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  1. @will pollock There is a way using your blood tithe table to move (retreat + run) in ether player's hero phase, then on your next move they can charge again.
  2. Hard to say because their all plastic and i think they have only updated metal/resin models so far? Maurauders are replaced by Dark Oath, the themes are so similar you can proxy if its not already a warscroll change. Just have to wait for release.
  3. If all the units in battalion have the Nurgle keyword and he is running a Nurgle army it should be fine. I'm pretty sure it was mentioned in a FAQ and it applies to all/ any battalions where the units do not count as ally. I tried to look for this in FAQs and couldn't find this specific one however.
  4. Im in the same place @Saiken. There is a few things i put-off on getting because im holding my breath for this release. I love these barbarian dudes so much I'm gonna buy at least 1 of everything when they hit the shelves. I hope this thread explodes.
  5. Oh bat riders are that much? Yeah idk something seems off. In a mortal army im taking BTIR for flying over Skarbrand because i want to get in back lines and get those support units out the way asap.
  6. DoK are still everyone's boogy man and FEC needs a point change on big bat riders. I think the trick to beat either is the same things that work against other opponents, forgo summoning, use either Apocalyptic Frenzy or the after you die Blood Tithe boons. I have a match up with DoK this week so ill report back with how that goes.
  7. If you check out the South Cpast Gt stats on AoS Shorts. Had the Khorne player only achieved 1 more Hidden Agenda he would have moved up two places to secure 4th with no ties.
  8. Fyreslayers is really not as bad of a match- up as ppl seem to think. They move 4 inches! Just chaff them and they will spend the entire game tied up in fights they don't want to be in while you sit on objectives.
  9. I was toying around with the idea of running 2 Blood Stokers when tome came out. I'm still trying to squeez 2 into a list but havn't been able to yet. I find that im much more in favor of taking another Priest in his place or battalion requirement hero. But i am still in favor of at least trying it. I really need to get more games in just busy lately.
  10. I think Secrator is still great. Now that he can move its a much better situation. Granted no more battleshock immunity but really mostly running MSU and if need be have CP for that. I agree points should come down a tad on mortals but still viable and im doing good locally with them. The dragon is so kick ass. I have always felt that way. The sheer wounds and bodies you can field is the key. Im always playing to objectives or at the very least preventing my opponent from doing so. Its a fast tarpit into slow grind where im moving fresh units in after first wave looking to land a killing blow with well timed boons from tithe table.
  11. @Riavan that was my original concern too. Back when we started discussing the topic i basically say that for Darkoath to be a good faction with interesting play style it would have to be self contained and im using the lack of any Mark of Chaos rule on any current Darkoath warscroll to point out that this may in fact be what they are planning to do. This make the rules writing a lot easier to balance as you dont have to worry about unintended combos. However, the StD units that currently exist and can take marks will probably continue to do so. I think the ability to take a mark will either be directly on the units warscroll (like generic StD) or possibly there will be God-specific battalions for Darkoath like we see in Beast of Chaos. Both can be true at same time. This would make balancing a lot more predictable over the multiple factions for Darkoath while the generic StD units will stay exactly that, generic, so that they can't be overly swingy if given a mark. This is all just hypothetical guessing on my part. Only time will tell.
  12. Im not saying that the StD will change. I was talking largely about Darkoath. StD will keep mark of chaos but will probably also gain access to some type of Host if you want to run them as StD not a specific god.
  13. @Glaidos 750 is tight for list building but I'll throw something out there. Altar 2x Slaughter Priest (blood boild & blessings bronzed flesh and killing frenzy) 200 Karanak (because the extra 5 hound he can summon gets better in a lower point games) 140 10x Blood Warriors (gore fist and buffs from priest they are gonna be able to hold an objective and protect your Priest) 200 5x Wrathmongers (in lower point game with few units to buff they are better than Secrator for their damage output but alternative is a Secrator with Banner of Wrath) 140 10× Blood Reavers (i assume you need 2 battleline per rules and they bring you to exactly 750 plus they can steal objectives not being defended) If you want to focus on summoning drop a blessing for Blood Sacrifice and use it on Reavers. Dump all buffs on the Warriors and use Karanak and Priest to snipe the opponents support heroes. You can just hold your ground and chew them down then take over board with summons.
  14. @MOMUS almost all my list are 100% mortals not because i need to win every game but i do need to have fun. The deamon side of things is just not that interesting to me. I got like 500 points of deamon stuff for summoning and i rarely even do that. So yes where do mortals stand without relying on Thirsters? Idk but it feels like a much better place than pre-tome. I agree about big smashy solo characters. I got stuff like Warshrine, and Slaughterbrute, their big and fun but not game changing. I dislike stuff like Nagash or Stardrake as it makes the match all about them and how well that character performs. This is main reason i dont currently have Archaon.
  15. Yeah Ben is obviously a great player who understands how to win games. This is the type of list i expected to rise to top of Khorne meta. The last list using Gore Pilgrims was suprising but a good thing as it shows we are viable in a number of ways. This is kinda what i always wanted from a battletome, a number of different builds/strategys that can each be competitive in their own way. At the end of the day this Vengence/Tyrants/Hunts type build is going to rise to the top.
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