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  1. We have shadespire 3.0 incoming and so new warbands,pretty sure gonna be the taio of a croxigor of the new seraphon warband
  2. God tier: Dok(havent) Fec(best example of umbalanced free sumon with a 200 points hero bringing free 200 points of ghouls) Slanesh(free sumon) Idoneths (i put them as non free sumon army because it isnt used in tournaments,but they can free sumon with revive thralls) 2nd tier: Skavens(free sumons) Khaos dwarf (i havent idea) Legion of nagash(best example of broken umbalanced free sumon together with fec) Tzenth (free sumon) Beastmens(free sumon) Every army in the game that have in the game units that havent paid points for them is free sumon
  3. I think is safe say free sumon is umbalanced (as every that is free) The god tier and 2nd tier are all free sumon armys,only dok and idoneths are there without it(even idoneths have free sumon with trhalls coming back but i wont call them free sumon army). I dont know nothing about khaos dwarf so i dont know where they are. For me it is so easy how: get back free sumon only to opens play as allways have been Nerf every dok aura to wholy within. 100 points hag queen and 120 wytches Nerf idoneths eels With those easy fix the meta gonna be so much balanced
  4. 100% this. It isnt hardly work do this,they dont need release nothing new,per example a high elf tome with : heros: dragonlord kit can have 4 warscrolls:a named hero(the elf with dragon helmet)-a generic hero(the elf with comon helmet)-a named mague(the drakeseer)-and a archmague on dragon. The phoenyx kit can have 6 warscrolls:unmounted and mounted version or fire and frost,named mounted and unmounted The prince mounted and banner kit have two warwcrolls also Archmague box have two warscroll also Troops: Dragon lance White lions Phoenyx guards New swordmasters of the box with skavens(but this is hard as the molds are sculped together with skavens) They dont need release nothing new,thats is almost zero work. Only relaunch those box with aos theme boxes and oval bases, a battletome and they gonna get more money with them than with the endless stormcast spam( in my group as the 80% players we are waiting for this move of gw to buy high elfs) I dont get as a company cant think of this move,have almost 0 inversion and the potential to give them many money in return. Others armys as dispossesed could get this same work
  5. Thanks! I hope be true and we get dwarfs and elfs tomes soon
  6. Maybe be strange but im more hyped for the new bone spray than the paints. I love paint on white primer,i hate black because it is hard to see details,i changued to vallejo grey but for projects as fyreslayers painted with shades i need white primer. And white primer is veeeeeery bad,it goes frosty or eat details easy. If this new spray can be used as replace for white primer and work fine i gonna be very happy
  7. I only use vulkites as proxy of heartguard berzerkers so dont matter how i build them XD
  8. So easy as kill the hero who is close,who have around 5 wounds with save of 4 or 5. So it is VERY easy to kill them and then 120 points for 10 wounds with save of 5 and 6++ is garbagge. Sure if people dont know how play then fyreslayers with save of 2 and 999999 bufs are t1 but for people who know play then only kill heroes and they are t3
  9. I would put lon at god tier and fyreslayer tier 3 but agree with all other
  10. I really dont like the death or humans(im an elf\dwarf dude) so i wont collect them. But i would be happy to see them on the game and lore again. More factions is allways better and it was so cool see the arrow of bretonian cavalry charguing!
  11. We dont know anything yet. Warhamer fantasy had a mercenary sistem if i remember so it isnt new. For me,im torn because i like can get a box of my favorite unit as new squig knigth and play them with my dwarfs,that i never would buy it before this because i only have dwarfs,elfs and stormcast,so i wont get anithing that i cant play. But i agree with people that it is ugly see armys of dwarfs with goblins togethers as they are enemys. Waiting to see more info before get my opinion on it but for play games seems a bad idea but for modelling hobby i love it
  12. Fyreslayer runesmitter changed from within 20" to wholy within 18"
  13. The discount for wycthes gone Hag 120 points,and changed the aura to wholy within as every actual army have Those two changes gonna bring it to balance vs others armys(ignore flesh eater who is the new god tier and need more nerfs than dok)
  14. Seem a bit umbalanced money wise. We dont know the nameds but gits are as 70€ and silvaneths 100€? They are missing a box of fanatics,grots,or other more of squigs to be balanced
  15. Make every heavy armored dwarf(irombreaker,hammerer,longbeard,irondrake) 2wounds Make that our shields work vs rangued attack and not only melle Put a 4++ to ironbreakers Irondrakes get the rangue up to 24" Dwarfking get the useless hability that have changued to some as inmune battlesok or something more usefull,also get a 4++ and one time per game double number of attacks(as belegar warscroll) Unforged need a 4++ and some form of deep strike or hide in units to be viable,also a cost of 60-80 Also a warlord trait that when our general is killed every dwarf gain 1 attack is cool(thorim have it and it is cool)
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