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  1. Nice! Cool idea with the marble effects. If I were painting the LRL, I'd be tempted to try some of those colour-shifting paints I once heard about. To give these guys a kind of kaleidoscopic / prismatic feel. Not sure if it's doable, though... BTW. Not kangaroos. Llamas
  2. Wait, it's a female vampire? I completely missed that! *goes back to the preview to take a second look* Hmmm. I guess it could be a woman... or a thin man. The article doesn't say otherwise...
  3. I guess it's a classic look, still... I never liked it, personally. Now I wonder if new female vampires will still be wearing wigs...
  4. I just saw the preview of the new LRL cavalry. I don't know why you people say these guys look like they are riding kangaroos? ... I mean, they are clearly riding llamas. *ducks* Jokes aside, I'm honestly deeply impressed by the LRL range. Great models. Some unexpected design choices (battle cattle spirits..?), but the line has some clear identity and it all fits. If I didn't have enough models to work on already...
  5. I just spotted the new vampire previewed on Warhammer Community. Not really the direction I hoped they'd go for... Oh well.
  6. Hi there! Welcome to the madness Yes! Buy all of them! ... that's what I'm prone to, at least Seriously speaking, though: if you want low numbers, you could try going with the Stormcasts. All of the units are fieldeable at low numbers - also, there are quite a lot to choose from. And they are all very nice visually! Another extensive faction are the Skaven - again, a lot of options to choose from and quite a few fun specialized units with interesting rules (spoiler: these guys explode ). You'd need to forget low numbers, though: Skaven are on the opposite end of the "elite vs. horde" spectrum than the Stormcasts. I mean, the most basic SCE battleline unit, Liberators, is fieldable in the squads of five. Skaven's most basic battleline unit, Clanrats, is fieldable in piles of 20 rats (and it's better to actually field them in 40s...). Also, some portions of the range are also quite old and not that awesome visually. Seeing that you mentioned Slaanesh - not sure if you only browsed the existing range or you also follow the previews etc.? Because Slaanesh will be getting quite a lot of new models this year. So, that faction is going to get much richer and also very, very attractive visually... Anyway, I'm still mostly a noob to AOS, but I'm sure other folks here will provide a lot of feedback. Good luck with the hobby
  7. Hmmmmmmm. Alright, now I feel a bit stupid I've always heard that whatever the material, washing parts is a sensible thing to do... One solution that just hit me: why the heck not wash the whole sprues, *then* cut the pieces out? I'd be quicker and would spare me the problem of organizing the parts correctly during washing... What? Still... I'm impressed! And if you aren't interested in building your own case, you can always try buying one... like, say, one of the A-Case variants. I have two of these and they are amazing (if quite expensive).
  8. As you guys aren't sure, I'd like to confirm that yes, that WHU character (Valreek) is definitely a female. She's identified as such on her card's flavour text. Also, she's awesome Overall, the Grymwatch are a wonderful collection of minis - I'd have never thought that you can give the FEC ghouls so much of character! ... and I'd like to stop here when it comes to the subject of females. I think everything has already been said - and it's true that this subject was derailing this thread a bit. So, coming back to what I think still needs to be added to the game based on the lore... It's been said before, but: Shyish humans for Nagash armies. Human Nagash worshippers are clearly mentioned in the rulebooks - and yet, there are no models for them. Also, I'd say we need a lot of new vampires... It's another question of whether you like the old aesthetic or not, I suppose - but, personally, I really dislike the WFB-legacied vampires. Armoured knights with bats on their helmets? Women in a baroque dresses and wigs? Nope, I don't like it. I'd really want to see something more medieval or even ancient-esque. Not to mention, there could be so many vampire variants: werewolf-like vampires, Nosferatu creepies, Renfield-inspired human worshippers...
  9. Well, one can be a woman *and* a hulking brute Huh. Now I need to find that story! ... female Ossiarch Bonereapers?
  10. The more female SCE, the better That said, SCE don't have it that bad when it comes to gender diversity when compared to other factions. I mean, FCE? There's only *one* female ghoul around - and she's quite recent. There's zero reason for female ghouls not to be represented as miniatures, and yet... But yeah - more females, that's my big request for GW. Thankfully, we're slowly getting there - we'll be getting a female Chaos Warrior *and* a Chaos Sorceress, as well as female Slaanesh troopers that aren't Daemonettes. There already are two Tzeentch females (the one from Tzeentch WHU warband and the Magister from Aether War), as well as a female Nurgle sorceress. Now we need some female Khorne berserkers And, of course, Daemon Princesses! And then, rank-and-file females for all factions: SCE, FCE, StD... An idea: a female Varanguard rider. Now that could be cool...
  11. Wait. You built the whole SCE half of Soul Wars in 3 hours? Seriously, how did you do that? It'd take me 3 hours just to cut all the parts from the sprues... Then, another a few hours to wash them. And probably 3 to 6 hours to assemble everything... Not to mention, I'm wary of cutting parts for too many models at the same time, as I'm worried I'll end up mixing them up. Overall, it seems like something that would take me at least a few days, if I pushed myself to really assemble all of these models together. But yes, I agree that I should try being more focused... Sit down, make some noticeable progress with one project before moving to the next. It's not like I'd need to assemble *all* of my Space Marines to start playing with them - the core of a playable (small) army is under 20 models. So, I could get this done and then add the rest gradually later on... I'd be hard to fully drop any of the armies I own, though. I really like all of them....
  12. I know, right?!? 😵 Maybe things got a little out of hand... Yeah, maybe it's time to channel some Marie Kondo again... BTW. Painting one guy a day? I *assemble* one guy a day... 😵
  13. Oh, but I'm excited for all of them! That's one of the reasons I'm going so slow - my attention shifts from one army to another. The last time I was assembling stuff, I was focusing on my Chaos Space Marines and Sororitas - but recently, I got myself new Stormcast stuff and now I'm tempted to assemble some Dracoths... I guess I need to work on my self-discipline? Why would I dissolve the Infinity stuff? Don't be mean (not to mention, it won't work. Infinity minis are metal. Highly-detailed metal. Seriously, check them out) Anyway, I don't think that a spreadsheet for selling would be needed... I just need to make some new photos and started putting ads regularly on my local sales groups. I'm sure somebody will relieve me of the excess stuff eventually.
  14. Exactly. The Doomwheel instructions booklet actually has a note at one point that says (more or less): "Before proceeding further, best paint the Doomwheel pilot now, because it'll be more difficult with the model fully assembled". It's simply because the pilot would be difficult to reach with a brush after you assemble all that machinery around him. A few of the Skaven models have a similar issue: if you want to paint the crew, you better do it before you glue them onto the model. It's the same with the DoK Cauldron of Blood: I started working on it a few months ago and I'm still not finished, because I need to paint the main body of the model before I even glue it onto the base. So many hard to reach parts... you need unrestricted access from all sides. Only after I'm done with painting the shrine, I'll be glueing on the crew and the Khaine sculpture. Of course, the crew needs to be painted before putting onto the shrine, too... So, lots of work before the model will be ready. I could rush it, assemble the whole thing as grey plastic and try painting it later, but the results would be much poorer. And, while I'm not a great painter, I'd like at least the bigger models in my armies to look sensible. It's the same reason I'm also progressing very slowly on my Sororitas Rhino. It's not difficult to assemble by any means, but I had this idea to decorate and paint the insides of this model. I had lots of fun with this, adding icons, candles, a rose from a lover left on a bench... But I need to finish painting all of this before I put this Rhino together. And I'm still not done, so the Rhino is still in pieces... Drat, I'll glue the next one shut and be done with it
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