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  1. A FAQ regarding LOG and the general handbook updates for Nighthaunt will be what we need to look forward to next to see what gets cheaper or more expensive.
  2. I think someone showcased the entire book on YouTube in a review, there doesn’t seem to be any additional different warscrolls, point adjustments or battalions for LOG.
  3. I thought that Tyrion and Teclis are working together and would fight under the one united front army since they often do in the lore. Would it be weird to have two seperate light elf armies ?
  4. Thankyou so much. I have big hands and struggled with nighthaunt so this was a huge worry. Is the Abhorrant Archregent fiddley as well ?
  5. New player thinking of getting into Flesh Eater Courts. Are the Flesh Eater models thin and fiddly like the rest of death or are they more sturdier ? I didnt have a good time putting Spirit Hosts together lol
  6. Is it at all possible that Vlad is trapped in the lake or is someone more Deathrattle like ?
  7. Id much rather Soulblight myself honestly I agree LON is fine as it is. I wouldnt mind a modern revision if it comes to that however.
  8. Legions of Nagash update with a dedicated scenery piece, some endless spells and maybe a new unit / model or two would be really nice. Hopefully we hear more about that rumour soon.
  9. Do we have any rumours or speculation on what the death faction could be ? Is it more likely Soulblight or Deathrattle ? Possibly a new Mortach leading ?
  10. I know it’s been established that it’s hard to fit the good stuff at 1K due to everything being expensive, is summoning spam the best way to go at 1K to get key pieces like KOS / fiends as opposed to paying points for them ? whats our best list for 1K to get DP ripe and fast ?
  11. Points from the reveiw Am missing a Herald Chariot unit, couldnt make out the name or points. Shalaxi 340 Keeper of Secrets 360 Demonettes 110 ( 300 for 30 ) Battleline Contorted Epitome 200 Demon Prince + Herald duo 200 Mask of Slaanesh 120 Infernal Enraputress 140 Bladebringer on Exaulted Chariot 220 Bladebringer on Hellflayer 180 Herald on Seeker Chariot 160 Seeker Chariots 120 Exalted Chariot 120 Fiends 210 Hellflayers 140 Hellstriders both variants 100, Battleline for any Slaanesh army Seekers 120 Dreadful Visarge 40 Mesmerising Mirror 60 Wheels of Excruciation 40
  12. According to the Dark Artisan Battletome Review Fiends are now 210 points each lol
  13. Sylvaneth is one of the most popular factions, it's not surprising they would get their re release soon.
  14. Are we expecting a Slaanesh release first or the looncurse boxed set thing ?
  15. Do we have an idea or data of what AOS armies have sold very well vs what hasn't ? I'd imagine they would have a sold a lot of boxes of stabbas.
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