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  1. I always found it hard to like the giant unit/ character models in warhammer, they always looked kinda gross. I think the biggest thing for me is that they look like they still represent the fat, thick and stupid giant ideals from fantasy tabletop days. But if they give some interesting stealthy, shooting or magic options I might be more interested in the release.
  2. Heavily dislike the design of the Gargant models, but I adore the storybook feel for the advertising campaign for the range, it's so fresh. Would def buy a Gargant Storybook though
  3. How popular do you think Lumineth is currently? I’m seeing GW advertise the army fairly hard with the posts on the FB site and my local shops sold out of the entire range very quickly. It def looks like despite the controversy it could be more popular than armies that sold badly like Fyreslayers and Idoneth.
  4. This! Lumineth likely will eventually get decent tournament usage despite the fan controversy if you can even call it that. IDK, Fyreslayers and Bonereapers all saw initial fanhate because of the model direction not aligning with the demands of fans and apparently didn't sell well, but they have dominated tournaments in in the past and have decent levels of usage and popularity post release, more so than other armies. I expect Lumineth to follow that pattern. I think looking back every at single AOS army release, there has seen a lot of hate, even popular fan armies like Ironjaws, Gloomspite and Sylvaneth have copped it. It's hard to see if the hate is the majority or just a vocal minority though vs the actual people actually buying models.
  5. That's also what I was referring to in my first post, thats the sort of flexibility I look for in a army ideally. If the choices are valid and offer multiple directions of play, I would prefer that over multiple units that perform the exact same role but some are made redundant due to cost or efficiency. Heroes that unlock X battleline are perfect for that!
  6. Agreed with this ! Nothing worse than having so many redundant unit and character choices in an army. Give me an army with small but specialised unit choices instead of 7+ units fighting for my attention but only 1-2 actually being usable and viable.
  7. Is it possible the Morathi codex provide updates for all the other mentioned Aelf armies in one lump sum similar to the 40K psychic awakening codex's that supported multiple armies within the one codex? Or is it confirmed it just covers DOK + Slaanesh only? The blurb and art gave the impression that IDK, Lumineth and Sylvaneh are also chucked in this war depending how its spread out.
  8. For standard grotspam, after choosing loonbosses, various grot wizards, stabbas, snuffers and fanatics, are we better off with a some rockgut/ fellwater trolls in the final slots, or are boingrots or something more killy like mangler squigs/ dankhold better ? What stuff best synergizes with all the grots ?
  9. Hopefully the eventual soulblight is around the same amount of kits as Ossiarch. They likely will take vampires in a less mundane direction this time too. Would love to see a new character leading them with Neffy tagging along.
  10. All this talk about leadership and grots make me think how shafted Grots and Gloomspite are competitively at current. I really hope the eventual Grotbag Scutters makes Grots great again lol
  11. The FAQs were only for the recent battletomes so we were never going to see anything for Deepkin outside of minor point changes. We likely will see a Deepkin battletome soon unless Nurgle or Daughters get their updated ones first, my only issue is if the potential Deepkin Battletome goes down the Sylvaneth route killing it competitively.
  12. With the story campaign slowly heading towards Gordrakk and his eventual siege against Azyr. You recon we will see another Orruk army / more Ironjawz + a new Stormcast Chamber around then ?
  13. I think Teclis is in a weird position as a god level character. He’s very vulnerable to be shot off the table T1-2 like Alarielle in certain matchups and certainly won’t be winning or surviving any big combats like her. He also doesn’t have the huge level of protection that Nagash and Archeon have but offers a very potent magic phase and general support in return. He has a defined role that he does well. In comparison the only god model points wise we can compare Teclis to is Alarielle who is a jack of all trades master of none character whose magic, shooting and combat is well below the standard but offers huge variety in support summoning. Does this mean Teclis is overcosted abilities wise and Alarielle is undercosted since you are basically paying a premium for her summoning variety at the cost of her other abilities being average?
  14. Likely another unique warband faction that won't get an actual army anytime soon either lol There's enough of these warband concepts to make so many unique armies for AOS.
  15. I know Syar and Zaitrec are attracting all competitive attention at current, do you think Ymetica and the Alarith support will also be viable on the table despite Stoneguard being few in number ? Stoneguard + Stoneheart King + Stone Mages backed by a few Wardens or Sentinels could be quite solid. Our Shooting seems to be the best way to complete the durable but slow movement of the Alarith.
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