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Found 52 results

  1. mcfishstick

    The Wastelands of Ghur

    Hi everyone! I'm new here. I've painted for a huge part of my life, and one of my favourite things is following people's project logs and getting inspired by what others have done. Here's my attempt at a project log for a freeguild army. Hopefully I can keep adding to it, as well as inspiring others! First some fluff. The Realm of Ghur. Eastern Reaches. From the writings of Herr Jaeger. Towards the east of Ghur lies a region of deserts. They are greatly affected by the unstable magic of other realms, an effect I termed Realm-Bleed during my travels. The northerly desert is an icy, stone-strewn tundra where little thrives. The magic of Shyish bleeds into the northernmost edge of this tundra, ensuring that which does survive the sparse wilderness is truly hardy and fearsome to face in combat. The southern desert is a sandy region where waves of dunes ripple across the horizon. This desert is hot, and the further south one travels, the greater the effects of Aqshy Realm-Bleed. The two deserts are split by a strip where, against all odds, life thrives. This tropical oasis features a vast lake and rivers that feed farmlands before reaching the Eastern Sea. To the north and south of the bountiful lands are the Twin Jewels of the Deserts - Kislavia and Ajier. Kislavia is the city that lies to the north of the oasis. Its people are rugged and used to fighting the cold. They are experienced hunters and have tamed a number of the fearsome beasts that inhabit the northern tundra. While the majority of the population live in the city of Kislavia, there are a number of nomadic tribes that roam the wasteland for food, as well as dangers in the form of monsters and enemies. The tribes can be distinguished by the colours of the tassels their carry. Some tribes specialise in archery, others in trade, while a rare few focus on taming the wild creatures of the tundra. In times of war the tribes will band together to protect Kislavia. These occasions see a formidable force of spearmen, archers, handgunners and beast-riders marching in unison. These dangerous times even see marble-clad remnants of Sigmar's Stormcast and the reclusive Rieklings, or Ice Goblins, join the tribes of Korgoria to protect their lands. This army came from a desire to come back to Warhammer Fantasy. I wanted to create a freeguild army that decended from the empire. I searched my miniatures for suitable candidates and came across a number of miniatures I had bought to one day create a Kislevite Army. The miniatures are plastic Steppe Warriors from Fireforge. They are detailed and include a range of weapon options which covers the spearmen and archer needs for my army, The first miniatures I finished were five test archers, five test spearmen and a converted model to represent a general. What's that you say? Enough with the text? Ok then. No more rambling and onto the pictures! The Freeguild Guard fend off enemies with their shields. The Freeguild General preparing to draw his blade! The Freeguild Archers let off a volley! The Archer Champion surveys his men. 'Not bad,' he thinks. "They are overrunning us!" screams his second. Test scheme for marble-clad stormcast. Quite happy with it, and it was not terribly time-consuming! Win-win! Next up I'm finishing off the remaining archers and their pet hawk! Things to look forward to in the future include bear-ish riders and the elusive Rieklings! Hope you like them!
  2. mcfishstick

    Freeguild Guard

    Freeguild Guard made from Fireforge Steppe Warriors
  3. mcfishstick

    Freeguild General

    Freeguild General converted from Fireforge Steppe Warriors
  4. mcfishstick

    Freeguild Archers

    Freeguild Archers made from Fireforge Steppe Warriors
  5. mcfishstick

    Freeguild Archer Champion

    Freeguild Archer made from Fireforge Steppe Warriors
  6. arka0415

    Future of the Free Peoples

    In the current lore, the old Empire is basically out of the picture. Free Peoples models still being produced, but but no Getting Started set or battletome. Keyword lumps them in with discontinued lines like Bretonnia, and as a faction they're split between Freeguild, Devoted of Sigmar, Collegiate Arcane, and Ironweld Arsenal... currently a "limbo" between compendium and modern faction. Where do you think the Free Peoples are going? Are they one foot in the grave? Or on their way to a flashy new re-release?
  7. MrCharisma

    Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    There doesn't seem to be enough love here for the former Empire. Is anybody playing with their Empire army under the Freeguild / Devotee of Sigmar / Ironweld / Collegiate Arcane? To start the ball rolling here is a 2,500pt list I recently used. The list is a traditional Empire list with the addition of a Celestant Prime (acting as Sigmar, using a Voltan model) and Gryph-hound (because I had a spare 40 pts). I've learnt a lot with this list and will be looking to make slight amendments for the next match... Free Guild of the Empire 2500 Leader Type Points Models 1 Celestant Prime (acting as Sigmar) 360 1 2 Battlemage 100 1 3 Freeguild General 100 1 4 5 6 7 8 Battleline 1 Freeguild Guard (swords) 240 30 2 Freeguild Guard (swords) 80 10 3 Freeguild Crossbowmen 200 20 4 Freeguild Archers 100 10 Freeguild Greatswords 480 30 Gryph-hound 40 1 Artillery 1 Cannon 180 1 2 3 4 5 Behemoths 1 Steam Tank 300 1 2 Celestial Hurricanum 320 1 3 4 5
  8. AsraiR

    Project Freeguild

    So after what feels like decades (oh it is in fact 20 years since I started buying Empire as was, back in the old days of WFB 5th) I've been slowly bringing my guys back to the tabletop for Sigmar. Here is a huge chunk of my infantry repaired, rebased, reprimed and 10 of whom were test painted last year to set the scheme. This is my big project for the year alongside working on my PhD so here we go.
  9. Decided to start a post to get all of your feedback as I slowly start working through the mountain of plastic I've got scattered around my office. C&C is always appreciated. 5 Freeguild handgunners down out of aproximately 118 freeguild models to paint. Is there light at the end of this tunnel?
  10. S133arcanite

    Tzeentch Freeguild and Friends

    Hi all! this plog shall be part strategic, part painting and modelling: This is the current army list for my Tzeentch Freeguild: TheGuardofMourn'sCreek.pdf Please tell me what you think! This is going to be Tzeentch themed, with the heroes all converted, the demigryphs kitbashed and some kairic filling in for the troops. Will update later!
  11. So I've had a -lot- of fun today, building up myself an engineer and a volley gun for my freeguild!! Any fans of the monster hunter franchise will notice that gunther's long rifle is actually a gunlance! Complete with stabby bayonet and a scope for the range finding optics. I'm quite happy with this guy, he looks truly mad and ecstatic with his big guns! And next we have the volley gun! Known as Die Grosse Kanone (the big cannon in german) this is gunther's personal volley gun he built himself and as such is ramshackle and full of love (and gunpowder) The big gun will also get an eccentric crew built for it soon too so look forward to that! I might add some more components onto the gun too. Like a big crank on the back!
  12. So I have a busy week ahead of me! I've got a 3v3 game organised next week of order versus khorne. We will have myself and my freeguild along with Dan & his Pheonix Temple & Chris and his freeguild. It's going to be a tough game and we're likely going to have to try and win it through cunning, attrition and a boat load of shooting! So what I have available so far, in various stages of painting: 10 gunners 10 guard w/ sword and shield 10 guard w/ militia weapons 1 freeguild general on foot 3 demigryph knights 1 cannon (albeit lacking in dwarven crew) What I plan to finish building this week: 1 general on griffon 10 greatswords (mostly done just need to do a couple heads. They're a jaguar warrior conversion so take time to build but should be quick to paint) 20 guard (I hate building the guardsmen so this will hurt) 10 crossbowmen Possibly 1 luminark depending on how many points I have left as it would be nice to have something to buff my teammates. Also a 30" range gun will be nice for upsetting bloodsecrators. I'm going to be detailing my progress on the blog and also brainstorming some lists. Should be good fun! I do love my freeguild but they are a pain to get built and painted sometimes At least the demigryphs were fun when I did them. Also note to self: Buy some rocket batteries at some point... and make an engineer.
  13. I've started building a small warband based around a knight questor and his retinue of followers,minstrels, squires and scribes. I wanted him to have an old school heraldic knight look, as if he's been away from his storm host for many many years and has taken to the questing life completely. I'm hoping to run a small AOS skirmish campaign in the vein of INQ28 or inquisimunda using either the regiment of renown rules or the hinterlands rules. Let me know what you think and i'll post more as it goes.
  14. Hi all, Have a question which has popped up due to the wording of the Freeguild Great Company ability. This ability allows a unit to "lend support" to another at the end of the enemy charge phase. Said unit can then "shoot as if it were their shooting phase". Disagreement has arisen over what this means for friendly and enemy units during resolution. The example in question looks at a unit of Handgunners shooting either a unit of Fulminators or a unit of Protectors. Both Handgunners and Fulminators have warscroll abilities which activate during the "shooting phase". Protectors have a warscroll ability that affects shooting attacks with no mention of phase. Considering the specific wording of the rule, I can see three outcomes: 1. Only Handgunners act as if it is their shooting phase. Handgunners and Protectors activate their abilities. Fulminators would not activate theirs 2. All units act as if it is the shooting phase. All three units activate abilities 3. Not technically the shooting phase, so no phase-specific abilities are activated. Only Protectors may use their ability Interested to hear people's thoughts on whether phase-specific abilities should be activated during these "as if" engagements. Thanks
  15. Hellhammer101

    Base Sizes and tournements

    I'm currently basing some freeguild guard and hand gunners but I think the 25mm bases are too small as they only just fit. If I scale up to 32mm will this be seen as the incorrect base size or will this be fine at official tournaments if they're all based the same?
  16. Hello there I'm starting a freeguild army and i really like the blue and white colour scheme of Hammerhal (or old Middenheim) but i can't figure out how the white and blue are painted So thats what i need help with you guys got any ideas? Thanks alot
  17. bottle

    AoS Skirmish Warband

    Here's my AoS Skirmish warband that will be appearing on Warhammer Live this Wednesday (the 17th of May)! One of dozens of warbands I have planned... AoS Skirmish is gonna be a blast! - painted by bottle
  18. arka0415

    Freeguild/Empire - 2000pt Army Roster

    Starting to build my models, so here's my final draft of my 2000pt army list! If you have any comments or suggestions please let me know! The large Halberd block shields the large handgun block, while the two sword-and-board units guard the smaller handgun units. Artillery in the back and the heroes can provide various buffs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Freeguild General w/ Sigmarite Weapon, Freeguild Shield, and Stately War Banner Collegiate Arcane Battlemage (Lore of Shadows or Lore of Beasts) Gunmaster w/ Masterwork Long Rifle Excelsior Warpriest and Gryph-Hound Witch Hunter w/ Baroque Pistol & Silver Greatsword 20 Freeguild Guard w/ Halberds & Shields 10 Freeguild Guard w/ Swords & Shields 10 Freeguild Guard w/ Swords & Shields 30 Freeguild Handgunners w/ Long Rifle (Marksman only) 10 Freeguild Handgunners w/ Long Rifle (Marksman only) 10 Freeguild Handgunners w/ Long Rifle (Marksman only) 5 Freeguild Pistoliers Cannon Helblaster Volley Gun Steam Tank ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please let me know if you have any comments or ideas! Thank you very much!
  19. Hey all! So I've been playing around with this allies system a bit with my SE, Empire and Nurgle forces. I lean heavily in favor of my Empire these days and I do like the idea of taking my hurricanum with my Stormcast. But... has allies taken away the ability for Empire to field artillery en mass? I mean, I have 5 Empire Great Cannons, 2 hellfire volley Gun, a mortar, a Rocket Battery and a Steam Tank but am I now only able to take 20% of my list as Iron weld arsenal? Can I still field my Empire Great Cannons as freeguild (as technically they are not the Iron weld arsenal ones) meaning they don't count towards my use of allies points? Not to mention I want to fit my Hurricanum into my list which is near impossible to do if your taking Iron weld arsenal gear. My fear is I have just stumbled across the one thing to come with GHB2017 that kills my love of the Empire after having so much AWESOME stuff in it Note: I am not hating on GHB2 at all, I love the book, love the whole thing, yes even allies! lol.
  20. Hi, I'm interested in Freeguild infantry (swordsmen, handgunners, greatswords) as well as the plastic griffon model. Based in London (UK) I'm also interested in the bits to make the top of the hurricanum (planet bit), I have the luminark but managed to misplace/give away the hurricanum top. Also - 25mm rounds Please get in touch Cheers, Donal
  21. Major

    Help a brother out?

    Hello everyone! So i bought all this stuff on a plastic purchase spree. Problem is.... I have nooooo idea what any of it is. SoI was wondering if you all might help me identify what on earth it is that I bought. I think its all empire? But I could be wrong... any help would be greatly appreciated as, right this moment, its useless to me lol. Also thankyou in advance for your help and for not giving me stick for not knowing!
  22. Sideburns

    Going from skirmish to full list

    So, we started playing Skirmish and I like this game... That being said how should I advance beyond skirmish level Right now I have: 1 Freeguild General mounted with Great Weapon 1 Freeguild General on foot (magnetised to hold various stuff) 10 Freeguild handgunner 10 Freeguild guard (sword and shield) What would complement these to make a 1000 points (and beyond...)
  23. Of all the mortal realms, perhaps the least traveled among them is the place named Ulgu. Shadow magic personified, it is a plane of shifting continents, ominous skies, endless grey crags, and home to demonic fogs. In ancient times, before Chaos ruled over all but Sigmar’s throne, explorers would not deign to venture there. They feared the realm of dread illusion would swallow them whole, or worse face the wrath of a baleful king left over from another world, like the patron god of men. Through winding valleys and hidden pathways stands a solitary fortress, larger than any like it across the mortal realms. The earth around it is serene and unchanging, but by no means beautiful. The castle stands as an anchor of logic, holding its surroundings in place while violent change and constant misdirection leave the rest of Ulgu an unknowable terror. It is here that a mysterious benefactor took the castle as their own, and sought to fill it with stewards to keep it, and proud knights to defend it. The master of the castle knew well this King of Shadow, once named Malekith. Long ago, Malekith was a distant blood relative, and also a most hated foe. The benefactor saw the city of stone as an opportunity, a way to garrison many souls in everlasting watch over an old enemy. Any shelter it may provide, any community it may create, any new ideas fostered under its roof, all were secondary to this singular purpose. Not that the benefactor would elucidate this to anyone. Years after the first settlers were led to its bronze gates, the castle-city is home to outcasts, vagabonds, and wanderers who seek a new order of things away an undesired establishment. This is no collection of pirates and thieves, but rather a flourishing city state governed by those deemed unfit to live amongst other mortals, no matter how noble the intentions in their hearts. From this cradle of sanctuary, the denizens of Castle Siebenbur strike from their home into other realms. Far from heavenly Azyr, the fortress in Ulgu stands as a bastion of Order where no other life would dare to defy the might of Chaos. -- This is one of my finished armies that has seen action at the Las Vegas Open, Adepticon, and now an event with the Adepticon crew at Midwest Meltdown. I took roughly a year to plan this army through writing fluff, conversion planning, and color scheme studies. I based this army on an examination of the many aspects I enjoy about fantasy in popular culture, particularly Japanese fantasy video games and their color palettes. Not the anime or cel-shaded games, but more visceral titles such as The Last Remnant, Dragon's Dogma, and Dark Souls to name a few. I have been particularly fascinated for a long time with the muted, organic palettes and the focus on nondenominational ornamentation... I could go on and on about why certain aspects of the army look as they do, but putting that all into a single post would take longer than I have in one sitting. So here's some minis to start with, I'll add more with bits of fluff as I go. No critique necessary. I know what looks bad and why. I have learned from what I rushed in this army and improved greatly in my upcoming Celestial Vindicators force. This army was rushed to completion, and nothing will change that, but it is certainly my most narrative driven army and that is what makes it beyond impressive and special in my opinion. It's not bad on the table either, I came in the top third of players at Adepticon 2017 with this lot.
  24. +Hello there Always liked the old empire so i wanted to start a army. Problem is i don't now where to go with a list. I really want a shotty list with handgunners and crossbows with a hurricanum ofc. I thought 'bout 30x Handgunners, 30x Handgunners and 30 crossbows. Really like the idea of all this shootin' A hurricanum with mage so i can get +1 to hit, cuz thats cool and then a Free guild General on horse so i can get +1/+1. 60 shots from 2 units of handgunners on 2+/2+/-1/1 Ouch. Maybe i should swap out the Crossbows for Handgunners? Now ofc a shooty army need artillery and thats the problem i don't know what to go for... I have heard Hellstorm Rocket battery is quite good. I Really want a steam tank (How does it perform) with a Battlemage of life to heal it every turn. For defence i don't really know either, well there is only free guild guard and Greatsword sooo. Maybe some OP grail knights with the Fey cuz FOR THE LADY! Soo to be fair i don't know how to make a 2000 point list so i thought that you Free guild players could share me your list. Thank you
  25. Randolph Carter

    House Reike-Woerlitz

    A change- not a brother or sister of the Death Watch, but a family of Freeguild. This is the chronicle of their most ancient history- in time, they will reappear in other stories. ------ Long ago- before the Gates of Heaven were shut, before the Gods were disunited, before the taint of Chaos reappeared in the world, deep in the Age of Myth when the world still lay verdant and untrampled, there were two men. One, Lars of the Duns, was a refugee from far Arcadia, fleeing political violence in that ancient land. He led hundreds of his followers with him to a new home in the forest, under the flag of the sturdy steeds that had taken them thus far. There, he founded a new realm- the Empire of the Green Horse, whose kings traveled from one steading to another carrying their court with them. For many centuries they flourished, creating art and architecture both primitive and beautiful. They were the Green Kings, and under their tutelage the hills bloomed and flourished, and the valleys prospered and grew verdant. But they came to an end, as all things must. No one is quite sure of what brought the Kingdom of the Green Horse to its finish. Stories are told of wandering Gargants, Orruk invasions, pacts with malevolent sorcerers, or a waking dragon living under the hills. Only the Knights of the Last Flower, who claim descent from that land, can say for sure, and they keep that knowledge locked away for reasons fathomable only to them. When the kingdom fell, though, the survivors fled away from those hills, leaving them to become wildlands and impenetrable forests. The refugees reached a land between two rivers instead- there, they met the descendants of the second man. Not so far away, in the marshes and wetlands that dot and snake through that land, Connor Marsh made his home. A fisherman, an explorer and a hunter, he plied his trade across the waters, spreading his nets and feeding his family and friends off their bounty. As his reach expanded, he led them to drive out the grots, troggoths and waking dead that also claimed that land. Sometimes, he would make war on other families and villages as well. More often, he would trade and ally, marrying his daughters to their sons and his sons to their daughters. By this, he became not only patriarch but lord, chief over a growing sphere of influence stretching across not just the marshes but the twin rivers that formed their borders. In time, his family and his domain would be named after the greater of these two rivers. They would become known as the Reiks. The first meeting between the people of the rivers and the survivors of the Green Horse was not salubrious. The refugees foraged on lands long claimed by the Reiks, and when confronted refused to bow before the local powers. Again and again, the Reiks would confront the newcomers, and soon blood was shed throughout the region. The locals had the ground and their boats, but the men and women of the Green Horse brought weapons of bronze, and their steeds besides. As the battle between the two grew more pitched, one man- Gunter Worlitzer- emerged as leader among the survivors, pushing deeper and deeper into Reik territory as the seasons turned. It was only with their backs to the river that gave them their name that the defenders were able to make a firm stand against his army, using a blend of what they knew and what they had learned throughout the long years of subjugation. Over the centuries, successive generations of Reiks and Worlitzers would cycle between bitter, wary truce and total war. Many were the times that the twin rivers ran red with the blood spilled by their shores. Only rarely were the two families- the two peoples- willing to set aside their hatreds of one another, when both were threatened by a greater outside enemy. The greatest of such incidents came with the advent of Warboss Goomba da Bonecrusha, known as the Mad Dok and whispered by some to be Boss of Bosses. He led a Waaagh! almost fifty thousand strong into the land between the rivers, slaughtering all he came across and setting what he could alight. Only after three weeks of smoke, fire, confusion and sacrifice, and the eleventh-hour arrival of the Knights of the Last Flower on the field, was the Mad Dok foiled at last. Part of the blood-cost paid included most of the leadership of both families, leaving each in new, inexperienced hands. For a time it looked like these would retreat to their fastnesses, to plot and plan the resumption of the war between them- until the Grandmaster of the Last Flower came forth. He scolded the survivors for their lack of empathy towards one another, for their willingness to see the rest of their families and their lands destroyed for the sake of an ancient grudge. It was, he hinted, exactly this sort of infighting that had brought about the fall of the Green Horse so many years ago. He would not stand to see it again. With his guidance a union was arranged between the de facto leaders of both families, overseen by the Knights. No longer would there be two factions between the rivers- forevermore it would be Reike-Woerlitz together. ------ The ancient heraldry of House Reike-Woerlitz is the Horse and Rivers, and its motto is "We Prevail."