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  1. I also feel sad when new sculpts just disappear - especially ones that could have remained in the main game(s) and added flavour to armies that maybe needed it. For example, some of those Warhammer Quest models (the Skaven doppleganger, etc.). Maybe they still have the moulds to tie them in with a future release, but who knows. And don't get me started one the Forgeworld Monsters. It still makes me annoyed that awesome sculpts and/or concepts like the Dreadmaw, Preyton and Basilisk were never properly brought into the game (i.e. faction-specific KEYWORDS), and given the chance to sell. I have 12 unassembled Skin Wolves that I look at longingly. I was going to turn them into Beasts of Chaos Crypt Haunter Mercenaries, but ironically Mercenaries were dropped too! (I think they were, anyway...) It makes me not want to buy or convert anything other than the absolute railroaded and "safest" options, and has even made me steer well clear of Cities of Sigmar - a concept that I would have otherwise been my ideal army.
  2. By the way, I think it was unofficially confirmed by GW that the regular sprays (i.e. the non-primers, such as the Macragge Blue spray) are sufficient for plastic models, so a primer might not even be needed when using these products. From personal experience, a load of Sea Dragon cloaks that I sprayed Macragge Blue directly onto the plastic have not rubbed/chipped off in the few years since.
  3. I have found that black rattle-can primer never fails me - no matter who makes it. Can be a bit of a chore for models that will eventually be quite light in tone - as you then have to airbrush a few layers of successively lighter grays - but it is worth it for the peace-of-mind IMHO.
  4. Although some people claim The Spectator is "far right" (an exaggeration - much like the way The Guardian or BBC are accused of being"far left"), it does have a classic liberal (i.e. libertarian) and economically right-wing leaning (so, traditional Tories, basically) As a result, keeping government aid would probably not align too well with its stated principles or, more crucially, those of its readership.
  5. I always thought that Winterleaf armies should have more coniferous trees.:
  6. I am not sure if you are American, but - as of the 2011 census - 3% of the UK population was black (86% white and 8% Asian), and the percentage is obviously unlikely to have increased that much in just nine years since. While I suspect there are not any/many People of Color in high up positions in GW (but don't know for sure), the minimum percentage of representation that would be expected in the US (with its 13% black and 13% Hispanic population) wouldn't necessarily be applicable to the UK. Again, I do think there is POC under-representation relative to the UK population, but just not to the extent that it may appear to an American. This only is in terms of staff, of course (i.e. its not a comment on the miniature range's representation, or a lack thereof).
  7. No Mummies No Chariots No Deserts
  8. I don't usually go in for the "anti-authority" posturing with regards to moderation, but how is discussing rumours that are flying around the community with regards to the future of Cities of Sigmar not suitable for something called "The Rumour Thread"?
  9. But why flush cities away, rules-wise - even after stopping selling the models (e.g. Corsairs, etc.)? Half the cities armies I see are converted from all sorts off stuff - including newer models. The concept of a blank-slate "build your own" faction is surely a hit for those who do not wat to be railroaded so much?
  10. lol, if they squatted Cities after all those custom-built armies had been created by hobbyists, the push-back would be, rightly, off the charts. Why would they even do it? What would be the justification?
  11. Spite Revenants need to move up to being 2-wound/model (and therefore more expensive point-wise) after this. They are big enough in physical size, and the pound-to-point ratio was already terrible before this...
  12. I remember thinking about doing a conversion-heavy Plague Censor Bearer list in Plaguesmog Congregation under the old Pentilens Battletome (a fun, fluffy battalion), but decided to wait for the new Skaven Battletome. -1 To Hit against Shooting, and 2+ for D3 MW to enemy units within 3" -----------> Hit debuff removed, and just a reroll of the regular 4+ for 1MW to enemy units Wow, in the history of AoS, I can't remember any one single thing getting hit harder than that one did - both in terms of fun and effect. Loss of the -1 to hit, a less likely MW effect which was in itself greatly reduced in power. Wow. It wasn't even particularly competitive battalion prior to that absolute amputation. I seems just stupidly unnecessary, and makes me scared to ever build an army around a specific battalion in the future
  13. Is 1d4Chan down for anyone else, or is it some kind of thing due to me being in China?
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