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  1. From a game play perspective, I'd love to keep the Carrion somehow (terribad models though). Conversely, a TK army with no chariots feels a bit off, visually. That said, if GW offered this, I'd still take it in a heartbeat.
  2. Stonehorn kit is six warscrolls...: Frostlord on Thundertusk Frostlord on Stonehorn Huskard on Thundertusk Huskard on Stonehorn Thundertusk Beastriders Stonehorn Beastriders
  3. Pretty much this. The up-front cost would be negligible compared to producing a whole new range, and most of the plastic (and Ushabti) holds up pretty well compared to BoC, FEC, LoN, Seraphon, etc. The potential for sand/desert-based endless spells is high, with a Casket of Souls or pyramid for the terrain piece and some kind of sandstorm tornado, quicksand (etc.) for endless spells.
  4. Surely it is his prerogative if he doesn't want to airbrush, drybrush, dip (etc.) his models? There is nothing in your post that suggests he tried to enforce these rules on others, so I don't see how that makes him a TFG. Also, isn't declaring somebody's paint jobs as "mediocre at best" not a teeny-weeny bit elitist too?
  5. This applies to so many "tribes" within this hobby, though: Open/Narrative players (i.e. AoS originals) towards Matched players Matched players towards Open/Narrative players WHFB fans towards AoS, and it's fans AoS fans towards WHFB, and its fans (see: Tomb Kings) Hobbyists towards Gamers Gamers towards Hobbyists etc.
  6. Jesus, I am so glad I never bothered to take the time to learn to paint properly now.
  7. Death could just be a new LoN. Nothing new or crazy...
  8. Oh, I am so glad I decided to do my basing before my models. That fleshtone one will save my sanity, and I can imagine we'll also be seeing more DoK armies around.
  9. Their issue is being stuck on the same sprue as the derp-skeletons. This affects both the sphinx and the snakes. If GW could somehow reconfigure plastic sprues, things would be very different (not just TK, but squatted Silver Tower models, etc.).
  10. I can understand some people not wanting them to get a full release, as GW have a finite number or resources and making a new TK/Bret army would mean another army wasn't produced instead (i.e. it's a zero-sum-game for GW's attention). However, this could also apply to new army ideas that don't appeal to someone. What I can't fathom are those who passionately don't want just the webstore-only return of a few of the plastic kits (i.e. Necrosphinx, Necropolis Knights, etc.), a few bits of resin (i.e. Ushabti) and a few pages in the GHB. Are these kits worse than Fell Bats, Centigors, Saurus Knights, Vargulfs, Icefall Yhetees, Salamanders, Frost Sabres, Zombies, Gutter Runners (etc.)? I don't see what harm that does, and, if they are that offensive to someone, that person always has the option to not play them or play against this faction. I swear that some posters have a borderline fetish for other people's armies being obsoleted, and even push for further squattings (e.g. Dispossessed, Wanderers, etc.) on some threads and Facebook posts I've seen. I'm not sure if it's an anti-WHFB/grognard thing, or just some weird schadenfreude.
  11. A fair and balanced post, and a nice change from the pro-TK/anti-TK mudslinging.
  12. This first army is genuinely good. I was expecting it to look so-so, at best, and with all the encouraging replies being somewhat patronizing, However, this is definitely not the case. I guess "first army" people could also be good painters who are just really, really slow and/or busy.
  13. "Nighthaunt?!?! Noooo GW, we (I speak for everyone) want new ideas, not just re-hashed WHFB trash... Fantasy sucked and is dead, people. Get over it..." 2 days later... "Oooh, look at that new Black Coach..."
  14. My guess is that GW doesn't view Slaanesh as big sellers, but figured that the "double dipping" of Daemons into 40K made that side of Slaanesh viable. Mortals would be AoS-only, and would pretty much have to be built from ground-up. I think when comparing to the other three chaos gods, I can see the disappointment. However, when you consider that Beasts players still have to use those terribad Centigors, Skaven's model range is still a mess, FEC still have a terrible Vargulf and no specific Courtuier models, and the tiny Fyreslayers range got diddly-squat added to it, you have to consider that it could have been a lot worse. Next question is... Will Seraphon get new/replacement models with their rumoured upcoming tome? Given the Skaven situation, I guess we will still be seeing those abominable Saurus Knights for a few years yet...
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