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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, this will be a big one (actually like most of my projects). Here I have a project that combines most of the aelf factions. Some of this stuff was actually in blogs before. Here are the actual armylists, structures as the Aelfengroups and subgroups Frostaelfs Fyreaelfs Shadowaelfs Not definied aelfen groups Next will be the stuff I already posted in blogs. Fanmade Battletomes latest release: Brotherhood of Korhil current Version
  2. Hi Folks, the new campaign system Firestorm for AoS is in the way and with it new allegiance abilities. The Anvilguard's Implacable March is the one I found most interesting. Anvilgard armies are made up of some of the hardier, more ruthless armies of Order, drawing from the Stormcast Eternals, Free Peoples, Devoted of Sigmar, Dispossessed, Darkling Covens, Scourge Privateers and Order Serpentis. Very exciting is the Battalion of the Scourge Privateers the "Realm Reavers". Here is a example army list: Allegiance: Anvilguard Leaders Black Ark Fleetmaster (40) Battleline 20 x Black Ark Corsairs (160) - Vicious Blades & Wicked Cutlasses - Scourge Privateers Battleline 20 x Black Ark Corsairs (160) - Vicious Blades & Repeater Handbows - Scourge Privateers Battleline 2 x Scourgerunner Chariots (200) - Scourge Privateers Battleline 10 x Drakespawn Knights (320) - Order Serpentis Battleline Behemoths Kharibdyss (180) Battalions Realm Reavers (180) Total: 1240/2000 Sadly we cant fit the Realm Reavers in a Allied Detachement, but some fast Drakespawn Knights made it in. The battalion rule says: A Black Ark Fleetmaster, 2 Black Ark Corsairs units, an unit of Scourgerunner Chariots and a Kharibdiss. Feared Taskmaster: In your hero phase a battalion unit within 8" of the Fleetmaster can do one of the following; move as if it were the movement phase (not run), shoot as if it were the shooting phase, charge as if it were the charge phase, or if there are any enemy units within 3" pile in and attack as if were the combat phase. Capture That Beast!: Re-roll wound rolls of 1 against Monsters. ...During our hero phase the enemy is forced to move 6" away from us (on a roll of 5+ that means 1/3 of the enemy units engaged are affected), but at the same time the Feared Taskmaster lets the Realm Reavers charge after the enemy. We cant do that immediately after the 6" move, but it can be used to encircle the enemy. Things get interesting with flying Units like dragons though, which can encricle the enemy easier. Whats your thoughts and armylists with the Anvilguard allegiance? Kaleun -> some teleporting Stormcast might be brutal in a Anvilguard armylist
  3. Hello everyone so I'm primarily a 40k player with an avid interest in fantasy and by proxy AoS (but my friends got into 40k so...) and I've been trying to make a lot of my models backwards compatible and the three factions I'm interested in (in AoS) are Death, Dark Elves, and Free peoples so I'll be trying to make as much of my 40k models backwards compatible. But I think I have some cool conversions you may enjoy So first and foremost the images I shared so long ago here I'll reupload. I'll probably be using these as Varghesits if/when I get my Death army working. EDIT: I added a above conversion to the front page as that'll make my posts more eyecatching That's why you'll see this guy again later. Now if I uploaded everything properly you should see my Executioner / Incubi conversions I'd love feedback and everyone's thoughts and I'll try to post everything I view as compatible, and if everyone is okay with it I'll try and squeak in models that I just find too cool not to share if you'd like.
  4. Version 4.10.00


    Age of Sigmar started out simple enough. But the first General's Handbook changed a lot of things. Suddenly you could personalise a few things for your army with command traits for your general and artefacts for your heroes. Then dropped the first battletomes which included allegiance abilities. And the amount grew rapidly. Because I don't like flipping back and forth in my books for every other ability, I created some cards to help keep the important rules right at the table, beside your models. All cards are available as print files with 3mm bleed and cutting marks, as a 'web' version (for viewing on smartphones/tablets), US letter and DIN A4 printing sheet. each set contains: cover / card backside, Battle Traits, Command Traits, Artefacts, cards for spell lores and faction specific skills card size is 63 x 88 mm (same as Pokemon, Magic, 40k Datacards, etc.) language: English I tried to keep the original wording, but sometimes I had to abbreviate it to fit on the card without scaling down the font size. The rule intentions should still be clear. 'Dice' was continuously replaced with D3 or D6, 'wound roll' with 'To-Wound roll' (same for hit), 'Mortal Wounds' sometimes with 'MW' each set can be stored in a faction specific card box, with contents listed on the back (instructions) If you find any errors or have suggestions, please let me know. I had fun creating these cards and hope people will find them useful and have fun using them in their games. All rules, artwork and the Age of Sigmar logo © Games Workshop PLC These cards are for personal use only and you should always keep your General's Handbook and/or Battletome nearby to solve any conflicts from bad wording on the cards. These cards are only a playing aid and never could nor should replace an official publication. Please let me know if I have used anything you would like to be removed. Overview and changes
  5. First finished fantasy miniature since getting back into the hobby, note the square base, this has been on the back burner for quite awhile! Also some pictures of a Space Marine scout, part of a small force I'm painting for my nephew
  6. "My colleagues want to see concrete results before we can decide whether or not to renew our support to your enterprise. So you know what you have to do, your Lordship Somberheart..." — Moryelle, Loremistress and Eminent Emissary of the Eldritch Council of Azyrheim This aelf, who came directly to Port Stellis from Azyrheim, plays an important role in the city as an emissary of the Eldritch Council (she is at the moment the only member present in the free city). Although she is not a member the Conclave of Port Stellis, she attends their meetings as an esteemed consultant on magic and all things supernatural. A role that sometimes puts her in competition with the Astromancers' Guild and its Grand Master, Caius Lorentius. In addition to her role as emissary, Moryelle also works for the dreadlord Sicath Somberheart, commander of the Order Serpentis army currently stationed in Port Stellis. She officially assists him as an advisor and provides him with magical support. But what everyone (except Sicath) doesn't know is that Moryelle is a double agent. Although she is a member of the Eldritch Council of Azyrheim, her allegiance goes first to the Darkling Covens. She acts as the liaison agent between Sicath Somberheart and the sorcerers of the Covens. Her mission is to help Sicath and his knights of the Order Serpentis to regain their lost fiefdom in the north but also to monitor them and send reports to the Covens who are closely observing the situation. If Sicath succeeds in taking back his domain which is currently occupied by slaaneshi, then the Lord-sorcerers and the Queen-sorceresses of the Darkling Covens will begin a large-scale military campaign, with the help of the Order Serpentis, to reclaim all their lost territories in the realm of Ulgu.
  7. Hello, This year my FLGS is having a "Year of War" slow-grow Path to Glory campaign and painting/modeling contest for each month that culminates in a top-prize for the year in December 2018. Each unit has to be purchased/ordered from there, and is graded on originality, conversions, paintjob, uniformity, and basing. For the first month, we have to pick our General and paint it up, and I have chosen Darkling Covens. I'm going to update this over time.
  8. So finally got my hands on the GHB 2017 and got to see exactly what Command Traits and Artifacts Darkling Coven get. The first thing that struck me is the 'Master of the Sorcerous Arts' Command Trait. It adds 1 to casting and unbinding rolls for your general, and if your general is not a wizard, it makes them one. Except that...the only heroes that Darkling Covens have are sorceresses, on foot or on black dragon, who are all wizards. So why would it need wording that makes a general a wizard? Apart from that, the command traits are cool but not terribly exciting. Merciless is good, but only if you expect your opponent to fail battleshock tests. Arrogant Prowess wants your sorceress to be hitting stuff in melee, which I'm not sure is a good idea. Sustained by Misery could be really good on the other hand, especially if your sorceress general is riding a dragon. Impossibly Swift seems useful for turning off abilities that trigger on a 6+ hit roll. I'm not sure if Effortless Grace is needed when we have Impossibly Swift. The artifacts are quite good, but again, some of them seem to expect her to be hitting stuff in close combat. I guess if she's on a black dragon with Sustained By Misery, this could work? The best stuff we get are the Battle Traits - the ability to team up multiple Bleaksword/Dreadspear/Darkshard units are great, and the new command abilities are cool too. As for allies, a Knight-Azyros seems like it would be helpful to Darkshards. Possibly some Liberators, Retributors or Sisters of Slaughter will help with our squishiness? I'm not sure if 5 Liberators would actually be any less squishy than 10 Bleakswords (4+ save rerolling 1s VS 5+ save rerolling 1s and 2s).
  9. Supreme sorceress conversion using various bits from the supreme sorcess on black dragon kit, Witch Elf kit, Doomfire Warlock kit and Dark Eldar scourges kit.
  10. Hi all! My girlfriend is looking to get into Warhammer with a Daughters of Khaine army. We bought the box set for them, but we're holding off on buying more till the army release comes out (soon hopefully, it would seem!) In the mean time I wanted your guy's suggestions on what we should include as allies from Darkling Covens. For 200 points I think a sorceress and some darkshards would be good. For 400 I figure just add some executioners. What do you guys think?
  11. Hello Everyone, After a long hiatus from the Fantasy side of the hobby (I still play 40k quite a bit) I decided to dip my toes into 'Age of Sigmar' by getting into a Skirmish campaign with some players from my area. Seeing as I end up here every other time I google something related to AoS/Skirmish, I thought it would be a good idea to register and have a better look around. For the upcoming Skirmish campaign I'll be using and updating parts of my Dark Elf collection as they have been my go-to army for as long as I can remember, but I might branch out into other factions at a later time. However most of my fantasy miniatures took quite a beating over the years; they need repairs, a fresh coat of paint, and round bases. I figured I would start a little plog on TGA to keep myself on track and maybe get some C&C. Since I'll be working on my miniatures anyway I decided to try a new colour scheme, variety being the spice of life and all. So I did up a pair of Reaper Crewmembers as a test. Now the picure isn't very high quality, but it should get the general idea across. I quite like the green armour myself, but I'm not sure on the two different colours of "cloth". A couple of dreadspears will be getting a similar treatment over the weekend and I might try some different coloured robes on them to see. But any suggestions are more than welcome.
  12. Hello all, I was contemplating the viability of this list: Allegiance: Order Heroes Sorceress On Black Dragon (340) - Darkling Sword - Command Trait : Reckless - Artefact : Quicksilver Potion Dreadlord On Black Dragon (340) - Lance of Spite & Tyrant Shield - Artefact : Quicksilver Potion Units 10 x Dreadspears (80) 10 x Dreadspears (80) 10 x Dreadspears (80) 40 x Darkshards (400) 10 x Black Guard (180) 20 x Executioners (400) Battalions Thrall Warhost (80) This list would deploy in 2 drops (1 if you subbed in another sorceress on dragon, rather than the dreadlord, but no need), letting you go first, or allowing the enemy to. Luckily, your shields on the battleline, allow rerolls of 1s and 2s in combat (1s in shooting) which can be somewhat useful, but the power is from the battalion and quicksilver potion use. In the hero phase, you can charge and/or pile-in and attack with a chosen unit within the battalion that is within 12" of an enemy unit and 18" of your sorceress. Because of the musician ability for charges for Darkling Covens, you can choose to reroll 1 dice from the charge roll, or the entire roll if both are rubbish, from the commander's trait, Reckless. If facing long shooters, you can move up (just keep your executioners or blackguards mystic shielded, whichever you choose to be 10 or 20), or allow them to go first and get in range. Move up your line, hopefully hitting with the 40 darkshards, and letting the dreadspears die/get hit in combat. Remove models to allow a > 1" gap between your dreadspear coherency to allow a hero-phase charge from your executioners/blackguards. With 14" fly and 14 wounds, it's not uncommon in your hero phase to - 1. Thrall Warhost charge-to-attack with Black Dragon/executioners/blackguards 2. Move/Shooting/Charge Phase to get the second Black Dragon and executioners/blackguards engaged 3. Activate quicksilver potions on the Black Dragons for two quick pile-ins 4. Regular combat phase with executioners/blackguards The above allows for DEVASTATING priority attacks, as not much can stand up to mortal wounds from the executioners and possible 9 dragon maw attacks at -2 rend, D6 damage each, BEFORE the enemy can even counter. This is useful when facing Khorne, since the enemy can die in hero phase (and shooting with 80 darkshard 4+/4+ shots), as well as bypassing grot fanatics, since the charge and attack are performed in the HERO phase, NOT the CHARGE phase. The rerollable charges can reliably fly your dragon over the frontline to flank and hit the backline, or the rear of the front. Noxious breath can get a few mortal wounds off against hordes of units, and the bladewind spell is mostly meant for killing ranged units/wizards with crappy melee profiles. Let me know what you think
  13. Clue

    The Sisters

    As mentioned I've been working on a squad of sisters of slaughter. I don't feel as if these guys are near my best work - but they look great at a distance. I also got a tad bored painting them; finding the skin tones tedious at times. I may have gone overboard with the gore but it does fit in with their lore. After all, these guys are meant to live to fight. Let me know what you guys think. Hope you all enjoy the progress updates! It really means a lot to share this army with the community. "The Sisters fight as they live, moment to moment, with every gut-spilling swipe and viper-quick slash going unplanned until the second it is unleashed." Clue
  14. Clue

    The Bleakswords

    Figuring that every army needs its battleline I decided to finish off a unit of bleakswords. These guys are nice and quick to paint. Really fun to smash out. If anyone is looking for a quick unit to work on between projects then I would definitely recommend considering these guys. I also tried taking Old Stonebeard's advice and turned down the lighting a bit to give the photos a more natural feel. I think it's helped slightly but I'm fairly limited in what I can do in my current location. I will still try to improve my photography skills over the up-and-coming next few posts. I guess its time to read up on some photography blogs. Still considering ways in which I should take my army build. I feel like its time for a general but I am unsure what suits best for a dark aelves army. I've been reading up on the rules for the units and not much seems to strike my interest - all the cool units seem imbalanced points wise (apart from the sorceress). I might just wait till the GHB17 comes out. "Bleakswords forsake the spear and the repeater crossbow, deeming the former a peasant's weapon and the latter a craven armament. Instead, they wield slender duelling blades that flash past an enemy's guard to slit his throat or pierce his heart." Clue
  15. Clue

    The Knights

    So I know it hasn't been long since I last posted but over the weekend I finished up a unit of cold one knights. So I figured might as well put up some pics! I've been trying out a few new techniques with them - it was actually my first time using an airbrush for the cold ones and I'm really happy with how they have turned out. I figured a purple cold one, so that if I ever feel like painting traditional nagarrythe units I will have no problems with getting the models to match. Then the standard red-orange/silver combination for the riders. Also if anyone has advice on how to take better photos with an iphone then please let me know. I'm really wanting to get some clearer photos of these guys and the executioners. Clue "It is a daring Dark Elf who takes a Cold One for his steed, for the lizards savagely attack all who come near them, recognising warm-blooded creatures are prey by the smell alone."
  16. Clue

    The Executioners

    Welcome all. So the first unit which I've decided to finish up are my Har Ganeth Executioners. So far 9 of the 10 are complete, I just have the standard to go. Given the idea behind Har Ganeth I have decided to theme my army in red. This way I can build an army of Har Ganeth with Khaine as the core theme. Comments and Criticism Welcome! Well without further a due here are my executioners: Clue "It is said that a fully-trained Executioner knows the way to kill any creature with but a single blow, whether by decapitation, disembowelment or a single thrust through the heart."
  17. A bunch of dark elves crossbowmen that I updated for AoS: I rebased them and retouched the paint (I initially had painted them 9 years ago). I also took the opportunity to improve the command group (chief, musician and standard bearer) with a few minor conversions.
  18. The Golem


    A bunch of dark elves crossbowmen that I updated for AoS: I rebased them and retouched the paint (I initially had painted them 9 years ago). I also took the opportunity to improve the command group (chief, musician and standard bearer) with a few minor conversions.
  19. The Golem


    A bunch of dark elves crossbowmen that I updated for AoS: I rebased them and retouched the paint (I initially had painted them 9 years ago). I also took the opportunity to improve the command group (chief, musician and standard bearer) with a few minor conversions.
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