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  1. Kyriakin

    Removal of compendiums

    I don't know any hardcore tournament players, and yet have never ever witnessed a "no points" game of AoS since GHB1 dropped. Not even one. The closest i have seen is kinda open, but points just for ease and saving time (i.e. no other restrictions). Of course open/narrative players are out there, but, then again, so are Epic 40k players or DBMM players. Few/no players = Few/no games. And as for Legends, three months in and we have, what, one army? Unless you love Dark Elf mirror matches, it's looking kinda DOA.
  2. Kyriakin

    The Rumour Thread

    "Yay, a centerpiece that's not just an infantry dude! ... Wait, hang on. Why's it gone from the app?"
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TLC_(group)
  4. Kyriakin

    Challenge: build me a Tomb King list (1k and 2k)

    It's nothing personal against the Tomb Guard as they suffer from something that affects all "one-wound elite" units (e.g. Black Guard, Grave Guard, Tomb Guard, etc.), which is that the "basic" version (e.g. regular skellies, dreadspears, etc.) just tend to be far more points efficient. Check this video out. It starts off slow, but they have more chemistry towards the end...:
  5. Aside from maybe the centrepiece model (e.g. Mawcrusha, etc.), slayers, heavily-armoured Orcs, Witch Elves, Treemen and the entire Nighthaunt release are all "traditional" tropes from within established armies. Furthermore, I don't see much in, say, a Sepulchral Guard (i.e. Deathrattle) that isn't just a Medieval-inspired skeleton warrior. Granted, Idoneth and KO certainly are not traditional and came right out of the left-field, but such armies will come up from time-to-time only when the inspiration arises. Otherwise, I don't think GW will keep reinventing the wheel just for the sake of it. To be honest, I think there will always be a demand for Tolkein-esque Dispossessed and Wanderer releases, and, as mentioned above, sculpters can still let their hair down on the centrepiece (e.g. a large golem, giant stag, etc.).
  6. Kyriakin

    Challenge: build me a Tomb King list (1k and 2k)

    As of 1st August 2018, TK are an Age of Sigmar army. They have points, and it seems he has the means to purchase miniatures (which, let's face it, is the main issue). Plus, the heavily Gothic and Medieval-inspired LoN are hardly inter-changeable in terms of a desired aesthetic, with no sphinxes, snakes, ushabti, chariots, scorpions, caskets, catapults, embalmed characters, vultures or anything remotely Egyptian and/or desert-inspired. The only crossover is "bones". It almost feels like some people are hovering around and waiting for anyone to mention TK/Brets so they can say "nah, nah, nah... not a real army!". Sure, other places like FB are worse, but it happens a bit here too. It's like some kind of weird elitism.
  7. Kyriakin

    Challenge: build me a Tomb King list (1k and 2k)

    I think you need to carri-on buying new TK miniatures. There's a hint in there somewhere,
  8. For these LON-style Skaven books, would you put Pestilens in or out? I had once previously considered throwing all my TK/DC cards in, and starting a anew with Pestilens. However, I was concerned that they will be eventually thrown in with other Skaven and lose their thematic flavour. I believe this is/was called being "Black Templared". For me, LON books should be just a place-holder until they actually build out these lines individually with new models. The idea of a fully-formed Ghoul army, Ghost army, Mummy army, Vampire army, Zombie army, Skeleton army (etc.) is much cooler to me than the Vampire Counts-style mish-mashes that we have now with LON. However, if said releases never happen, of course a LON-style book is better than splintered, unusable factions with just three or four warscrolls in each. I just wish there was some kind of roadmap for all of this, but I guess they don't want us to hold off army purchases for "the one" they have announced for 18 months in the future. For example, I remember some messages on here/FB stating they would hold-off a big DoK/Deepkin purchase when "angelic elves" were alluded to around the same time.
  9. Considering miniatures only... (1) Soulblight. Blood Knights look OK, but are resin and what my old ma might describe as "a bit dear". Both forms of bats are an embarrassment. Vargs look like they should be in FEC. Resin characters. There is the potential for a great Lhamean-type army that builds off Neferata and the Coven Throne (maybe with male Blood Knights in their thrall), but the current model situation is horrendous. (2) Clan Eshin They have the Silver Tower doppelganger and the coolest Verminlord. Furthermore, you can make Gutter Runners with Blood Bowl minis (especially Forgeworld's), but... NIGHTRUNNERS!!! (3) Dispossessed Since the DoK release, Dispossessed are perhaps the most popular non-battletomed army: Like many holdover factions (e.g. Brayherd, Darkling Covens, Wanderers, Free peoples, etc.), they urgently need things that aren't just infantry dudes. For example, a new Anvil would be awesome. However, the aforementioned "infantry dudes" still mostly look great (well, some aren't particularly old anyway).
  10. Kyriakin

    Rethinking the Grand Alliances

    Grand Alliance: Rats Grand Alliance: Not Rats
  11. Kyriakin

    Sell Me Your Faction

    Tomb Kings: Utterly useless, and you can't even buy the models anymore. Probably will lose their points soon, as well. Darkling Covens: See above, except you can still buy the models.
  12. Kyriakin

    Rethinking the Grand Alliances

    Is that in AoS or WHFB. If it's a WHFB precedent, then I don't think it should carry too much weight. Lots of things were reimagined (*i.e. Seraphon, FEC, etc.) during the crossover to existing miniature ranges. At the end of the day, they are bestial animal-men that go around smashing stuff up and defecating everywhere. If that ain't destruction, then not much is. Anyway, as mentioned above, a faction changing GA's could make for a good story and an excuse for a splash release for said faction.
  13. Kyriakin

    Rethinking the Grand Alliances

    I am almost getting to the point where I would opt for the Grand Alliances to be dropped altogether. But anyway, non-Chaos god Beastmen to Destruction always seemed like the most natural move to give give Destruction a lift (and remove some bloat from Chaos). Thunderscorn too. For me Chaos, should basically be the four Chaos Gods, and a kind of over-arching Archeon/Everchosen elite thing. That would still leave Skaven as the awkward one though.
  14. Kyriakin

    The Rumour Thread

    Wow, then it's not going to be good data. I have pretty much had my hobby in limbo since TK went (I do mess around with Darkling Covens a bit, as a place-holder), and, in terms of GW, my biggest hope is a TK return (not new models, but just the plastics and Ushabti back). Yet, I didn't buy Khalida or Settra. If they want good data - and cannot produce plastic Made to Orders - Ushabti would be a much better barometer than two characters than most people have already (especially as one of the Tomb King on Exhalted Chariot's main abilities is basically obsolete now).