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  1. Honestly, that Shadows in the Forest box sounds awesome. Can GW hire you, because I also need a Crab riding Aelf in my life. Also, my sister plays nurgle, so I would love to see some pestigors - the Wood Elves and Beastmen have a long rivalry you know.
  2. I recently got rid of most of my AoS stuff. My family is moving to a smaller abode and I decided that, as I don't really play much, I didn't need to bring it. I brought a few models for Nostalgia's sake, specifically a unit of Glade Guard, a Waywatcher, and what passed for a single tree-kin (A Mage-Knight-Dungeons model on a Warhammer base). The good thing is that this all leaves me to start anew and choose a fresh army to go with.
  3. I'm pretty sure they had a section like this in an old Ogor Kingdoms book - 6th edition maybe? I have the old white dwarf preview. Issue 300 I think. Yass! I always thought that the old Grey Ogres looked better than painting them with actual flesh.
  4. Ok, so pre-orders up. I know I don't play Ogors, but they intrigue me enough to possibly look into - anyways, I thought a new topic was in order. The Orruk Warclans one was up WAY earlier, and we all need a place to talk about lists and lore and speculation and such. Let the feast of bones begin!
  5. C Nice! They appear to be word bearers, though their shoulderpads say deathguard... Correct me if i'm wrong?
  6. I think option 2 looks the best. Alarielle is a spectacular model, and a blob of 20 dryads never hurt.
  7. Can't wait to see where this goes! The Knights Excelsior tend to be pretty harsh, so drankards probably won't sit well with them.
  8. Oof. So, this might be semi-embarrassing. So, I portray myself as a Wanderers and Sylvaneth player, but I don't have much on the way of MODELS. Most of my Hobby time is devoted to painting what I do have and making up lore. Lots and LOTS of Lore. When you're still in school, (Not getting any more specific) Hobby Funds tend to be low. So I mostly rely on Holidays. So here it is: 1 SC! Sylvaneth, Treelord assembled as Durthu 1 Waywatcher 12 Glade Guard So the rest of it is obtained secondhand. 1 random Freeguild Greatsword that I use as a General 2 Freeguild Generals on Horseback 10 Freeguild Giuard w/ Spears 10 Freeguild Guard w/ Swords and Shields 10 Freeguild gunners 1 Battlemage 1 Knight Incantor 15 Sequitors 5 Evocators 3 Vanguard-Palladors 15 Liberators 3 Prosecutors 5 Retrivutors 1 Lord Relictor 1 Lord Celestant So I mostly play 1k games, using my Glade Guard as Shadow Warriors and my Waywatcher as a Nomad Prince. Hoping to expand soon.
  9. You know what I love about CoS? I love that, instead of restricting us to a faction, it lets us run wild. We can convert Dark Elves with leaves and paint them up like living city warriors, we can convert Freeguild with leaves and paint them up like living city warriors, everqueen, we can even convert a STEAM TANK with leaves and paint it up like a living city STEAM TANK! On a less optimistic note, it's sad to see the Wanderers sculpt go. I had just gotten into the hobby and picked up a couple units of Wanderers to start - A Waywatcher and some Glade Guard - then got distracted with 40k for a while. I got a SC! Sylvaneth for christmas, and that got me back into things, and then CoS dropped and the Waystrider was gone. I love my Waywatcher, and was hoping to pick up a Wayfinder, but I absolutely adore the Waystrider sculpt. Too late to pick one up from GW, though I might try to find one on Ebay...
  10. Side question - How are you enjoying Tales from the Yawning Portal?
  11. No. They have been joined with the rest of the Cities of Sigmar line, and will have to rely on them for Relics and Command Traits. I guess, you could still play Shadowblades allegiance if you wanted to, but you couldn't include any other cities of sigmar units. I suspect they will remove the allegiance abilities of the combined factions with a new FAQ or General's Handbook. So no, they don't have any of their own, but can use CoS ones now.
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