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  1. Hello! Just what it says on the tin, really. 😁 I'd really, really want to add a Warlock Bombardier for my Skaven army... Unfortunately, the little guy was available only in the Carrion Empire box, which is sold out (or offered for insane amount of money) nowadays. And I'm not a fan of the idea of converting some other mini to build him. So... does anyone here own this mini, preferably in the unassembled / unpainted state - and would be willing to sell him? If so, I'd definitely be interested. As mentioned, I can't afford paying an *insane* amount of money for him, but I do have some money to spare (and kidneys for sale - I don't like the colour of them anyway...). So, if own said ratty madman - let's negotiate!
  2. Thanks! I really could use him, but Carrior Empire is impossible to get hold of these days - and nobody seems to be selling the Bombardier as a separate figure on eBay... So, if you change your mind, I'm all ears.
  3. Don't dip! Dive right in and join us! Yes-yes
  4. Thank you! As for the PS. - heh, I actually didn't think about it... Still, they fit better as Gutter Runners, IMHO. BTW. I also bought myself four of the SoD Rat Ogors (I might've let myself be ripped off by one of the sellers, but I couldn't find a better offer, so...). Now, I'm wondering: should I leave them as they are, or should I try to convert them so that they actually *are* equipped with warpfire guns? I don't want to risk destroying these models - on the other hand, two of them seem to have these warpstone-powered blades. Not sure it makes sense to leave them that way, as the rules say nothing about them having such weaponry..? BTW 2. Mighty vermin lords, could you help SaucyRatBear with his question above? Let's make him/ her feel welcome to this nest
  5. I admit I am extra-slow when it comes to painting... I've not learned to ability to paint a lot of minis in one sitting. I paint one mini per evening... So, 25? That might actually be the number of minis I've painted across these few years I am doing this hobby... BTW. I got myself some Death-runners! But a few of them are already assembled and glued to the bases. The problem is, they came with 32mm bases when they were released in Silver Tower - meanwhile, AoS runners use 25mm bases. Any pointers on how to remove them from their bases safely..?
  6. Hello! I'm an AoS newb myself, but if you ask me, I'd take the Doomwheel. If anything, it seems to be fun-fun 14 steps per model!!! *has a heart attack*
  7. Guys, I'll tell you something: I secret the musk of fear on the mere thought of having to paint 80+ minis...
  8. Hello there! I realize you most probably want to sell the entire army, but would you, by chance, willing to sell one of the Bombardiers separately? I can't find this little guy anywhere...
  9. Hmmm. So, 40 Gutter Runners. I guess that 5 of them would be useless? And you say one needs 6 Stormfiends? I have bought (well... ordered, so far) just one box. I thought that would be enough?
  10. ... aside from me, guys. The problem is, not matter how hard I squint, I just can stop seeing that this MM is holding a cattle prod, not a things-catcher. Gah! The cattle prod mini is very cool and I'd love to use it, though... I wish there was an option for a MM with a cattle prod! Another irritating mini I discovered today is the Death-runner from Silver Tower - he looks awesome! But there are no rules for such a hero in AoS... and I'd need five of these guys to make them represent Gutter Runners... As for Rat Ogors - oh, it's not like I'm absolutely enamoured with them or something... But these two SoD minis *are* cool (even though I have no idea why one of these guys has an energy generator implanted - what does it power, exactly?). But I can't decide whether it makes sense to use - Storm Fiends seem to be much more interesting option when it comes to oversized rats... And these SoD are costly - not points-wise, but money-wise. One of these costs about $20 on eBay... So - thinking, thinking...
  11. Hmmm. How about 2 Rat Ogors + 1 Master Moulder or Packmaster? BTW. I've been wondering about this Packmaster from Spire Of Dawn: http://www.coolminiornot.com/pics/pics16/img532dee2d482f6.jpg. Could he be used these days? He has a cattleprod instead of a whip, so I'm not sure he'd be legal? Wow. Very nice job, then!
  12. I see. No rat ogors, though? Hmmm. Here's a more general question - any rumours on GW releasing Skaven warband cards for Warcry?
  13. Hey guys, a question regarding Monsters and Mercenaries: does this book include any Skaven characters you could use in Warcry?
  14. Thanks. So, I gather that 2 Rat Ogors without a Packmaster wouldn't be much of use? BTW. I looked at your photos... who the heck are those rats with little guns? I don't recall this unit... Also, where did you get such nice Jezzails?
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