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  1. I see! I was a bit worried when I looked at the Melusai box (I actually own two of these, as I use Melusai as archers when playing Dragon Rampant) and noticed all these meticulously listed items the Melusai carry... Okay then! A lot of food for thought Thanks, guys! BTW. What do you think of Shadespire / Nightvault? I actually purchased it and just picked the box from the mail box...
  2. Oh, I'm actually in Poland, so I guess that the shipping costs would make such a transaction too expensive... Still, thanks for the offer Also, no worries - again, thanks to Infinity I have experience in the whole "buy a big starter to re-sell one half of it" thing As for Warcry - I've heard of it and I'm keeping tabs on it Let's see what comes out of it, yes. If you don't mind, here's another matter I'd like to ask for input: WYSIWYG. In WH40K (at least when I tried getting into it) there was this notion that models needed to be accurate - all chosen weapons needed to be actually visible on the model etc. Is this the same in AoS? I get that, obviously, a Stormcast with a sword should actually brandish a sword, not a mace - but is there some flexibility in model appearance etc.? For example: when it comes to Daughters of Khaine, the Blood Sisters (infantry) are Melusai in scary masks, while Blood Stalkers (archers) are Melusai with faces uncovered. I really don't like these masks, sooooo... would it be considered a problem if I assembled Blood Sisters with unmasked heads? Would it be considered inaccurate and unallowable in matched play, or is such a thing okay?
  3. Again, thanks Two more questions: 1, Regarding the three ways of playing - is anyone actually using AoS for open and / or narrative play, or is matched play most popular anyway? 2. Any opinions on the skirmish rules? I actually have the January White Dwarf with these rules, but they don't seem to fit with all the types of units. For example, they don't explain what do with units like Evocators, who are wizards in standard games, but require their units to be of 2 models or more to access ths ability... It doesn't square with the skirmish rules, where every model is separate unit by definition? Sorry if this is a specific question, but I really do like skirmish games (as I mentioned, I'm an Infinity player, so I guess that's not a surprise).
  4. Thanks! So, some quick questions before I hit the bed: 1. The free rules in the PDF - are these *all of the rules* of the game, or does the big book expand on them? This booklet seems really... short. 2. What exactly is in the General's Handbook and are we sure the 2019 edition is coming? 3. Is there a risk GW will replace the current big rulebook with a 3rd edition sometime soon? 4. Which battletomes might get replaced with new edition? The armies I'm interested in are the Stormcasts (is it okay to like the Stormcasts..?) and the Daughters of Khaine.
  5. Hello! I'm considering picking up Age of Sigmar (because it's not like I have a metric ton of minis to assemble / paint and two other wargames I'm trying to get into already... *sigh*) - but, before I decide, I'd like to learn a bit more about this game. Could you guys help me out a little? 1. First of all: what do you need to buy? I once tried to get into WH40K, but you needed to buy a rulebook and a codex even to begin playing... not to mention special dice and templates. From what I can see, when it comes to accessories, AoS needs only normal D6s, right? No templates etc.? Also, what about the books? I have no problem with buying the rulebook (unless GW plans on releasing a new version every other year, as it seems to do with WH40K?), but what about the Grand Alliance books, General's Handbook and Battletomes? 2. Are the starters worth purchasing? I'm eyeing Soul Wars currently, but the models included seem a weird set. I mean, it has 8 Sequitors and 3 Evocators... meanwhile, if I understand the Matched Play rules correctly, Sequitors need to be fielded in tens and Evocators in fives? So, is this starter a money trap? Maybe it's just better to collect an army with normal sets? 3. What's your opinion on the AoS fluff? Is it good? I admit this part is important to me. I try to play Infinity and one of the reason I picked it up is the fact that I really like the setting. And I really did spend a lot of time on discussions regarding fluff controversies (Uprising, hee hee). Is the same possible with AoS? Or is the fluff lacking, as some people claim? Any help?
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