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  1. yeah me too. Change the permission to enter the Subforum, so not logged in Readers can read.
  2. well time will tell and there are pros and cons. Anvilguard fits very well especially for the Scourge Privateer and Order Serpentis factions. The best thing overall is that we can field dark aelfen armies now without those horrible restraints of the allied system. You asked about the Darkling Covens... well there are very bad news. I do not know how we should make anything with our Executioners... Ohhh Khaine see what they have done to your kin... Executioners now do only one (!) Mortal wound per 6 on hit and thats it. I do not know what to say, but they fell behind human greatswords and Stormcast retributors. Horrible! The other bummer about Darkling Covens is the choice of artefacts. While we got interesting stuff with all those cities, we lost access to the grypth feather charm. Take Anvilguard with that 5+ Feel no Pain instead. Is the Thrall Warhost battalion still in game??
  3. my bad. Misread that one. No Bridge + Gotrek. However maybe there are some movement buffs that can make him faster.
  4. regarding Gotrek: To say the consensus first: I do not think Gotrek will find himself suited to run around with dark elven murder aelfs. I do not think the ladies would appreciate that beard either. However that guy is tough as nails. That 3+ negation of wounds and mortal wounds makes him super hard to kill, while the ability to attack twice really comes in handy against targets with a save value of 3+ or 4+. That guy is a Stormcast blob killer type of guy! Or greater Daemons, or ... anywayI do not think he is comparable to Morathi honestly. Morathi is a very fast tarpit unit, while Gotrek... well he has a big beard, but very short legs. He might fit in an army that is slow as him or can compensate his movement. So a way to fit him in would be something like Spellcasters + Soulscream Bridge. Edit: "Soulscream Bridge"
  5. that depends on your motivation to paint the models and on your playing community how many points you want to play with. I suggest to start with a list of 1000 points. Try the Warscrollbuilder to compose a list. For inspiration this thread and other sources can help you. Besides the point value you want to start with you can decide to either make a strong competitive list or something for friendly games.
  6. Jack Armstrong played Morathi plus the Cauldron Guard. The list by todays point values is 2130. So Mr. Armstrong would have to throw out the Medusa for example to make the list legal according to GHB 2019. In general I think the Cauldron Guard is pretty good, However with the 20 point more expensive witches per ten and the more expensive Hag Queen it got more expensive then the Slaughter troupe in comparison. Cauldron Guards minimum requierements went from 540 to 610 points: Hag Queen (90)10 x Witch Aelves (120)- Pairs of Sacrificial Knives10 x Witch Aelves (120)- Pairs of Sacrificial Knives5 x Khinerai Lifetakers (80)5 x Khinerai Lifetakers (80)Cauldron Guard (120) Slaughter Troupe got a point increase from 630 to 650 points: Slaughter Queen (100)10 x Sisters of Slaughter (120)- Barbed Whips and Sacrificial Knives10 x Sisters of Slaughter (120)- Barbed Whips and Sacrificial Knives5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (90)5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (90)Slaughter Troupe (130)
  7. 🙂 Thank you, but it is Josh Richards army. The unit composition fits well though.
  8. Because of the critical hit mechanic the game might favor Horde Warbands instead of more elite Warbands. Warcry seems to be a lot about objectives and controling the right areas of the gaming field at the right time. However I do not agree with the statement that calculation of "average damage" is useless. The calculation lets you get a feeling which units are more combat effective then others. Statistics are getting ever more accurate the more games you play. The analytics behind it are true for a infinite number of games.
  9. New Handbook, new lists. The Darkling Covens got some point drops and I am super excited to craft lists and lead the Darkling Covens against our enemies in this new season. Here we go with the first list: Allegiance: Darkling CovensMortal Realm: GhurSorceress on Black Dragon (260)- General- Witch Rod- Trait: Impossibly Swift - Artefact: Gryph-feather Charm Sorceress (100)- Artefact: Decanter of Egos Sorceress (100) 30 x Black Guard (320)20 x Executioners (320)10 x Darkshards (100)10 x Darkshards (100)40 x Dreadspears (320)5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (90)- Allies5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (90)- Allies Thrall Warhost (180)Total: 1980 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 180 / 400Wounds: 144 Cheaper Black Guard and Dreadspears? Sold! Lets look at the list. We are using a highly protected SoBD to keep our troops in the fight with "tyrannical ruler" and inspire the hatred in our units. The Gryph-feather charm also gives +1" movement which could be a lifesaver on that last objective. The Darkling Covens are a very slow and reactive army. To overcome those weakness one of the Sorceresses brought the Decanter of Egos, while the Daughters of Khaine lend us some Khinerai Heartrenders to grab objectives and threaten mission objectives behind enemy lines. In cases where we loose all our chaff units the Harpies could provide blocking actions. We are a bit short on magic spells however. Endless Spells like the Geminids or the Chronomatic Cogs could really help the army... By removing 20 Dreadspears we could take both of those Endless Spells. So we would give up Chaff or a capable Objective holder unit für more mortal wounds and saver charges. What are your thoughts? Generally speaking I think the Darkling Covens are a bit more competitive right now. PS: Just because it is a well painted army and is similar to the list above:
  10. looks fine to me. Totally ok for your first DoK game. Personally I think it is a rather strong list. Better tell your opponent that you take the gloves off and go for a competitive list. What will you be against? For optimisation I would throw out the second Cauldron, but its fine if you want to play without magic (Medusa).
  11. Warhammer Community Spotlight: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/08/06/warband-focus-corvus-cabalgw-homepage-post-4/
  12. @Emissary absolute awesome post. Big like to you Sir. How do we fare in missions with the Daughters? Could the fast Heartrender grab a objective fast?
  13. thats a bit of a to theoretical approach. Try it out with proxy models how the close combat situation really unfolds. SoS will use their knives from the first and second row of models. The 2" reach means that a third row of models can put wounds on an enemy unit. This makes max. size units of SoS look interesting. Please note however that smaller units of sister could also reach over friendly models and support them in close combat. For me I thought it through and went for the knives. Why? Because I am a former Dark Elve player and the Druchii way is the way of the glasscannon. That means we win games by wiping enemy units in the first strike. If not, the army is wrong composed or will not punch itself through to victory. The dark elven weakness are endurance fights. Conclusio: max damage for me. Defensive options are for other armies. thanks a lot for the calculation. You are right that we can not use the same lists as the ETC players. Honestly who would?!? However the reason we talk about this are the Warscrolls. Those didnt change and we see very clearly which leader units or core units are favoured in highly competitive lists. Post GHB 2019 the Daughters of Khaine have to change their lists.
  14. yes, we took a hit with the nerf-hammer, but nevertheless we see which warscrolls are favored in the tournament scene. With Morathi vs. 20 Blood Sisters it all comes down to the opposing lists DoK are facing. For me Morathi is a defensive option. Morathi is less damage dealer further more she can tarpit units that would be a problem (aka. Deathstars spoken in old Warhammer terms). The Snakes on the other hand bring Mortal wounds to the table and provide more damage for the army. I consider them a offensive option. Overall I like the Druchii-theme of a glascannon army. Thats why I think the offensive options might be the way to go. Strategies can be built around Morathi for sure however. It is always good to have a unit that can pin down enemy units.
  15. I have prepared a poster for you with all the DoK lists of ETC 2019, so it will be easier to compare. out of 8 lists we have: 4 lists with Claudron Guard (Witches+Lifetakers) 3 lists with Slaughter troupe (SoS+Heartrenders) 5 lists have Morathi every list makes use of the max. unitsize for point efficiency Leader section of all lists is very simliar (core: Slaughter Queen on Cauldron + 2 Hag Queens + Medusa) DoK ETC 2019 - all.pdf
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