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  1. Causes minus 2D6 Bravery to Frost Sabres and that new Sphynx-cat thing.
  2. You don't see how the (entirely justified) previous assumption that the Old Would and WHFB were never going to be updated ever again would be demotivating for players, while the unexpected announcement that GW were going to revisit the game/setting in the future would re-invigorate players to get their minis out for a single nostalgic game - perhaps as a little celebration?
  3. That's not really a fair comparison. One is the sudden extinction of a game and setting that had been around for 30 years, and replaced with something completely different that was initially flawed in many respects. One is a hint of a game in the distant future that will almost certainly not replace the current game. Your message feels like it is throwing shade on the WHFB community compared to the AoS one. While the AoS community may indeed be "better", let's not pretend that this so-called upheaval to AoS players even remotely compares to that upheaval for WHFB fans back in 2015. It's not even close. To have a fair comparison, you would have to have GW have released a video or book where the Mortal Realms are suddenly destroyed, half its miniature range is squatted and then a teaser video is released to say that the Old World has returned to replace the Mortal Realms with a new rank-and-file game on square bases. Then the AoS community - myself very much included - would be up in arms, and rightly so.
  4. I'd love it to be Warmaster. It would scratch the "rank and file war simulation" itch, while being completely distinct from AoS (i.e. no chance of confusing cross-contamination or direct threat to AoS). That said, I guess GW will want to double-dip on the miniatures, so I guess it will be 28 mm or 32 mm, or whatever.
  5. I am awaiting the announcement that GW are going to go back to making wooden backgammon boards in 2036.
  6. There is clearly *some* demand for traditional fantasy tropes, but GW maybe don't want these traditional tropes in AoS (Vampires' AoS status remains to be seen). Therefore, this allows them to not be leaving money on the table, while keeping their vision for AoS "pure". I think that GW survey also had a lot to do with this.
  7. What "business practices"? If you like it, buy it. If not, don't. I never understood the anger against releases that don't interest a specific person. Other than the zero-sum-game fight for GW's attention and resources - which are now greatly expanded, by the way - a new game that is of no interest can just be ignored. For example, nothing - and I mean nothing - can make me continue scrolling down the Warhammer Community page more quickly than a Middle Earth release, but I am glad that those who do play The Hobbit are receiving stuff for their game. Ironically, the only real exception to this was the WHFB-AoS changeover, where one directly replaced the other. In that regard, the WHFB reaction kind of made sense (aside from the minority who's reactions went beyond the pale).
  8. My favourite over-reaction (be it anti-WHFB or anti-AoS) is the old "Due to this *thing* I will stop playing. I asked all my friends, and they will all stop playing too". It's as though that person realises that one person quitting (but probably not) won't move GW's needle at all, so he has to pretend that his entire hobby group will quit en masse due to said *thing* in order to spook GW into changing course. Of course, this reaction is usually two weeks before the release of something that has been in development for years, and is way beyond the point where GW would/could cancel it anyway (although not in this case, obviously),
  9. Vince and Tom almost always do a "very good job". Unless one or both of them has terrible wifi in a hotel somewhere (or Vince is in one of his very occasional prickly moods), Warhammer Weekly is the best Warhammer show/podcast IMHO. In this kind of situation, VV is especially good as he tends to be pretty level-headed and can reel in - or at least try to - some of the worse excesses of the "this is the greatest thing ever!" and "this is the worst thing ever!" camps.
  10. I like both, so don't have a dog in this fight (or support both dogs). In fact, I might even have a slight AoS preference (cue accusations of being a "concern troll"). But I tend to see as many "boo-hoo Fantasy (or Tomb Kings, etc.) sucked and is dead - get over it" posts as anti-AoS posts on the various parts of the internet I frequent. And not all of them are entirely unprovoked (e.g. entering a peaceful discussion about using, say TK, in AoS, or whatever, and trying to stamp all over it). I think those who skew heavily towards one side have a subconscious persecution complex, whereby posts that attack their thing are noticed than those that attack the other thing (or justify the latter by "They started it!").
  11. Relax! GW are not going to bash down your door, and burn your old AoS books and models One "tribe" will highlight the embarrassing behaviour of the minority of the other "tribe" (and perhaps try to frame them as actually representing the majority of the other tribe), but then ignore the minority on their own tribe who behave embarrassingly when the tide turns and the shoe is on the other foot, I'm certain there may be political parallels here, lol.
  12. Watching Warhammer Weekly made me think about all kinds of things. At the time of his re-release, Gotrek was a weird one for me. An Old World Mortal entering the Mortal Realms, and with such fanfare? I don't think they want to recon the End Times, so I think we may be looking at a OW-MR portal.
  13. I prefer the Mortal Realms from a pure aesthetic and diversity standpoint, with regards to being able to theme any army in any way (e.g. Fire Skaven, Winter Sylvaneth, or whatever). I prefer the Old World in terms of its lore, maps and characters, as the pseudo-historical, real-world basis of the finite OW makes is more relatable for me. ----------------------- That said, I would prefer any Old World revisiting to be very distinct from AoS. In that regards, a new Mordheim, Man O' War and/or Warmaster would have been ideal for me, with Blood Bowl already being (sort of) Old World based. Warmaster would be especially great, as it potentially scratches that rank and file "real war simulation" itch, with no chance of cross-contamination with AoS. Warmaster could tell the Old World's big stories, while Mordheim tells the small stories. If, however, it turns out to be a 28 mm large-scale battle game that pulls people in difference directions, I am not so sure that it is the right move on GW's part. We need more detail in the form of a loose road-map, as many in the community are clearly a bit spooked by this announcement.
  14. I am guessing it isn't the content of this specific forum, so is it some kind of blanket ban on the "Invision Community" forums?
  15. I wonder how, psychologically speaking, players are effected by now knowing that eventually the world ends and all these little battles and rivalries are pointless from a fatalistic perspective. I guess players play historical games when the real-world end result is known, so maybe it's not a big deal.
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