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  1. Wardancer Tribes Update - After more thought, i've decided that the core of the army list will be made up of a battleline unit (Wardancers), a shaman-type caster hero, an elite Wardancer unit, and a Basic Hero (Shadowdancer). Outside of that is when the fun really begins - Think Eldar Aspect Warriors, but with an Animal theme, such as Snake Dancers, Eagle Dancers, Bear Dancers, and Stag Dancers. They would each have a theme and ability based off of their animal, with Weaponry to match. Each of these "Beast Dancer" units would then get a Leader choice following the same vein, which would make it's corresponding unit battleline if it it's your general, and some would even have corresponding animals - Great Eagles, Hunting Hounds, War Bears, etc. Once again, feedback welcome.
  2. Clan Skyven sounds awesome! I don't think the name is too silly - After all, we're talking about skaven here.
  3. And the Tombwrights seem like a unique idea - sorta like Chaos Dwarves, but with a Death spin to them!
  4. Those Skinwalkers make my skin crawl... No pun intended.
  5. Wow, tough choice! I went for Untamed Beasts - I just love their feral and dynamic look, but corvus cabal and splintered fange were not far behind. Corvus Cabal just oozes motion and menace, and splintered fang has that one guy with the snake wrapped around him, but I'll head for the Untamed Beasts.
  6. Guess i'd better start things off - My main faction idea is that of the Wardancer Tribes - Here goes nothing! The Wardancer Tribes are Aelves that guard the Wild Places of the realms - Initially only Ghyran, for where their Wanderers Cousins fled, they held fast - But after the respite of Sigmar's Tempest, they spread throughout the realms like wildfire, especially taking to Ghur, where their numbers have come to exceed those in Ghyran. The Wardancers are made up of tribes, each with a territory of their own, which they will defend from any intruders. Their tribes each take on an animal aspect to aspire to, and name themselves after it. For example, the most renowned tribes include such names as the Bear tribe of Ghur, aspiring to acts of physical strength and bravery, the Serpent tribe of Ulgu, who move through the shadows with the grace of their namesake, the Stag Tribe of Ghyran, the original Wardancer tribe, holding to vigilance and loyalty to defend against the despoiling hordes of Nurgle, and lastly the Eagle tribe, hailing from the wilds of Azyr itself but wander throughout the realms, who live for the virtues of freedom and justice. Feedback welcome!
  7. So, this may already be a thing, but due to the enthusiasm on my other topic, I would like to start up a forum for sharing faction ideas. Specifically, my goal is to create a positive, accepting environment for people to share their developing ideas. Specifically, I don't want this kind of talk: "That's to similar to faction X" - Because that's their idea, and not everyone can pull unique ideas out of a hat. For example, I think that steampunk pirate goblins is just fine, as long as they have changed even the smallest detail - they're goblins, not dwarves. Similarly, my ideas for Spite and Wardancers factions may seem too similar to Sylvaneth and Wanderers, but they were the inspirations. "That's boring/bland" - Because not everyone thinks the same things are bland. For example, someone once said that, because they're too "Generic Fantasy", Wanderers will never get an update. I don't care what he thinks - I think they are a faction with a strong theme. "GW would never do that" - Well, we don't expect them to. It's just our idea after all. "That's not what that grand alliance is about - It should be in GA X" - Even though GW releases point each Grand Alliance toward a specific theme, for example Death = Nagash or Destruction = Gorkamorka, they are simply concepts at their core. It is just that those gods are the main official patrons of that concept. "I would never play against that - It seems unbalanced." - Ok. Doesn't mean anything to the rest of us, now we know your opinion. I, on the other hand, would be glad to help playtest your developing faction, and besides, this isn't just about rules - a lot of my faction ideas will just be concepts and lore! And finally, the dreaded "That doesn't fit into AOS." - My least favorite of them all. the snipes of that's too silly, or too serious, are absurd to me. The Mortal Realms are a wonderfully diverse world. Think of how we can have the goofy Skaven, Orruks, and Grots, the Grimdark Idoneth Deepkin, Nighthaunt, and Flesh Eater Courts, and the shining, heroic Stormcast Eternals, Seraphon, and Aelves, all in the SAME UNIVERSE! Anything can be AOS. It's all up for interpretation. But most of all, HAVE FUN! Let's all enjoy ourselves sharing our Faction Ideas, however serious, goofy, undeveloped, or precisely balanced they are! The mortal realms are diverse - so let's explore every possibility.
  8. Welcome to the community! I am similarly a newer participant in the forum. Good luck with those Fyreslayers!
  9. Ok, thanks. I'll keep that in mind. I just like to stand up for people, including myself. I've always thought that if you don't have something Constructive or nice to say, don't say it at all - or at least find a way to say it politely. I'll just have to get used to it. Good luck with the High Elves, by the way.
  10. OK PaniuBraniu, I respect your opinion. I am not accusing you of doing this, but I hope you won't go around shooting down people's ideas later in the thread. We now know your opinion, and that shouldn't stop others from posting ideas. Not that i'm saying you are, of course, but just reminding everyone that this thread is supposed to be an environment for stimulating imagination. I understand your opinion, but, like acr0ssth3p0nd, I am confident they fit reasonably well, and, if they don't I still hope. I don't ever mean to insult anyone, just so you know. We don't all think we're lying to ourselves, or else why would we have this thread? It's fine that you think we're lying to ourselves, but if so, I politely ask you to not shoot others down.
  11. I know, right? They seem like a pretty complete faction already. Just some Endless Spells, reworked Abilities, and maybe a hero or two. Also, I guess I should have called this topic Asrai or Wood Aelf instead of wanderers, because my initial idea was a thread for theories and wishful thinking as well as possibilities and likelihood. So, this can function both as assessing possibilities and likeliness, which is most functional, AND Wishes and wild theories.
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