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  1. I would personally like to see summoning toned down. It feels unfair that it could be a close game going on, then suddenly it tips to a loss because the enemy summons a unit to hold an objective while you just cannot. If they made it so summoned units cannot hold objectives, and / or maybe suffer a sort of attrition after they appear for a turn or two like in warhammer total war, then I think it could be balanced
  2. great discussion so far guys. What do you think about some elements within the black library stories? In my oppinion, a lot of the Malign portent stories from the campaign had some good lovecraftian vibe. the 'mirror's eye' short particularly felt akin to the Hounds of Tinderlous story that I recently listened to, a man trying to scry events in the realm of death, only to be taken by some unknown entity from a long dead city. We the reader know what took him, but to the guy is still killed by some unknown, unnameable monster from dead eons. The warcry cults are also pretty fun to compare to lovecraftian ideas. The Unmade themselves feel very akin to a cult of an outer god, just turned up to 11. Rites and Rituals of madness that allow them to experience new sensations, going mad in the process and seeking to explore more of these dark arts on others does feel like it could be something from the mythos, no?
  3. @tripchimeras good writeup! I have been thinking about an all defensive king instead of the half and half thing I have been doing, but I don’t know. I would have to play around with it more if I ever decide to do more defensive. I think that maybe giving him rageblade, and possibly the command trait that lets him re-roll 1’s to wound would be fun to try also, just to be as Killy as possible on the charge. I really gotta play around with it, but I get games once in a blue moon as it is!
  4. Congratulations on the win @tripchimeras! Got to have some really good screens with your opponent, and had the chance to steal their souls when they died! It’s a win win in my opinion! (Just remember to pasteurize those nurgle souls before feeding them to the Namarti) I spent some time reading through the relics in the tome and core book again and i’m Absolutely stuck with what to give my king. So far I have played my polearm king with Gyrstrike and born from agony, but he never ‘wowed’ me. I am trying to decide what would be the best choice in relics. so far I have had four other choices of relics for the king 1: terrornight venom from core book (re-roll 1’s to wound and -1 bravery) 2: rageblade (add 1 extra attack) 3: sanguine pearl (5+ ward save in melee) 4: abyssal blade (extra -1 rend, put on a great sword instead)
  5. So with halloween coming up I decided now is the perfect time to do a deep dive in the Cthulhu Mythos, and lately I have been wanting a discussion about all the ways Warhammer was influenced by lovecraft. Anywhere from cultists to the chaos gods, I want to hear people’s thoughts!
  6. You know on the subject of start collecting stormcast, I noticed how weak the current warrior chamber box is now that we have a new starter. Particularly the lack of a full squad of retributors, which in the box only comes with two. I hope they make a new vanilla stormcast box, maybe with some Dracoth riders, a Castellant and some liberators?
  7. So, has anyone been trying out their mercenaries? I am finding that the Aspiring deathbringer is probably my favorite ****** kicker in the game currently, and even if I don't get quads all the time he's still a beatstick. I only used his slaughter incarnate ability twice, but often times others in my warband whiff when I try to lay the smackdown on people.
  8. Okay, I guess I will try that. Thanks guys!
  9. Hey, I been running into something strange. On my iPad and phone I can get on this site fine, but on my web browsers (brave and chrome) I just cannot seem to connect. what’s up with that?
  10. Hey, it was just my experiences playing against them. Could be that the player wasn't playing them correctly. I just found that warbands that hit really hard tend to do better because of the crit chance and the fact damage could pile because of it. They are fast and have some interesting strategies, but so far I wasn't impressed by them.
  11. Whoops, would have helped if I posted my list: -Polearm Akhelian King - General, Ghyrnstrike -TideCaster- arcane corrosion -Tidecaster- bauble of bouyancy, Vorpal Malestrom =Akhelian Corps battalion= -Leviadon -Alopex w/ harpoon launcher -ishlaen guard x3 -ishlaen guard x3 -Morsarr Guard x6 -Morsarr Guard x6 Endless spell- quicksilver swords I could try to split my guys up into squads of 3 instead of 6, but I would need to convert some guys before I do that which, a couple weeks away from Armies on parade, just wont happen yet.
  12. did you mean reason, friend? Nighthaunt seems to be a little lower on the power scale, but they are tough and not once have I managed to kill the spirit host in that warband. I usually win against them with my Untamed beasts because they have high toughness but low strength and ability to wound (though the FAQ change may have helped that.) Idoneth can be great! I only played a nearly all eel list and as long as there is no objective to hold, they can kick ass quite ell, and are a pain to kill! Unfortunately I would need to get some extra thralls in order to really try them out to see if they are good.
  13. Oh man, he’s playing Dhom-hain as well! A man after my own heart! that is a whole lot of eels, and I can see how that can just overpower something. Almost makes me wish I split up my guys into smaller 3 man squads for my akhelian core, but that can be remedied by some conversions I think. I think that list really avoids a lot of the fears I would have against charging... I like it though, thanks! Never would have heard about it otherwise! finally set up another game this Saturday against a tourney player, so I hope I do well with my own eel list! It’s not as crazy, but I think it could do some work?
  14. got any sauce for this fish-fry in tourneys?
  15. well honestly the most worthless I found so far is the beast speaker. I dunno, her double is okay for the rocktusk, but since i'm not running more than one kitty I think using someone else would be fine. my last game the first fang was the MVP for activation sniping and hitting soft squishy targets.
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