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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, this will be a big one (actually like most of my projects). Here I have a project that combines most of the aelf factions. Some of this stuff was actually in blogs before. Here are the actual armylists, structures as the Aelfengroups and subgroups Frostaelfs Fyreaelfs Shadowaelfs Not definied aelfen groups Next will be the stuff I already posted in blogs. Fanmade Battletomes latest release: Brotherhood of Korhil current Version
  2. Hi Folks, the new campaign system Firestorm for AoS is in the way and with it new allegiance abilities. The Anvilguard's Implacable March is the one I found most interesting. Anvilgard armies are made up of some of the hardier, more ruthless armies of Order, drawing from the Stormcast Eternals, Free Peoples, Devoted of Sigmar, Dispossessed, Darkling Covens, Scourge Privateers and Order Serpentis. Very exciting is the Battalion of the Scourge Privateers the "Realm Reavers". Here is a example army list: Allegiance: Anvilguard Leaders Black Ark Fleetmaster (40) Battleline 20 x Black Ark Corsairs (160) - Vicious Blades & Wicked Cutlasses - Scourge Privateers Battleline 20 x Black Ark Corsairs (160) - Vicious Blades & Repeater Handbows - Scourge Privateers Battleline 2 x Scourgerunner Chariots (200) - Scourge Privateers Battleline 10 x Drakespawn Knights (320) - Order Serpentis Battleline Behemoths Kharibdyss (180) Battalions Realm Reavers (180) Total: 1240/2000 Sadly we cant fit the Realm Reavers in a Allied Detachement, but some fast Drakespawn Knights made it in. The battalion rule says: A Black Ark Fleetmaster, 2 Black Ark Corsairs units, an unit of Scourgerunner Chariots and a Kharibdiss. Feared Taskmaster: In your hero phase a battalion unit within 8" of the Fleetmaster can do one of the following; move as if it were the movement phase (not run), shoot as if it were the shooting phase, charge as if it were the charge phase, or if there are any enemy units within 3" pile in and attack as if were the combat phase. Capture That Beast!: Re-roll wound rolls of 1 against Monsters. ...During our hero phase the enemy is forced to move 6" away from us (on a roll of 5+ that means 1/3 of the enemy units engaged are affected), but at the same time the Feared Taskmaster lets the Realm Reavers charge after the enemy. We cant do that immediately after the 6" move, but it can be used to encircle the enemy. Things get interesting with flying Units like dragons though, which can encricle the enemy easier. Whats your thoughts and armylists with the Anvilguard allegiance? Kaleun -> some teleporting Stormcast might be brutal in a Anvilguard armylist
  3. Hi all. First time poster here so I apologize if this should be within the Deepkin discussion thread itself. Essentially I currently own and am painting my way through 1620 points of Deepkin and have 380 left until I can play a 2K game. I understand that the Deepkin have a bunch of cool large options I could go for, but I do like the idea of adding some allies. I have managed to get my hands on the old Lokhir Fellheart model so I was thinking maybe Lokhir with 20 Corsairs and a War Hydra, and then I realized that the Kharibdyss is the Scourge Privateer monster, not the hydra. Looking at the warscrolls though, the hydra is not only better looking but sounds much more tanky. On the other hand back in WHF I used to play High Elves but I never actually bought a dragon. After playing some total war recently the idea of just getting a big old mage on a dragon isn’t unappealing... Just as a loremaster and some swordmasters are pretty appealing. In short; I understand it’s best to go without allies but, if I were to go for some allies, which units or armies tend to compliment the Deepkin? (for reference I am a new player. My Deepkin consist of the battleforce and Start Collecting with one box of thralls, so I’ll print it below) 1620 Deepkin: [Heroes] Akhelian King (General) - 240 Isharann Tidecaster - 100 Lotann - 100 Isharann Soulrender - 100 [Battlelines] 30 x Namarti Thralls - 360 3 x Morrsarr - 160 3 x Ishlaen - 140 [Other] 2 x Allopexes 10 x Namarti Reavers Thanks for reading!
  4. Hi everyone! Been in the hobby off and on (mostly off) for 23 years. My Dark Elves started around 2005 with a box of spears, then when the plastic corsairs came out, a couple of boxes of them and some cold ones. Collected a load more again in 2009 ish, but again, they've remained unassembled or grey. Always meant to start afresh with the launch of AoS, but yet again, life took over. Well, it's time to start again. Order Serpentis, 1k to start with, using models I already own (a few more than I can use pictured): Will be using the dragon (a High Elf conversion pre the Dark Elf launch dragon), a hydra (new to replace the ancient metal one!) 2x5 Dreadknights and I can choose between the chariot, sorceress and assassins to begin with. Theme: Blue skinned, though going to make this more grey with the unpainted models. Purple plate armour, silver chain mail, glossy black, bits of gold, and blue green style sea dragon cloaks. Unsure of colour for the hydra or dragon (black, but thinking of the highlight). The snow bases will be redone, now I have some actual snow stuff to use! First model, to ease me in, was selected by my 7 year old son. I hoped he'd pick the sorceress, but selected another assassin: Think he liked the claw! Aiming to have a good chunk ready by the end of March, playing the first proper matched game on 23rd with a mate who is also returning to the hobby! Hope to have most done by then... We'll see. Any more pics wanted, any questions, please ask!
  5. Welcome to the remaining 5 collectors of the 'Druchii', those of us who still like our aelves as marauding pirates of the Mortal Realms, dragon riding Knights and, for what it's worth, shadowy assassins and black-clad riders. Rather than individual threads for these factions, I think we might benefit from discussing them as a group of factions. With AoS2 giving us realm artefacts and endless spells, and with the rise of allies such as the Idoneth Deepkin, Daughters of Khaine (and Stormcast I guess!), I still feel these aelves have a place in the world. Links to past or relevant threads: Let's Chat Order Serpentis Let's Chat Scourge Privateers Let's Chat Shadowblades AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin AoS 2 - Darkling Covens Free Cities (see also - Let's Chat: Anvilgard) AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals I'll start with my ideas, but I'm not an experienced gamer at all, however I am a trier! I think Order Serpentis are probably the strongest of the smaller factions. I'm thinking you build strong lists up to 1500 or 1600 points leaving room to ally in and take endless spells. It's probably worth taking the battalion and with points drops to all units bar the dragon, we have a bit more flexibility. Most of my lists revolve around taking 2 dragons and 2 hydras, however, sacrificing one of them for a behemoth ally might be useful. For example, the new points could allow for a block of 20 Corsairs with a Fleetmaster and then a Kharibdyss with a Fleetmaster for 400 points. I may be wrong, but the Fleetmasters could both use their command abilities to have their units rerolls to hit. How this might help with Anvilgard allegiance abilities is up for discussion too. I've also put thought to use of the Chronomatic Cogs, though that would mean allying in a Medusa, Tidecaster or Sorceress. This could help to get the Drakespawn into combat sooner, getting off their charges for the +1 to wounds. There is of course the awesome Khinerai and Melusai, both capable of adding something missing. I've also been lovingly looking at my Bolt Throwers, who I will try to convince anyone who listens that they're actually Stormcast Ballista! They will have plenty of gold on... Not sure on the Realm artefacts so far, but something to give more Mortal Wounds would really be useful, particularly if you have a battalion to give an extra artefact to both dragons. Finally, not sure about using the Dark Riders. I think the Assassins could have value, dropped by fast moving dragons somewhere with a particular artefact but it's quite one shot I guess. Anyone else excited to see their older armies see a new lease of life? What ideas can we rustle up that let's us play fun games, even if we are cast off the table and mortally wounded perpetually?
  6. Ahoy friends and neighbours of order, my Black Dragon and Hydra have been giving me the look from my desk so its time for some discussion. Have people played our not-so gallant knightly aelven brethren on the table? What are your thoughts? I've just done a big aelven audit and I have a lot of options one way or another for any Aelven force (still debating the stupid huge cavalry list lol) I've pulled this idea together for now which only requires a few purchases and is not at all influenced by me having been playing Druchii in Total War: Warhammer 2: Allegiance: Order Leaders Dreadlord On Black Dragon (320) - Exile Blade & Tyrant Shield Battleline 3 x Drakespawn Chariots (300) - Order Serpentis Battleline 10 x Drakespawn Knights (320) - Order Serpentis Battleline 10 x Drakespawn Knights (320) - Order Serpentis Battleline 5 x Dark Riders (120) - Shadowblades Battleline 5 x Dark Riders (120) - Shadowblades Battleline 5 x Dark Riders (120) - Shadowblades Battleline Behemoths War Hydra (200) Battalions Ebondrake Warhost (160) Reinforcement Points (0) Total: 1980 / 2000 Allies: 0 / 400 I'm very conscious that while the list is fast and has a bit of shooting its lacking in the hero department without chucking in some allied heroes, which eats up the rest of my budget (sorceress on black dragon) or are not really mobile enough to keep up/doesn't synergise/doesn't fit the theme (most everything else). What are peoples thoughts here?
  7. Ever wondered how cool the Saurus Knights would look if their mounts weren't goofy as hell? Step this way. The Order Serpentis represents a portion of the old Dark Elf line that has been bundled together to form a small elite army that's heavily themed on it's love for drakespawn and dark dragons. They're fast, mobile and very durable, and the low model count and awesome centrepiece model means it's easy to get started. Where do I start? As per the usual, we need a hero and two battleline choices at least before we look at anything else. Picking a hero is easy, after all you've only got one. The Dreadlord on Black Dragon is no joke however, the dragon's already deadly combat profile is accenuated by the character riding it, unlike the sorceress version this guy packs a mean punch. Your battleline options are both things we'll be taking anyway, the Drakespawn Knights and the Drakespawn Chariots, both charge focused, durable melee bruisers. Where to next? More chariots and knights, more more more. And to spice up the mix, lets throw in a War Hydra or two. These nasty behemoths are melee focused beasts with a decent shooting attack and a monster stat profile that doesn't get dramaticaly weaker as it takes wounds. But here's the kicker, the hydra heals itself for THREE wounds in each of your hero phase. Three wounds, not d3. This means it's frustratingly difficult to chip down and any enemy trying to whittle it down and tie it up with chaff will quickly discover it's not locked up with them, they're locked up with it. I would reccomend building around the Ebondrake Warhost batalliob, for the cost of a Dreadlord on Dragon, 2 - 3 Drakespawn, 1 - 2 Chariots and 1 - 3 Hydras you get to reroll all wound rolls of one, and once per game everything within 8 inches of the Dreadlord can charge in the hero phase. What to ally? In this, the age of magic, we need some spellcasters. The Order Serpentis can ally from any of the old dark elf model lines, as well as Stormcast Eternals and Idoneth Deepkin. We're going to stick with the cheaper stuff because Stormcast and Deepkin casters tend to be focused more towards their army's playstyle, a style we don't fit. The Sorceress is always a nice choice, and you can always take a Scourge Privateer Fleetmaster for 40 points to fill out your hero slots for certain scenarios. In that vein of thinking, a few cheap Black Ark Corsairs to hold objectives is rarely a bad thing. But wait, there's more I swear to god I plug the Firestorm Allegiance abilities so much Games Workshop should be paying me by the post, but seeing as you won't be allying Stormcast or Deepkin your army will fit the requirements for the fre city Anvilgard. Now this free city is my favorite (I'm building around it curently, post to come). With a highly mobile army you can rope around the enemy and cause the to just straight up die because they can't get far enough away from you. Better yet, this allows your Drakespawn Chariots to charge again and again, constantly refreshing their charge based bonuses. Let's take a look at what we can hammer out from this. Allegiance: Order Serpentis Mortal Realm: Ulgu Leaders Dreadlord On Black Dragon (320) - General - Lance of Spite & Shield - Trait: Inspiring Sorceress (100) - Allies Sorceress (100) - Allies Black Ark Fleetmaster (40) - Allies Battleline 5 x Drakespawn Knights (140) 5 x Drakespawn Knights (140) 5 x Drakespawn Knights (140) 2 x Drakespawn Chariots (160) 2 x Drakespawn Chariots (160) Units 10 x Black Ark Corsairs (80) - Vicious Blade & Repeater Handbow - Allies 10 x Black Ark Corsairs (80) - Vicious Blade & Repeater Handbow - Allies Behemoths War Hydra (180) War Hydra (180) Battalions Ebondrake Warhost (150) Total: 1970 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 1 Allies: 400 / 400 Wounds: 127 The plan here is simple, set up for a turn two charge into the enemy, and then from there hopefully get a few Anvilgard rolls off at the start of your hero phase before promptly using the batallion to charge into the enemies that just ran away from you. While this is going on, the corsairs make a break for the objectives while providing Look Out Sir protection to the Sorceresses, who focus on dispelling spells and using Word of Pain on big enemy units. The Fleetmaster is here purely for an extra hero to hold objectives, he's only 40pts so might as well pick him up. This list is a fun elite army to run with, I myself have a lot of the models to make it and plan to get started once I've finished my existing projects.
  8. SOLVED. Mods welcome to delete.
  9. After 3 drakespawn models to complete a unit. Have some really cool old metal knights to use and convert, just not the drakespawn for them to ride. Only interested in the new drakespawn, not the fat old cold ones please! Wondered if anyone had some spare from making up the Scourgerunner Chariot? In the UK. Thanks!
  10. Hello Everyone, After a long hiatus from the Fantasy side of the hobby (I still play 40k quite a bit) I decided to dip my toes into 'Age of Sigmar' by getting into a Skirmish campaign with some players from my area. Seeing as I end up here every other time I google something related to AoS/Skirmish, I thought it would be a good idea to register and have a better look around. For the upcoming Skirmish campaign I'll be using and updating parts of my Dark Elf collection as they have been my go-to army for as long as I can remember, but I might branch out into other factions at a later time. However most of my fantasy miniatures took quite a beating over the years; they need repairs, a fresh coat of paint, and round bases. I figured I would start a little plog on TGA to keep myself on track and maybe get some C&C. Since I'll be working on my miniatures anyway I decided to try a new colour scheme, variety being the spice of life and all. So I did up a pair of Reaper Crewmembers as a test. Now the picure isn't very high quality, but it should get the general idea across. I quite like the green armour myself, but I'm not sure on the two different colours of "cloth". A couple of dreadspears will be getting a similar treatment over the weekend and I might try some different coloured robes on them to see. But any suggestions are more than welcome.
  11. Finished most of the modelling so far, I just have Malus Darkblade left to make. Here are a couple of photos of some character models I'm finishing working on. Mainly a conversion for both Morathi and one for Malekith.
  12. Will


    The first Drakespawn Knight. Bit of a test really. I really like the old skool look of these cold one riders, so I really wanted to give them more of a dungeon-punk vibe. I swapped the slender lance and elegant shield for something a little more gnarly looking. Feel like it fits the rag-tag band of raider which I have in my head. I might add add a few more bits and bobs to make them more barbaric looking, what do you reckon? i still ill have a bit of tidying up to do. Smoothing out the GS, mould lines and such. Excuse the messy desk
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