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  1. So are we expecting CoS and Warclans this weekend or the next one?
  2. I cannot find the priest, the wizards were gone a couple of days ago. Even the exc war priest is gone? Am I dreaming or they were there yesterday? 🤣
  3. Were the free people entries in the shop always 20? The more I look at them the more looks strange to me. Some model missing?
  4. Can I ask what do you mean with command squad?
  5. Should we start to write it "soon™️"?
  6. I mean, a bit costly for an Unforged replacement but I'm not going to argue...
  7. Lets keep the topic on "CoS, date speculation and extreme anger." Pls.
  8. So... Now that we have a new army on the way WHEN are we supposed to get CoS and the Orruks book? I know some of you have done some shamanistic-calendar-prevision of the upcoming stuffs. I mean, it's all cool and fun but I got a cover art 30 days ago and dead signal...
  9. And on the bright side the 60% of our range still here is going to get a warscoll rework. Shield wall, right now, is 90% the cause of our "slow" feel... You cannot run or charge the lads in order to reroll saves. We can field gyrocopter and gyrobomber without alling them, same as steam tank, demigryph. One of the allegiance is going to have KO (or fyre, cannot remember) in without point restriction. I'm not defending GW but dispossessed are the ppls who built the cities of Sigmar, I see only options gained for a small tabletop price: outdated models. Good models, nice models, "dwarfy" models. But outdated
  10. LoN was just out when Nighthaunt got their book. I mean...do not close the door to possibilities cause of frustration. Warrior, quarrelers and thunderers have an outdated "dwarf" style, not in line with the rest of the army and of the setting. Stop. I own a ****** load of those, I'm sad but I understand that they had to go. They are lovely models, put them in the cabin and go on with your hobby, be happy that you're going to have AT LEAST a viable way to play your dwarf cause I tried, we all tried, for YEARS to field them and lets be honest, this is our best shot BY FAR.
  11. The fact that the cannon is in a legal matched-play merc company make it possible that's going to be replaced by a new sculpt. IMHO. But again what's the point in this premature rage/speculation? Lets wait a couple of days.
  12. Take a look at the allegiance abilities and battalion in CoS first. I understand the frustration but do not be hasty 😉
  13. Lets be patient and wait for an announcement. Could be all sort of things, reboxing, rebranding....what if all the units get renamed? The cannon and organ kit resculpted? Be patients my beardling (The cannon is mentioned in the merc comp GHB guys. And ghb allegiance and points are valid till the next one)
  14. Exactly. I would be sad if he's gone, such a beautiful model. Useless on the battlefield but really a stand out between all the other "rank and file" style models. Anyhow, as I said, no looking back.🍻
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