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  1. Also, eBay has had a pretty good market for selling the components separately for the kill team terrain sets, so I wouldn't be surprised to see the instructions, cards etc up for sale on there soon.
  2. It would be a challenge! To be honest I am getting all 6 warbands so I will probably pick and choose depending on the terrain. And I'm getting the terrain boxes to build up my general terrain for AoS
  3. I guess I should look at it like that! I do have the starter set, hysh gang and the mausoleum set on order so plenty to occupy me for a week!
  4. Can't wait until next week. Probably my most anticipated warband!
  5. Ok, so the other three gangs and the next terrain set are up for pre order next Saturday. Expensive month this! Ah well.
  6. Making regular sacrifices to the gods and preparing for world domination. Muhahahahaha..... Just me? This is going to be easy.
  7. It's not likely to be the right forum but I'm after some of the blood bowl team card packs, ideally new but used is ok if all cards are present. I need the following: Skaven Dark Elf Shambling Undead Drop me a line if you can help!
  8. I was expecting at least a GW price if about £110 to £120 based on previous rumours, but I think it is £100 now. Add a discount from a 3rd party retailer and it was quite a nice surprise for me.
  9. It has been on my wishlist too! Although the chaos warbands are fantastic sculpts, I will admit a big reason for getting the starter and the scenery sets is for the scenery to expand my meagre collection. I did the same with kill team. Great value.
  10. Well, it's out. Hopefully I managed to snag the main game, mausoleum set and the 3rd warband through a 3rd party site. I say hopefully as I have had history in the past of them taking the orders then saying they can't fulfil it due to no stock. I'm hoping that because my order went through about four minutes after the pre order went live it will all be ok! The main starter was a lot cheaper than I was expecting though, and thankfully the expansion sets are priced similar to kill team. Fingers now crossed I get all I ordered and sit and wait for two weeks! Initially I think I will run Iron Golems.
  11. Does anyone have concrete info on what is in that cities battletome? Is this where the dispossessed are ending up or is it just a joining if several smaller factions?
  12. @foxicious many thanks for the advice, that list seems like something I would like to build, paint and play!
  13. Hi, I'm new to Daughters and want to build a 1000pt list that will hold its own but I don't necessarily want it to be all powerful as it isn't for tournament play. I would like to include the models I like the look of more than anything. I have my eye on the following: Medusa as a general, probably on foot. I want to include some of the Melusai and i'm guessing the Blood Sisters are the better option? If the Medusae is the general, do I need 2 units of Melusai to fulfil Battleline requirements (sorry, but only just ordered the Battletome and GHB 19)? I also would like to include some Witch Aelves (I'm assuming standard Aelves are better than the Sisters of Slaughter? What load out is recommended for smaller games?) And finally I have some Khinerai (enough to make 10). Do I build them all as Heart renders, or 5 Heartrenders and 5 Life takers? That's the start to it. Any other suggestions? I like the look of the riders and the Hags too.
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