well, this stuff happens. Kind of unfortunate, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it
  9. Hey guys, you've been very helpful. Between this and a Warhammer wiki on (former) Wikia, I got all the info I needed Observation: is it me, or was the old WFB / WFRP a tad... better? I prefer AoS as a game, but I got the feeling that the Old World was a deeper, more focused and more coherent setting than the Mortal Realms. Mortal Realms is so... vast and yet, it doesn't engage my emotions the same way the stuff I read about the Old World does... Anyway, a Lumineth-related question: how you are planning on painting these guys? Somehow, I got the feeling that color-shifting paints might be of use here...
  10. So, to summarize: Warscroll Builder *has* accurate and up-to-date data regarding point costs and which units are allowed in each army? Because that's what interests me, mostly. Warscrolls I can print from the free part of Azyr...
  11. *looks at the onion formation above* Seeing things like this make me realize that I'm both new to wargaming and a poor tactician... my idea for formations is "put my guys into tight crowds and push them forward" BTW. I just checked GW's website and I see they finally made Warlock Bombardier available - for about $20. Last year, I bought one on eBay for $60 or something... I'll go and have a heart attack now
  12. Seeing that there is a Lumineth-related thread... Could you guys help me with understanding Teclis and Tyrion? They've been mentioned in the AoS fluff in many places, but I have no idea who they actually are. With the Lumineth being revealed now, I understand that Teclis is an aelf-turned-god who created them. I also gather that Tyrion is his brother (and not the Westeros character). But what are these guys like, actually? What was their role in the old Warhammer setting? Also, what's up with the "hero resurgent" part of the Lumineth trailer on Warhammer TV? I suppose it's the "hollow armour" guy... but who is that - some other WFB character? And as we're speaking of aelf characters, who is Malerion (aside from being Morathi's son?) BTW. I certainly hope we won't get any big Dark / Shadow Aelf faction that will assimilate Daughters of Khaine! I love Morathi and her serpent women and I'd prefer them to stay distinct. And I actually like the idea of there being many unrelated factions of weird aelves. Introducing a High / Light and Dark / Shadow aelf split would be dated and very D&D...
  13. Out of curiosity: what's the actual difference between the Warscroll Builder available on Warhammer Community webpage and the Azyr mobile app (aside from the fact that Azyr requires paid subscription)? From what I see, the Warscroll Builder includes point cost of the units and some of the warscrolls. Azyr has all of the warscrolls, points and some fancy stuff like access to one's PDF library. WB is free and looks uglier, Azyr has a nicer look but you need to pay for it. So, what's the point of Azyr, then? Especially as the warscroll portion of Azyr is actually free? BTW. I see that some of the point costs listed in the WB are different than the ones in GHB 2019. So, which of these listing are more current and should be respected in matched play?
  14. My problem with the Marauders (and Marauder Horsemen) is that they are... dated. Okay, I may be weird, but the look of the minis is a big part of this hobby to me. And Marauders don't look like anything I'd have fun assembling / painting / playing with... Looking at other StD units... alright, the Chariots aren't that bad I might pick one of them, if I went with StD. Guys, a question: are there any news / rumours about GW updating the StD models aside from the Start Collecting! set? Are there going to be updated sets of Knights or Warriors sold separately? If anything, both of these units have weapon options that aren't included in the SC! box. I'd definitely be more interested in Knights if I could field them with blades, not lances. (I know, I'm kind of ****** about these lances the SC! Knights have, but they completely break the suspension of disbelief for me. Lances aren't normal melee weapons, medieval knights that used them also had secondary weapons to use after the initial charge. GW did it right with the Varanguard, as they have believable heavy spears, not unwieldy lances...)
  15. Sorry if I'm creating too many threads... I really hope it's okay. Anyway - thanks for the answers, Pariah Hmmm... I've looked at the newest StD's Start Collecting! set a bit closer. Is it true that the set features female heads? Female Chaos Warriors could be interesting... Still: hmmmm. I admit I'm not very fond of aesthetics of this set: plate-armoured Chaos Warriors, Chaos Knights with lances etc. For some reason, this is not what I'm picturing when I think of Chaos. Especially not knights with lances, even if clad in scary armour. If I was to field Chaos-aligned riders, I'd prefer to field the Varanguard... What I might be interesting in doing is an army with the Darkoath barbarians, maybe with some of the Warcry folk - and some cool monsters big monsters. Not sure how to create such an army without having to use the StD's "ironclads" (Warriors / Knights / Chariots) that are also this faction's Battleline units..?
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