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  1. Kyriakin


    PVA glue (I think it is called Elmer's Glue in the United States) mixed with water works well too.
  2. Kyriakin

    Red Elephant in the room

    *cough* Skin Wolves being Monsters of Chaos, and thus cannot even be allied into BoC *cough* Same applies to Preyton, but they don't sell him anymore.
  3. Kyriakin

    What am I doing wrong??

    Have at least two drybushes (I mean the actual physical brush) for each size. That way, you can always have one drying for at least 24 hours, while using the other. I find only time can make brushes truly dry enough for drybrushing, and no amount of physical drying of the bristles will really suffice. When they say to use a DRY brush, they truly mean it. It must be bone dry.
  4. Kyriakin

    The Rumour Thread

    Having rules for AoS1 before the squatting made it even worse really, as many would have bought into them with the assumption that they would be an AoS unit going forward.
  5. Kyriakin

    The Rumour Thread

    I hope they learn their lessons from Silver Tower in terms of sprue logistics, though. The Grot Scuttlings situation should be avoided, so as to allow these new sculpts to be usable in the main game for more than just "counts as".
  6. Kyriakin

    The Rumour Thread

    One thing I find strange is why they didn't delay BoC if new beast sculpts were in the pipeline. The book release seems to be the ideal time to drop new sculpts.
  7. Kyriakin

    The Rumour Thread

    Furies are among the 20-or-so terribad fantasy sculpts that are still sold by GW, so that is a good thing. Hopefully, we can cross the Keeper of Secrets off the list too as well.
  8. Kyriakin

    The Rumour Thread

    What were those bird things after the Furies?
  9. Kyriakin

    The Rumour Thread

    I was "meh" about the video... ... until I saw the (what I assume is) the new Furies. Wow.
  10. Kyriakin

    The Rumour Thread

    While I agree that they will only be a step above us or redshirts in terms of being in the know, I doubt they could/would make absolute statements like "it isn't a new Stormcast chamber" without that fact having been confirmed to them.
  11. Kyriakin

    The Rumour Thread

    Warhammer Facebook team confirmed it isn't a Stormcast Chamber.
  12. I think the "rage" is, in many cases, more the disappointment that comes with further evidence that the Tomb Kings are probably not coming back. Maybe having Settra as a Stormcast - the poster boys of the game that removed their faction - felt like a little bit of salt in the wound. Personally, I had to remove myself from the Tomb Kings Facebook group, as seeing TK armies immediately made me less motivated with whatever I was working on at that time. I am kinda doing BCR as a distraction, as trying to second-guess if/when the TK squatting was going to arrive was ruining the AoS experience for me. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't on autopilot though.
  13. Kyriakin


    A long time ago now, but do you remember the recipe for this fur?
  14. Kyriakin

    Painting Finecast

    I found that Vallejo airbrush primer always just scraped off - be it on plastic, resin or metal. Even a vigourous drybrush could remove it. To be honest, I find only the rattle cans (Halfords, GW, Tamiya, etc.) truely work.