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  1. With Tecli's auto casting 4 spells a turn, do you think he will be able to cast anymore spells manually or have his old rule of having all lore spells or infinite spell range? I do like the synergy with the auto casts and the Hysihan Twinstones giving casting modifiers for one big spell at the end though. With what we know it does seem that Nagash will still be the superior wizard though sadly. Hopefully there's more to Teclis for that wow factor.
  2. Have we heard about any stat lines of the Alarith Stoneguard yet ? I’ve heard they get a 3+ save and immune to x rend but have 1 wound or something. Believe they are our cheapest unit so far at 100 points? Are they meant to be the elite unit for the army ?
  3. Lumineth's hero ratio seem somewhat familiar with the Ossiarch's where they have 5/9 characters being unique, 6/9 being mages and 1/9 being a non unique non mage hero. That being said they do have 8 non hero units to our 4-5 depending if the diamond pick hammer dude option is something more. Hopefully we have some interesting dual kits to flesh it out more.
  4. I’m doubtful they will chuck in City Alves as we haven’t seen them anywhere yet unlike where the older Bonereapers where shown at first reveal photos. Hopefully we get them as Allies at the very least so we can use the godly Phoenix support.
  5. Isn’t there a direct link to the Aelf souls being tortured in a sense after being swallowed by Slaanesh and the mutation when the Aelf souls were used by their respective gods / goddesses to create new life. There def seems to be something to that especially with what we know of DOK and IDK where as for the Lumineth their lore talks about the psychological impacts with them shuddering and not being as bright or something.
  6. With new AOS releases there has never been a huge amount of units secret, only NH and Gloomspite had 2-3 not revealed prior but they were huge releases mind you, all other armies are lucky to have one unrevealed in which has typically been a dual kit of some kind and never a important character. Wouldn’t hold my breath for any other units for this army either, but you never know though.
  7. What are the typical Dreadwood / Winterleaf Kurnoth spam lists like these days ?
  8. Are the hammer dudes with hammers / diamond picks and the giant cow avatars our only dual kits at current ?
  9. The war machine reference could be just a lore thing like the embailors for deepkin which are referenced heavily in the battletome and stories but have yet had a model release.
  10. I recall some people saying at reveal that writers / designers talked about elemental temples, perhaps they could be a potential terrain piece if we are to get one? Unless that was just fluff for battatlions / enclave types.
  11. Was there a section about Kurnoth/ Kurnous in the god / deity section ? He seems likely something AOS will see in the near future for wanderers and being the counterpart to Isha.
  12. Even though most close combat wizard hybrid characters are literally potato both at combat and magic, I really hope he has a good selling point that separates him from other choices.
  13. Maybe we will see Embailors with sea creatures soon, they have been mentioned heavily in the battletome, lore and novels heavily.
  14. Good point about the Sylvaneth because they squeeze a lot from their waracroll numbers.
  15. Don’t the stone guard have two varieties given the differing hammer heads and there’s a named and unnamed cow, that is 11 Warscrolls so far assuming the second hammer Aelf unit. Hopefully there’s more though.
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