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  1. It'd be the most sensible thing to do, yes! That way, they wouldn't have to re-released the warbands all the time... They'd have only to update the core universal deck.
  2. I found this article: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/09/08/warhammer-underworlds-the-future-of-competitive-playgw-homepage-post-1/ If I understand correctly, it means that all warbands will be available, but with the updated card sets..?
  3. Do you think it's wise to buy any of these warbands now? Or, maybe, GW will declare them non-legal for games... or re-release them with some completely new cards that will render the old bands invalid..?
  4. Hmmmm. So... which answer is correct? *is confused*
  5. Aaaaargh! This is really frustrating! *goes hunting for a third-party shop that still has the Skaven warband in stock*
  6. Wait, what??? The old bands won't be available..? I really wanted that Skaven warband
  7. Hello, guys! I plan on playing my first AoS game tomorrow and I'm building a list... So far, I have some SCE to choose from, including Astreia Solbright. And here's a question: The rulebook says named characters cannot take command traits and artifacts. What about their mounts, though? Astreia Solbright (who counts as a named character, of course) is riding her dracoline... which is also named. So, can I assign a mount trait to Astreia's mount, or is it not legal? I'd really appreciate some help here
  8. Thanks, that clarified a lot to me! Two more questions: 1. So, each player does fight twice each round, right? 2. What is a double turn?
  9. Good to know I'll be getting then anyway, because I'll be getting at least one of the Start Collecting! boxes. I just didn't figure they'd be that important... Even though I must admit that with Clanrats and Stormvermin I'll already have 100 rat warriors to assemble. Not quite looking forward to adding another 40 rats to that pile 😵 If anything, with that approach Skaventide would become a literal Skaven tide
  10. Plague Monks are a hammer? I didn't know that... I imagined they'd be relatively weak? *noob takes notes* Anyway, my opinion is that fielding 240 Clanrats might be a bit boring, because you wouldn't have enough points to field all those cool Screaming Bells, Warp Lightnining Cannons, Doomwheels etc. Plus, transport might become an issue? But my perspective might be weird, because I'm not that a competitive player...
  11. Okay, so let me get this straight: 1. Charge is the only way my unit can attack enemy units - unless, for some reason, it already is the enemy unit's 3''? So, I cannot move my unit so that stands 3'' away from the enemy, skip charge and, then, declare my attack and pile in? 2. I don't get to choose which enemy models in the enemy unit I attack? And the enemy unit's formation isn't important - it's assumed that each of my models is hitting the enemy unit as a whole? 3. The range of my unit's melee weapons only determines which models from this unit can attack and nothing else? 4. If the formation of the defending unit isn't important, then there's really no point in moving the unit with models set up in a few ranks? Because it doesn't really protect them from anything? Is this all correct? BTW. When piling in, how close to the enemy unit do I move my models? Should it be base-to-base contact, wherever possible?
  12. Ah, so each player fights twice in a round? Once during their own combat phase and once during the opposing player's combat phase? Also: if Player A attacks Player B's unit, does Player B have to retaliate with this unit, or can he attack with another one and leave this one doing nothing? Ah, see, that's another thing I don't quite get. The rules state that I cannot move my unit closer than 3'' to an enemy unit... so, if I do so and my unit is exactly 3'' from the enemy unit, can it attack the enemy unit in the combat phase? So, when making an attack, do I have to declare which model of my unit attacks which model of the enemy unit?
  13. Okay, I see. That makes sense. One more question: so, let's say I want to use both Clanrats and Stormvermin... how many should I have? 1x40 Stormvermin + 2x40 Clanrats? More, less?
  14. If you guys don't mind, here are two new newbie questions I stumbled upon... Could you help? 1. I've been trying to run a simulated mini-battle at home yesterday and I realized I don't quite understand the turn sequence. Does it go like this: Player A hero phase, Player A movement, Player A shooting, Player A charge, Player A combat, Player A battleshock... and then, Player B doing the same? Player A hero phase, Player B hero phase, Player A shooting, Player B shooting - and so on? Something else? 2. What's the exact role of the charge phase, aside from allowing the units some additional movement? 3. Where exactly does the range of melee weapons come into play? Why is it important? From what I gathered from the rules, a unit can fight enemy unit that's within its 3'' - and, before the attack, it piles on the enemy anyway. So, where does the weapon range factor in?
  15. I see, thanks. Although now I wonder if I should've bought these Stormvermin at all... Could you expand on the charge aspect? I'm new to AoS and I'm not sure why charging would be so important..?
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