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  1. Partner painted the first of the Hagglethorn Hollow goblin town and I love it. Glad she enjoyed doing it so she can do the rest lol
  2. Drop 10 hoppers for dobbie. Well worth it and the 18" range will cover the manglers
  3. Over half the tickets are now gone for kippers Melee If going to Kippers and have your ticket, make sure you register on the bcp app https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/eventlanding/vp9l9j3x?embed=false Event entry will require vaccine passports
  4. So this is the edited list with Khinari dropped for priest. Will try this one out 1st I also noted that I can take hunters twice, so made all but 1 troop unit (cause Warlord) Hunters
  5. Will do, got 4 Games over next two weeks. I am actually thinking of dropping the SOS to WE and then dropping the Khinari to get me another HQ for some more prayer support. means I can try Heart, Sacrament and Blessing turn one. Might give her Curse and Heal. I feel Curse is a bit of a trap as it needs to be close and its a 4+ to cast (3 with avatar) but can be really good
  6. I posted the 3 pages I saw to @chumphammer on twitter
  7. lol its alright. I did a twitter poll also and 4 avatars list won by a lot with avatar 2nd. Gonna try them both tbh as have 4 weeks till lists due in
  8. 150pts left is for Dobbie Loonboss x 2, Mangler and Boingrots run up a flank as an attack wing while everything else caps obj. If I can get hand off ill teleport dobby to cover the attack wing and the troggs
  9. Sloggoth is an auto include for me. 150pts for a 18" +1 to hit bubble is really helpful for Squigs
  10. Need help picking between these 3
  11. Another DOK Idea I wanna try:
  12. So did my 1 day event. Went 1-2.I came 2nd (coolest looking) army which was run. missed 1st by 1pt.I outplayed all of my opponents but Gitz just dont have anything in the tank. No shinnaigans, no oompf. just generic damage and thats it. Will do more of a report but I rolled ZERO summon units in 3 games...and ZERO roars.Man my rolls were bad lol.Only got fungoing CP once.Bane of game 1 was Phoenix guard. Hit with Trolls/Bundo and Troggboss and just bounced.Game 2 was Gotrek. Avoided him but turn 3+ he got me. Also Played Veins of Ghur and 2 obj deployed his side of the table pretty much with Gotrek between me and them.Main thoughts other than Gitz need a new book:1: Rockgut Troggoths are meh. only attacks hurt when you cant buff 3's to wound2: Troggboss is NOT WORTH 250pts3: Bundo isnt that good. Without being a chunk of bodies like in Sons lists he is just a giant taget with a 4+ save. Maybe if you went all in on buffing him you would still be average.Oh well. Hopefully new book 2022/2023
  13. Finished my gloomspitegitz in their current form! Giant squig is Bundo Whalebiter prozy as Kragnos isn't worth it atm
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