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  1. Hey guys, the box up for pre-order. And the price is 125 GBP, if you're interested I told ya so! Let's go and buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuy... (throws money at GW)
  2. Interesting... They both do have that keyword on the warscrolls available through the free app, true. Nevertheless, non-Disk Gaunt Summoner isn't listed on the StD army list... Unfortunately, I don't own the StD battletome to verify?
  3. I'd love to use Knights from the SC! box... but, as I mentioned, I have a problem with the lances. Seriously, if anyone explains to me how do these guys use them in close combat (and they *do* use them, because their warscroll doesn't say anything about a minimun range for them), I'll take them. Right now, I look at them and can't help thinking that they just don't make sense... Oh, interesting idea! I might look into it... Thanks for the explanation re: Varanguard. Gaunt Summoner comes only on Disk in StD??? Noooooooooooooooooooo...!!! I don't like it. But maybe I could use a Disk-less one as an Ally? Would that be legal?
  4. Thank you for ideas! I have a question regarding Varanguard: I see that they can be used as Leaders? Warscroll Builder has them listed as something called "Knights of the Empty Throne". How does that work, then - they are a unit of three / six / nine / twelve riders serving as a collective Leader? BTW. Warscroll Builder doesn't list a plain Gaunt Summoner for Slaves to Darkness, only Gaunt Summoner on Disk. Is that a mistake? Oh, and Gaunt Summoner's summoning ability - does it work automatically? The warscroll doesn't mention any roll for it. Does it mean that Gaunt Summoner has, in practice, a free summonable unit built in? That sounds good... too good I'm wondering whether there's a catch?
  5. All right. Tell me about this LoCA thing. Where are they described and what can they take?
  6. Argh! Double post. Disregard! Sorry...
  7. Hmmm... Okay then. My current thinking is that I could get the SC! box, use the Warriors from that box as 1 Battleline unit, then get a box of Kairic Acolytes and split them into 2 Battleline units more. Also, I could use my Furies as the summonable unit for the Gaunt Summoner - or, maybe, get 10 Daemonettes? And then, add the monsters and the WHU / Warcry warbands. And, of course, use the Chaos Lord from the SC! box as one of the leaders... That way, I'd get an army that would be both Matched Play-legal and colourful. An alliance of Chaos cultists from all around the Realms: an armoured overlord with some cronies, a solid crowd of Tzeentch guys, as well as some smaller allies from other places, both human and mostrous. And the actual demons would remain in the background, ready to be summoned... Hmmm... My question is: do people actually play "plain" Chaos? I don't think there are many additional options for such armies, such as those that are described in specific Battletomes?
  8. Okay, here's a bit of a question / challenge for experienced Chaos players: Playing Chaos in AoS isn't my first priority - I'm building a Skaven army, but they are their own thing... That said, I see that I'm slowly amassing a solid collection of Chaos stuff: all those Darkoath people, Warcry warbands, new Chaos monsters etc. And I'm wondering: could an army be built around them? I initially thought about making a Slave to Darkness army, but I learned that none of the units I own actually counts as StD Battlelines. I'd need to pick up some Chaos Warriors / Marauders / Knights... the problem is, I'm not really enamoured with the old Chaos miniatures. Marauders are just... extremely dated, the regularly-available Knight and Warriors are a bit better, but also somewhat old. I could get the StD Start Collecting box - the monster-mounted Chaos Lord is very nice indeed. The Warriors in that box are okay (even though they have only one weapon configuration available) - but the Knights break my suspension of disbelief due the idea they are supposed to use their lances in close combat... And overall, aside from the Chaos Lord, I'm just not sold on the "big evil guys in full armour" visual for Chaos worshippers. So, my question is: is it actually possible to build a Chaos list using the Chaos stuff I actually like: Darkoaths, Warcry crazies etc.? Here's what I have: Darkoath Warqueen & Darkoath Chieftain Theddra & the Godsworn Hunt 3 Chaos warbands from Warcry (possibly 4, if I manage to get the Catacombs box) Ogroid Myrmidon + Fomoroid Crusher + Mindstealer Sphiranx Furies & Raptoryx Gaunt Summoner I also plan on keeping the Slaanesh warband from the coming WHU starter. If I have some spare money, I could add the Chaos Lord from Start Collecting! box, *maybe* the Chaos Warriors from the same box - I could also add some Daemonettes, Nurglings or Kairic Acolytes. Varanguard and Mutalith Vortex Beast are also a possibility. Sooooo... could any Chaos-themed list legal for Matched play be made out of these? Any suggestions?
  9. So... that will be another book you'd need to pick up to play? Oh no I really can't keep up with this stuff financially....
  10. I'm not giving up! Hopefully, the price won't be very outrageous back here and I'll be able to get enough money! At worst, I'll split the box with someone interested in getting the Scions...
  11. WHU warbands, true. But the Warcry warbands from the first started eventually got released separately. I'm not sure if mixing and matching would be possible, considering the way Warcry is designed. The abilities cards are essential part of the game and they are all tailored towards specific warbands... As for the unreleased warbands, I think that Catacombs complete the warbands mentioned specifically in the core rulebook. IIRC, they are eight Chaos warbands described in that book. The Golems and the Beasts were released at the start, soon followed by the Fangs, the Cyphers, the Corvuses and the Unmade. The Tyrants were released after a while and now, in Catacombs, we'll get the Flamers. Plus, we'll get the Shadow Aelves, which came completely out of the left field (not that I'm complaining). I'm wondering whether GW plans to make more Warcry-specific warbands after Catacombs. New Chaos warbands? Or some Warcry-specific warbands for other factions? I wouldn't mind that, as personally speaking, the current Warcry-specific warbands failed to grab my imagination. I like the Cypher Lords, but other 6 warbands don't really inspire me. Out of Catacombs, I like the Shadows, not sure I'm sold on the Scions... I could use some more options. Hmmm. Today, I've seen someone mention online that the GW price for Poland is going to be 650 PLN... which would be around 130 GBP. Not sure if that translates into 210 USD? 210 USD would be around 740 PLN... I certainly hope it'll be 650 PLN or less in here in Poland. Not sure I can afford 700+ PLN for a starter... especially as the new WHU starter will be hitting the shops soon, too.
  12. Actually, I'd prefer this to be the current version, because it'd mean I could sell it Or, if it turns out I can't afford the starter, just wait for the warbands to be released separately... One beef I have with WHU is that they keep updating the rules each season, so I need to keep buying the starters. 🤨 Although these Warcry rulebooks are my curse. First, I got myself just the rulebook to see what's the game like. I liked it and started looking for stuff to buy... and, eventually, I realized I might just buy the starter. So, I got a second rulebook... one which I managed to sell only last week. And now it seems I might want to get this new started - and I'll end up with yet another surplus rulebook. Agh!
  13. Out of curiosity: the main rulebook in that set is the same as the original one, right? The additional rules (I understand there will be some) are in the Catacombs booklet?
  14. Thanks for an explanation! They seem like total abominations. I shall enjoy smashing them... *swings a Sygmarite hammer*
  15. Is there any interesting lore tied to them? Or is it an army of personality-free skeletons?
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