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  1. Is it viable to run a vanguard list at 1k or is it better to mix and match other units ? 1K seems really hard to build with Stormcast given how little bodies we have.
  2. Just curious what is the Mr . Pjetski Anvilstrike build ?
  3. Are they the same lists that take 2-3 Ballister and the Ordinator ?
  4. Hearing of people in some tournaments complaining about Shootcast. What does a standard Shootcast list look like ?
  5. People have already downloaded. Those who got it before it was taken down still keep it.
  6. Yeah a few people managed to buy it and are leaking it, some Sylvaneth Facebook groups are breaking down all the changes from the battletome Not sure if GW will crack down and remove the download soon though
  7. What's the best way to go with Sacrosanct at 2K these days ?
  8. New death is def coming. With the LOG out of the way makes a new LON Battletome release less likely and more so a new one like Soulblight or Skeleton / Zombie Pirates. Teclis could be here soon too.
  9. A FAQ regarding LOG and the general handbook updates for Nighthaunt will be what we need to look forward to next to see what gets cheaper or more expensive.
  10. I think someone showcased the entire book on YouTube in a review, there doesn’t seem to be any additional different warscrolls, point adjustments or battalions for LOG.
  11. I thought that Tyrion and Teclis are working together and would fight under the one united front army since they often do in the lore. Would it be weird to have two seperate light elf armies ?
  12. Thankyou so much. I have big hands and struggled with nighthaunt so this was a huge worry. Is the Abhorrant Archregent fiddley as well ?
  13. New player thinking of getting into Flesh Eater Courts. Are the Flesh Eater models thin and fiddly like the rest of death or are they more sturdier ? I didnt have a good time putting Spirit Hosts together lol
  14. Is it at all possible that Vlad is trapped in the lake or is someone more Deathrattle like ?
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