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  1. I wish I had time to play and paint now... I was dragged back into this by the new releases! also, how is the army doing in general? fun to play / pretty competent as it stands?
  2. I just wanna see if there is any new warbands for cities of sigmar and the like. or if there are any updates to cards at all!
  3. off topic but the next guys look to be vamps, so apparantly all my armies are getting updated! sweet. Gah still havn't even touched the rest of my archers! I am just too swamped with, but I know I need them. and writing down my zaitec painting recipe here in case anyone else wants to play around with it:. I will use it again in the future when I don't have 10 tests to study for Armor: White primer: retributor armor Burning Gold colorshift paint Secondary armor like chain mail: nuln oil gloss instead of colorshift Main Cloth: Blood Angels red contrast Secondary cloth: shysh purple Leather: Snakebite leather weapon tips / embossed symbols: Leadbelcher steel with celestial azure colorshift on top Shield: Black gloss for center oval, then Toxic purple colorshift for background metallic
  4. Has anyone had any success with big warden blocks? I wanna use them but from the videos I have been seeing and the dice I been rolling in my spare time, they seem super squishy.
  5. Anyone know if the sharks kept their scything fin attack? Cause if so, then holy carp that would be even better.
  6. anyone have any tips for hobby fatigue? I still got 8 sentinels to paint before my next ten wardens, and I am not looking forward to it...
  7. I’m dying for more lumineth lore and units, so I’m excited for this!
  8. @LuminethMage it does my heart good to see a zaitec list that did well with that list! A glorious battle being led by the most wise and glorious god, Celenar!* I am also happy to see a list with a lot of Wardens too. my favorite models and the ones I plan on spending the most on building my army around! Not too bad of a sentinel spam either. Quite nice! *Teclis was there too I guess.
  9. Yea, I admit that the flow of combat can be repetitive, especially as he gets his upgrade later in the book. I do like the moment to moment descriptions though, but now that you mention it the flow can be a problem with that. still, I am liking the book so far and getting towards the end, which I am finding fairly interesting. I am liking the philosophy (as shallow as it is) but so far I am finding myself liking it for the most part. I will have to read the sundering novels to compare though.
  10. I know it was talked about before but I am pleasantly surprised by the Realm lords novel. I feel like it expands a lot on the Aralith Mythos, and expands on their ideology, thoughts and fighting style. I also liked the action quite a bit, but I feel the author’s description of the warden fighting with a pike is hard to visualize. I liked all the characters too, and the main character is quite fun to travel along with.
  11. @ThalmorRepresentative awesome battle report, and sorry about the bad luck! I know how that can be, but overall thanks for the info! Can we have a before and after list? the only thing that makes me sad is hearing how the wardens got stomped. I never like hearing that!
  12. So I am pretty interested to try some ethereal blessing on a squad of 20 wardens w/ the Auraulean legion buff or all out defense on them. I just played a game with my deepkin and my Ishlean guard (eels with an ethereal save) were the stars of the show, bouncing wounds off with just a 4+ unrendable save. I know the stone guard would be tankier, but the idea of a huge phalanx of guys with a 4+ save really appeals to me. Then again it is reliant on a 6+ magic roll, which my last game also showed me can be very hard to get....
  13. It’s done! Finally completed my first 10 wardens in between studying for X-ray school. I absolutely love how badass they look in a rank and file. Stunning miniatures, just hope that me raising the spears like that makes it easier to play games with them. I did find that the warden is pretty hard to add to the middle of the group and have all the spears facing forward because of his back banner, which is odd but not a deal breaker. The models take a bit of time with my schedule, but I think I found my rythym of doing the clothing and armor one day, metal flesh and steel another, and finishing it with the color changing paints. I painted the shields separate and though you can’t see it here, the Toxic purple from green stuff world really makes the purple pop, and it is perfect for the ‘golden sunrise’ kinda look I was hoping for.
  14. @Chumphammer awesome. It does my heart well to see the pointy elves get on the table. And also good to know they can do well! Also good to hear it was a close game. I asked before, but how did the wardens do? And can we get a list?
  15. How did the wardens fare? I wanna field a lot of them, so I just hope they do well!
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