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  1. Welcome to this book where nothing works in a fun way. My list is Nagash Manfred Gorslav Dire wolf Dire wolf Dire wolf Skeletons Mirrors Manfred with pinions can zoom up and ooga booga stuff before instant transmissioning away. Mirrors for long range nagash razzle dazzles. Gorslav and legions lets me double my wolf units into 2 5 mans reliably for maximum annoyance and object camping. As for blood line, idk. I dont think they give me anything that matters here, so buuuuh.
  2. I subscribe to the philosophy that graveguard don't want shields for a few reasons. If they need the extra save, pop a cp. Accept that they don't handle hits to the face, and instead focus on getting them to hit hard and first.
  3. The problem is that they're a unit that does nothing. Their dps is bad, their toughness is really bad, and they are too expensive. The book already has a plethora of reasonably priced low dps chaff. Zombies cover lots of area, have consistent (if low) mortal wound output. Dire wolves are good fast tar pits with enough wounds to take a good hit. Skeletons are sturdier in theory. Basically, black knights have no purpose. Even of they were 80-100 points, (which, even then, they'd be questionable) they'd feel bad. They do nothing save sit there quickly. That isn't useless, but like, the book is spoiled for options in that regard. Black knights need a proper role, but they just don't.
  4. Hear me out, the vampire lord on zombie dragon, manny, and the beast all are pretty good. I'd lean on those as well. I personally enjoy the vampire dragon lord manny gank squad rolling up to punk everyone in sight. Also manny if he charges stuff is always going to be ready to buff whatever he wants in a pinch.
  5. The corpse cart just ate arrows, or magic. 6 wounds on a 6+ is a bit squishy. The local skaven player's snipers and shooty r-ogres enjoyed mulching it. Lumineth just tear most the synergies in the book to death if they take one or two units of shooty boys. We also don't have a skylords player, but I can only imagine how that'd go. I wasn't using it vs the tree people player, but his everqueen probably just zaps a cart a turn at range.
  6. keep in mind, 10 dire wolves barf out 20 attacks 4s and 4s. black knights barf out 10 attacks 4s and 4s, 10 attacks 4s and 3s. Also, wolves get to wound all those attacks on 3s if they charge. Basically it's the same amount of damage between the two per point. You are correct on black knights being trash, but it's even worse =B
  7. The problem with zombies is quite simple. Their dmg output is trash, and the mortals aren't going to do enough. 40, if they all can hit, will do about 6 mortal wounds, and like, not much else. Their dmg is actually quite horrible. Next, anything at all is a threat to them. If they get charged by anything, it'll annihilate them, and those 6 mortals (which is ideal) won't do enough. They can be let to activate first at very little risk. Next, their bodies is true, but doggos both have better movement, and are better at screening. When your save is - then you're taking pretty much insane dmg, and then once leadership hits, you're in for one hell of a bad time. Next, to get them to be a viable threat, you need a necromancer and a foot vamp lord. You've suddenly found yourself spending 1 cp, about 250+ on heroes, and need to get off a cast. Using them for dmg isn't viable. Then I suppose you could use them for camping objectives, which they can do, and is the only role they are good at, but in this regard you're left having to pick them or wolves. Wolves offer much more utility for less. Anything that isn't helping them get mortal wounds just doesn't seem that amazing. I feel like getting a few more 0 ap attacks at 1 inch seems bleh. I'd rather have manny and beast boy looking after blood knights or in a monster mash. 80 zombies seems like it'd last a while, but in practicality 400 points of actual dedicated hammers will erase those 80 zombies pretty fast. Remember, you need to only kill 25 in a unit to erase the rest to morale. a 10 man blob of blood knights dishes out 28 wounds to them at -1, and 7 at 0 ap. If I split those attacks evenly between two blobs of 40, you suddenly are left with only 16-10 zombies in each blob after morale. Also, I did edit in it's only been 8 games so far, but I've been talking with some other competitive players and more or less there was some consensus. With how things are right now, I don't think anyone's gonna have 50+ sample size or something, so again, don't take what I say as word of god. Still, I wouldn't say zombies are bad, it just seems they're not something you lean on. A single unit of 20 isn't going to be a bad thing. It's cheaper than dire wolves, and not skeletons.
  8. I've been throwing around a lot of lists, but I cut zombies out rather early. Maybe they can be made good, and I'm by no means word of god, but I'd honestly suggest leaning into units that don't need support to preform. I find the best units to run are the ones for whom buffs simply make them better, instead of trying to get a meh unit to preform.
  9. The local meta is basically Slaves to darkness, bone reapers, Skaven, Lumineth, Tree people, cities, orks and more slaves to darkness, and some night haunt. I found that death march sucked because skeletons never preformed in any job well in any game (they still broke to morale because replaced models still count for battle shock), and the wight king always got shot off or magically killed. My grave guard either never made it into a good charge, or ended up just being left fighting better, tankier units. Sitting them on objectives seemed like a real waste, especially when they kept getting leaf blow. In every match I played against, I found summonable units were left weak and each opponent had some tool to counter me. The only ok-ish game I had when using them was against nighthaunt. I also found that realistically, I'm only getting maybe 1-2 units back before the game is basically over, and even then, the only unit that does it's job well at half strength is doggos. zombies got deleted instantly each time after getting 20 in and doing 4 wounds. Van hel's kept getting denied. In every match, I found doggos were useful as objective nabbing boys, manny was good, bella was good, and vampire lord worth 14 models and 1d3+ on his spear was also good. Blood knights while not OP were able to do their job unlike all the summonable units. I've came to this conclusion after talking with a lot of people on how to build stuff, and I'm pretty confident I'm right on the dollar. I'm just disappointed that grave guard have too many little issues to actually be worth it. I own 200 skeletons and 60 grave guard and 30 black knights. (people keep giving them to me in lots when I buy other death stuff) Also, as for sample size, I'm looking at like, 8ish games so far.
  10. So, I've found that most summonable units are actually pretty bad. Graveguard lack the staying power to be a good anvil for their points, and have no mobility so they're bad hammers. I've found that skelies just suck and get leaf blown, and zombies are too squishy to do anything well other than objective camp. I also found most the support for these units is bad. Within 12 inches in rough, a lot of buffs suck outright, and don't fix problems the units have. That, or are tied to so much tax as to be useless (deathmarch). A lot of heroes are overpriced too. Basically, you take wolves with Bella, and a pick/choose of manny, the beast, vamp lords on zombie dragon, blood knights and magic. Everything else just doesn't work. Just act like summonable units don't exist. I found many, many minor problems that ruin a lot of other builds. Its just so many tiny restrictions that ruin things.
  11. Can we remove the double turn? It makes the balance problems even worse.
  12. My local store is running a two v two, 1k each league. I'm playing legions of nagash, and my partner is running skaven. They're bringing sniper teams and screens, and my list is grand host with 30 grave guard, 40 skellies, a necromancer and our boy kurdoss as an ally. The necromancer has +1 to death rattle attacks, and the -1 to wound aura for his trait and artifact. I'm trying to judge of kurdoss worth it. For 180 points I get more CP for throwing at bringing back units, and I'm getting double the chances to steal CP. I have a 55% chance to yoink a CP a turn, and the local meta lacks many players who can generate extra cp. Still, its 180 points for what is effectively dead weight on the battlefield. I could maybe have him run duty protecting a unit of jezzails, but even that feels iffy. Also I don't know what I'd spend the extra CP on besides rerolling 1s to hit. I'm also sitting on 50 points for endless spells. I want a few points set aside for a triumph. I'm considering the palllisade for keeping my necro from getting snipped, but the local meta lacks much shooting besides the rat player, who is my companion in this quest. Also, general feedback on the list and alternative builds for 1k would be appreciated. I'm looking mostly to control the board, as the skaven player can deal with heroes and surgically remove problem pieces.
  13. If he is running a deathstar build, you need to ask yourself a question. Can I kill it in combat on the opposing player's terms? Considering it is a deathstar list, odds are no, but if you play bone reapers you could conceivably pull it off. So, you've accepted that you cannot kill it if it operates as a deathstar. This means you need the use the classic method to dismember a deathstar. Force units apart. Make them play the field. Keep your units spread apart so no direction is worth advancing in. He can kill stuff, that's fine, but If he kills 200 points a turn with his whole army, by the end of it you still are on the board and you could be up on points. Ranged options are invaluable here, (and to a lesser extent, magic). If you can pick out valuable models his star will fall apart. Most of all though, force him to choose between splitting up his army, or falling behind on points. From there you can pick apart his separated assets. Of course you could always just go shooting and murder skarbrand turn one also. Basically, whatever you do, be honest with yourself, and ask if your army can kill the desthstar head on. If not, ask yourself how to minimize it's strength (power as a group, synergy with other units, protection due to screens) and maximize its weaknesses (lack of force projection/control across a 6 foot board, reliance on other units to perform, speed hindered by screen speed, lack of protection from shooting.) As bonereapers you can potentially take this head on. 2 catapults should kill skarbrand if they get to fire twice, and every dead thirster is a huge hole in his list. (Each one is a third of his killing power) With mortarch of the bone bulge, your guard get 3+3+6+4+ save if theyre next to a harvester, with the 4+ being unrendable, and his chaff become replacements for your bone boys. As LoN you have access to plenty of fast objective grabbers, reusable fodder, and powerful units that can go toe to toe with isolated thirsters. Place your sites around the table so you can easily summon back boys, and so they can only ever shut down one with ease. Play map control and try to force engagements you can recover from. Flesh eaters out do the killy monsters. A grislegore Goulking on giest goes first, hits twice, and is frankly going to murder skarbrand before he even swings. If he does, and kills the king, the kill will just fight one last time and kill the thirster. Your ghiests can out munch thirsters. As night haunt you need to play the board and avoid combat. You are faster than him. Abuse this. Dreadblades are perfect for porting guys across the board to nani his poor army and force him to redirect attention, as well as for snagging objectives. If you play scorched earth and have a dreadblade or two, you auto win vs that army comp. Abuse your mobility and play object control while feeding him units you are ok with losing. Speed is your only big edge against them, use it. As tomb kings, uuuuh... cry?
  14. So, I noticed hexwraiths got a discount in nighthaunt, but not in legions of nagash when reading through the general's handbook. Would allying them in from nighthaunt give me the discounted price, despite them already being avalible to me in my main army, but at a higher point cost?
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