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  1. Anyone knows if the text was every something to go by? Would be interesting if someone new or if they just write something that sounds fun.
  2. I went to some WHFB Tournaments. Didnt enjoy to play those power gamers but when we went for a beer (or probably more) I met some some really nice guys, had fun and then saw them ah few months later on another tournament. So I enjoyed the social part and them playing on the lower tables. But I respect that some people go there to when (probably even a better reason then mine if im honest). With the new Slaves book I see myself going to some AoS tournaments for the first time. But where Im from (Austria) we barely get 40 people to events. Possibly flying or drivin out to some next year
  3. There are some Highlights I still want to make and I'm not that good of a painter but you should see the idea. 😅Ps I m also not good at taking pictures. They fit pretty well on the 25mm bases.
  4. In the White Dwarf will be Realm Rules to fight in Azyr. Seemd interesting at least
  5. I made the first 20 Marauders from my Beastman Gor whom I gave Marauder Shields from my old Bitsbox. If I'm going to do more I will be taking Bloodreavers with some slight modifications and the Spire Tyrants (probably also Scions of the Flame if possible)
  6. Can anyone make out the Path to Glory tables? I cant read them proper from the GMG review and want to know what I have to paint first
  7. Anyone can make out the Path to Glory Tables? Woul love to start my warband painting ah bit in advance. Cant make it from the GMG review
  8. Hey quick question, Chaos Marauders really are on 25mm Bases? For the new Battletome I'm looking to Rebase mi Gor to be my Marauders. In the Baselist they state 25mm but I wont believe it^^
  9. @NinthMusketeer Do you have an order for which Missions to play first? I am trying to figure out in which order to play the 7 Missions, with the last being Trial of Champions of course. Would really appreciate some input.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/452117934985005/posts/1167136616816463/ They are back!
  11. Yeah, 1. The would be in Stores what on the 21st if shown tomorrow? 2. I'm not sure when they are writing there articles, probably a bit upfront.
  12. Didnt they say the showed us 'The next two battletomes' as they showed them of? Would still mean before Bonereapers if true.
  13. I hope it my Anvilgard wants out but i'm waiting on the book to see what to paint next. Sunday seems good for me because in the german GW online shop the Bonesplitterz book is not available anymore. So i'm guessing both books drop, but Spells or terrain i'm not sure anymore.
  14. God him meeting Mannfred would be epic.
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