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  1. They are battle line if you have one Scinari unit
  2. I wish there was a command point from the regent that allows you to reform a shining company. That would be handy
  3. Kinda confused on why they would get rid of battalions, considering Broken realms gave us a lot of them
  4. Nah guys, you are thinking too small for the mysterious dwarf... it is so obviously Grimnir after he ran out of hair dye, took up smoking, and his bro smithing together enough pieces of gold to remake him! 😘
  5. Hello, I Have come once again to extol the virtues of the lord reagent And wardens played a game against night haunt and he was pretty much key for allowing my 20 man wardens to both attack and defend. One squad pretty much folded up an entire flank and won me the game after I fully buffed them with ethereal blessings, G power of hysh, speed of hysh (cast from archers) and an all out attack from him following them around. Also helped to kill a unit of blade gheists before they slaughtered my wardens. Now if only the books will treat wardens with the respect they deserve...
  6. I am just happy I can play with blade lords and lore seeker now. Those guys were custom made for skirmish games it feels, and look more fun to play then the stone horns
  7. I hope there are some more fun stories of other armies being stuck in Chamon. Could think of some fun ideas of a lumineth detachment getting stuck in Chamon on the way to heal a part of the realm, and maybe allying with dwarfs to make it through this miniature age of chaos now. Or, maybe a faction is working to make a realmgate into Chamon, and the forces of order need to protect it and make sure it doesn’t get corrupted?
  8. I want to see some stories of Armies now trapped in Chamon. This is basically a miniature Age of Chaos event, and could have some fun stories involved. Biggest thing I wanna see is a story where some civilizations of Chamon start to build a new realmgate, and have it be a danger of accidentally becoming a new chaos portal. Maybe with some Lumineth there to help / make sure they don’t hurt the realm more. Honestly having a teclian vanguard army becoming trapped in the realm of metal could be a fun basis for a story overall.
  9. The only thing I wanna see now is Teclis’s Reaction after Belakor. ”Awesome. I brought hope to the realms, won against Nagash, and most importantly ended the necroquake aftershocks. Now magic can finally return back to norma-“ *The sound of every realmgate Chamon blowing up from massive backlashes of chaos magic.* ”God..... Dammit.”
  10. I just wanna see a novel or story where wardens are shown as awesome and their weapons actually doing things, instead of just letting the aralith shine (*Cough* BR:Teclis *Cough* )
  11. I played a few games with lumineth, and I gotta say there is a whole lot that can go wrong or right with them in any given game. I got lucky with my last game and had gotten the top of turn for every round, and it was pretty harrowing making sure I had every buff in place in order to withstand a charge from a bunch of very angry Bullgors. The lord-regeant really did prove himself vital with this, as the Greater power of Hysh spell is worth it's weight in gold in my opinion. When combined with my wardens it allowed me to get an offensive buff off in addition to ethereal blessings / Protection of hysh, which gave them a whole lot of longevity. Also finally learned to just put speed of hysh on my dawn riders. I always mean to cast it with someone else but lumineth almost need a flow chart of what to cast when. I tried going for lambient light, but it wasn't always helpful if I was being honest. I may put it on my cathallar in the future just because she will be walking with my wardens up the field.
  12. I honestly can’t see how this is better than morathi? Morathi was basically just plot-******, where somehow everything goes absolutely right for Morathi and she really faces no hardship, her nor her daughters.
  13. On the traitor bit... Think it’s Morathi? Alarielle wasn’t part of the binding of Slaanesh, so it makes sense that she could be the traitor in “your” midst, and thus leave herself out of it? I honestly like the idea of the good side having a complete victory for once (even if it is pyrrhic in it’s own way) and not have to deal with another “just as planned” justification. Feels good to have the closest thing to a victory since the End times!
  14. Silly thought; has anyone tried to ally in a megagargant mercenary? Just seems like something silly we could do.
  15. Dunno how mobile that many wardens and ballista would be in actuality. If you wanna have more fluff maybe remove a few wardens two to get a wind mage? At least until you only have bare minimum for him, to truly keep with a mobile theme
  16. I hope I can get my army list to work sometime soon. I’ve been having a hard time thinking up counters to some list, and especially following through a fight once I lose my wardens. I almost think they are over costed if that makes sense based solely on how fast they can die, but that may just be me being used to having 4 wound each eels.
  17. I think a loreseeker getting up in the opponents face to cast a fully empowered Geminids, pendulum, or maybe even shackles would be a good choice to annoy your opponent and making it harder to charge forward avalorn would be a good anchor for your lines as well, but you want a stone mage with him. Teclis is probably going to love settlers gain just because of empowered endless spells
  18. that is all fair, I may need to read it again and may have been exaggerating. I liked the super mage god fight though, and it was enjoyable in seeing a ****** getting his ass handed to him in a way. Also, It is my own personal head cannon to think that there has been a beef carried over from the old world to AoS. Teclis tried his hardest to save the world from the End Times, but Nagash was the one who set all that hell into motion. Now nagash is pulling schemes and putting evil plans in place, and Teclis is just sick of it really. Plus, Nagash revived Mannfred and Arkan, both directly causing the death of his friend and his niece.
  19. It's not like the Aelves had an easy victory either. Could hardly go a page without the lumineth being killed in great numbers. Also, several units were pretty much described as completely ineffective, like Wardens or sentinels, when the major glory goes to units like Aralith or the new wind-units. Also, the elves are being pushed to their limits in this story, with a desperate race to stop nagash from killing what is essentially a minor god everyone loves, and we don't even get the full resolution of if the mountain recovers or not. Plus, that is not to mention that the whole of Teclis's campaign in Shysh basically amounts to him bragging to his allies that he kicked over Katakros's grave-sand castles when he wasn't home. kinda weak, but hey the stories were engaging and it's the first time in this edition since nagash got some dirt kicked onto his Ossiarch empire. Another thing I wanna point out is that Teclis didn't even defeat nagash singlehandedly. He was getting his ass handed to him for most of the fight until he got help from Celenar and his humans, and eventually a ****** ton of mountain spirits. even then Teclis was getting pounded into the sand until he ultimately won through what was essentially the power of friendship. Nagash kinda cheated by having his mages sacrifice themselves to get their god empowered, and he tapped into his Nadir stuff that was rather typical, so without an asspull of the same kind from teclis I probably should have expected that. What I really like in this story is the introduction of stakes to the Ossiarchs. The idea of destroying the bodies of allies and ossiarchs alike to starve out the Bonereapers makes sense, and now fighting against them isn't an exercise in futility. endless hordes of the bony boys can only be so interesting, and allowing the heroes to actually make progress against them is a nice change of pace.
  20. can't go wrong with a calligrave or a ballista if you got them!
  21. stuff like AoS reminders will be your friend, which can break down for you what happens in which phase. Be patient with yourself too, it's a lot of moving parts. things that help me: 1. unless you are setting up a twinstone wombo combo or doing shinanegans with teclis, strictly going from one side of the board to the other will always be good. I usually go from left to right, and activate the units I come across that way. 2. Always look at your warscroll when you touch and activate units to remind yourself what they do. I played with my morrsarr guard for 2 years straight and could recite the scroll in my sleep, but I still look at the card. when you do stuff, walk yourself through the attacks and saves as well as your opponent by saying out out loud. 3. Color code your units and write it down in the list building software you use. Either paint the bases red, green, blue, or paint certain aspects of their robes or highlights that color. that will help differentiate the units from each other if you have multiples of the same thing, like wardens.
  22. I finished the fluff today and holy ******... played with the new stuff today in TTS and oh man I wish I had the shrine model. Would have been very useful to get total eclipse off! I need to remember spell priority and put way more thought into target priority too. Played against Daughters of khaine and I only managed to kill a blood cauldron and some witches, but then again I had some pretty rotten luck and poor choices too. I think if I could play it again I would have shot more witches / blood sisters, as those were the two biggest threats in my oppinion. And would have not charged morathi.
  23. I cannot wait till I get some games in... or have time to paint my archers. anyone have any practice games with them yet?
  24. I am just sad I accidentally painted the Alumin one while going for Zaitrec XD at least I have an option though. Hey, maybe I will even finish my archers considering it is warm enough to prime
  25. I just want to have him painting the landscape while sitting on the shrine, looking like he is busy adding to the battle when really he is just stating the obvious. ”Yea...shoot that priest with the giant axe. “
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