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  1. Well, I do think it is a mixed blessing that the twin stones are a predatory spell. On one hand if we are going first the opponent can move it out of the way of our advance, which sucks, but on the other hand if we go second we can move it where we need. A way way we can mitigate this is by having another endless spell act as bait, like the quicksilver swords or the Gnashing jaws, but then we may get damaged by those spells too. I would suggest using a spell like Geminds as bate, but that would mean there is a chance we could get debuffed, which would suck. Still, interesting to think about. by the way, what do you think about using the darkness of the soul spell combined with Voice of the mountain? Darkness of the soul makes it so the target needs a bravery check on 2d6 for them to do anything, including fight. We can debuff the hell out of the enemy bravery with voice and aetherquartz, maybe throw in the ganashing jaws, and suddenly we have a good chance to lock down an entire unit, even if they are battleshock immune.
  2. @swarmofseals Your opinion on this is pretty good, and we should consider a lot of it, but I do not think the outlook as bad as you're making it out to be. (I could be wrong as usual, as I couldn't make outflanking deepkin work all too well with my terrible luck.) I think one of the struggles of the book will be to put our wardens in a position to benefit from the most buffs as possible, and the two protective buff spells will be key to keeping them alive. Whether getting those spells off is easy in the long haul of the game or not is something to be seen, but I think we have a place at the table in the top lists. We may need to play around to find out. I really do not see why you like stoneguard so much though. could you enlighten me on it? because it seems they need at least a battalion, a mountain, and the faction to make them really tanky. again, I could be wrong, but I do not see taking them over wardens.
  3. You could try and find an arch mage from old Fantasy in order to replace it, say it's from the same caste and maybe model the chalice / brazier on the ground next to them. Some other models I think I myself am going to use are in the spoilers, whether as wardens or as heroes I'm not sure. @Adammck66 I have the same Dilemma. I think if I can spare the 20 points I'd go with Avalorn. 2 more wounds, one more attack is fine, but his real reason for being there over the base mountain is his aura that hits everyone in 12" rather than just 1 unit in 12". Makes the defense seem that much better, and he still hits like an absolute truck.
  4. I tried both, and let me tell you the results are always the same. I am cursed with super glue. I will be putting together the rest of the 4 with braincell killing super glue activator, which is the only way I can get results... Also, anyone find any fluff in the book pertaining to the Idoneth besides telling the whole origin story?
  5. I hope this army sold well, but remember the larger release is set up to come later on. Since there is no real savings (from what I read anyways) then I think People could just be either waiting for 40k’s new book to drop or for the full release to hit. also, my worst nightmare when creating my dawn riders came true when I saw the broken piece I found belonged to the Steedmaster’s model that I wanted. He was an absolute ****** to put together, and there is a small gap where the horse is supposed to push together, which will always make me sad when I see it. Sill, can’t wait to paint him, and really can’t wait to play with them... i am cursed so that super glue doesn’t work for me, so I shudder to think just how badly putting Eltharion together will suck.
  6. So in reality, how dirty is the Voice of the mountain spell combined with the Cathallar's innate spell? Because holy carp, stopping one entire unit from doing anything over two turns would be great for the moment you wanna jump into the offensive, but I admit i'm going to feel like an arsehole when I do it. it's a dirty combo but it can change the bloody game.
  7. Man I am still waiting for my paints to arrive... I just hope it’s worth it! Also need a non- humid day to go and spray paint... I decided to do sub assemblies for each dude so I can paint the face and cloth easier with contrast paints, and not worry about trying to do full detail on each face. @LuminethMage never considered a magocracy, which makes sense. I just want to know if there is one king and many princes like the old Ulthuan system of government for each nation, or is there a mage council for each city that rules as a governing body. I know it doesn’t matter in the long run, but it would have been nice to know about, especially during the spire fall event, whether or not the governments were the main cause of the mess or the individual land owners were. Maybe I missed something that said that, may have to re-read. How much the lumineth control now would be nice too, like certain boarders of nations / chaos territory, but that is something AOS struggled with for a while.
  8. yea you hit why I love that faction on the head. I can also see them being the "Nicest" lumineth you can meet as long as you are a wizard or wizard-adjacent. They may treat you like an idiot or a child, but they will at least see what kind of magic you can do and be interested in it while treating you like a toddler. Also, I must say that it is pretty amusing that our faction has a noble goal (cleanse land with burning light and stop allowing chaos to punch holes in things) but we do not do it so nicely, or really with permission. I guess the Lumineth are so smart that they think everyone can logically think through what they are doing, but forget that not everyone has the same train of thought.
  9. I just hope the bloody author reads the battletome before he wrote that book. I don’t want it to end up like court of the blind king, where the entirety of the novel fails to realize the Whole premise of a game of thrones style court intrigue plot doesn’t make sense because A.) each enclave is run by a council of ishraan and B.) the title of King isn’t hereditary or even a formal part of the government. It’s literally just what they call the general of a phalanx. There can be multiple Kings in one idoneth enclave, and the fact that the entire book treats the title of king like we do makes it possibly one of the worst AoS books out there. but yea back on topic, I still wish we had more insight into society outside the temples. What is your guy’s favorite faction so far fluff wise?
  10. I think I really jumped the gun thinking I'd get my armies on parade board done by this year.... I just want a little more info to satisfy some world building needs. For Example, are the nations run by the spiritual leaders of temples? is the majority of the government within each nation a City State where each city controls their land? Is the society Feudal? or is there freedom of movement and social mobility?
  11. I honestly think it speaks more to bad battletome design when generic RelicTM is the best choice for your army over anything in your own book. I am sad that my Akhelian King will no longer have his 3+ unrendable save, but I guess I can find some new relics to use from the battletome. Back on topic, I have to say that I love how they didn't skip out on talking about the Element temples. it rubs a little salt in the wound that we don't have the models, but I love the little excerpts we got, and we would have a lot less info on the society as a whole... Which considering how little we know of society for the Lumineth it is saying something.
  12. finally read a good majority of the book, and I gotta say this is some of the best AoS fluff I have read in a while (from a short pool of Kharadrons, Legions of Nagash, Deepkin and Cities of Sigmar) and makes me wish we had more models. Some particular notes I liked: Okay, enough of my rambling. Anyone else hoping the create your own hero thing will allow us more hero choices in matched play? and also, sucks to hear about the Relm relics, but they were almost too powerful... I mean giving a Vampire lord on Zombie dragon ethereal was always a bullcrap play.
  13. I just got my box today, and the only complaints I have is that the box seems to be made from the weakest cardboard, the spears are already pre-bent on the sprue, and there is one rein that somehow got popped out of a sprue... but outside of that I am super excited! can't wait to read the book and build those models!!
  14. Man I wanna stay engaged with this forum but I wanna read everything unspoiled first! Such a dilemma... I don’t even wanna write more lists because I am pretty sure I have everything I wanna try! will ask, has anyone else been practicing ‘formation’ for their shining company? Like moving bases around, making sure every unit is in base to base, how to pile in effectively etc. I may be crazy for doing it, but I am keeping myself occupied at least....
  15. yea, I can see that! I need to prime white / grey for contrast and use the paint on gloss primer for my colorshift ideas, which shouldn't be too hard, just time consuming. I am so excited to paint these guys though, and I need to get my hands on these ****** to start trying it out! Will post results here as well.
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