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  1. Agreed so much here ! This is why I really love the aesthetics of Bonereapers as opposed to the mundane Nagash and Tomb King skeletons. Makes a big difference aesthetically and even in terms of gameplay looking at the new battletome.
  2. Is there any reason to take a Reaper over a Shaper or Mason. Seems like the healing and supporting wizard roles of the other two are far superior.
  3. I've seen some people mention that Nagash and Arkhan knows all the lore spells ? Is there a specific place in the battletome that mentions this as its not on their warscrolls ?
  4. It seems the new Nagash and Arkhan warscrolls are online, they don't seem to have the ossiarch keywords, are they allowed to cast ossiarch lore or endless spells?
  5. Do you guys think we will have any teleports and deepstriking like stormcast ? I just realised how slow our foot troops are lol Hopefully the Cav units will be super fast.
  6. I only hope the endless spells are good, most faction endless spells are just lacklustre at best.
  7. Pre order is this weekend or next weekend?
  8. Would be interesting to see a Sacrosanct SC set. I'd be on that in seconds to nab the last of my Evocators and Sequitors.
  9. 15 unit choices is fairly amazing for a new army. So many new armies and even established have so much less to choose from. Wonder if this means we get a new Nagash / Arkhan warscroll too.
  10. Too many heroes is something death has always had no matter the faction. I did wish we had more elite units to choose from though.
  11. Is there a day each week where we can expect a AOS reveal for something like Cities / Bonereapers news ? Or is it at the start of each week for that stuff?
  12. Is it likely ordinary Skeleton Warriors and the other generic Skeleton Units from LON will join Bonereapers ?
  13. What are the differences between MMU and MSU lists in their strengths and weaknesses ?
  14. What have people been using for Deepkin Meeting Engagements ? Is Eel spam still superior here ?
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