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  1. Looking at the existing Seraphon range it's a little peculiar. The current range has hardly that "rig" between upper and lower <side>, usually it does shade from scaly to a more stretched "skin". The lower part is more like a snake belly or matybe a dragon belly or tail (if you look at the old sorceress on black dragon and compare her to a carnosaur it's quite obvious.)
  2. If you put Dispossessed on the walls of the city how can you expect to have a narrative? The city is going to hold. End of the campaign.
  3. I think a reworked battalion or a couple of them in the pitched battle profile (as was done with Ironjawz and fyreslayers) could go a long way. A playable battalion would give us: -Less drops and a better shot at the turn-game. -Free command point at turn 1. -Some up-to-date rule. -One artifacts beside the pickaxe. Please. I'd love to bring 2 damn items in a game!
  4. This week I tested the 10 hearthguards + Runesmiter by the way, I'm not commenting on them cause I played poorly and sacrificed them to hold the objective turn1.....then got charged by the waaghed brutes. Was poor decison, they ARE resilient, not really an anvil, more of an Hammer! I'll test them in a couple more games (hopefully in a better way) and report here. Let me know if someone has some luck with them
  5. A couple of pages back i posted a report where 40 warriors on mystical with the ward save killed 15 orruk brutes! They are a brick! Well done!
  6. Two Gyrobomber? List list list!
  7. Hi lads! I'm going to test this list, next week. I want to know your opinion about a couple of things; #1 who should carry the pickaxe, #2 axe or pike on the hearthguard? The idea behind the list is a double teleport objective game, simple and solid Allegiance: DispossessedWarden King (120)- GeneralRunelord (100)Runelord (100)Auric Runesmiter (120)- Runic Iron- Allies30 x Hammerers (420)30 x Ironbreakers (360)20 x Warriors (160)- Axes or Hammers20 x Irondrakes (360)10 x Hearthguard Berzerkers (240)- Broadaxes- AlliesTotal: 1980 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 360 / 400Wounds: 140
  8. I find hammerers very good against elite and basic infantry, depending on the buff you put on them they can bog down units or be ultrakilly; the no-battleshock is brutal. Irondakes do solve a lot of problems, they are champs at killing monsters (Sometimes you luck out the captain shots and waste the others 40...). Against both Legion of Nagash and Ironjaw where is crucial to take out the "resurrection command" and "the waagh enabler" they shine!
  9. In the book they say that Grungni founded a Karak in Chamon, he's either engineering some wonder, starting a new duardin bloodline or summoning Valaya. I dunno about you but whatever of those 3 comes it has "Dispossessed" on it 😎
  10. They updated the Azyr app. The Grimwrath do count as leader toward the 0/6 limit at 2000 points. Edit: the Doomseeker do not count as leader, tho.
  11. I think that whatever is coming is better than our actual book. I like the 12x shooting light skyhook, we all like powerful things...is it good for the faction to have to buy 9 boxes of arkanaut to field a competitive battleline? Dunno. Do I like to have to custombuild my weapon or buy then on ebay? ...
  12. No, the Khemist is just a named one, same scroll. The crew is a mess...a bloody mess of weapons, fly, wounds..
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