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  1. Might redo the hair, I don't like it but I am also a bad sculptor so not sure if it will get any better
  2. Im converting Syll’Esske into Sigvald ascended. Should I keep the cape this long since Sigvald floats above the ground? or is it too stupid and I should cut it along the red dotted lines? He is only supposed to float an inch, so I can also leave a bit of space and glue just the cape to the base so his feet are like .5 cm off the base. I kind of want him to float so that I can counts as Syll’Esske or a DP with wings and fly, so the floating will show it can fly. Thoughts?
  3. KoS conversion resize is done. Will work on the actual KoS model next:
  4. Last game before the new book Bastilladon inside of the herdstone -save range is much easier to kill I don't like the stockings on the KoS so I filed the line off and will be making the strap into another piece of jewelry, and then paint the whole leg as skin. Since the new KoS is so big I am making my old counts-as much bigger. The new one also comes with 2 sets of the claw arms, so he will be getting the big claws as well, either attached to the top of the shoulders or at the bottom of the torso like fulgrim. Once this layer of greenstuff is dry I will try adding detail and thickening the snake part up in proportion.
  5. Not sure if I should try some green OSL on the gold. Went with the goat head because it's the best and fits with the beastmen. Think I might leave the dangly face chains off. We'll see. Converted Contorted Epitome from bits
  6. New stuff. Syll'Esske will be getting hair extensions.
  7. The one on the left comes in the Cawdor Necromunda kits (same kit as the bodies you see). You get 4 of them, 2 have the candles and 2 are the other kind. The guy on the right's pointy hat is from the empire/freeguild battle mage.
  8. 3 beastlords and 3 shaman, and most of the goats. Will be getting the new KoS when it comes out.
  9. "Each Daemon Prince was once a devoted servant of Chaos, whose actions in life have earned him blessings beyond counting and elevation to daemonhood."
  10. I hope so. My whole army was based on mortals seeking slaanesh and killing the pretenders.
  11. probably a way to capture depravity points within a radius, or a summoning thing.
  12. I think there will be a leader figure for each of the 3 hosts. The old book said Luxcious was a KoS who wanted to replace Slaanesh, so it could be the leader of the Pretenders Syll’Esske could be for the invaders N'kari or a mortal hero could be for the god seekers.
  13. I hope one of those portals is actually mirror...
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