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  1. Absolution black

    Items for sale - UK based

  2. Absolution black

    Items for sale - UK based

    Hi, This will be my thread where I will post stuff I want to sell, so it will be updated from time to time. PayPal and UK buyers preferred. For Sale: Gloomspite Gitz Battletome £15 Inc p&p Mollogs Mob NIB £10 Inc p&p. SOLD Zarbags Gitz NIB £10 Inc p&p. SOLD
  3. Absolution black

    The Great Hobby Purge

    Always purging the collection at least 3 or 4 times a year. It is cathartic in a way but also frightening as to how much stuff I actually have! Due to do a purge in the next week or so and will be trimming systems, models for systems etc and having a set plan going forward. I have given up on 40k essentially and scaled back to Kill Team level. Games are shorter and IMO more intense. I have scaled back AoS to just one army now - Dispossessed. I am deep into Blood Bowl and collect every team. When I paint them I paint the full team in one go, keeps the paint cohesive and they are then ready to hit the table. I have Necromunda and every gang released so far (the main 6) built but not painted. I also haven't played the game yet but it is on my bucket list for 2019! Add dashings of Dreadball and Zombicide into the mix and that will be my hobby year(s) going forward. Everything else will be cut (which at present includes Stormcasts, Orks, Malifaux and a hefty Menoth force for Warmachine).
  4. Absolution black

    White Dwarf and AoS

    Looking forward to the new look but then I play a few GW systems. If I was steadfastly playing just one then I would be more concerned.
  5. Absolution black

    New Years (Hobby) Resolutions?

    These were my 2018 resolutions: Finish building my stormcast, then try and paint some. Play some AoS, BloodBowl and necromunda. Sleep. Well, the first failed abysmally...so much so I realised it was too big a task so I sold off the majority! I didn't play any AoS (see above) but piled in the game time on Blood Bowl and Necromunda. I also slept (at least twice). So for 2019, maybe more realistic goals: Need to build the Dark Elf, Nurgle and Undead Blood Bowl teams Need to Build the Escher, Cawdor and Delaque Necromunda gangs Concentrate on getting my Dispossessed onto round bases and finish building them all. Play some games. So 2019 will mostly be a catch up on some building, keep my hand in with some games and just pick up the new releases for my main systems. Not going to set painting goals as that is low priority at the moment. My buddies are happy to play with grey so I'm under no pressure to use precious spare time on painting just yet!
  6. Absolution black

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    Let's hope so!
  7. Absolution black

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    Finding the damn things without going direct to GW! I am in the UK so you would think it wouldn't be an issue. But on all the sites I usually go to there is not one single box of the Hammerers, and probably one maybe two boxes of ironbreakers if you are lucky. I have no idea why there seems a shortage or maybe the online stores just don't put them online because they don't sell well, but they probably carry some in their brick and mortar stores?
  8. Absolution black

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    I finally figured out my old dwarfs to finish off a decent sized dispossessed army. Just need to fill up on iron breakers, irondrakes and Hammerers. Wow, they are difficult to track new stock down, especially the Hammerers. Have GW stopped sending them to online retailers to sell?
  9. Absolution black

    Post your rarest models!

    Haven't got them in front of me to photo at the moment but in the loft at home I have a load of the original Dwarfs (citadel and Marauder) from the 80's including most of the Imperial Dwarf range of the time, the Dragon Company and the Gob Lobber. Also stashed away somewhere I have a few Squats in Exo Armour. But that's probably all the 'older' or 'rarer' models that I do have.
  10. Ok, I'm looking to finally finish off my Dispossessed army now so I am looking for the following models (all recent plastics preferably) Ironbreakers Irondrakes Hammerers Gyrocopter Gyrobomber Ideally if they are unbuilt on sprue then that's great, second choice would be built but unpainted. I am not really after painted models at the moment. So if you are interested in offloading any of the above to me, PM me with what you have, the condition and what sort of price you are looking for. Thanks Alan
  11. Absolution black

    [FS] Stormcast Eternals

    They are on ebay now, sorry.
  12. Absolution black

    [FS] Stormcast Eternals

    Ok, the remaining items will be on eBay from today....
  13. Absolution black

    What really counts as "real" GW miniatures

    Those dwarfs are sweet models, I still have mine from the good old days! I don't plan on using them in my Dispossessed army though, preferring to kit it out in predominantly plastic. However, I will always keep them for sentimental reasons and to crack open on a gaming table from time to time...
  14. Absolution black

    [FS] Stormcast Eternals

    The ETB Sequitors are available. The Relictor has gone but I should have another one on sprue if you are interested? It might be the Gold plastic version from the Thunder and Blood box?
  15. Absolution black

    [FS] Stormcast Eternals

    Yes it is, and still available if interested?