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  1. Try this... (1) Build a Warcry warband off eBay with metal models (e.g. Metal Grave Guard, or whatever). (2) Just go all-in. You can strip metal models so easily, as they are unaffected by the harshest chemicals and you can scrub them really hard. (3) Once you have your confidence up switch to plastics.
  2. I'm the Marie Kondo of Warhammer. I literally almost never have any surplus boxes, and only buy new ones as I need them. I even give away paints that I don't think I'll need going forward (e.g. if I change my mind on a colour scheme, etc.), so as to make sure not to accumulate too many paint pots either. Nothing messes my OCD-ridden head more than having stuff I don't need lying around.
  3. Legion of Azgorh (Daemonsmith, Castellan, Fireglaves and Ironsworn)
  4. Kislev were one of my two World World armies (the other being Big Hat Chaos Dwarfs), and I hope these are at the upper-end of the fantastical spectrum. They feel about right for a special unit in the Old World, but a bit too "out there" to be the baseline average. Until we have more reveals to show whether these are an anomaly or typical TOA units, it's difficult to be too concerned or excited (depending on your position). It's probably an awkward balance for the marketing team. Do you initially reveal the more "out there" concepts to try and ignite interest of non-WHFB players, or lean heavily Old School and pseudo-historical (e.g. Winged Lancers, etc.) to ignite the interest in - and removed the fears of - lapsed WHFB fans? If this end up being a typical Old World unit, the other issue is that they would feel kinda wasted in that game. As someone who likes both settings for differing reasons, I'd prefer to see that kind of unit in AoS - a game and setting where a proper ice-based faction is conspicuously absent.
  5. While we're speculating on Death and given what was absent for OBR (i.e. desert theme, chariots and mummies), I don't think it is beyond the realm of possibility that a "dry undead" faction made up of those things would still be possible. OBR was far enough away from TK that there is still design space for a "TK minus skeletons" faction of desert-themed mummies, led by Khalida (Settra is too similar to the OBR dude IMHO). Visually and thematically, the game could probably use a desert-themed faction, as it is the only common biome that is currently missing (although snow/ice isn't really covered now either beyond the Winterbite and Winterleaf sub-factions).
  6. Why not both? With the VLOZD, Neferata/Mannfred, Coven Throne and Vargheists, they are pretty close to a "vanilla" Vampire faction already. All that is needed is Blood Knights and some bat stuff. Also, they seem like a archetype where fans quite like this "classic" type. Vampire Pirates, or whatever, could then be a separate thing that is built from the ground up at a later date. There's two (or three) dwarf-based factions, so why not two Vampire factions?
  7. Yea, I think they're all pretty well done - especially the trolls and stonehorn. My only issue is the basing on the Sylvaneth, but maybe the bases are still WIP to eventually look like the Stonehorn's base.
  8. For me, Nurgle is more like rotting and decay, and stuff like that. This is more of a virulence. Clan Pestilens won, basically.
  9. Not as contagious as Swine Flu, and certainly not as deadly, in terms of percentages, as MERS, SARS or the dreaded H5N1 Bird/Avian Flu. However, it has that sneaky symptomless, yet transmissible period, whereby it kinda feels like chasing a ghost. I have been in China and Hong Kong this whole time, and non-Hubei mainland China went several days with no new locally-transmitted cases, and Hong Kong - with its land border with mainland China and densely-populated living conditions - sits at just over 100 cases, total. That's pretty impressive. So, it is possible to get on top of this, but requires some very firm policies.
  10. Oh hai... Allegiance: ChaosMortal Realm: Ghur10 x Ungors (60)- Mauls & Half-Shields10 x Ungors (60)- Mauls & Half-Shields10 x Ungors (60)- Mauls & Half-ShieldsPreyton (140)Preyton (140)Preyton (140)Preyton (140)Preyton (140)Preyton (140)Preyton (140)Preyton (140)Preyton (140)Preyton (140)Preyton (140)Preyton (140)Preyton (140)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 134
  11. Here's my three Top Tips, for what they are worth...: (1) Zenithial FTW. (2) Blast the model with a thin coat of satin varnish or non-pigmented (i.e. colorless) paint before the contrast paints are applied. (3) In most cases, use the medium (maybe around 50:50). Points (1) and (3) are pretty well-known, but reading about and trying point (2) was a real game-changer for me. It's a perfectly smooth surface for a product that relies on being used over a perfectly smooth surface.
  12. Even if they don't become part of your fundamental painting method, Skeleton Horde and Snakebite Leather are great for quickly doing bone and leather trinkets, such as random skulls, belts, pouches, etc.
  13. I am still waiting for someone to dump 11 Kharybdysses on the table.
  14. I have exactly the same aim, as I want to make an Alarialle conversion without the beetle.
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