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  1. Just take a picture of the apotheosis banner, print it, stick it on a pole, convert a little bit. You've got a brand new and unique Vexillor ^^
  2. i WAS WAITING FOR 3.0 to make those beautiful prosecutors viable. I'll wait for 4.0
  3. Maybe that's because that's what ancient chinese culture is about ? Maybe because stereotypes are based on historical reality or a not distant one? When you think about France, you think about bérets, baguette bread, wine and cheese. Guess what, we do eat cheese a lot, we do eat baguettes a lot, we do have so many different kind of wines that we drink but nowadays only parisian chic girls or 80 yo in the countryside wear berets. I wouldn't be surprised or offended if somebody would portray my people like that. Also, they did the same with Khemri, Brettonia, The Empire etc. They took historical characters and periods of history and morphed them into a fantasy setting. Brettonia is Medieval Europe, especially England and France. The Empire is 15th/16th century Holy Roman Empire, Kislev is 17th century Polish Empire, Vampire Counts are adapted legends about Vlad Tepes, etc. You can disagree with what they did, alright, but they're not writing a doctoral thesis about one aspect of ancient chinese culture. It's a video game.
  4. Cant you just add +1 to armour save in general, abilities and CP included ?
  5. My dream come true. Give me a week, no more cheese.
  6. There's a Knight Draconis hero talked about in : https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/08/02/even-more-dragons-are-coming-to-the-age-of-sigmar-and-now-theyve-got-riders/
  7. Although they used to be FW, The Carmine, Warpfire and Magma Dragons were pretty dope
  8. Nice starting pack for anyone wanting to start SCE and on the cheap side!
  9. HUM HUM. Haven't played for a long time. Guess you're right buddy
  10. I can't find that in the 2020 FAQs. Would you be so kind as to tell me exactly where to look ?
  11. He had 5 drops right ? That's not very low nor a lot. What amazes me is taht he was able to play a LCoD. I've never been allowed to play anything but an unmounted Lord Celestant.
  12. But they're so slow. They can be useful in Skyborne slayers, but otherwise you'll have to consider them as a palisade for your more important units.
  13. You have to be unhappy and "blasé" about everything to be really french
  14. You can have a look here guys on the french warhammer forum : https://www.warhammer-forum.com/index.php?/topic/253966-aos-ordre-seternal-bretcast-haut-en-couleur/
  15. You could if you bring Vanguard raptors. But I don't see the point.
  16. You don't have to ally SCE. They're COS too. You can take 1 unit of them for three nonSCE COS units you take. So If you want only 1 unit of Aetherwings, you can just take them.
  17. Yes. Solid core. Not invulnerable but very very solid. Nope. It's just that I played a Hallow Heart bunker list that day. If you want to be able to use the ca, you need something that will die and you won't care about it. 80/100 points max units are perfect for that. You've got lots of choices. Depends on what you own.
  18. Phoenix Guards are the BEST infantry in the Order alliance. There can't be no question to that, even with the 20 points increase. 20 PG are already quite resilient, but 30 of them won't go anywhere soon (unless you're THAT unlucky with dice). 4+ 4++ 2 attacks each, rend -1, 2" range. They're just too good. If you bring wizards to raise them back from the dead (you should) you can bring max 6 of them a turn. I did that in a HH army, my opponent wasn't amused. He focused the 2*10 handgunners right behing my PG with the shooting attack then some of his melee attacks, so he pretty much wiped them, but the PG tanked his remaining charging MAwcrusha attacks and Goreguntas. In my turn, PG got resurrected, Sisters shot, Hurricanum shot and GG and MC were gone
  19. I didn't see the list. Yes libs would bé 2+ if he can stack all of them inside 9 inch of the castellant. Still, they won't be able to move. If your opponents wants to avoid grandhammers, it's easily zone. No? And you can't Make a Line, if you do, you're 3+
  20. 40mm base 1" reach, even with 3+, it's not great. When you want to resurrect you can only bring one a turn. In sce list libs are taking at minimum size as core tax
  21. He Comes with thé bow. It's Not an option. They get +1 to hit in mêlée and shooting
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