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  1. Hey all If anyone remembers me, yeah, I'm looking into getting back into AoS. I was wondering if the Sylvaneth Warcry box is worth it? Even for AoS, if it's priced like the other boxes that's crazy savings. Revs and Hunters are quite expensive, you're essentially getting one of those units for free. Heck, it would even give you a discount on Hunters alone.
  2. Anybody gonna go for Mega-gargants in LC?
  3. I never played Fantasy (Played some Mordheim with my dad when we first shifted from privateer press to GW), but am super excited for this. What i've read of the lore is quite gritty and wonderful, and I have a collection of pretty old White Dwarfs - the game system seemed quite tactical in a way AoS doesn't. Flank charges, winning and losing combats, and rank and file infantry all seem quite wonderful - not to mention my Dryads and Glade Guard could possibly be getting back together again. Also, the possibility of Tomb Kings and/or Brettonia sounds great. Never played either of them, but I've always been a sucker for anything Egyptian themed.
  4. AthelLoren

    Warcry wishlisting!

    Yes please, oh please, oh please. Cities of Sigmar seems glaringly absent at the moment.
  5. First off, how big is a single Awakened Wyldwood piece? Second, what are everyone's ideas on converting custom Awakened Wyldwoods and other forest terrain/
  6. i wish. I don't think it would work that way - first, the spell would be on the Warscrolls, second, it would be altogether too good to be true. Then again, it would allow anyone allying in Sylvaneth to get a Wyldwood without taking a Treelord Ancient, so I hope it gets clarified to be that way. In that case, a Branchwraith would be good choice, being able to summon a wood and then throw down dryads.
  7. Magic. I know, it's a big change and dice abilities KIND OF fill in for it, but I like the idea of it. My idea is to add a new Generic ability: Double, Mage - Manifest Magic This model gets a Magic Charge with a value equal to the value of this ability. Later on, the model can spend the Magic Charge to attempt a spell - basically, roll a die and add the roll to the Charge's value, if the total equals or exceeds the Casting Value of the intended spell, the spell is cast. There would be other, faction specific ways to create Magic Charges, and each faction could have a unique spell or two, in addition to whatever generic spells you have. Also, unlike doubles, triples, etc., only the Mage that created the Charge could use it. P.S., also some models would get the Mage runemark. Maybe a single lieutenant type model (Drillmaster, Signifer, First Fang, Spire Stalker, stuff with 15 wounds)
  8. All of them are wizards? That sounds amazing. I might just reconsider starting a Lumineth army after all... Personally, I also love the Shining Company rule. It's very thematic and it seems like a fun thing to play around - even if it isn't too strong, I like armies that offer interesting gameplay. Also, how would you guys paint Ghyran Lumineth? A pristine White with green accents? A light green, as if glowing with life energy? Would an all-natural, druidic stone grey theme work?
  9. Gosh It's been a while. Sadly, with the release of Cities, I think that's where Wanderers are staying. Of course, Homebrew is always an option, and I would absolutely play a fan-made Battletome including all the Axed wanderers units, maybe even revamping some of the Wood Elf compendium units. For now, I'll stick with Cities until the Kurnothi are released - of which I keep faith. Until the Wild Hunt comes around, I'll hunt with the Living City's Wildwood Rangers, Wild Riders, and Nomad Princes instead. Also, it is good to keep in mind that not all is lost. We can proxy Spellsingers as Battlemages or Sorceresses at least, and Glade Guard could work as Crossbowmen of some sort or, as I use them, as Shadow Warriors. Also, when playing with friends, I don't see why they shouldn't let you paste the CoS keyword on Glade Guard, Waywatchers, etc and use them with the Living City rules.
  10. Who is that guy with the sword in the new set (Next to the Light of Eltharion)? A hero, or part of the Aularan Wardens?
  11. Where can I get the file for your Battletome supplement?!?! It's just amazing! That Griffon is astounding, man!
  12. I probably won't play, but will watch with interest. I would play if I had the book, but alas, I do not, and I am also doing a ProTutors online DnD summer camp at the moment, so... Anyway, I look forward to watching this story.
  13. I probably won't play, but will watch with interest. I would play if I had the book, but alas, I do not, and I am also doing a ProTutors online DnD summer camp at the moment, so... Anyway, I look forward to watching this story.
  14. Thanks for the responses. I haven't actually got many models yet, so I thought I'd ask before choosing a direction. I'm definitely going to go with Living City now. Another question, though - what all is good in Living City? I said Wanderers because they fit the theme and I love the models, but are there any essential units to keep in mind? I've heard good things about Hammerers, but my only problem is that they have metal armor. It may seem silly, but I try to keep Metals out of my army, painting armor as either Stone or Ironwood.
  15. Hmm... Sounds like a nasty streak of bad luck to me. It can't go on forever! You'll get 'em next time! Also, my compliments on your painting - a wonderful scheme, I'm a sucker for red - I play Blood Angels in 40k.
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