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  1. How did it go? Are you still writing the entry for the book of grudges or are you list building already?
  2. It could also be at the top of some kind of banner
  3. If you got Malaki you can put him on the deck since he is a slayer engineer and invent some cool stuff.
  4. I just read the rules for the endless spell boat and irondrakes. They can only blaze away if they did not "make a move" so are they still able to double tap via teleports?
  5. depending on your models and you willingnes for proxies they can be other units aswell. I got dwarf rangers from avatars of war as quarrelers, since I dont really like the crowsbowmen that much I will use them as shadow warriors. Thunderers best fit the handgunners and thats what Ill use them for or maybe as grundstock thunderers in tempest eye. There are also darkshards and sisters of the watch for quarrelers. As for cannons, the organ gun is a easy alternative for the volley gun. Id use the normal one as a rocket battery and just put any rocket head I can find inside the barrel. If you got multiples of the skullpass one there is alot more you can do with that since its smaller and you can combine multiples for either.
  6. With all the extra rules we get the new command ability of the warden king is a lot better. With all the units and allegiance abilities its really easy to get irondrakes to a 2+ 2+ -how much rend you want damage depending on the weapon. For me ill trade the rerolls of the shieldwall for more mobility and unit variety every day. Longbeards got a increase because their grumbling is way better now the rerolls now also work for shooting, so you will get like 90% of all irondrake shots through. The luminark and hurricanum are also really insane and cheap now so you can get a 3+ 6++ 6++ on you duardin line. Id recommend everyone to try the new rules out and use your models as thematic "conversions". Well if some of you still want to part with their duardin Im happy to take some of them in. Only if you live in europe though, since overseas shipping can be quite expensive.
  7. I've got two big units of rangers from avatars of war. At first I thought about using them as freeguild crossbowmen, but after seeing the changes I might use them as shadow warriors. This fits the models perfectly. I don't like most of the changes just like most of you, but just like @Furuzzolo stated the shieldwall mindset was bad for us in the objective game. We don't even know all rules we get from cities, dispossessed faction buffs, artifacts, command traits and prayers (runelord is now a priest). Overall I'm really curious about the future for normal duardin and 80% of my models will be duardin no matter what (I don't care much about human or aelf rules as long as I can use my grumbling beardlings). I might even put my bugmans brewery high King on a griffon, who needs Karl Franz anyway.
  8. Can anyone open the arrowboys PDF on the new zeland site?
  9. I did my best for the megaboss and transated his abilities in the warclans thread. The Freeguild general is much easier to read
  10. So if I got the words right (not all that easy Im on my phone and computer) the command ability lets you add 1 to the hit rolls of a friendly ironjawz unit within a certain range (2 ranges one for normal hereo and the other one for a hero with this ability that is a monster). Doesnt stack. I dont know if this is 100% correct as the pictures are very blurry.
  11. If I get the first ability right, the attacking unit revices 1 mortal wound for every unmodified save of 6 you make
  12. Some of the Tokens state 6 Waagh points so maybe thats about summoning
  13. Its german. As far as I can tell the strength from victory ability stayed the same. Im still deciphering the other abilities. If you can tell me the words I can translate them easily.
  14. Well Im trying to but the quality is really bad
  15. They mentioned that the new chapter supplements will be discussed next month so there will probably not longer be alternating releases. Hopefully CoS and Orruk Warclans will be on pre order next week.
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