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  1. I think the Orb is a great answer. I run it on my VLoZD w Sanguine Blur as my Trait. Works against a lot of problematic stuff. Need a buff or some support to drop the GKoTG though.
  2. Yes, just make sure you have the Spellportal and you're 99% of the way optimized.
  3. I feel like most armies can field an Elite list of some sort. I'm not sure "Low model count" means "fewest models possible." +1 on the Troggs. EDIT: Blood Knights have been good for me and are on the lower end.
  4. https://investor.games-workshop.com/annual-reports-and-half-year-results/ The financials that GW files. There's an analyst out there that will do a summary from time to time.
  5. This is the first I've heard that equal power armies don't sell well. Has GW said this? Not challenging you comment, would just like to know more.
  6. I'm not even sure it's that. You can have a competitive scene with even power level. Chess is a good example here. And it's not just the casual crowd sounding the alarm here. The Just Playing podcast had a nice critique I think. It's easy to have a conversation and self-police for casual games. There's some work involved when it comes to Events. I agree that it is well worth it though. Would a Feeding Frenzy once per turn be enough? Once per hero? The Gristlegore GKoZD ability should at least be a CP to activate I think.
  7. I feel like that's a valid answer only if you get locked into an army for life or had to go through some insane application process to switch armies. I feel like the current set of affairs punishes players that are married to an army for whatever reason and don't jump onto a new thing at the drop of a hat. "Just wait your turn" is disingenuous and it's unfair to expect those players to take maybe years of beatings before they finally get their day in the sun. Even the most outdated Battletome should have the tools to beat the brand new book a reasonable % of the time, all else being equal. I'm not sure that's the case ATM but I'm hopeful for some corrections come GH2019.
  8. I think it comes down to matchup win percentages. There will always be Tiers and that's not inherently a bad thing. I'm not sure you even want a system that is 50/50% all the time. What would we gripe about then? When AoS2 dropped and some of the armies were released shortly thereafter we had something in the neighborhood of 65/35. Iron Jaws could still go off and sneak in that win against DoK. And all the new stuff seemed to sort of be dropping into that range of the armies with books vs those without. There was a good build but everything else was fine. Now with FEC, it's not the build that's good, it's one of the fundamental army traits. FEC itself is good with win percentages like 90/10. That's not fun. I'll say that "I don't have facts to back this up" and I see there is a Powercreep thread here: https://www.tga.community/forums/topic/21862-powercreep-fact-or-fiction/ maybe that's a better place to have that discussion rather than taking up any more space here. Oh and Brets as FEC would be fine in just about any scene I expect. You just might need to tell your opponent the inside joke if they don't get it.
  9. That's not the problem though. The gap between the good armies and everything else is just too much. 0 Tier stuff is bad for the meta. It's the casuals that keep any game system going and if you're turning them off then that's a bad thing. You don't want event attendance cut in half b/c half the room is playing a Tier 0 army in order to have a shot at the podium. I was hoping that GW would reign in the power creep a bit and am sad to see it. You can can only adapt so much but if you have no answers and "adapting" means just switching to the new thing, then that's just bad for the game as a whole.
  10. So I think LoB is pretty well positioned against FEC. Granted I'm relying on the Orb of Enchantment to counter the Gristleghiest GKoTG but it is a decent answer. Then, Blood Knights have the damage output to drop big fatties. Thoughts?
  11. Maybe just trade the Horrors for more Courtiers. Just go all in on Ghouls!
  12. definitely need to figure out what the "right" amount of starting CPs are. Not saying you're wrong here, just I don't know. I do think you want the Flayers to be able to fly over the mid-field dog-pile that will occur here.
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