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  1. AthelLoren

    Create Your Own Faction (why not)

    I like the idea of an army of Spites. Maybe with abilities to randomly determine their weapon every turn, to represent shapeshifting, or maybe even the ability to trade out one unit for another of equal cost. I think they would be a very Destruction-esque army, but I would totally do open play to ally them with my Wanderers and Sylvaneth.
  2. AthelLoren

    Hello All

    Hi, just posting my profile. I'm a relatively new player who plays Wanderers and Sylvaneth, all I have is a single Start Collecting! Sylvaneth, a Waywatcher, and a good old unit of Glade Guard. I've only played around 5 games total, so i'm a complete newbie. I love role playing games, and am happily anticipating the AOSRPG release. I have a blog at https://thewyldwood.blogspot.com/, and I enjoy writing. I will be frequently Inactive for long stretches of time, so please be patient with me. This seems to be a wonderful community, and i'm glad to join it. Tree you later!
  3. AthelLoren

    Age of Sigmar RPG

    Hey Emmetation, I'm really excited for the Age of Sigmar RPG. I'm just wondering, will there be options for Wood Aelves and Sylvaneth specifically? I hope this doesn't seem like a repetition of earlier posts, but I've asked more specifically because I would like to know in advance. I'm really excited about how you said that the basic game would be below DnD 5th edition, because I assume something that simple gives a lot of room for storytelling and GM-ing. Another purely personal question, is there going to be a sourcebook dedicated to Ghyran? Again I hope I don't seem repetitive, but I would really like a treasure trove of information about Ghyran, my all time favorite realm. It would be great if it could include a Ghyran bestiary of sorts, or a few Prestige Classes (DnD 3rd Edition) themed centrally around Ghyranite rituals and fighting styles. My Wood Aelf ranger and Sylvaneth Druid are already waiting to be made, so if that is at all possible, I wood love to know. Excuse the pun, please.