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  1. Yes i agree with you,but i wont delete and trash my lovely units only because gw are jerks. So i hope can play with people that dont mind if i proxy dwarf warriors as longbeards(years ago,this warrior kit was for longbeards also) and the high elf dragonlord as dark elf black dragon(both are elfs in dragon) Something as dragonlord as the phoenyx or grifon seem hard visually,or warriors as phoenyx guard per example
  2. Its a shame but seems its true and dispossesed have lost the warriors forever together the quarreler\thunderers
  3. Hnnn why is insulting and ignorant call noob to someone that loose against fyreslayers?it is 100% the true. Fyreslayer have 4" move that is doubled by every other army,so if you know this and know that fyreslayers are very good at melle it is easy to think that you can easily win them only playing objetives and kiting them.also they need heroes to be decent Now a noob-novice-people that dont know this-call it as you want if you dont like noob,gonna try go melle and delete fyreslayers units ignoring heroes etc Then he gonna loose and blame fyreslayers are op when the true is that they are a tier2 army but he lost due to be a noob and dont know how play against them. So i said slanesh is the most broken army now,they havent any counterplay and dont matter what do you do,it is autoloose. The counter to slanesh is kill the heroes before they can sumon,now you cant do this at melle due to how broken is the locust. So slanesh counter is only a full rangued army that can delete at turn1 every slanesh hero or a army that have allways atack first habilitys. If a army havent any of those is a 100% autowin to slanesh,dont matter how skilled be the player
  4. Yes fyreslayers are op and are inmortall.....but the datas show that fyreslayer have won 1!!!!!!(that they didnt win,they ranked 3-4 on killing and objetives,only due to paint points and players behavious they finished 1)tournament. In the same time slanesh have won 4 tournaments,so it is easy to see how fyreslayers are VERY easy to counter and only noobs loose against them,but slanesh have zero counterplay and are easy to play so they are the best army rigth now
  5. My idea about the book is that gonna be as goblins book.where they have one alegiance skill for trolls,goblins,spiders etc. We gonna get one alegiance with bonus to elfs,diferent bonus to dwarfs,humans etc and then we choose one city as tesmpest eye that gives us extra skills and so, same style that lodges for fyreslayers per example. Btw im thinking what use gonna have my dragonlord if gonna be deleted,proxy of stardrak seems imposible due to smaller base,i guess a dark elf black dragon is the most similar model? Also i dont get as dragonlord is being deleted but black dragon no
  6. Yes that is free,or a model as the arch regent that cost 200(before the nerf) and 240 now. Bring 200 points of gouls free,if it isnt free then for 240 points we have 200 points of gouls + a hero with stats of a 120 points hero and casting two spell So yes the sumon is free or per example with sumon integrated in the cost the arch regent would cost as 400 point and not only 240
  7. Ok i said random numbers. I chequed data now. Before start with order,destruction etc that it is imposible to know if have or not free sumon we have the top 15. From those 15 we have 10 armys with free sumon ,2 armys with 0 sumon and 3 armys with access to sumons or revive models as stormcast,nighthaunt or idoneths. So the 67% have free sumon, the 20% have acess to revive models and only 13% havent free sumon neither revive models. So it sems the numbers that i said wasnt wrong. Of course on any of those armys as skaven the free sumon have little impact,but the point is that they have it.as stormcasts bring models back or idoneth bring tralls back. Only fyreslayers and dok in all the top 15 have 0 free models in form of free sumon or revive I got honestwargamers data for reference Fec--have as 400-1000 free sumons units Lon--bring back many times per game a full unit of 300-400 points Skavens--it isnt big,but have spells and so to sumon models Dok--havent free sumon but is there due to be underpriced and have broken auras Slanesh--the most broken free sumon at this moment Blades of khorne--have free sumon and very strongth but some prefer instead spend it on buffs Tzenth--free sumon that is more strength with more spells being cast Idoneths--havent impact but can bring back d3 tralls per turn or 3+d3 with a batallion Stormcast--again isnt relevant but can revive one model each turn Nurgle--more free sumon as every demon Beast of khaos-- have free units also Goblins--bring back basic goblins Nighthaunt--little summon,but can bring back some models Fyreslayers--0000 free units Silvaneth--many free units and trees
  8. Have the 40% of your expensive and loved army deleted by gw and try not be negative
  9. Sure but we have a problem. Gw just set a very bad example with those axed units. Before this,people as me were veeeeery wary of get nothing with square bases due to the fear to be removed..so we only got some boxes and not all that we wanted due to this fear. Due to this seems gw have deleted them. Now in the future what gonna happen???????people know that gw gonna delete every kit that dont sell and be old. So it is a bad circle,gw gonna delete old and unprofitable kits,but those old kits wont be bougth by people now due to know that they gonna spend money in kits that gonna be deleted. So those kits wont be profitables due to this move of gw and they gonna be deleted.
  10. Old armys or models who got full revamp with a new tome and didnt got units deleted: Lon(all even nagash is old,only new ghosts werent in fantasy) Skavens Beast of khaos Flesh eater Every daemon army(got some new models but the big % is old) Also many others as silvaneths got many models old of fantasy. Since aos came only one box of goblins was deleted and they got as 10 new box to compensate. So why now elfs,dwarfs and humans cant be negative for be the first armys since aos launched and killed bretonians and tk on get as the 40% or more of our models deleted???
  11. ??????ni think you get it very wrong. That means that those unit have been axed,wont be in the new book,and when he said that you can play it as dispossesed or wanderer its true as every other axed models have been,only UNTILL next general handbook where those axed unit gonna disapear and wont be playable at matched play anymore. To sumarise: Those axed unts: Umplayable as citys of sigmar Playable for one year(untill next general handbook) as old alegiances(wanderers,dispossesed etc) After this year they gonna dissapear forever and wont be playable. Great work from gw,i was waiting for a battletome to get white lions who i loved since age of reckoning game,phoenyx,cannons,quarrellers and thunderers(to complete my collection) and so. Now im looking for people(in spain) to sell my army.i guess gw wont see my money again
  12. As the 80% of the top 20 armys have free summon,so numbers dont lie. Btw even skavens have free sumon. But dont matter,gw gonna sell more minis with free sumon due to be extra minis,also they prefer do op free sumon so all fotm players jump to these armys and they can sell more minis. The best examples is lon that went from around 4%(when the sumon had a cost) to the most played army of tye game with the add of free sumon. The topic is about if slanesh free sumon is broken,numbers show us that slanesh is broken and it is the top army(with skaven and fec tied). So it is due to free sumon or other aspect? I think that free sumon is the problem and seems every other player think the same.only this dude who defnd free sumon in every post think otherwise
  13. Slanesh have skyrocket to the god tier,tied with skavens and fec as the broken overpowers armys. And yes as good is the sumon is a big part of this
  14. I have as 1400 points of dispossesed,400 ironweld,600 high elfs,1700 stormcast So when gw told us that we were getting battletomes for every alegiance i was soooo happy. Then when they showed us this tome i was at first very angry as i was hoping for a full tome only of dispossesed. But i tried be positive and think that i could mix every mini that i had and was a great book. But then the 40% of the dispossesed units and ironweld units were deleted and my dragonlord and archmague in horse that i love and it is my favourite mini were deleted..........now i am not looking forward this book and only i am thinking of sell my minis or keep them as decorative due to the hours that i spent in them. End of the day a battletome have been a blast for every other faction so it is a shame that when it is the turn of my army it is a tome that only inspire in me and others bad felling and only want sell our army. Gw have done it so bad with this tome.........
  15. Im with all those people selling their army,but i have a slim hope that some of those gonna be reboxed. If all gonna be deleted finally then i gonna sell my army also. I get people that want be positive and nobody like read negative comments but facts are facts: 4 years with dispossesed being the worst army of aos waiting for our battletome,then when we get it,it is only a 1\7 of tome and we get the 40%(4 of 10 units that we have) of our army deleted. It is very easy to see because people are angry. Myself started my order army 3 years ago and i am a very slow builder,so far in those 3 years i havent finished my army and i havent played any game with it,and now i can trash it because i wont cant use it. Was a general order army: Dragonlord Archmague in horse 2 runelord 2 wardenkings 20 warriors 30 ironbreackers 20 irondrakes 2 gyrocopters One fyreslayers starter sets + 10 vulkites berzerkers. In those 3 years i have built almost all,but i had to finish the last 10 vulkites to get it done and then start to play with them. Of course i could use warriors as proxy of longbeards but the dragonlord cant be proxy of magmadroth because it isnt even close,and archmague also cant be another runelord due to the horse. Also my playgroup dont like proxy,i could use them but people dislike it. Yes for my army isnt too much %. But as i said after years waiting to be compettive and then we get deleted units then it is a kick in the balls. Oh and all those minis were 100% news from gw,i didnt buy nothing second hand,so it hurts more than per example after spend as 40 hours building my dragonlord,magneticing every option,green stufing every gap etc, then i havent used it in any game yet and now it is gone? And also after see how wytches got new minis(dok),beast of khaos also got a tome with every mini and some new,goblins many new minis etc etc but when it is the dwarf turn what we get????? A tome with 7 armys togethers(all the leftovers) and the 40% of our army deleted.........really make me feel so betrayed by gw that i dont wanna buy nothing from them and i only want sell every gw mini that i have and go to other company that dont betray their customers
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