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  1. Friends and I downloaded Underworlds online. I am losing all og the games, i wonder if i can find any websites, with recommended decks?
  2. Cursed City is already posted on ebay, with double price: 😅 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Warhammer-Quest-Cursed-City-Brand-New-Sealed-Box-Age-Of-Sigmar-Preorder/324534458932?hash=item4b8fc2da34:g:sXEAAOSwNvBgZ7AK
  3. Personally I prefer vampire, but LRL has moon ornaments....
  4. I dont think is vampire silhouette. Notice this two moon shaped "things" is rather more models for LRL. Tyrion perhabs?
  5. It is clear that the lower hand is one from engine, is completly the same shape:
  6. i have feeling that rumour engine is up side down.
  7. Have you noticed that "zombi model" hold a gun ?
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