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  1. So my email is prochuvi@gmail.com if someone in spain is interested in the tzentch part of aether war
  2. A shame that we get new dispossesed bits with glomspite rock troll and the troll hero and now with this giant shield we get other dispossesed bit(that is a ironbreaker shield 100%) but disposesed didnt get any tome and only a shameful soap(1 page of lore in all the tome for dispossesed) and also 0 new minis and 50% of the units deleted....
  3. While the khaos sorcererlord cost 110 and and not the 200 that must cost with that skill and spell i dont see point in crying for std players
  4. And why in every data you are putting irondrakes with the extra rend? Following this logic every other rangued unit must have a buff of a mague that have same cost than runelord or the data is useless
  5. So we have a web with stats from tournaments and have two tables, one is win rate where cos have 46% win rate at 17th position(and math show that relatives data is the best to determine things as absolutes aren reliably),and other table in 5+ wins that as economist i allways ignore because have absolute 0 relation with power levels(per example a army that is a 10\10 have one dude going to tournaments and only have 1 chance to get 5wins but other army with 4\10 rating have 200 dudes going to tournaments......it is easy to see that even if one army is so much better than other gonna have less wins for raw numbers) but even in this table cos is 11. Where are you getting data to say that cos is top3? When we have other army release at the same time(orks) that have 60 win rate per example. Cos is a mid tier with luck and under armys with old tomes as idoneths,top3 together slanesh,bonereapers and skaven?that isnt even a joke,is as if i say that old dispossesed were a top1 army because i can even if data show otherwise
  6. And why every faction need same number of armys? 40k have more marines in diferents colours than all xenos armys together and gw dont care. Meanwhile we dont get new colours stormcast with new name and rules and call it new army im fine with grand aliances having diferent numbers of armys
  7. The save gained is for the lost reroll saves of the shield,the ignore spells and rend was a free steal nerf. Sorry but you are very wrong about longbeards,if you are bringing a unit with 0 damage potential for the grudges then you are 100% better bringing a mague that can dispell endless spells also and use better buffs with less cost
  8. I think that they gonna bring back reavers and swordmasters. But gonna be 100% new because the old mold was mixed with skavens at island of blood boxe so they can relaunch them,they have to build a new mold and if they build a new mold gonna be with a new design
  9. If i can end 2020 with less unbuilded kits than when i started the year i gonna be happy
  10. Dreadlord on black dragon: 300>260 Only have damage and the breath is a joke,other factions similar units cost around 250 Sorceress on black dragon: 300>260 How is posible that a verminlord with same save,but with more damage,a special save of 5++ and cast two spells cost 280 and a sorceres on dragon cost 300 with worse stats,worse save and only one spell is a big balance problem that a 5 years old kid can see a first glimpse Hammerers: 140>120 Same stats than every other elite unit,but only have 1" range and have 50% less move than the others elite,so no reason to have same cost than units with more move and more range Ironbreakers: 130>100 A unit that was nerfed into the oblivion with cos,loosing ignore rend,ignore spells,ignore moral test. 130 points for a unit with 10 wounds and nothing special with 0 damage is a nonsense, at 100 points they gonna have the same save and points per wounds than liberators that arent very strong..... Irondrakes:160>140 Many others shooting units have same or better points per wound done but havent the short range of 16" of irondrakes or the stupid rule of dont move Longbeards: 110>80 How is posible that a unit with 10 attacks of 4\3\0 1 damage cost 110 is beyond me and stupid overcosted Runelord:90>80 Have only two prayers that both are less usefull that the spells of cos book and having battlemage casting 2 spells(at holowhearth) for same cost that only one prayer is stupid Wardenking: 110>90 Worse stats than a runefather that cost 100 Girobombers: 80>50 Too much low wounds and a joke damage output for 80 points Gyrocopter: 70>40 4 wounds with save 4 for 70 when sharks have 10 wounds with save 4 for only 100 points and have same role. Every verminlord: a increase of 20-40 points Keeper of secret: increase of 40 points Bonereapers:remove the sept\house\special alegiance (i dont know the name) of +1 save but this wont happen so a increase of 10\20 % in every unit would be more realistic
  11. I gonna play again after a break of 1 year,i gonna use easy to transport minis(so i wont use a deagonlord etc) This is the list that im thinking: Allegiance: Cities of Sigmar- City: HammerhalLeadersAuric Runefather (100)- AlliesWarden King (110)- General- Trait: Blood of the Twelve- Artefact: The TwinstoneRunelord (90)- City Role: General's Adjutant (Must be 6 wounds or less)Runelord (90)Warden King (110)Battleline20 x Hammerers (280)- City Role: Honoured Retinue (Must be 5-20 models)30 x Ironbreakers (330)10 x Irondrakes (150)10 x Irondrakes (150)Units10 x Hearthguard Berzerkers (240)- Broadaxes- Allies1 x Gyrocopters (70)1 x Gyrocopters (70)3 x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (170)Total: 1960 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 340 / 400Wounds: 130 My idea is use the copters and irondrakes very close to my melles but out of melle combat and then have one big block of hard hitting unit with hammerers(bufed by runelord and the +1 hit of relik and rerolls wound of trait) and then a turtle unit to keep objetive(ironbreakers with 6++ of runelord) and one mixed unit with the fyreslayers elite. I would changue the stormcast and 1 dwarf king and runelord for a stardrake or black dragon but take too much space in my box to transport. What you think guys? Edit: i changued copters for bombers and father for smitter so i am at 2000
  12. City of sigmar got 3 dual boxes with firestorm,if we can call dual box to stormcasts. I think it is time that fyreslayers get any love,they didnt get any new unit since its launch neither dual box or battleforce. I have as 1k points of slayers waiting for those boxes to get it to 2k. Also new high elfs box would be amazing!
  13. Maybe fun,but 490 poins for 11 atacks of 2 damage?? That isnt even close to horrible it is umplayable. A unit of fyreslayers berzerkers cost 120 and put 5 attacks of 2 damage,so we bring 2 units(240 points) and we have the same damage output that you idea but for around 300 less points,and are so much tanky and dont waste hero slot or artifact neither comand trait. I see kharadrons as a mid tier at best(6-15 position). This tome havent nothing that be VERY competitive at mathammer,melles are bad and shooting units are bad also if we compare it to other tomes shooting units. Also it dont have any gimmick as every god tier army have(free sumon,allways attack first,some unit attack twice etc) Yes this tome isnt bad,it have many fun things,and every unit is "good" but it isnt even close to t1 army and better ignore god tier armys. Only i can see this tome doing something in tournaments thanks to the great map control that gonna have now,but if this is enough to compesate have worse warscrolls than the enemy it is soon to know.
  14. Maybe the proble be that the unit that we you are comparing(as all in that tome) is too good and need nerfs and not that morghast need buff?
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