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  1. Hey guys, if you want to participate :
  2. Sisters of the thron have been nerfed :(. They can only cast their innate spell on a wanderer unit.
  3. Thanks @lare2 that makes those puny necromancers a bit more tanky!
  4. Hey guys, I've got a question. Does the ability that allows a necromancer to bounce wounds to skelletons near him, also works for MW ? Cheers!
  5. Hey @RUNCMD, Thanks for your reply. Well, I don't know if I'll go arcanite, mortal or daemon, because I don't really know the differences of gameplay as well as their inherent strenghts and weaknesses. But yeah, I got the opportunity to buy a cheap lot, I got also go the unbuilt models from Silver Tower too, so I was thinking it could be a nice change from my SCE
  6. Hey guys, Noob question. I've got Vilitch the Curseling and 6 flamers painted plus 3 screamers to be built. I could buy a painted lot for 50 Euros : 1 gaunt summoner 1 gaunt summoner on disk 1 Curseling 1 Ogroid Thaumaturge 30 kairic acolytes Would that be a good start for a Tzeentch army ? I play SCE but I'd like to play an army that is actually good at magic :). I've always liked magic heavy armies. What's competitive and fun nowadays ?
  7. You also got an issue with the Lord Celestant ability. He doesn't take D3 attacks when he charges, but he gets a flat 1 attack
  8. Cheers @Graywater. Do you have the results of the double event ? I was told in here that a Seraphon-free people alliance did really well.
  9. @Graywater Hey mate, do you have access to any Seraphon, SCE and free people list from Nova ? I'd like to see what people played? Cheers
  10. I just used a metallic sheet, one of those you put on a wall to have stuff you need to at eyes level (important papers for ex). I put it inside my laptop's cardboard box and tadaa. Cheap transportation :). Minis can be tall, as long as they' aren't phat, it's ok, cause I can put them sideways and they'll adhere with the side metallic sheet
  11. Hey thanks for the idea, I've never thought about Draconis, and with an archmage ally they're perfect for a thousand points! They're a one trick pony though, once per game and tadaaaaa. Phoenix Temple is neat if durability is needed. I played against a friends ShadowStrike host today, I barely managed to win, it's very good batallion!
  12. It's like a ShadowStrike, with a bit less potent units (and too much battlelines )
  13. Ok, I'll try to find about that and figure how everything synergize together. Cheers guys! Have you ever faced a SCE Skyborne Slayers?
  14. Interestung thanks, I don't know why I didn't think of Lustria . I loved their tacticas for WFB v8!
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