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  1. So, basically... Nurgle is to blame Anyway, yes - the whole pandemic situation is really messing up things, not only at GW...
  2. I'm not complaining regarding the pause. Although I wish they released a new CSM codex already, because that's one thing I'm currently really waiting for!
  3. Depending on culture, not all names ending with -a are feminine... Anyway, these new models came completely out of the left field for me. A pleasant suprise! And yes - a new plastic (and, hopefully, alluring) Herald, please!
  4. Out of curiosity: for the last two days or so, I kept getting the "Community unavailable" message when trying to access TGA. Was it something on my side, or was this a general problem? If the latter, then what happened? I admit I was worried...
  5. And here I thought the SCE were supposed to be this awesome army of awesomeness! 😵 *takes a hammer and trashes his SCE collection*
  6. The problem with a Glutos novel is two-fold, I think. Firstly, as @pnkdth noted, his most obvious character is his origin. I think a novel about his current situation is possible, but that would require bringing some ambiguity to the character. He *could* work as this half-insane glutton attended by maniacs and hopelessly trapped by his curse... That would go against GW's current descriptions of this character, though, which seem to suggest that, at the present day, Glutos is an gleefully evil character. I guess you could try to reconcile these two approaches, making him someone who is em
  7. Thanks! BTW. Is it me or are these characters overpowered? Emelda costs more than Stormcast's Lord-Celestant... and she has the same stats, too! Isn't she supposed to be just a mortal warrior? As an SCE player, I'm weirded out...
  8. Guys, here's something I noticed when I looked at the warscrolls for Cursed City characters: We're being upstaged!!! We, meaning the SCE. Seriously, have you seen Captain Emelda's stats? She's a mortal human... and yet, she has stats equal to a non-mounted Lord-Celestant. Who are supposed to be the leaders of elite, immortal and divine-powered fighting force. This is wrong... 😵
  9. Hey guys, I have a question regarding the Cursed City heroes: have there been any news regarding their point values? Also, do we know if they are going to be Leaders, or just ordinary units? Kind of considering picking up one or two of them, but I'm not sure if they will have any place in my SCE army, which is full of Leaders already...
  10. Hey guys, I have a question regarding Cursed City heroes and AoS. Do we know what their point values might be? Also, will they count as Leader units, or normal units? Any info on that yet?
  11. I think there's also a bit of debate whether Named characters can take Mount traits etc. I'm inclined to say no and treat Named characters as uncustomizable. But maybe I'm wrong... BTW. Stupid question re: Azyr - is there a way to make the font, images etc. bigger? I can't use this app, as my eyes hurt from looking at small font on mobile devices...
  12. I dislike the Hand due to fluff reasons. It doesn't fit my Keeper's personality And I've been wondering how useful the Aegis is?
  13. Hello there, guys! If I may jump in with a quick question: I got myself a Keeper of Secrets and I'm wondering how to assemble it. Meaning: what weapons? I'm torn between the ritual dagger and the whip. The whip seems more interesting, but I'm wondering whether it's actually useful? It's main bonus is tied to fighting Monster units, but it's not like they are that common... Not every enemy army is going to have even a single one... Any advice?
  14. I like her! I wish she was available for AoS... or someone similar. We could use a few HoS heroes more. Her name is Vaela Angelica. I scoured the book but I can't find anyone with that name - or someone who could've been her... Hmmmm. I checked, but no: that character's name is Zaresta Silverheart. Oh, I fully agree. I consider HR1 and HR2 the only true and canon movies. HR3 I consider semi-canon, because it's silly and pointless - still, tolerable. The rest is some sort of nonsense. And yeah, the original novella is probably the most Slaaneshi part of the series,
  15. True. I think I'll be using Invaders as my army Host - with two generals: one human (the aforementioned Shardspeaker princess) and one daemon (a Keeper of Secrets). Although with the caveat that these two don't actually *hate* each other... they just aren't always on the same page. Also, with both of them being powerful personalities, they need to be careful not to confuse their troopers in battle ("Archers, fire at will!" - "Sssssss! Flanking maneuvers!" - "I said: fire at will! The Keeper's talking to the daemons, not you!" - "Actually, I was talking to the archers, mortal! Ssssssssss!!!" -
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