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  1. The +1 save must go away. Also nagash getting every buff of the book must go away also. The stacking feel no pain(or special save) must go away also. Then and only then bonereapers gonna start to be close to balanced
  2. If this is true and we gonna can play with our plastic dispossesed per example more some new hero or unit of plastic of forgeworld(that be sold by gw because people out of england have to pay one kindney for the traveling fees out of england) then i gonna be the most dude in the world. A box of beard wards with dwarfs vs high elf?? Omg if this would be true.....
  3. Why? People who hate aos and love fantasy rigth now are playing at 9th age(warhammer fantasy) and dont play to aos. If people are playing to aos now gonna play to both new fantasy and aos i guess. So aos wont loose players,people as me that hate aos and havent played for one year gonna jump to fantasy for sure,but i am not playing to aos so it isnt a lost. And maybe those new players that gonna come from 9th or other fantasy game when they play to fantasy maybe they gonna jump also to aos. So i think is a win for gw because they gonna get all the playerbase of 9th age and a win for aos because they gonna get more players(for sure many of those new players gonna play aos and fantasy at the same time) and gw gonna have more money so more releases for aos. But in twitch they said gonnna be a forgeworld release,so if it is 100% forgeworld in my opinion gonna be a disaster. Only gonna bring new players if it is regular gw and plastic minis
  4. Lol haha you are rigth! Then ligth giants along light elfs?
  5. I love it,i am a fan of fantasy and i HATE aos models(steampunk dwarfs,vapire elfs,sea monsters fliying). I prefer traditional dragons,dwarfs etc. I have stormcast,disposessed and high elfs. And i havent played to aos in one year due to how ugly are the aos models,how umbalanced is the game and how gw have deleted the dwarfs and high elfs of the game(50% models deleted and then a tome with dwarfs being nerfed from how they were) If we gonna can play with fantasy models and some heroes and specials units from forgeworld gonna be great,if it is gonna be 100% only forgeworld models im out. I dont like work with resin and i can have some hero but i never gonna have more than 3-4 resin models in my army
  6. This last semtence sems undeads giants? That huge and giant seems giants for sure and that last hysh hysh sems death also
  7. Slanesh broken and umbalanced......nothing new since those months
  8. If those rumours are true i dont get how is posible: Goblins:100% new and got looncurse allready Skavens:"new" 2.0 army that allready got carrion box Stormcast: got two stater edition boxes,the dual boxe with nurgle also,and two battleforces allready Ghosts: got allready many starter edition boxes(diferent sizes of the starter box) and also got the new collection of "de agostini" doing them very cheap to buy So all those options sems very stupid when we have others options as fyreslayers with 3 years that havent got nothing,no skirmish box,no battleforce,no dual box,nothing out of start collecting in all those 3 years since the launch. I dont mind because i dont want more boxes to my pile of shame but those options dont makes sense
  9. We know that playtesting is done because some people doing those test have told us. But seeing armys as slanesh or skaven we can guess that gw dont give a ****** about the testers opinions or the balance
  10. Yes but you forget the citys of sigmar that are at tome 1.0 level. But agree with you,skavens,fec,slanesh and now those reapers are doing aos2.0 the most umbalanced game that gw have done never
  11. I am not one of those big tournaments players but i an a dispossesed player and high elf that gonna play my deleted(and bougth less than one year models) models as proxy and i dont care if tye rival dont like because it is gw fault not mine. But pretty sure that big tournaments wont let me do it,because those tournaments usually are 100% what you play is what you see. I usually run my dragonlord as black dragon. Dwarfs warriors as hammerers(2 hand axes are close to 2 hand hammers) Arch mague as human mage Those are proxys that people dont mind and aceptable. Now i would like play my 30 ironbreakers as hammerers because ironbreackers are 100% useless now,but i wont do it because they are a playable unit where dragon or warriors arent.
  12. Sems our deleted signature skill havent lost But we get it deleted from our army and now is in new death army.......
  13. Any army of 1000 poins that have 520 points of that army tied to one model with 4" move gonna faill in every battleplan. Im sorry but is the true. The enemy gonna kite your gotrek and he wont can get to any objetive with 4" move. But if you want play him,i guess any army with very low cost so you can bodys to grab objetives would be the best
  14. Glad for other fantasy army getting revamped but i have some "grudges" with how my two army get the ugly stick of this revamp: Goblins:got a soap tome with HUGE number of new kits,new units,heros and scenary with endless spells Beast of chaos:another soap tome with zero new kits or units,new scenary and endless spells Dark elfs(daugthers of khain faction):some new kits,new heros and units Death:legion of nagash soap tome with every unit and many new heroes and units(nigthaunt) Bonesplitters:soap tome with ironjawz,nothing new,neither endless spells or scenary BUT nothing have deleted Flesh eaters:they got endless spells and scenary Skavens:huge rangue of minis and they havent get deleted heroes in metal,got scenary and endless spells Now ogors:new soap tome with nothing deleted,new hero and new scenary Then we have the ****** that have been done with citys of sigmar: NOTHING NEW,no new kits,units,scenary,endless spells.....nothing 80% of the high elf rangue deleted 40% of the dwarf rangue deleted(even more if we count the cannon and organ as dwarf) So why every fantasy army have got this deal of nothing(or almost nothing) being deeted and getting new minis or scenary etc but dwarfs and high elfs have been the customers that have been ******? Dwarf and high elfs players spend less money in our army than other?are our boxes cheaper?both answer are no,so if we pay the same money than every other player because only those two armys have been ******?
  15. I gonna speak as both coin head situations. I have had games where i stomped the rival and was unfun,even i went to melle with shoting units so the rival could have somefun and also had games where i had zero chances of win before play only seeing both lists. Both situations are unfun for both,the overpower and the underpower army. I stoped play both to 40k and aos due to how bad is the balance that makes games unfun(in 40k i play tau and sometimes i let my rival play 3000 points vs my 2000 points so both can have fun) For me the and the guys at my store the balance is so bad that many of us have quit of play(we was as 40 people at tournaments 2 years ago and now they have problems to get 8-10 people to play tournaments) Some people that say that the balance dont matter i cant get it,where we have two players of the same skill,and one army is slanesh,fec,skaven level and we other player with any army as dispossesed(even the new cos only dwarf is useless and underpower) it is useless play the game. Because both players know what gonna happen. Is as when a footbal math or f1 race is one sided,the math or race isnt fun. Wargame is the same,without balance is imposible have fun
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