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  1. I mean you could go Scathcoven for battleshock immunity Really depends what you want. I like shadowstalkers also as they can do a lot of work
  2. Chuck from Stengthhammer is a big fan of Kraith. Hes playing with other lists for a break before doing Kraith. Hit him up https://twitter.com/StrengthHammer_ I think having a Slaughter queen and Slaughter troupe is good. 2 big units 20-30 of Sisters of slaughter so you can buff 1 or both would help if you got the 5+ Buffing one unit of 30 could be great. Cycle charge mindrazor, using the SQ ability and maybe getting Kraith ability means maybe 3 attacks in 1 round.
  3. Was having another think of lists and I might try this: 10 lifetakers incase I can get a cheeky MR. Even if not its only 160pts to throw them at something. 2 avatars, 10 sisters and a SQ can pack a punch if needs be, and I have enough shooting to deal with screens and help chip wounds off. 1 cast, 3 dispels, 8 drops.
  4. Id swap one of the prayers for Blessing of Khaine. Very good with Hagg Nar
  5. Yeah FAQ should be out by next week as its usually 2 weeks after book drop
  6. Sorry, bad link. I have fixed it so is now in the above post to (to save reposting) Stalkers: I think if you are not fully investing in them then yes, they are hit and miss and I wouldnt recommend over 10 (2 x 5 works fine and is just 280pts. Good support units. However, Catachism doesnt work on them, neither does witchbrew or does Zealot's rage. Now, if you invest in them and take Morathi, then 15-20 would work well as you get the double shot ability with Morathi which can make up for the lack of buffs
  7. Thought I would post up a game from Sunday. 1st game of new book and 2021 This was my list: And he had: Blades of Khorne Exhaulted Tyrants - The bloodlords Bloodthrister of insensate rage: general, thirst of carnage - 270 Bloodthrister of insensate rage: Halo of Blood - 270 Exalted Greater Daemon of Khorne: armour of scorn - 520 Skarbrand: 380 Slaughterpriest: Blood Sacrifice - 100 3 x 10 Bloodreavers Tyrants of blood Wrath-axe Extra command point We played Focal Points. He had 5 drops to my 7, so he took 1st turn. BOK turn 1. (Middle primary obj) So I knew he would be trying to Alpha as much as possible as he can run and charge, so I set back off the 12inch line (I think i was around 8.5 on). He didnt check this, so ran forwards as far as possible and didnt screen this thirsters as he thought he could charge them. It was in the charge phase he realized his mistake as they were min 13 away. He did cap 6pts. DOK turn 1: Tried to cast mirror dance but failed, though I got mindrazor off on the sisters. I also got my avatars going ok and put blessing of khaine on the sisters. I did make a mistake and forgot the changes in witchbrew (now wholly within) and got the heart off so it was going to cover half the obj and combat with Blood thirsters. I moved up my force with some khinari coming down onto left flank to block up Skarbarn a little and the shadowstalkers heading to contest the right obj. Shooting took some wounds off the middle left Bloodthrister of insensate rage, while the rest killed off some of the reavers to allow me to cap the points uncontested. (the blade covern blood stalker got double 6's both times she shot, so going to need a name for her lol) Combat saw me wipe the center out with the loss off 4 snakes total (He had the ability that allows him to attack as if no wounds. He made a mistake though and his exalted greater daemon was actually killed before he could attack as is miss calculated by 10 wounds but we didnt know till after the game) I capped 4pts and rolled for obj which moved to the left flank. He won the roll off and took it BOK turn 2: SKarbrand moved to charge in and he failed to cast wrathaxe. The exalted retreated and went back a bit. His 2nd insensate rage BT charged into the snakes flank. And Skarbrand hit the khianri (3 of which dead from his shooting attack) and moved to clip the non general shrine, which he did 7 wounds to. The insensate rage BT killed 2 snakes, and died to fight back (as Crystal touch just can do so many mortal wounds) He capped 1pt DOK turn 2: Mindrazor and Bloodsnake both failed to cast but I got witchbrew onto the Avatar and blessing on the sisters again. 2nd unit of Khinari flew onto left obj with the 2 remaining Khinari retreating to it also. sisters moved up on both flanks with the Shadowstalkers moving to take the right reavers. Shooting saw 4 reavers die, and the Exalted finished off. Also chipped some wounds off Skarbrand. Charges saw the sisters and Khinari charge forwards and the shadowstalkers engaged the reavers. Avatar charged Skarbrand Combat saw the slaughter priest and all remainind reavers die and Skarbrand fell also. We called the game there really Points of note: Avatar plus Heart means it sticks around longer. Its also really solid with Haggnar/Blessing/cauldron. I am happy with 2x5 stalkers. I think more would be too much as the shooting was very hit and miss since unable to be buffed. Not sure Crimson was worth it in this game. I did heal the Shrine by 2w but that was all. I think I am going to take 5 Lifetakers and 5 heartrenders. Having the different options would have been better for pipping off wounds at Skarbrand rather than just sitting there to be charged. Didnt get to use my snake which was fair enough. We did a fund roll vs the slaughterpriest and he would have died lol. Crystal touch was baller. Did 9MW 1 turn and 6 in another. I guess if they die quickly its not great, but since all the defense on them they stuck around well.
  8. Yeah its a loss of a harasser unit, but it's also another 4x 3D R2 attacks as well as the 6 shooting attacks
  9. tbh If i was running 3 cauldrons I would want an Avatar of Khaine and maybe put the Blood sigil on someone. +1 to prayers would be awesome with that many prayers, and extra cheeky prayer from sigil would benefit also.
  10. What do people think of taking one of each unit of Khianri for Scathcoven? Since it just says Khinari. I have 2 x 5 lifetakers atm but thinking on it having one of each might be more flexible
  11. Guess we just have different experience and play style
  12. I just base coated mine in wraithbone. I am going to cover in the blood angels contract, then highlight in a few reds. Then the blood for the blood god glaze to highlight the blood. I want to use resin also to make a pool of blood on both the hand and the snake to make it look like they come from blood
  13. For mages, you have a SQ so get at least 1 dispel which tbh most old 2k lists only had before Morathi-Khaine With Changes in witchbrew I like Scrathborn now. Being to make your battalion immune to battleshock is very useful with our 2W snake ladies and a 4+/6++ can still be a pain for people kill a whole unit down. 5 lifetakers can be fine. Best used as support hero harrasser and obj taker since if they have to wait to attack they are probably dead. Only real change I would, if any as I would probably play as it is, is make is switching the Ironscale for Medusa. I think being able to run and charge is good, but because it has to attack 1st to give them the +1A I think you could take too much damage back to your snakes before they can take advantage of that. Medusa general could still give them the command trait +1A, but also keep pace with the unit and have her shooting ability to help clear some things (10" 5+ MW is so good vs big blocks of things like Mortek Guard which could be tough to clear) and also gives you 2 more dispels and 1 cast, so maybe Mindrazor. Stick her in the middle of the snakes for protection. If running Ironscale, i would maybe switch one unit of stalkers to sisters also. Means you could attack with 10 snakes 1st with Command +1 attack, then Ironscale, then use the ironscale buff on the unit of 5 Tbh try the list as it is and see how it goes
  14. 5Kaven5lave has most covered there. Being able to retreat out of combat to move further into the enemy so you can take out a key support hert, or even tie up more units can be awesome. the SOS trick is also great if you have a more important combat you want to run 1st so you can take advantage of the 6" pile in another is new Mindrazor. +1 damage on the charge now so if you can keep cycle charging that unit with Mindrazor you can rack up the damage
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