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  1. I am liking the fact that they are 65% chainmail. Talk about an easy unit to paint... Also, the Dark Elf troops are one of the few examples where it isn't a forgone conclusion for me that I prefer the current line (Diazettes are the other that come to mind). I mean, look at these guys and the Corsairs above - they're awesome. Mounts and monsters? Sure, I'll take the plastic, but for troops I'm not so sure. Either way, these could be great stand-ins for something else (e.g. Greatswords) in a Dark Elf themed army.
  2. I used to frequent English football (soccer) forums, and "Scunthorpe United" always got hit. Edit: But not here though, apparently.
  3. I can sum up my feelings in four words: Kislev. All of them. Honourable mention: Metal Corsairs would be cool to use as Anvilguard Black Guard or Executioners (the old metal Corsair Musician was badass).
  4. This confuses me. It's like Forgeworld all over again. They do the expensive and difficult part of designing the models and making the moulds, and then retire them when there is a main-line game that they would still be perfect for. It's not like they are dated sculpts, or anything. Or was it some stupid mistake like putting different factions on the same sprue, or something? I never owned Silver Tower, so don't know how things were arranged on the sprues.
  5. Wait, that thing is Chaos? It looks like the most Destruction thing ever, and literally breaks stuff up and lobs it.
  6. Indeed, the Crusher is well-painted. It's night and day between those two models painting-wise.
  7. Is it just me, or is that Warrior guy not that well painted? Better than I could do, but for Eavy Metal he seems a bit slack. Also, the Crusher looks Privateer Press AF. That's not a bad thing per-se, but depends on your preferred aesthetics.
  8. Went immediately to the Kharybdyss warscroll to see if the most pathetic and utterly irrelivant rule in the game (i.e. Kharybdyss healing) had improved. Wow, yes it has. Before: If slay a model with the Fanged Tentacles (only), roll a D6 and on a 6 (i.e. 1-in-6 chance) get one wound. WTF! After: If slay a model (with any weapon), always heal D3. Also, I am picturing the Darkling Covens players ripping all the skull heads from their Executioners right now, and frantically clipping the Black Guard heads from the sprues.
  9. All the people on Facebook asking for new Cities of Sigmar sculpts are missing the point of this army, IMHO. This army is designed to appeal to older gamers, converters, retro collectors and/or the general niche crowd. A model release would railroad the aesthetic so as to say "Cities of Sigmar is specifically this...", rather than "Cities of Sigmar can be, aesthetically speaking, pretty much whatever you want it to be". While one upside of new sculpts would be new warscrolls to convert your models to fit, I don't think we'll be hurting from a lack of warscrolls in this faction.
  10. I am writing a novella called "A Sword Up the Wrong 'Un" about Hellstrider Champion that goes around doing every mortal, undead, daemon and even, during dry periods, his own mount. It's brilliant. He had been told by a trickster Changeling (posing as a Keeper of Secrets) that it will turn him into a Daemon prince, but, in fact, it just makes him really, really tired. Think "Chuck Tingle plus Josh Reynolds, minus Josh Reynolds".
  11. I have 18 derp-cats, and have never been so happy to see my existing models get replaced. There is simply no way they couldn't be better. I could make a better cat out of blue-tac and a paper clip.
  12. Yes, the ability to potentially combine "race/faction + realm/theme" (e.g. Fire Aelves, Ice Goblins, Pirate Vampires, etc.) is potentially awesome, and not really possible in the World That Was. I'd love to see an official warscroll editor, where you could edit the image, fluff, background colour and descriptions to fit these custom themes (while obviously keeping the hard numbers the same).
  13. I like (pseudo)-historical, with a twist of fantasy. Plus, i tend to be more interested in the mundane lives and concerns of low-level elves/humans/daemons/skaven (etc.) than the stories involving powerful gods and emperors. That said, i only need one army, so if CoS works out i can just happily go full Kislev, and leave others to enjoy their flying sharks and new-fangled bone-whatsits*. *shouts at cloud*
  14. A desert-based faction. AoS clearly has most of the fundamental biomes (i.e. snow/ice, ocean, sky, forest, magma, etc.) covered, but a desert-based faction has been notably absent since TK were removed. The desert is a great potential source for spells, endless spells and unique terrain (e.g. sand tornadoes, pyramids, tombs, etc.), as well as fauna/mounts not covered elsewhere in the range (e.g. vultures, camels, scorpions, cobras, ibex, etc.). While bringing TK back (probably as mummies, rather than skellies) is obviously the lowest hanging fruit in this regard, the faction could also be an Araby-esque human faction or, better still, a sort of Nubian/Araby/Moorish desert elf faction: Also, Vampires. No need reinvent the wheel on this. As classicly gothic as possible to match the aesthetics of the Coven Throne and Neferata. Finally... GIVE SKIN WOLVES THE BEASTS OF CHAOS KEYWORD!!!
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