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  1. What was suspected turned out to be true - the DoK will be getting an Underworlds warband! https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/03/10/revealed-at-gamagw-homepage-post-3fw-homepage-post-4/ Yes-yes! Uhm, I mean... yesssssssssssssssssssss! ❤️
  2. Just learned about it, too... Awesome!
  3. I'm glad you liked her, guys I'm entirely satisfied with how the sword arm fits the pose - seems like an awkward way to hold a sword... Also, if you look closer at the elbow part, you can it's half-melted due to fiddling and too much glue Nevertheless, I like the overall results. I plan on buying another Cauldron and I'm wondering what to do with the SQ from that one... This time around, I'd like to try a head transplant - the problem is finding an appropriate head. My three options are: the ponytailed Sorceress on Dragon, a Drukhari Succubus and Lelith Hesperax. Lelith would be my first choice, but the way her mini is constructed, I fear that extracting her head and hair would be beyond my skills. Nevertheless, just imagine a SQ with that updo!
  4. If I can do some minor boasting, I'd like to show you the effects of my weekend conversion experiment... As I mentioned earlier, I was dissatisfied with the Slaughter Queen mini, so I decided to try and improve it. In the end, I came up with the plan to combine the Queen with the Aelf Sorceress I had lying around. Here's the result: : Basically, I cut of the SQ's forearms and transplanted them onto the Sorceress... The result isn't perfect - still, I like the resulting mini better than the standard "porcupine in an ugly mask" SQ mini. I realize it's all pretty basic, but it's only the second conversion I've ever done - and the first one that involved actually cutting and kitbashing the minis. So, I'm quite satisfied. BTW. I have also assembled my first Cauldron / Shrine this weekend (without a crew at the moment). Now, I'm considering painting it! Not sure about the colour scheme, though... Any Cauldron photos you guys could share?
  5. If I can come back to my posts from Tuesday... Okay, I've received my Shrine today. I compared the Slaughter Queen parts to the Sorceress parts... I think it should be feasible to use the Queen's arms on the Sorceress. I hope to try this during the weekend... BTW. The Shrine looks very nice - nicer that I expected, actually. My hands are itching to start assembling it. Buuuut... I think it's one of those models that needs to be painted before assembly, right? I suspect it might be hard to paint the crew after glueing them onto the shrine itself. Meanwhile, I'm not in a painting mood lately... So - should I assemble the shrine, because I feel like it, and worry about painting it later? Or spend the next month on assembling *and* painting it? Drat, this hobby can be frustrating at times...
  6. Yeah, checking her stats she seems like someone who can wound a monster some good, but will usually end up getting killed once the monster has a chance of striking back... On the other hand, if you combined her with a Protector unit supporting her..? Speaking of combinations: are Lord-Ordinators good? And would it make sense to field two of them - and combine them with two Ballistas and two Castigator units to have two Hailstorm Batteries?
  7. I see... Hm. And how do we know her point cost?
  8. Hey guys, quick question! Larissa Shadowstalker. Is she worth getting? Is she even legal? She's not on any GHB list or in the Warscroll Builder... So, can you use her special rules in Matched Play? What is her point cost, if so?
  9. Oh, interesting! Are these kinds of radical conversions allowed? BTW. When mixing AoS and WH40K Aelf / Eldar parts, is there ever a problem with proportions, i.e. a head being too big etc.? BTW 2. I have a spare Aelf Sorceress lying around and I'm considering using her as a Haq Queen... But she has this staff in one of her hands. Would it be considered a lore or rules problem if I have her keep it? Another option is to try cutting off her head and using it for a Slaughter Queen, but I'm not sure if it's doable. Part of her hair seems integrated with the main body... On another note, I have another question regarding Shrines and Avatars. Is a Shrine-based Avatar considered animated all the time, or does the priestess have to pray each round to activate him, just as if he was a free-walking unit?
  10. Hey guys, I have recently ordered a Shrine for my Daughters (still unassembled, but some day..!) and I've been wondering about two things: 1. Is a free-walking Avatar of Khaine useful? 2. A bit of a modelling issue - the standard head for a Slaughter Queen is... well, unattractive. Anyone tried replacing it with something else? I've been wondering whether I could use a head from a Sorceress on Black Dragon... or, maybe, something from WH40K? Maybe I could steal a head from a Drukhari Succubus... or Lelith Hesperax? Has anyone tried that?
  11. Hi there, guys I've finally got to reading the lore parts of Skaven Battletome and I have some questions... First, a general question (which may be a bit weird): when playing Skaven, do you think of them exactly as they are depicted in the book? The fluff there is atmospheric, but it really shows the Skaven as absolutely creepy, deranged monsters. Meanwhile, when I think of my Skaven army, I can't help seeing them as... well, my cute little ratfolk I mean, sure, I do think of them as being crazy and on the evil side - but there's cuteness and fun involved, too. So, how it's with you? Also, I have two specific lore questions: 1. Is it known where the Horned Rat came from and how exactly did he become a Chaos God? The book doesn't really go into details in relation to those matters. 2. As it's not mentioned, I understand that the Old World concept of "almost nobody believes the Skaven actually exist" didn't carry over to the Mortal Realms? And a final question, related to the way you might head-canon your personal armies - if you're playing using an all-Skaven army (in contrast to an army of just one Clan), then how do you explain all those rats working together? I mean, aren't Skryre folk and Pestilens folk meant to be at each other throats? How would you explain them being a part of one army?
  12. It's a bit strange the Darkoath folk cannot take Marks... Nevertheless, I want to use them, because they are my favourite Chaos models (aside from the Skaven). I wish there was more of them! The Mutalith Beast... yeah, it just seems too interesting not to use I'm not really into tournaments, so maybe it won't be a problem... And yeah - the Marauders issue. As I mentioned before, I really have a problem with how weak the minis are aesthetics-wise. Please tell me: is it common / acceptable among AoS players to use third-party proxies for their units? I might look around for similar models elsewhere... BTW. Has it been explained somewhere in the fluff what's the difference between the Marauders and the Darkoath barbarians? I assume there should be one... BTW 2. The Gaunt Summoner's once-per-battle summoning ability - is it something that works automatically, or does it involve rolls etc.?
  13. But the cultist just look cool... Hm. Alright, here's my second attempt at a StD list: Leaders Chaos Lord on Karkadrak (250) Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch (240) Darkoath Warqueen / Darkoath Chieftain / Ogroid Myrmidon (90/140) Theddra Skull-Scryer (70) Battleline 10 x Chaos Warriors (200) 1 x Chaos Chariots (120) 1 x Chaos Chariots (120) Units 5 x Godsworn Hunt (60) 3 x Varanguard (300) 1 x Mindstealer Sphiranx (100) 1 x Fomoroid Crusher (100) 8 x Iron Golems (70) 20 x Kairic Acolytes (200) Total: 1920 to 1970 / 2000 Possible modifications: aside from the choice between the Warqueen, the Chieftain and the Ogroid Myrmidon as the barbarian-style leader already worked into the list, I could drop Iron Golems and have two of the "barbarians" heroes instead of one. Or, I could go the other way and put in another cultist units, if only for giggles There's also the possibility of dropping the Sphiranx or the Crusher and putting in the Mutalith Vortex Beast... Finally, there's the question of battalions, but I'm not getting into it, as I don't own the book, so I don't have the info on them. Thoughts?
  14. Hmmm. I'd say that my goal is somewhere between #1 and #2. Meaning, my main motivation for this StD army is to play and have fun - but, at the same time, I'd like to have a chance of actually winning battles. So, while I'm not looking for an super-optimized configuration, I'd want to build an army that makes a degree of sense. You say the army I listed is lacking in damage-dealing capacity... well, I'm not going to field Marauders (unless GW releases some new updated models for them), but how about using allies to fix this problem? How about adding 20 Kairic Acolytes + making one big unit of 20 Chaos Warriors + adding 2 Chariots? Of course, some Warcry Cultists would have to be ditched...
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