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  1. Anyone thinks it could be a Double Kit with The Newborn and Fulgrim 🤔 I think it could be done and you wouldnt even need many different bits 🤔
  2. And we know how good Teclis plans usually work.. Sooo no problem? 😬 Spoiler: Broken Realms 😅
  3. They said it would be in january in the next few weeks, so I think not next week but then sometime. And I think they usually do it Wednesday or Thursday I think 🤔
  4. I don't recall hearing anything before, they just start appearing on the site an halfway through GW makes a post about it 😅
  5. The last two years it was on the 17th. Let's hope 🤞🏻
  6. You need to subscribe to the newsletter to get it early.
  7. Really? I thought the opposite. Big Modells are great but I thought small units with bodies do far better. I think a combibation is really key, but we had never had a problem with big Monsters/Heroes. ( except the bull*#it with the hanging over the edge what we simply dont do).
  8. Hello, i would like to talk with some of you who play Meeting Engagements competitive. I know online for the most it's a joke and I can understand that to a certain degree. But to those who play and like to play it, like myself and my group I would like to talk about it. We will play our second tournament at the start of october, so would be interesting to know how your lists look and what you are about. To start of I will show you my list with which I am 8-0 in tourny prep: Allegiance: Slaves to Darkness - Damned Legion: Knights of the Empty Throne SPEARHEAD Be'Lakor (240) - Spell : Spite-tongue Curse 5 x Seekers (120) MAIN BODY Chaos Sorcerer Lord (110) - Mark of Chaos : Tzeentch - Spell : Mask of Darkness Knights of the Empty Throne Varanguard x 3 (280) - General - Command Trait : Annihilating Charge - Artefact : Corrupted Nullstone - Mark of Chaos : Khorne 20 x Chaos Marauders (160) - Axes & Shields - Mark of Chaos : Khorne REARGUARD 6 x Raptoryx (90) TOTAL: 1000/1000 WOUNDS: 70
  9. I say Chaos Marauders. Would live to play more Warriors, Chosen or Knights but they are so damn good
  10. Should'nt today be the GMG Review for the GHB? Or is it because of the 40k Leaks that all the Contant Creators are prioritising 9th Edition? 🤔
  11. When someone needs translating I can help with that 👌🏻
  12. Hello, I want to sell my Start Collecting Serphon and Skinks. It's all still on sprues and in the boxes. The only thing missing are the Terradons and instead there are 24 more Skinks in the box. I would like 100€ or Nighthaunt also on sprues in exchange. Shipping in Europe from Austria would be included. Please contact me if interested.
  13. I know I'm in the minority but I would love a new version of the Path to Glory book We started a campaign and we love playing it. (with some modifications taken from this forum )
  14. I'm starting with my KO also in ME and my first list will be: Allegiance: Kharadron Overlords - Mortal Realm: Chamon - Sky Port: Barak Nar SPEARHEAD Aether-Khemist (90) - General - Command Trait : Champion of Progress 1 x Grundstok Gunhauler (150) - Main Gun : Sky Cannon - Great Endrinworks : Zonbarcorp 'Debtsettler' Spar Torpedo 10 x Arkanaut Company (90) - 1 x Skypikes - 1 x Light Skyhooks - 1 x Aethermatic Volley Guns MAIN BODY Aetheric Navigator (100) - Artefact : Aethercharged Rune 3 x Endrinriggers (100) 5 x Grundstok Thunderers (120) - 1 x Decksweepers - 1 x Aethercannons - 1 x Grundstok Mortars Arkanaut Frigate (250) - Main Gun : Heavy Sky Cannon - Kharadron Overlords Battleline (Sky Port: Barak Zilfin) REARGUARD 3 x Skywardens (100) TOTAL: 1000/1000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 0 WOUNDS: 61 I have no prior experience with KO but played about 30 games of ME and won a local ME tournament with my Fyreslayers (3x Endrinrigger Allies) Movement is key in ME and I think you can pay pretty strong with KO. Endrinriggers and Skywarden do pretty good damage and the Gunhauler with his D6 MW looks also really nice on paper. Would have loved to take the Endrinmaster but cant find the 10 points^^
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