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  1. @ThalmorRepresentative awesome battle report, and sorry about the bad luck! I know how that can be, but overall thanks for the info! Can we have a before and after list? the only thing that makes me sad is hearing how the wardens got stomped. I never like hearing that!
  2. So I am pretty interested to try some ethereal blessing on a squad of 20 wardens w/ the Auraulean legion buff or all out defense on them. I just played a game with my deepkin and my Ishlean guard (eels with an ethereal save) were the stars of the show, bouncing wounds off with just a 4+ unrendable save. I know the stone guard would be tankier, but the idea of a huge phalanx of guys with a 4+ save really appeals to me. Then again it is reliant on a 6+ magic roll, which my last game also showed me can be very hard to get....
  3. It’s done! Finally completed my first 10 wardens in between studying for X-ray school. I absolutely love how badass they look in a rank and file. Stunning miniatures, just hope that me raising the spears like that makes it easier to play games with them. I did find that the warden is pretty hard to add to the middle of the group and have all the spears facing forward because of his back banner, which is odd but not a deal breaker. The models take a bit of time with my schedule, but I think I found my rythym of doing the clothing and armor one day, metal flesh and steel another, and finishing it with the color changing paints. I painted the shields separate and though you can’t see it here, the Toxic purple from green stuff world really makes the purple pop, and it is perfect for the ‘golden sunrise’ kinda look I was hoping for.
  4. @Chumphammer awesome. It does my heart well to see the pointy elves get on the table. And also good to know they can do well! Also good to hear it was a close game. I asked before, but how did the wardens do? And can we get a list?
  5. How did the wardens fare? I wanna field a lot of them, so I just hope they do well!
  6. 50%?! Geeze I gotta step up my game. I am almost finishing my first 10 since I got my paints! Well done good sir!
  7. Yea that’s what I meant. I was just curious if placing some kind of space marine helmet from puppets war would fit the model. Otherwise, very valuable info!
  8. You have to tell us how he helmets fit together, and maybe how they compare proportionally to space marine helmets if you have any. Gotta update that conversion post somehow. also, how easy would it be to magnetize everything on mister mountain? I’m thinking the arms, head and possibly the mountain on the back just so I can swap out from aralith to avalorn
  9. I know of a few locals in my area that love these guys too, so I think it’s safe to say that the outlook may be pretty good. I agree with how beautiful they are. They look absolutely amazing in formation, even with only 8 guys completed. Can’t wait to see 50 of them on the table!
  10. I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for saying this... but honestly one of my most dissapointing units is the Morrsarr Guard. They are the only worthwhile hammer in my idoneth, but off the charge they are so pillow-fisted. unless your opponent gets unlucky against the onslaught of rend '-' eel attacks, they don't do too much damage without the rend or charge bonuses they get. I can remember so many times where a squad of 9 failed to even kill 5 liberators with their spears off the charge because of how badly I rolled.
  11. on the topic of dice... I absolutely love mine. They are super fun to roll, and I think I'm going to find more. Anyone know what shape they are considered? I looked up barrel and crystal styles but they are not exactly the same.
  12. holy carp on a canoe batman, Those prices! Dear lord I expected 5 guys to be 50$, why in the hell are they 60?! at least the moo mountain is reasonably priced, but ****** me till I ****** that will be $120 for a squad of 10! who the heck thought that the warden build would be the cheaper option?
  13. Yea, that and the fact that they all have -1 rend, and every 6 explodes into two extra hits... sounds a bit broke, but also very, very tempting.
  14. As an elf player, I can only say that I would throw the gauntlet down... but considering the height difference I feel that I would have an unfair advantage when it gives you a concussion. anyways, how brutal is a lurid Haze army with a ****** ton of marauders? Is it as much of a no brained as it sounds?
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