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  1. The tone was way more provocative then a discussion. I mean, start a petition or write directly to GW customers service; venting on TGA isn't really helping to reduce the price, isn't it? That's not a debate, that's a dart throwing post. But maybe I just cannot understand the written english nouances/ irony... not my mother tongue, sorry.
  2. I don't get it. If you see an overpriced cake do you open reddit to complain about the cake or do you just walk on and ignore the cake?
  3. Uhm. Usually the Hammerhall Herald is a reliable source of spoiler, isn't it? This one looks not, tho... Do someone read something here?
  4. The only downside of a 25mm horde is the battleshock! Let the Hammerers 100% skip that. 🤑
  5. Hi ladz, first of all I too need the answers to @AaronWilson questions! #2. I want to run a Greyfyrd army, was thinking about 3 Grimwrath to make use of the signature command ability. Maybe two Grimwrath and a Doomseeker? I must say that I really dislike the Runeson, so lets keep him out of the options ahah. Edit... Sent this one too early, missing: "What do you suggest? Do you have some outperforming setup for this?"
  6. Not a rumor but I'm watching my GH19 right now and all the factions had some sort of point change... Beside the 2019 updated ones, bonesplitterz, gutbusters ans sylvaneth. I mean... What if the china-delay wasn't only for sylvaneth? Looks very suspicious to me. ALL the other factions had some change, even devoted of sigmar and lion rangers(??).
  7. Have you ever considered starting Dispossessed? I can pay the first order for you.
  8. No. Just minor tweak to inches, no changes from the 2018 allegiance abilities. No warscroll changes. Just the same, folks.
  9. Does Mighty Destroyer work strictly in YOUR hero phase or in A hero phase, now?
  10. Pretty much the same as gh18. Now we can cry.
  11. I would not invest in them. (And I have a tons ahah) Longbeards were less effective than warriora points/wounds and I usually took 10 to buff hammerers or Irondrakes. Now I think Longbeards are just better. Runelord x3 240 Warden king 100 Cogsmith 100 Cannon x2 280 Longbeards x10 100 Longbeards x10 100 Hammerers x30 360 Ironbreakers x30 360 Irondrakes x20 360
  12. Triumph bonus, that's how you fill the gap.
  13. For Grimnir lets wait for the allegiance abilities! What's wrong with you guys?? 🤣 I mean c'mon, I've commented here since the beginning and we always kept the place clean of tears. The Dispossessed problems are really those 10 points for the warriors? Are you sure? The hammerers drop is an hell of a news, now they are a solid option. Longbeards are stronger now compared to Warriors....lets talk what we have, not what we've lost. That's gone.
  14. Let's wait and see the allegiance abilities. Look what they have done with Fyreslayers, Skaven and FEC, we'll have our spot in the sun 😉 Just be patient.
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