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  1. Yeah maybe 1 turn like IDK or extended pile in range. Im thinking it will be almost similar to Khorne's "Leave None Alive". At start of combat phase pick 1 unit from this warhost wholly within friendly hero that unit can fight first.
  2. That sounds insanely powerful. I know there is something similar in 40k but this would be game breaking in AoS. A army wide strike first is better than getting to choose the turn priority every round. Your gonna basically be able to do so much damage across your enemies army that there's nothing left to strike back or hold an objective.
  3. Tyrants of Blood is probably the most likely to win a tournament. Will it be a Reapers of Vengeance or Bloodlords host is my question. Both Halo of Blood and Leave None Alive are incredibly powerful if used wisely.
  4. Yeah i was considering that. I think a Witch Aelves + Daemonettes would work good but man its costly.
  5. I have yet to collect Slaanesh as the crab hand lady models just kinda dont do it for me. But if they come out with mortal battleline units my dream of collecting all 4 God factions may become a reality.
  6. Yeah this is whats leading me to bet they don't work the same. I think its also the reason why StD is lack luster right now... Too hard to balance across multiple factions it could be used along side so everything is kinda generic and sub par. It just makes their job easier as rules writers, not to mention that each faction is updated at seprate times making it more likely to have unintended combos/unbalance. If Darkoath is really to stand out and have interested playstyle i think it will have to be self contained.
  7. You have exactly 40 points left over. Drop a unit of hounds and add Karanak.
  8. I love this! Thank you so much @Killax and everyone who helped. Im geeking out over these cards so bad right now lol. Edit: I noticed a type on Banner of Wrath. Says in hero phase but should be combat. I didn't see any changes in FAQ?
  9. Looks legit. Leave None Alive is crazy good. Unfortunately Bloodletters are not. Still seems like decent list at 1250. The other option is take Bloodlords and give Thirster the halo artifact. Dunno which is better but can the Thirster use Leave None Alive on himself? If so thats a better choice.
  10. I was reading over the warscrolls for the 2 Darkoath heros (queen and conan dude) and reading the warscrolls for the Shadespire warband and i see no indication that Darkoath units will be able to take marks like the rest of StD can. Most StD have a bonus right on the warscroll... Has anyone else thought this might be the case? I could see them being their own sub faction that doea not operate the way rest of army does.
  11. Yes. Start with Slaughterborn battalion and go from there. The Reapers really benifit from the Bloodsecrator, Blood Stoker, and Slaughter Priest buffs so any/ all of them are a good addition.
  12. I love Blood Warriors their solid units but i have avoided overloading on them. They make good anvils, and can be a tarpit for a turn or 2 if you launch them but they are not very capable of just killing stuff efficiently. Obviously this is where Skull Reapers or your hammer of choice comes in but i think i would rather spend my points on redundant hammers because of how susceptible Khorne is to range attacks. The opponent will almost always focus fire on your biggest scariest hammer unit which is why you need two or more. Your sacrificing something as a pin cushion so that your other hammers survive long enuff to take out ranged units. If you're investing too heavy in anvil your not gonna have enuff hammers left by endnof round 1. At that point you're just hoping that your Warriors can hang on to the objectives long enuff to win and if there's ranged attackers left its gonna be ugly.
  13. Granted i may not have been very considerate of peoples valid concers, it is largely due to the fact they are raised over and over and people repeatedly make suggestions that seem to go ignored for the sake of complaining more. So i can't speak to every issue people are having but i feel this maybe something many are dealing with. So i have been fairly successful so far (in my meta i know yours may be different) with multiple big threats. I try to just flood the board with things that just scare my opponents. For example multiple Slaughter Priest just slinging Judgments all over place and Blood Boiling key heroes. Then a Warshrine which can chuck Judgments as well as just be a big fat obstacle for my opponent to deal with. Then a Slaughterbrute or Chaos Lord on Manticore, their big and scarey and people dont want them anywhere near their stuff. Then i throw in some key support pieces like Secrator, everyone knows he good but theres already so much to contend with they don't got time to worry about thos guy. Well guess what he walks right up to front line with Banner of Wrath and starts dropping bombs all around him. Then there is this stupid Stoker but come on with all this other ****** he is like the least of their concers but guess what he is turning my Blood Warriors into beast that i can lob across the field like a grenade. I'm storming right in with everything i got focusing on getting the best match ups where i can reak the most havok. By now the opponent can't decide what to kill first, its too late... They have to chew thru all this ****** just to get to the objectives now but wait they didn't even bother killing support heroes and here come Skull Reapers to just clean up the mess. Game Over.
  14. Ita just good fundamentals. Learning to just objectively play the game better/smarter with any/all factions is a big part of the learning curve to AoS. There is a lot of good basic strategies and tricks that can help make you a better player regardless of the faction you choose. Experienced players (i don't just mean ppl who play alot but people who learn to play smarter) just out perform less experienced players by a large margin. A good player is far more likely to win a game with a sub par army vs a inexperienced player with a tournament winners list. The gap is quite large. As i mentioned before, some armies play like chess and some play like checkers. The latest book turned Khorne from a noobie friendly checkers army into a chess army. Every decision you make should be absolutely delibrit, never play into your opponent's hand. Don't do the obvious. Stick to your game and wiegh your options with the idea in mind that there is probably something your opponent wants you to do - and don't do that thing.
  15. @Warbossironteef i ran Mani-Lord last game as hebwas mentioned several times in this thread by you and some others. I have to say off the bat i forgot about the Hew the Foe command trait all game and i only gave him the Goretide artifact as i very much wanted to try Banner of Wrath on my Secrator. Long story short he feels very over costed. Granted he wasnt stellar in my game because of my own poor choices but he wasn't horrible either. If the game had continued past round 2 i would of won thanks to his movement speed being able to snatch an objective. Also the Banner of Wrath was clutch so i dont really regret that. I do have to say tho he feels very over costed due to the fact that he pretty much either needs a command trait + artifact or dedicated buff support (which he will undoubtedly be much faster than) just to be the killing machine you need him to be at that point level. It felt like a drain of resources to devote so much to just him.
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