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  1. Played a couple of games, and have a couple of notes - try not to separate too much. Stay in one big group.
  2. One question - Do you plan on adding Free Peoples? Or maybe Cities of Sigmar once the tome drops?
  3. Yes, but their armor is like that of a Samurai. I can see the mixture of different eastern influences here, and the Mongol theme really stands out. I am hoping for a Mongol ogre vs Japanese Skeleton battle box.
  4. SAMURAI SKELETONS! Ninjago time...
  5. THIS! That's my viewpoint on the matter, and am considering modelling a few Aelves into my Freeguild units and vice versa. I think it would be cool to see a human who was initiated into the Shadow Warriors because he had the skills necessary. And that's what any city based on survival is, right? A meritocracy? And why shouldn't Aelves be able to join the local Spearman unit? For me, it's all about the lore, and my city is a city primarily of Humans and Aelves. Not Freeguild, not Swifthawk Agents or Wanderers, but Humans and Aelves.
  6. So I just PM you and you will add it to the list?
  7. My dad just picked up the Corvus Cabal for me today, and I am assembling them right now. Really great models, having some trouble with Spire Stalker #2, but overall a really great kit. My favorite model by far is the Shrike, Their playstyle looks very intricate - Lots of planning involved. I plan to pick my enemies apart one by one.
  8. 1: No. All of them have been cut already, but I won't use exactly those names to represent them, more like use their general ideas for characters. I thought it would be nice to pay homage to my three favorite GW sculpts. 2: Yeah, that's the idea. Against all odds was one of the prompts, and having to defeat an entire skaven horde alone seemed like a fitting choice! I'm considering doing something like the heroes letting some sort of Clan Moulder abomination - Maybe even a Hell Pit Abomination, although I don't think it would fit in the smaller tunnels - Loose on the Skaven, just to soften them up.
  9. Hello all. Due to the upcoming Black Library submission period (Details here), I am working on a couple of submissions of my own. One, which I am working on first, is my primary submission. To avoid any plagiarism (Sorry, but it happens!) and due to the fact that it is a 40k story, I will keep that one a secret. But, as for my second one, which I call "City of Branches", I plan to share the writing process. I've attempted (And failed) multiple times to write non-Warhammer fiction, but I just don't have the motivation. I am hoping that by sharing my progress, I might be motivated to follow through. Basically, the idea for this book is that it takes place in my personally made Free City called Twin Oak city. It follows the quest of a Wayfinder, a Waystrider, and a Waywatcher to get rid of the Skaven Infestation that the lower levels of the city are plagued by.
  10. Amazing! I love your color scheme; It really ties all of the diverse models together. I never knew that shadow warriors could look so great in Asrai colors!
  11. But seriously, the negativity on this board is astounding. It's not perfect, I know, but it's the best we're gonna get. To me, any support is better than none at all, even if that support limits our options. I mean, better for it to be over with than for us to sit on the shelf, waiting for the turn that will never come.
  12. The removal of most of our heroes makes me very sad... The Waystrider was actually my favorite sculpt in the range, ever.
  13. Who's excited for Beastgrave? Me! I figured it would be a nice idea to put up this topic beforehand, so everyone can share their thoughts on the models and how they will play. Until they are released, we can't exactly talk about strategy, so might as well fill that empty space until then. Personally, i'm digging the whole mohawks theme, along with the warmer colors. The models seem very dynamic to me, and their whole centaur/faun theme is just what I was looking for in the Asrai.
  14. I'm super excited for this Kurnothi thing! It seems to match my previous speculation: I hope they do a full faction. If they do, they certainly have ME on board! I mean, just look at them! I like the redesign, using Orange and other Autumn colors more than green, while still being identifiable as Asrai.
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