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  1. @broverpowerd I like that list but Skullcrushers seem wierd, they are defensive type unit in an army full of chaff. Aside from the heroes the army cant punch its way out of a paper bag. Do you use all your blood tithe on summoning? Karanak is kinda odd too and I don't have experience using him cuz it's a gamble. His points would probably be better spent on Wrathmongers. I would consider swapping out DP for Mighty Lord on Jug to free up points but you lose flying which is kinda needed in Khorne army. This list much like the Gore Pilgrims/Slaughterborn list will excell against so
  2. @Hystarion I been thinking about that duel battalion list, i like it but 310 just seems deep in the hole, for as you say 3ish units, and reasonable drop, but I bet it would beat the bricks off some list. Mine has a Mighty Lord on Jug for general. A lot of mortal khorne strength is in their synergy with various heroes and overlapping buffs. I always bring a blood stoker to move my chaff units down the field fast in order to grab objectives with killers. Anything you can do to throw more and more buffs out till you get a murder ball rolling. The brazen rune seems like a waste on Secrat
  3. @Roark thanks. I'm leaning towards 2x 5 Blood Warriors now to have one to screen and other to cap. The reroll 1s near objectives for Goretide is welcomed with BWs and CWs for sure. I'm not crazy about 10 Chaos Warriors either but 15 seems like over committing. I plan on using the Warshrine reroll saves prayer on the CWs after 1 dies. I'm locked into one priest with sacrifice and one with resanguination and torn over frenzy or flesh for last. I'm leaning towards frenzy cuz Manticore can't benifit from flesh with torc on. The Banner of Wrath has won me games or I would jump at cha
  4. I have a competitive match coming up and have been largely out of the AoS loop for awhile now (just ordered ghb 2020). Does anyone have advice on a good mortal list? I have a Lord on Manticore as well as Lord on demonic and karkadrak, all the Khorne mortal heroes as well as 3 priest and can proxy STD heroes. Warshrine, Slaughterbrute, 20 blood warriors, 40 reavers, 10 Skullreapers, 20 chaos warriors, 5 hounds, few khorgoraths. I dont mind buying a unit or 2 but I like mortals and have a good run with them so far. My idea was Goretide, Gore Pilgrims mainly to capture objectives a
  5. I like to use my Warshrine as just generally a big annoying thing in my opponents way they have no choice but attack. The attack upgrade is a welcomed improvement. It seems the prayers took a nerf as an ally unit in another Gods army, both Protection of Gods and Ruinous Powers only target Slaves units. Even if the Shine can always target self and still cast Judgments it is a huge blow to unit's effectiveness in anything but S2D army now... unless you also ally in some Warriors or something to buff.
  6. Kinda bummer about Judgments being allegiance locked i got super excited for a second. But i think the Khorne and Slaves crossover appears very powerful. Khorne has a lot of awesome buffs that extend to any unit with Mortal Khorne keyword like Secrator +1 attack and Stokers +3 run/charge +1 to wound. Those two guys right there could bolster threat range and punching power alone. Now if you where to run your Slaves army as Khorne... just give everyone mark of Khorne (afaik still legal) and take Khorne allegiance you get some nasty combos with the Slaughter Priest prayers/judgments but
  7. I dunno... I play mortal Khorne more than anything and that whole army revolves around a supporting cast of 5 wound heroes on foot that you must keep alive. I have had some pretty epic foot fights keeping those guys alive for another turn. Stormcast has probably the most foot slogging heroes of them all (also a lot of mounted) and those guys can be super clutch and fun. I see the move towards bigger more extravagant models as a way to draw attention to the game and pull in potential players. Also Sam Wise's over the top super heroic art featured in the best selling fantasy game of al
  8. Im a big fan of diversions, i like to put 2 or 3 really big scarey things on the table in the most threatening positions possible to force my opponent to deal with them or face the consequences. I have owned the Slaughterbrute and Warshrine and MantiLord for a very long time and they work great for sacrificial diversions to either take the brunt of initial 1st/2nd turn onslaught or to lure enemy units out of position so that my main force can capitalize on gaps and control objectives. From what i see with assorted rules and possible combos the new battletome will play right into my a
  9. @JackStreicher this is a problem that many different armies face. Im not at the table with you so i cant say where/what is going wrong but proper use of fast chaff units, clever deployment, and strong understanding of the fundamentals can and do trump these hard hitting hard to remove tactics. It is possible.
  10. This is durable army with attack twice and attack again when you die abilities... Thats just a small taste of their power. Play to the objectives not to table opponent!
  11. These forums are hard to bear during these pre-release weeks. People act like they are playing against the most competitive players in the world and gripe whine moan and groan over how the newest update isnt edgy enuff its not OP... How am i gonna win with this sh*#!? I remember specificaly Skaven then it turns out they got OP cheezy tactics and everyone celebrates. This very same thing also happen durring Khorne update and guess what they not bad... Not top tier cuz that requires some broken janky thing to use but their not push overs by any means. WTF is so wrong about that? Why ca
  12. This cannot be understated enuff. As an avid Khorne player i find summoning near usless and 9 out of 10 times spend my Blood Tithe on the boons which have a much greater and immediate impact over summoning 9" away from enemy and failing the charge roll majority of time.
  13. As far as the start collecting box being monopose wasn't this also the same situation with Sequitors when the first appeared? And then a couple months later we get a 10man box chuck full of extra bits and posing options.
  14. Omg please be true. I'm not seeing much that wows me here so far. There is always hype and people get amped for new book then it drops and is a dud strategically. I don't want to rain on anyones parade here but the best thing so far to me is that the Mark of Chaos rule remains the same which i was worried might get some nerf somehow. As long as key word shenanigans are still in play this is gonna be viable army. Where it stands now it can only improve but i dont see Cities of Sigmar level improvement. I think a lot is gonna ride on what changes take place with Archaon and Varang
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