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  1. Yeah that might be a good call swap out.
  2. 1st gitz list. Might drop clammy cowl for 5+ ward
  3. My 1st two list ideas. Gotrek seems a better deal than spirit of the mountain but keeping that monster is kinda needed now unless I ally something
  4. my 1st Hagg Nar list. Might look at trying to squeeze in a Hydra to give me a monster. Would probably have to drop 5 Stalkers and 5 Sister then take a hydra and 10 Sisters of slaughter
  5. Heart is still great for that turn you want to smash in and reduce damage back. Not all armies have priests and if they do its not many, which means thats the loss of a prayer cast to try and dispel it With sacrament of blood I can move my avatar turn 1 on a 2+ with Iron circlet and Hagg Nar Plan is have the hag put witch brew on Snakes, with MR (if it goes off) Use mirror dance to move cauldron and shrine up to a position where they can get the +1 from avatar SQ puts sacrament on sisters (now making avatar move for free as they count as being round 3 blood rite) and then have the n
  6. Yeah but heard in the grape vine the wording might change
  7. Thing to note is depending on how they word Bucklers, we might lose a save point on WE/SOS you can only have +1AS now, so they would be capped at 5+ with under cauldron buff also However, if we got hit by Rend 1 we would also be at 5+
  8. Thanks! It more golden in better light,. with some yellow. Will be better when I get some decent pictures. If you zoom in to the back of the shrine where the tree is you might have missed something
  9. Not the best pics but only got 20 sentinals to go then army is done and I'm gonna get someone to do pics for me at work
  10. Cheers Gonna work on a new display board for it
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