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  1. Honestly the last two times I played these guys I feel like I was missing something. I don't know if it was numbers or attacks, but for some reason I just thought it was wierd. Maybe it's too many points on slow models like ogers or dwarfs in a heavy movement games, or lacking the extra couple guys to do work. Maybe I should try to get my hands on another drill master or two.
  2. green stuff noodles on a 32mm base it is then! but how did you use them? any tips?
  3. so, a pure all eel army would mean that you should probably go Dhom-Hain, because it helps you out when you need it the most: charging. Really, if you go with a more even split of Ishlean and Morrsarr, then you really need to line up your charges and plan ahead how you are going to get the most out of it to clear an objective or damage the opponent. Be careful of that, and pick your battles out to make the most of attack. Really, the flip-tide Fuethan list is what makes the flying sea life lists really good. They give you turn 1 run and charge, and gives you turn 2 high tide. Downside is that these guys need a tide caster and 30 thralls to be good. Because you want an all akhelian list, luckily this is not going to mean much. personally I only played two games with my akhelian Core army and I loved the tactical play of them, but I will say you do pretty much want a tide caster or two just to have some casters. not ideal, especially since they removed the mounted arch-mage, but it's not really cost effective to run a double king list the way I do it. I just like to think they hitch a ride on the turtle. downside of this list is that they do not have a ton of rend on the eels outside of charging, and that you will almost always be outnumbered. if your opponent knows how to use that, then they can provide some great match ups. if you want to soften it up, then maybe focus on ishlean guard and sharks over big squads of morrsarr.
  4. so who do you guys think the quad is best used on? it really feels like it could be used on anyone, but who would be the best bet for it?
  5. Played two games with them so far and I can honestly say I love them. Granted it was a starter / learning experience games, but the way they played felt right. They Can run pretty fast and hit dang hard, and barring a few knock outs were surprisingly tough. Plus, a few combinations you could do were fun to plan around. These guys will be my main warband with the Splintered Fangs I think.
  6. Yea, I think I am going to replace the dorf with a Bola legionare. he's a bit faster and does the same amount of damage more or less, but so far I seen the dwarf to jack and diddly in almost every battle report orgame I played except the miniwargaming vid.
  7. Well I already tossed around the idea for untamed beasts but I want to buy the godsworn hunt guys and turn them into beasts with extra parts and the like. Especially the javelin lady, turning her into a first fang would be fun, and the two-handed guys into extra preytakers would be nice to play with. Make a more elite warband. for iron golems I may see if I can grab a few chaos warriors to use as extra iron legionaries or armored soldiers, just to see if they would fit. If not, I may buy another bunch of them so I can make a Roman legion style war party with legionaries. Maybe replace all the hand hammers with gladius blades so they can fight like true sons of Rome. splintered Fangs are easy. I already wanted to buy two boxes when I first saw them, so I believe I would just do that to get as many options as I can to play what I want... also green-stuff noodle some snakes onto some bases and have an all snake warband. These guys, the unmade and the iron golems are really the factions I can see building an entire Slaves to darkness army around.
  8. Honestly I thought that the idoneth eel riders would have something extra on their profile, maybe like an extra card that allows the eel attack in addition to the elf on top, using the mount rule. So far though, I was pretty wrong on that. I'm curious to see how mounts work later on though
  9. I am interested in seeing if the archmage will get a reboxing, as I made an awesome conversion that may be dead in the water now. other than that? Not really, unless one city features deep kin and offers better tactics to play around with... or as an excuse to make my black arc army.
  10. Get some birds for the deployments and put them almost all in one area! Anyways this is good data, especially for playing with guys you really want to use
  11. honestly, you could probably get some witch elves for that?
  12. so far my list for when I eventually get the box is basically 1x true blood 1x Pureblood 1x venomblood with spear and shield 1x venomblood with sword and whip 1x serpent caller 1x serpent 3x two weapon clearbloods 1x clearblood with shield at least till I get the second box
  13. looks like just one extra attack over the whip. I may be crazy but one extra attack does seem pretty good versus the whip (would need to try it first) I really need to get these guys someday, they seem like a really good all around faction
  14. Honestly I was just taking it from the leaked abilities without fighter stats. I'm super happy you found them though! and oh man they look even better than I first thought. The elf with whip just looks mean, and the spear pure blood looks like they can do some damage. My only worry is running out of doubles during the game, but even using them on str 4 warriors could have a big impact of giving more damage out on a target quickly. I gotta start saving up for these guys.
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