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  1. For me there are only three things I'd take from KO. A gunhauler with Endrinriggers with one grapnel launcher which gives you a very mobile unit that can tie up some units you don't want to charge your main force, snipe some characters or just do chip damage and capture objectives. The new gunhauler alone seems nice, but I need to test it. I also like the underworlds crew 140 points for a lot of shooting including a character seems nice. I don't think anything is absolutely needed to succeed, but I like the options.
  2. They still got a niche I think. If you can buff their hit and wound in melee they could be comparable. I can only think of +1 to hit with hurricanum so that may not be possible. On the other hand they can add mortal wound output to your army with their mines which is very situational. I agree with you that Endrinrigger are overall better for CoS especially with the +1 attack spell. Wardens probably need more support to outshine them which isn't worth it most of the time.
  3. There is an error in the AoS App on Thundriks Profiteers in the new tome the skypike wounds on a 3+ and in the app on a 4+. Thats nothing too big but might deny you the chance to settle a grudge
  4. So this might be a though question without playtesting, but what are the strategic diffrences of skywardens and endrinriggers. I thought about using some in my tempest eye list and maybe build a Barak Thryng army later down the line. I want to use them as fast units to grab objectives and do some damage on the flanks and maybe some hero sniping (be it melee or range). I really like the new grapling launcher so you can now tie up key units. At first glance the skywardens seem stronger since they have two melee attacks and 2" range. My conclusion is if I want a more shooty squad i should go with the endrinriggers due to their 1" range and the skywardens are more melee focused since I can get more of them in range with their 2" range. With the tempest eye spell for extra attacks this might be diffrent though.(would be hard to keep a mage in range) I havent used them before so I dont know how good they fit or their melee and ranged capabilities compare.
  5. With a magnetized head (brokk and regular endrinmaster) you can play him as either.
  6. Skywardens now have two shots with theri pistol, the grapnel launcher is very nice now since it has utility and does damage. The mines also seem better. Endrinriggers are now 100pts same as skywardens and also gain the grapnel launcher changes. They also got better at reparing skyvessels. With the tempest eye spell you can still get extra attacks for either of them. For me these will be fast distracting units that cap objectives if possible and maybe support a gunhauler in case of endrinriggers. The gunhauler gives a unit of up to 6 also a teleport which is really nice.
  7. well I think it is a win for us since skywardens and endrinriggers both got buffs and now the gunhauler also looks nice. I thought about getting the tome for the duardin city but I think I like CoS still more.
  8. How good are handgunners as your main battleline? I saw some lists using two max units and sometimes even more. Is the overwatch good enough?
  9. It's actually quite difficult to get the kvissle inside, but it fits. First I set it on the hard bottom of the bag and carefully pulled the two upper corners over the kvissle (just a little). After that it will take a long time to put it in completely I recommend to pull the corners a little bit over it in an alternating order. It will take quite sometime and you may need a second person for the first step. If it still doesn't work for you I'll try to write it in more detail.
  10. @Duke of Gisoreux @dekay Thanks for pointing that out I did misread it at first. Now I don't think the crawler is that op anymore, but still strong
  11. In it's current wording the abilities don't need line of sight sadly. Maybe this will get an errata later down the line.
  12. You could take a warchanter as an ally and give the drakkfoot idol +1 dmg
  13. Instructions https://imgur.com/a/YIJ0zto There you go
  14. I can send you a scan later, so no worries
  15. That's how it should be in my eyes. Making it mandatory, because it just beats everything. That would be rather unhealthy for the game. Now it's a strong counter against DoK and Fyreslayer. I really like anti meta picks like this. I also really like the other clans everyone got some really nice things.
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