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  1. Ben Smith is 3-0 at Sheffield slaughter with my new fav list: Zelfin Navigator Admiral (staff of Ocular) Endrinmaster (Grandmaster) 2 x 10 Arkanauts, light sky hook, sky pike, pistol, volley gun 2 x Frigates with cannons Ironclad: Last word, volley cannon 2 Gunhaulers with cannons Gunhauler with Torpedoes and drill He played beastmen, Slaanesh and Fyreslayers
  2. I played them for the first time at LVO twice and got max points from them (I think max) twice Just pick off their characters and you are golden. Id use the SOS/WE to slow their advance. Shadow warriors, Khinari and chariots to poke at the characters. Even arcane bolt from the 2nd Medusa. Fully buffed snakes in combat (using scenery to filter so only 1 or 2 units hit you max. Medusa x 2 in with the snakes using their stare I would hang the slaughter queen back to just both/command point use. Shes not worth losing to a protracted fight Worse case I sacrifice Chariots and Khinari's to keep slowing them down as they are cheap throw away units. Hell, even throwing a second medusa is a fine road block if needed lol. My whole army is sacrificial, bar the SQ and Sneks
  3. It isnt often someone can take on the snakes so easily, especially if i dont have to split my buffs. I am only losing out on 20 SOS and for that I am getting some good shooting output to support. I found that medusas can be so good at helping to clear out large mobs. It helps a lot vs things like 60 man mobs of gitzz with - to hit
  4. Not run it yet. I thought about the 2x3 scourgerunners but I also like the flexibility of the shadow warriors (I also only have 3 lion chariots painted to convert) Having it split gives me options rather than starting with both units on the board. I like to have options and having the shadow warriors means i can pop them up when needed, even having the heartrenders just come down to cap obj. I am swinging towards the 1st as it gives me a lot of flexibility
  5. Idea I am having atm to use in a mixed arms small units (bar sneks) 2 versions are: List 1: Hag Narr Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood: General, Devoted, Blessing Bloodwrack Medusa: Shadowstone, Mindrazor Bloodwrack Medusa: Mindrazor HagQueen: Catachism 10 Witch Aelves with Daggers 10 Sisters of Slaughter with Bucklers 10 Sisters of Slaughter with Bucklers 20 Blood Sisters 20 Shadow Warriors 3 Scourgerunner Chariots 5 Khinari Heartrenders 11 Drops. 3 Assassin Units with shooting/rend (2 deep strike) 2 Casts, 3 dispels. 2nd MR in case one dies. Mainly in for double stare VS big blocks. 1 Witch Brew, 2 unit buffs 1 big unit of Sneks for the brew but a target List 2: Hag Narr Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood: General, Devoted, Blessing Bloodwrack Medusa: Shadowstone, Mindrazor HagQueen: Catachism HagQueen: Crimson rejuvenation or sacrament of blood to allow 2nd chance to make Avatar mv turn 2 10 Witch Aelves with Daggers 10 Sisters of Slaughter with Bucklers 10 Sisters of Slaughter with Bucklers 10 Blood Sisters 10 Blood Sisters 20 Shadow Warriors 3 Scourgerunner Chariots Avatar of Khaine 12 Drops. 2 Assassin Units with shooting/rend (1 deep strike) 1 Cast, 2 dispels 2 Witch Brew, 3 unit buffs. no large unit target as sneks in 2 units both with brew Avatar can throw out some big hitting with MR (since he is LD10, +1 from Cauldron) so then he is 4x 3+/3+ Rend 3 4 Damage. Even his shooting can help. He is movement 9 so can catch up if he misses a turn of Mv
  6. I wouldnt trust the app. The app also says that Avatar of khaine has Rend -2 on its torrent of blood attacks. App is written by people and sometimes make mistakes. No change on the GW site warscroll I mean If someone can prove me wrong, id love it. I would be very happy to use that ability in any hero phase
  7. Played my first game vs Nagash (and in OBR) last night It was pretty brutal and I learned a lot from it He had: Petrifix Elite Nagash Leige-Kavalos (godbone armor, mighty Archaeossian) 3 x 10 Mortek Guard 4 Morghast Harbringers Bone Tithe shrieker Umbral Spellportal I had: Hag Narr Slaughter queen on cauldron: Blessing of khaine, general Bloodwrack Shrine: Shadow stone, mindrazor Hag Queen: Catachism of murder 3 x 10 Sisters of slaughter with bucklers 20 Blood Sisters Gotrek Mission rolled was star strike Mistakes I made: 1: I pushed too hard. He made me go first, and I won priority turn 1-2. I failed to get mindrazor and blessing off and should have held back, keeping obj, or charged my snakes into 10 mortek on the flank to take them out. But no, I ran straight into his center thinking I could break it and did 3 kills to 2 units...Damn those saves. 2: I charged the medusa into the liege. This was a mistake as it was a slap off, neither of us doing anything as he had a 2+ reroll 1 save. Urgh lol. The medusa would have been alot more useful where her MW output can actually take down his units not 1 w off a hero. 3: no pulling my SOS out of combat with the liege. If I had retreated them, I would have held a position for an extra 2 turns for VP while he was stuck with the medusa. I didnt, so he killed them making the point contested. Things I didnt know that I do now: 1: Nagash heals 5 units for 3 damage at the beginning of each turn 2: Nagash gives his army rerolls of 1 for armour saves 3: the free scenery can give a unit no run/only 1d6 charge. this cripples Gotrek. So game ended top of turn 4. He had nagash on half wounds (stuck in combat with a fully buffed Slaughter queen) 2 x 10 Mortek on the back obj, his liege on 5 wounds and 1 morghast on 4 wounds in with the SQ as well. I had SQ on 10 wounds, Medusa on 9 wounds, and Gotrek on 5 Wounds. I got turn, Nagash gets 2 rounds of combat on him from SQ and dies/Gotrek gets there and kills stuff also. This caps me both points that were there and wipes out his characters. He keep his 1 obj with 2 mortek but them unable to contest the other 2 in time (or getting through a round vs Gotrek and the SQ) If he doubles, I can still waste him in combat as still fully buffed, if I survive magic. Sadly he got the double, and managed to hand of dust the SQ. This means I didnt have the bodies to take down what was left as he caps another double set of obj Oh well. Lots of learning from that game! "* BEWARE of being wholly within 18" of the nexus, that slow affect is so brutal and will tarpit your army. easily avoided by daisy chaining, " Wish I had seen this before the game lol
  8. But thats in the errata for general rules of command abilities. The Orgy of slaughter doesnt state, so falls into faq 1, with the fact it can only be used once in your turn as the faq2
  9. I don't usually uses a SQ but I am in my new lists. So, this is something I haven't looked into. However: Covering the ground again here (these are all copied and pasted from FAQ and Book so wording as is) From Rulebook FAQ Q: Many command abilities on older warscrolls don’t specify in which phase they are used. When can I use such command abilities? A: Command abilities that don’t specify when they are used are always used in your hero phase. Ability from DOK book warscroll: COMMAND ABILITY Orgy of Slaughter: If this model is your general, you can use this ability. If you do, pick a friendly DAUGHTERS OF KHAINE unit within 14" of this model. If that unit is within 3" of an enemy unit, it can pile in and attack as if it were the combat phase. No info in DOK faq At no point does it say in the rule that it is any phase, especially "specifies hero phase". This therefor would default to the rulebook faq, and can only be used in your hero phase I do note that it doesnt way when in the hero phase, which means I did play it wrong when I used it as I thought I had to use it at the start of the turn before buffs
  10. Could drop the command point and a hag queen and run a 2nd Medusa? Double bloodwrack stare can really make a mess of things. Only having the cauldron and 1 unit with rend 1 might be tough vs OBR. I wouldnt want to face them without snakes or double medusa. The list is fine for 1500 points otherwise
  11. A lot of command abilities are the start of your turn/hero phase
  12. Yes and No. DoK was my first (and still only) AoS army reasons I would say yes and no are: Yes: A: With witch brew, we can make our important units immune to battle shock. This, mixed with having a good armour (4+ with shields and cauldron buff) and good feel no pain ward save (5++ if Hag narr, rerolling if blessing of khaine is on that unit) makes dok a very very tough to move army. B: we dominate in combat vs most armies. Even if down to 1/4 of our army, it can still take out most non combat armies. We get rerolls of 1's from round 3 (all if hagg nar) and reroll to wounds with witch brew is fantastic. mixed with most our units have 2-3 attacks (sometimes 4) usually hitting on 3+ is amazing. However, combat is all we really have....see below C : Mindrazor is a wonderful spell. even just at ren -1 its great, but add in the +1 damage vs lover bravery models then it can be fantastic D : We are fast. Sisters of slaughter and witch aelves all run and charge, and snakes are mv8 E: our bravery is pretty high. average is around 7 - 9 F: There are not a huge number of DOK at events atm, which means a lot of people are not taking armies to take us out like they might be with OBR/DOT/Slaanesh No: 1: We are an expensive army. Our battle line is one of the most expensive in the game and most armies run 30-70 of them. 2: We need our heroes. Without the buffs and support items, we lose a lot of our effectiveness 3: We have combat and movement....but thats about it. We have very few shooting units worth taking, and most the time you dont as our combat units are far better. Also, you usually only have 1 caster, and they pack mindrazor. So get used to losing the magic and shooting side of the game. (this can be mitigated with support from other armies, but they dont get our DOK special rules which are great) 4: At this time we dont have any unique endless spells or scenery. We are a 1st time book so should have an update in 2020 or 2021. Hopefully updating Blood Stalkers, who are probably our worst unit. Anyway, just my two cents. I am loving them personally
  13. Any comments before I go in on this idea?: Barak-ZilfinGeneral - Endrinmaster on Dirigible Suit, Tough as old boots, Miniturised Aethermatic Repulsion Field (keep him alive)Aetheric Navigator - Staff of Ocular Ocular Optimization (faction tax)Arkanaut Frigate - CannonArkanaut Frigate - Cannon Arkanaut Frigate - Cannon10 Arkanaut Company - Light skyhook, skypike, volleygun, Captain, Prudency Chutes10 Arkanaut Company - Light skyhook, skypike, volleygun, Captain 10 Arkanaut Company - Light skyhook, skypike, volleygun, CaptainGrundstok Gunhauler - Drill Canon Grundstok Gunhauler - Drill Canon, Zonbarcorp 'Deptsettler' spar torpedo10 Gunstok Thunderers - Rifles plus 1 double barrel rifle, Bearer and Sargent Iron Sky attack Squadron
  14. Great input so far. Hopefully helps people! What would people say are targets of priority? Ie: Gaunt Summoner if he hasnt summoned yet
  15. New Gotrek list I am probably going to try for wetcoastgt (need my 3rd for https://gotrek-glorious-gotrek.com/) I played a version of it last night and tabled some STD (had hag general not SQ and 10 more WE) Hag NarrSlaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood - General, Blessing of khaineHag Queen - Catechism of MurderBloodWrack Shrine - Shadow Stone, Mindazor3 x 10 Sisters of Slaughter with Shields20 Blood SistersGortek Gurnisson
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