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  1. 1000pt forces in the following: Stormcast Eternals Blades of Khorne Kharadron Overlords Sylvaneth
  2. As a very lapsed painter (probably haven't painted in 10+ years) these paints are very good news for me. It will enable me to quickly put coats on the piles of grey models I have in the limited time I get for any hobby stuff. I'm not too concerned with the fine detail on my models but do feel some shame that they are all grey! These paints will hopefully go some to alleviate this shame!
  3. Thanks everyone for their earlier replies, I will continue with the plan to base my Sky fleet out of Ulgu! Related to this project does anyone know where I can get suitably scaled Raven/crow miniatures both in flight and standing?
  4. https://aosshorts.com/kharadron-overlords-tactics/ This could be pretty helpful?
  5. Didn't think it would be anyone's cup of tea, but worth a shot! They can go on eBay tomorrow
  6. New to Kharadron overlords. I have skimmed through the Battletome to try and get a feel for the lore behind them. Am I right in understanding that there are no Sky Ports in any other realms except Chamon, or is this a misinterpretation of the background? I remember seeing a pictorial display of tanks showing each realm, but I can't remember whether it was an indication of trade with these realms or how much aether-gold has been collected from these realms. I basically have an idea to paint my Overlords up in a sky port of my own devising and would like to set it in Ulgu as I have some ideas how to represent this on the models. Is this feasible within the lore, or am I best setting the Sky port in Chamon but have the force as an expeditionary fleet into Ulgu?
  7. Updated ..40k stuff so not everyone's cup of tea! If it doesn't go it will go on eBay.
  8. Meh, could still be a person. They are quite big in relation to models....
  9. You are all clearly wrong. GW is obviously allowing us to buy someone who will be forced to come around and paint all our miniatures.
  10. Hi, This will be my thread where I will post stuff I want to sell, so it will be updated from time to time. PayPal and UK buyers preferred. For Sale: Nothing for sale at present...
  11. Always purging the collection at least 3 or 4 times a year. It is cathartic in a way but also frightening as to how much stuff I actually have! Due to do a purge in the next week or so and will be trimming systems, models for systems etc and having a set plan going forward. I have given up on 40k essentially and scaled back to Kill Team level. Games are shorter and IMO more intense. I have scaled back AoS to just one army now - Dispossessed. I am deep into Blood Bowl and collect every team. When I paint them I paint the full team in one go, keeps the paint cohesive and they are then ready to hit the table. I have Necromunda and every gang released so far (the main 6) built but not painted. I also haven't played the game yet but it is on my bucket list for 2019! Add dashings of Dreadball and Zombicide into the mix and that will be my hobby year(s) going forward. Everything else will be cut (which at present includes Stormcasts, Orks, Malifaux and a hefty Menoth force for Warmachine).
  12. Looking forward to the new look but then I play a few GW systems. If I was steadfastly playing just one then I would be more concerned.
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