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  1. What you guys think of the battalions? I'm struggling to build a "battalion" list. All the new options and warscroll changes have morphed the faction into a different playstyle, more "boat-centric" and less cheesy, I think.
  2. So I did some testing and calculation and I'm running a Hammerhal list. The plan is simple, a Sorceress+10man Darkling to give her +2 cast, the bridge endless spell, 30 Hammerers, 30 Irondrakes, warden king e 2 runelord. Bridge the ladz, shoot and charge. Irondrakes -1 rend. Hammerers -1 rend, +1 attacks and if you can reroll 1 command. That's pretty deadly, mathammer state around 45 wounds (between unsaved and regular) against 4+ save with only 1 hammerer activation and that's pretty close to the on-table-numbers so far. In hammerall is possible to let them activate twice but that's not always possible due to w/w/enemy territory. A smart enemy isn't going to let your 10drop list go first and activate twice in his territory. Why Hammerhal? The list is a command points sinkhole, I need to buy one and to roulette the Hammerhall banner minigame. 1pt Wardenking command 1pt charge reroll 1pt reroll1 hammerers 1pt reroll1 irondrakes That's the most "competitive" list I've found so far, I've tried an horde mono-infantry one with tempest eye but after the first turn was a rollercoaster of death, I've tried a greywater fastness artillery battalion but all died in one turn2 orruk charge Let me know what you all think! Hammerhall.pdf
  3. Looks fine to me! Vitriolic spray is your best spell and the general can yes cast it but without the hurricanum buff to cast (only on wizards.) Should be better on the sorceress. I suggest a spellportal to give more range to your spells!
  4. @Dammaz I had a game this week with a similar list against Orruk Warclans. I brought 4 of the other artilleries, the one with 24" range (27 in allegiance) but the deploiment was on the long side and the orruk player just stood outside of 30" for 2 turns ramping up his waagh points. Turn 3 he moved and charged all the 30" (for Valaya those orcs are speed as hell right now!) and obliterated my army, grab the objective and won the game. Was the scenario that require you to control both objectives on turn 3+ to win. The helstorm have way longer range, you should be fine! Just to share my unfortunate expirience. Good luck!
  5. I mean, that's some bold statement 15 days into the book without tournament data behind but ok... See ya in tempest eye, @JackStreicher !🤗 To me the city looks good, gonna try with a human-centric build: hurricanum, a couple of mages, some guard, some handgunner, the spellportal+"nosave" combo and 6 demigryph + Griffon General to turn1 charge the unit with no save. The magic should flow kinda like this: Spell portal, "debuff spell", wildform on demigryph. Depending on starting distance and scenario that should be a crippling opening against every list that rely on a single, big, unit.
  6. Darn you cannot put that in the beginning of the list, you trick my mind! 🤣 That said, with the battalion, I very like the list. Gonna try something sminilar tonight, without ordinator and steamtank but with 4 hellblaster volleygun!
  7. Have you considered the battalion? You are already bringing a Cogsmith+two artilleries and Ordinators! Good list tho. The idea is good, the plan is the dear and old pickaxe drop but I'm always suspicious about plans the revolve on a single spell. I like the Hammerall roulette and the possibility to gain some extra command but have you considered the living city? Seems to do what you want for free! (And the hammerhal command is way too restrictive)
  8. Ofc! I'm talking about a 100% Dispossessed list. I know a lot of people here would love to be able to field only Dispossessed and be competitive ( and for a long time I was on the same page) but if you're willing to add free people models in term of artillery or mages or Hurricanum/luminark or whatever, you got it, we have a very good shot! ....and I mean a VERY good shot. If you're open to some mixing that book is the best oportunity we had since AoS lauch.
  9. I've been very optimistic over the last 2 years about Dispossessed changes and I want to be down to earth now: If you want a "100% duardin" list that is not going to win tournament. BUT play the same game as every other army? Yes we can finally do that. The list I played is in no way tuned for competition but I felt on the same ground as the Orruk player (kinda less when I had to save 30 attacks -1 rend 2 damage from his ardboyz but hey, we can buff units too..)
  10. Good evening sons of Valaya! I tested a 2k game versus the new Orruks warclans with a Greywater Fastness 99% duardin list; Warden king general (4+ command point trait) 2x Runelords 1x Tank with Duardin commander (+1 save artifact) 1x Battlemage (shield of thorns) 30 hammerers 30 Ironbreakers 20 Irondrakes 2x 10 longbearda (1 with shield as a general retinue) 2x Gyrobomber I went superaggressive, I felt very fast (turn 2 charge on his territory with ironbreakers and hammerers) and lost the objective due to his teleport but that's a new world for us and I got carried a bit...+1 run and charge, wizard support in allegiance with spell lore. The warden king command is VERY good, Hammerers are scary as hell and we can play the mobility game way safer. I had a bad list tho, we can use the Greywater abilities better then this. Things that annoied me: -hammerers battleshock rule wholly within -runelord runes wholly within -doing battleshock Things that I like: -frigging run freely -hammerers mortal -greywater special rune +1 hit for war machines -I generated 2-3 command /turn -Gyrobombers in unit and not as single models - command ability +1 hit for Irondrakes (they hurt with the 2+) -the 2+ save d3 healing Tank is a unit.
  11. Oh boy, so we can stack the runelord? I still have happy memories of my -3 rend Irondrakes melting things on the battlefield 😪
  12. I think you're overlooking the changes with some wishlisty madness in mind. I find them very good, we never lacked bodies or damage, we're short on mobility and very poor in the objective grabbing game. Hammerers are now NUTS, copters are pretty good and in allegiance, tempest eye give us a 3" move and who knows what the other cities have to offer. (+ prayers and spell) The Hero steamtank (with a cogsmith model instead of the human ) is solid good and can support very well Hammerers. And number 1 change: we're out of the wheelchair. No more "no run or you die in combat" mindset. I played A LOT of games and I found the shieldwall rule to be our worst enemy in every scenario. That's gone.
  13. Some Monk-style weapon? I'd love an Aelf army with shaolin monks.... (with CoS in preorder I can again have positive feelings)
  14. So are we expecting CoS and Warclans this weekend or the next one?
  15. I cannot find the priest, the wizards were gone a couple of days ago. Even the exc war priest is gone? Am I dreaming or they were there yesterday? 🤣
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