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  1. I saw some kitbashs online I'll try to find them again. There is a cool alternative model I might get, even though I got the original for cheap. https://hexy.store/monsters/1304-ork-demigod-ahle-ghruda.html?search_query=Ork&results=16 For me it fits the savage orruk look alot better than the original. I also saw a papo orc conversion for a gargant which I will do eventually as it looks far better than the GW model especially for orruks. https://woffboot.blogspot.com/2013/04/also-advertises-corn-niblets.html?m=1 The person did a really good job.
  2. If I finish my army fast enough, I will be able to participate in a 2k points tournament at my local GW. I intend to use my bonesplitterz and I will report back how it went. In my opinion bonesplitterz is still a really cool army and can be viable for competitive play as they are now. It isn't as easy as some of the newer armies, but we are better than most of the older ones. If you just use the huge amount of wounds to your advantage, you can win games with out tabeling your opponent like other armies. I really love the looks and lore of Savage orruks. If you are not about high level competitive play and like their esthetic there should not be anything to stop you from getting the green tide of naked waaagh. I will probably never attended any big tournaments anyway, because I don't like the mindset of some competitive player's, that play just to win.( Looking at the skink and Phoenix lists) In my local area are people still playing their old stuff and some just using what they like the look of most. I don't intend to speak against anyone here. I just want to point out that there is more to this hobby than having the best rules.
  3. The thing is if they don't change the runic icon rule we can't use the boat on a 5+. Taking the clan banner would be needed for consistency but the icon is just too good to give u IMO. If you take hammerers it should work since they can't take the icon.
  4. I think some people posted 1k armies in this thread. I posted some before but sadly I had no chance to test them yet. Just browse through the pages since last year september (some time after the ghb 2018) and the feedback of everyone on the units heroes and combos.
  5. Since the new ghb will be the book + battle profiles, I think we will see some changes. They have to amp up the rules for all ghb allegiances and I think with the extra book this will happen.
  6. Im a Dispossessed player and wanted to ask what units got better without allegiance synergy. So which units and combos got better as allies in your eyes? Maybe its still too soon to tell, but id like to use some to help my dispossessed mobility wise so probably a runesmiter with a unit of hearthguard berzerkers.
  7. So I'm going to play at my local GW soon for my first time and I'm currently building my orruks. Can you suggest any 1000 points list? You can suggest anything as I have enough miniatures, even though some are not build yet. I thought of 1 Prophet 1 Orruk warboss on boar with banner 30 Savage orruk arrowboyz 2x5 maniaks + Soulsnare shackles Or swapping the arrowboyz for 30 morboyz and bumping one maniak unit to 10
  8. They switched it from 32mm to 25mm for our heroes in their base size document but I don't know the current size. Mine were always on 32mm it looks weird with the oathstones
  9. Do you get a new email after the survey ? It froze at the very end and I don't know if I have to redo everything.
  10. There are some for factions like bugmans brewery for duardin and others for countries.
  11. I'm also currently building my bonesplitterz. I found this color scheme I really like http://www.da40korks.com/2013/04/hobby-update-savage-orcs.html?m=1 And for the weapons I'll use the Warhammer TV icy weapons video.
  12. Will do. Maybe we should send them a copy of a book of grudges and every day they didn't release a dispossessed Battletome since AoS gets an entry.
  13. If they keep their save a 10 man unit of vulkites will be at least 180 points, probably more. Bonesplitterz don't get a save after save.
  14. As some even got extra attacks it's likely and hopefully the case. Now the naked duardin are by far tankier than the armoured ones.
  15. I just saw the news on the fyreslayers, they now have two wounds per model that's insane, but makes me hopeful for our armoured dwarfs. The naked ones are now by a lot tankier than our gromril clad ones.
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