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  1. Honestly when I play at a 1,000 point level I always see high tide as a bonus. Sure, it would be nice to perfectly align myself to hit hard turn 3, but sometimes you just gotta play the game in the moment and react, hitting where you can and setting up for another attack later. I may need to practice it more to be honest, as I usually use flood tide as the more important turn to get where I want.
  2. True, and I haven't heard anything from guys who have their finger on the pulse of this about something like this so I dunno. Plus none of us actually played this, so we have no clue about how it will go.
  3. True, but most of the latest games with my akhelians I always had a few extra Cp's in the back pocket by the later turns. Using a few in turn one would go a long way to making ishlean a lot hardier turn 1, and they move fast enough for turn 2's run to be gravy. I dunno, I am just excited for them.
  4. I heard 2+ tough talk about them. I think one's re-rolling ones to hit in melee, one is re-rollling save rolls of one and One is rerolling hit rolls of one for shooting. Basically giving us stuff to do with our command points outside of turn 3.
  5. Well ******, there goes half the utility of the boats. Ah well...
  6. did the archmage go up or down at all? or anything else from the eldritch council?
  7. Any clue how if the archmage changed points? Really if the battalions didnt change points then I am fairly set for this next year. now I just gotta learn how to play these boys to their full potential... also, has anyone else tried arcane corrosion on a back field tide caster? And how do we feel about the new command abilities?
  8. The advantage with sharks is that they have rend outside of the charge with bite and fins, so they can possibly grind down a unit more than speels can (in theory.) I still feel like the shark should be around 100 points though, or at least modified to have two bite attacks and have the crew wound on a 3+ or something...
  9. As a dirty no good eel lover, I am happy that my favorite unit didnt get too much of a point raise. I just hope they don't lose battle line, and then my Dhom Hain Akhelian Core just needs two more boxes of eels and I would have a complete 2,000 point army. Still wish sharks and turtles got a bigger point drop, something like 80 to 100 points down on the turtle and 40 points from the sharks. Ah well, I still need to get a handle on these bois, as my local meta has some Really tactical players.... Also, any news on the tide caster and King going up or down in points? or the archmage?
  10. Honestly, It just wouldnt make sense if they did. Basically because it would both cut back on sales of their eels, and just by looking at other battletomes. (Like FEC getting terrorgheist Battleline but we can't get eels? Or fyreslayers getting Hearthguard Beserkers as battle line, and even Troggoths becoming battle line? )
  11. For me nothing really changed my lists for 1,000 point games (morrsarr can still be doubled up for being battle line) and the only think that I have to consider is what I want to do for the vanguard and main body. I would have to play the game to see how it goes.
  12. If that is the case, it gives me hope for my idoneth... I imagine an eel is equal to a dwarf! anyways, any plans for people on how to theme their warband? I am already planning on making my future untamed hunters into sea monster hunters just as an opposite opponent for my deep kin.
  13. @aelven_supremacy Until I know exactly what is going to change and how much, I am refraining from worrying about it too much. If it turns out that the levidon and alopex (and possibly ishlaen ) drop in points enough to cover it, then I wouldn't worry about dropping morrsarr in my list. Just gotta wait and hope.
  14. Well I guess I got some crow to eat on backlogs buuuuut the slaves to darkness inclusion seems odd. With warcry coming along I thought it would be a sure thing that they are getting their own battle tome. Maybe it will be like soulblight was, releasing the alliance rules and then putting it in a book soon after
  15. I heard talk from an off duty gw employee that the trade dispute is really hurting gw's distribution. Apparently a lot of books are being held up beyond sylvaneth, which is making things wonky.
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