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  1. My feelings are 100% the same than yours. Aos 1 was great and i could mix any elfs,dwarfs,stormcast amd ironweld and with order alegiance and have a chance to win to any army. Now with the bargagge that is aos2 is 100% imposible that a army with new battletome loose a game vs armys with aos1 tomes. The balance of aos2 cant be called balance because it is a joke how broken it is. All our group of friends that played some tournaments in aos1 havent played since aos2 launch any game and we are focusing only in 40k due to how umbalanced is the free sumon and the power creep of the new tomes. So you arent alone,maaaaaany people think as you,aos 2 have been a faill and hope gw balance it,but seeing how broken are the last skaven and flesh eater tome seem wont happen,only go be bigger with every tome released
  2. prochuvi

    The Rumour Thread

    Gonna be new mini of ungrim as morathi with human version and avatar of fire mode. Also gonna bring a new wave of models consist in dissposesed(heavy armored) dwarfs but with slayers axes,beards and hairs. 100% for sure!
  3. prochuvi

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    That are cheap excuses. New goblins havent won any tournament and following this logic they should have won the first tournaments because people didnt know how play vs goblins. That are big excuses,skavens and flesh eater battletomes are 100% the best example of POWERCREEP that we have seen in battletomes or codex in last 10 years A example: Loremaster of eldrith council 140 points and cast one spell then we have skaven grey seer casting two spells for 120 points Gw seems dont wanna nerf nothing,they released 3 codex in a row with BIG umbalances doing them overpower(idoneth,lon and dok). They could have nerfed those battletomes and all fixed.but they have chose bring new battletomes trying compete in level of overpowereness with those 3. The result? We are seeing the bigger powercreep in codex in all the recent gw history. Before this powercreep (lon,idoneth,dok) any and i mean ANY army could have a chance of win any game. We had better armys than others of course,but every army even mixed order,destruction etc had a chance.but rigth now it is 100% imposible to have a non powercreep hera battletome winning a tournament If some cant see this is because they are blind or dont know the meaning of powercreep
  4. prochuvi

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    https://aosshorts.com/sagt-2019-results/ Last "big" tournament and we have other example of powercreep as skaven placed 1 and 3 and flesh eater second. No powercreep here sir,all balanced
  5. prochuvi

    So what about DoK and Legions?

    Both lon and dok need nerfs,both are the top armys even with the new codex. Data of overall Also data only since the launch of new codexs So both lon and dok are overpower and need a nerf,idoneth also need nerfs. Those armys need be around 50% win rate,now they have 60+ so untill they have 50 need nerfs
  6. prochuvi

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    Yes the powercreep is a fact,every army in the top 5 are armys with new codex. Aos1 had some problems as vanguard wing or tzenth,but in general every army was playable. A example, dispossesed in aos 1 had around 45% win rate. Now in aos2 they have 20% win rate. I dont know who in gw is doing the playtesting but they are useless doing their job
  7. prochuvi

    The Rumour Thread

    Why hype? It is the same that have been for the 70% of the big boxes of war40k in the last 30 years(space teletubies vs khaos)
  8. prochuvi

    Mixed Order Duardin

    Hey mate dwarf lover! I gonna write a list with only dwarfs,can be better with non dwarf units or with a fyreslayer\kharadron alegiance and not order but this is my idea for good general dwarf list: Allegiance: OrderLeadersAuric Runefather (100)Auric Runemaster (80)Auric Runesmiter (120)- Runic IronBattlesmith (120)Aether-Khemist (160)Runelord (100)Battleline40 x Arkanaut Company (480)- 12x Light Skyhooks20 x Warriors (160)- Double-handed Duardin Axes & Shields10 x Warriors (80)- Double-handed Duardin Axes & ShieldsUnits30 x Hearthguard Berzerkers (480)- PoleaxesBattalionsLords of the Lodge (110)Total: 1990 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 133 As general order army,with one of the fyrestorm alegiances(i think only hammerhalls can). You have 2 command points and 2 relics. Have many screen with the 30 dwarf warriors Have a autodelete behemots\hero with the unit of arkanauts and the buff of the khemist Have a insane sturdy unit almost imposible to kill with the hearthguards with a save of 5 rerolling(due to battlesmith) and special save of 4 due to be close to hero.also have mortal wounds output that this list need and attack twice due to the battallion. Have a counter for any key spell of the oponent with the runelord and also can buff the unit of 20 warriors to have more rend or the 6 special save This list have problems getting to objetives due to be very slow,can use the combo of runesmiter with one unit if needed but loose his reroll wounds I hope be usefull
  9. prochuvi

    The Rumour Thread

    In my region(spain) is gone the ligth elf,the dark elf and the fyreslayer hero from the warhammer quest. So i dont know what happens but if those 3 are gone meaning that isnt nothing as dark elfs incoming or so,it is something that they are doing with warhammer quest heroes in general
  10. prochuvi

    Are battletomes needed?

    Or you can download free the battletome and buy the spells if you cant afford to buy both
  11. prochuvi

    AoS 2 - Fyreslayers Discussion

    Hnnn i am building the start collecting and omg guys fyreslayers are pretty hard to build. In details,the keys,urgold symbols and throwing axes are HARD to glue to the waist. Ohhh and the tail of the magmadroth was a hell,i have to finish to build it tomorrow(the head and the front legs) and i hope be easier than the tail
  12. prochuvi

    The Rumour Thread

    The trailer of stormvault was 100% stormcast as have proven be,but many people said that wasnt going to be stormcast lol So disappointed released,they said us the new arc after soul wars was going to be this stormvault and then we get a boring game with allready used minis? Where is the new arc,new minis and so?
  13. prochuvi

    Armies without Summons?

    Sorry but that is 100% false and lie. Lon could bring back a full destroyed units last edition free? NO Why?because it is sumon and you had to pay for it It is stupid argue that free sumon is overpower and need be gone or nerfed. Fyreslayers,kharadron,ironjawz or the beastclaws were all top 10 armys last edition but are middle-botton armys now due to free sumon Others good examples are armys that were garbage last edition but without new tomes have skyrocket to the top only due to free sumon: Lon last months of aos1 with the new tome was garbagge and middle or lower tier with the same tome and units that now is the top Silvaneths last months of aos1 after the nerf of kurnoths were also middle tier but now they are top army due to bring as 1000 free points with alariele,branchwraith and forests Slanesh was a useless army at the botton,now they havent tome yet and they have gone to top 15 only for free sumon People saying that free sumon isnt broken and havent changued nothing are blind. Can be countered as lon,but you must spend units doing nothing in the table and that are less points that i am playing only due to free sumon
  14. prochuvi

    Armies without Summons?

    Healing only heal wounds,bring back a model is sumon. And you havent paid for that model so it is free. Lork relyktor heal wound and isnt sumon,
  15. prochuvi

    Armies without Summons?

    Only a fast glance at thehonestwargamer.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/5pluswins.png Free sumon armys: have 13 armys in top 15 and only 3 out of this top(seraphon,death due to nobody play as death due to lon and skavens that with new tome gonna enter to the top) Non free sumon armys: have 2 armys in top 15( dok and destruction) and 24 out of this top Btw idoneths have free sumons reviving tralls,also stormcast revive models too even if it is low So nobody can argue that free sumons isnt umbalanced when the 90% of the armys with free sumom are top 15 and the 90% of non sumon armys are out of top 15