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  1. Soo let's have a short discussion about the best shooting unit. Which do you think is best? Just as a single warscroll and then also with all abilities and synergies with other units, allegiance abilities, spells, and so on. Let's see what you come up with
  2. Wow amazing :) thanks for all the responses. Gonna try some out :) If anyone has got further or more bits, keep them coming! I'm interested to see what might be out there!
  3. Hello everybody. I am looking for female dwarf head bits, that I could use to make some female dwarven warriors out of the existing GW kits. Are there any good out there? My search on the internet wasn't that fruitful so far. I am not looking for complete female dwarven models, just some suitable head bits or some sort of subsitute, which I could use on the regular GW miniature line :) Preferable with some sweet braid looking hair 🙂 Thank you very much in advance for your help. Cheers! 😀
  4. Pretty new to Nurgle, but I was thinking of a list with 4 big baddies. How viable do you think it is? 2x GUO 1x Rotigus 1x Glottkin 4x10 Plaguebearer Thricefold Befoulment Battalion Another list I was thinking of is: 2xGUO 1x Rotigus 1x Horticolous Slimux 1x30 Plaguebearers 3x10 Plaguebearers (Could also switch these for 2x5 Blight Kings) Thricefold Befoulment Battalion With Horticolous I could have around 3 Feculent Trees on the Board on turn 1. I am very grateful for your feedback on both lists T
  5. If you wanted to go for a maximum skink invasion list with something like 200+ skinks, would that make sense and how would you build such a list?
  6. Anyone got any experience in running a block of 40 mortek guard? Would you still recommende using the blades for them or would you switch to spears for a block of 40? Thanks in advance :)
  7. 8 more minatures went last chance to buy on european fw homepage. Get them as long as you can
  8. Did someone already email FW about this and ask for an explanation?
  9. Come on guys.. where's ya faith in Hashut? He will protect us!! We will prolong our right to be part of age of sigmar forever They produce platic chaos dwarfs in warcry, they added our points in the ghb, they even faq'ed our oop unit back in. I stay strong with my believes in our army and our pride. I will not turn down my believe in Hashut. I will not!! And just as a sidenote.. they never axed the download of the rulebook in my country So I just stay with my believesthat it has been a labeling or programming error for some countries
  10. These are also some great suggestions :) I think to keep up with the current rules we would need something to take part in the activation wars. Maybe a unit or an endless spell? :) I am also excited for the upcoming StD release. Maybe we'll get some nice allies.. em... I mean slaves for our faction ;)
  11. Thanks for the writeup man Amazing looking force. I really love the conversions with the old models. So nice to see them on the table My favourite picutre is the fearless dwarf in front of that giant maw krusha. He just doesn't care and looks him straight in the eye saying "Even if I die, someday you'll be our slave too, you big giant cabbage looking dragon looser." Do you think you would have done better with more bodies on the board? But I would guess that your opponent's face expression must have been very funny, when they saw you rocking up with these many warmachines Anything that
  12. Holy bananas!! They look awesome and the display is siiiick How did you do on parade day? Did you win with them??
  13. Hmm seems tough. If you want to stick to the full warmachine loadout I'd go for the Castellan (or even a second Demonsmith + a Balewind) instead of the standard bearer. You run a lot of single models as bravery won't be much of an issue If you want to try a little bit something else, you could drop the castellan/standard bearer, one magma (you can only add 3 to the battallion anyway) and one skullcracker. For that you could add in a bull centaur taur'ruk (also hard hitting beast with good mobility and awesome general with the armor and grotesque), 10 more Fireglaives for more shooting- a
  14. Yeah the epitome is very nice in its abilities but just like you I hate the model. The design just doesn't seem to fit and match out aesthetics very well. So there's no way I will be playing it. I converted the old lammasu model to be a chaos sorcerer on "steed" as an ally. Seems to match the style and the spell/ability is also pretty decent
  15. Managed to dig out the list from the BBBB (Bendigos Bush Bash Bonanza): Leaders Bull Centaur Taur'ruk(160) -General -Trait: Grotesque -Artefact: Armour of Bazherakthe Cruel Daemonsmith(100) -DarkforgedWeapon The Contorted Epitome (200) -Allies Battleline 30 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives(300) 10 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives(100) 10 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives(100) Units 12 x K'DaaiFireborn(480) War Machines Magma Cannon (140) Magma Cannon (140) SkullcrackerWar Engine (200) Endless Spells / Terrain SoulscreamBridge (80)
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