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  1. I played my first game of warcry today and it was fun. I played against flesh eater courts and lost after an epic chase my arrowboys got from ghouls. I recommend you to try it out.
  2. Just look a the reflection of the warscroll card box, maybe they will make them mandatory and switch them over.
  3. I don't remember what the big fantasy dwarf box was called but you got a set of 20 warriors and 20 thunderers and quarellers alongside a runelord, 2 canons and 10 longbeards/ hammerers. So they might do it.
  4. Lore wise this fits the current dispossessed situation. There was a picture of the Fyreslayer Battletome posted before that mentions that Grungni is up to something. I think if the story progresses further we will see a "not dispossessed" (since we will probably get some karaks back) Tome. For now it fits and is the easiest way to balance dispossessed. I lost most hope in dispossessed since the ghb dropped and turned to tempest eye, because I saw no way to make dispossessed work any other way. I like the cities of Sigmar, fluff wise (I read the first right Lamentations book and really liked the idea of the city excelsis and the mixed party working for Grungni) and probably rule wise. Don't get me wrong a duardin tome would be awesome but I don't see how they would make it work with massive overhaul. How many speed boost abilities or teleports do they want to give us in our current state to make us viable in all battleplans? The easiest and fluff wise best method is the cities of Sigmar (at least for the moment).
  5. Maybe we won't get normal ogors but chaos ones 😁. Or just more legion of azghor
  6. We got our tome and it's sadly ironjawz and bonesplitterz only. I'll miss my Wyverns or I'll play them as a skinny mawkrusha who knows.
  7. With the new change to the luminark and hurricanum you can take them without the wizard for 80 pts less. If you ever run a order allegiance army and you can fit in 260 pts you can take a archmage (Eldritch council) and a luminark giving you two 6+ saves after save. I know every runic icon except for the ironbreakers ( it's written different for them don't know why though) ignores the archmage on a 5+, but still this helps alot. You can also take the realm artifact that reduces spell damage for units arround the bearer. With this ironbreakers are a 4+ reroll (3+ for tempest eye turn one) 6+ 6+. This makes them even tankier. You can ally in the luminark in a tempest eye army. I stated before that the runic icon doesn't work for endless spells, that was a mistake on my part. In one FAQ it is stated that protection against spells includes endless spells even though they don't have the spell keyword. For me the ghb 2019 didn't help out dispossessed allegiance that much (don't get me wrong some changes are quite nice, but we lack the speed for other things than meeting engagements). For free city armies this ghb did some really cool things like the luminark, hurricanum, cannon and Skywardens(ko not the elf on gryph) points drop.
  8. Yeah the griffin is quite nice behind a screen, I just noticed they are called the same as the Skywardens of KO which I was referring to, quite misleading 😅
  9. If you don't mind using elves and humans in your tempest eye list I got 2 that I will definitely try out. One is completely disgusting if it goes off and the other one will let you keep your ironjawz friends. One of the best things of tempest eye is, that in turn one your Skywardens(now 100 points again yeah!) Move 16" and reavers as well. What I also learned two days ago is that you can ally order units so you can use the hurricanum (without wizard 300 points) in a tempest eye list. With this your irondrakes will have -2 (-3 for the champion) rend on a 2+ 2+. For Order lists I would skip on the battalion and use the points somewhere else, yeah it is nice but you lose alot of points on msu, unforged and the battalion itself.
  10. You can still use order allegiance. "When you organise your collection to be an army from a specific city or under the command of a specific warlord, you must use the Grand Alliance allegiance abilities for your army, but you can also use the City & Warlord allegiance abilities on the following pages. Any units that do not have the keywords listed under the Organisation for the army can be taken as allies if they are part of the same Grand Alliance as the army." This is from the newest FAQ
  11. These incredible stories will be accompanied by a script book for Realmslayer and the first new iteration of Gotrek as a model for thirteen years… and it’s absolutely breathtaking, depicting his new look as he carves his way through skaven (always some of his favourite enemies to kill), still seeking his ultimate destiny. This will be accompanied by rules for using Gotrek in your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and we’re sure we’ll be seeing him on tabletops everywhere very soon.
  12. I put my dwarf engineer on a bigger base so he is human size and use him as a gunmaster.
  13. I will post some of my experimental lists later
  14. They did this to all old models that are no longer produced, so new players dont loose out on units. Depending on your opponent you can still use them as allies or even disossessed themselves.
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