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  1. Any rumors about when and if we'll see a Maggotkin start collecting box? Thinking it would contain the following: A Lord of Blight A unit of Blightkings A Maggoth Lord, or maybe a unit of Pusgoyle Blightlords? It'd be a little above the curve on pricing, but not by much and very much in line with the Fyreslayers. Any rumors, or even baseless speculation?
  2. wargames101

    New Nurgle models

    This assumes they're both on 130mm round bases. It seems like the GUO will use quite a bit less plastic. It's bulkier around the belly, but quite a bit shorter. The GUO feels overpriced, especially considering it can make several models (and thus sell more units), whereas the Glottkin is a character model for only one system. I'm not offended by the price like some, but it is conspicuously high compared to other great daemons.
  3. wargames101

    New Nurgle models

    Yep, in the pic with the Glottkin, the GUO is sized on a 130mm base. I think your scale up is likely in relation to Magnust/Mortarion/LOC.
  4. wargames101

    New Nurgle models

    Where was it confirmed? In any case, I mocked up the GUO on a 130 base, compared to Glottkin, and the 100mm base used by the primarchs and LOC.
  5. wargames101

    Why is measure from the base so popular?

    I think the game would be greatly improved if GW made base-to-base the standard, but also standardized base sizes. One of the nice aspects of Malifaux and WarmaHordes is that bases and heights/LoS are standardized. It makes gameplay more "platonic" and makes for less ambiguous rules. There's not cheese in putting your models on tiny bases or giving them insanely long swords. Basically, X character has a certain set of characteristics, no matter the modeling. Add to that the idea of not scraping off careful basing in the heat of battle.
  6. wargames101

    How Will New Models Get Released?

    Sorry, I was unclear in my original post, I'm less concerned about whether it's a weekly or monthly magazine and more how the sub-factions are tended overall. For instance, in Warmahordes or Malifaux I can expect to get a new general, new stompy robot, new unit, new solo, and an extra piece or two every 12-18 months. So in AoS terms, would you expect a new wave of Stormcast/Fireslayers/Bloodbound in late 2017-early 2018? Sort of what happened with the Extremis Chamber? Or as you say is it just re-releasing their back catalog for the next couple years? The sense I'm getting here is that GW is more likely to keep the meta fresh by tweaking rules for an existing corpus of models vs. steadily introducing new units. Or they'll do what they've done with Beastclaw Raiders and Sylvaneth and add a kit or two to an existing range? Thanks all!
  7. Hi Everyone! I'm new to the GW world (previously played Malifaux/Warmachine) and I was wondering how new models get released and on what kind of schedule? E.g. I'm interested in building a Rotbringers army, but is there any sense if the army will be updated on any sort of regular basis (e.g. new models every 12-24 months)? Or will I be playing Glottkin, Maggoth Lords, and Blightkings for the foreseeable future—not that there is anything wrong with that! Wyrd/PP release anthology books every 12-18 months that update all the factions. I know GW tends to update an army at a time, I was just curious if this was the plan for AoS as well?