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  1. Its just my own painting I feel isn't great lol. Never be afraid to show your models as everyone's different Also this. 2.0 tease I hope
  2. Awww, cheers my dude. I am not very good at painting so thanks for the compliment
  3. yeah the rest of the unit will be normal dawnriders on lions
  4. About done bar a little face work and Eltharions cloak
  5. https://chat.whatsapp.com/GgviNsOWIiA86Bvqyr5ecv
  6. So heard Scourgerunners are going up 20pts. So depending on discount for 3 I might drop them for 10 more shadow warriors
  7. As long as Scourerunners and shadowwarriors dont change, my list goes down 10pts so I can get a 40pt endless spell rather than a 30pt. I honestly think this is a sign of an update before GHB2021
  8. Hag on foot up 10 Bloodwrack shrine and hag on cauldron down 10 Doomfire warlocks down 20 So we go pretty much untouched. Wonder if it means new book or just happy with our power level
  9. Loving seeing people post their models. looking great!
  10. Looks pretty solid. Only thing I would try and squeeze in would be 5 or 10 dawnriders. I think they dd a lot of value to the list as a support unit or late game obj cap unit
  11. Sons of Behemat points: Mancrusher: 180/480 (1/3) Gate breaker 490 Kraken eater 490 War stomper 480 No allies
  12. Not finished yet but my first two wip for Lions of Lumineth
  13. I have my opinions but I wanna get some games with them as they seem very much about synergies rather than 1 off power units
  14. Well, You are stating your personal opinion from a competitive perspective, so I am wondering what your level of competitiveness is? Are you an ETC player? do you top 3 in many large tournaments? Just wondering to what level your experience adds weight to your review
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