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  1. Jaxler

    The morghast problem.

    The problem is that they're just worse grimghasts. Are you really going to invest in them when you can literally recycle grimghasts?
  2. Jaxler

    The morghast problem.

    If you go the extra damage mode of stalkers they get AP 2, and 2 dmg base on 5 attacks, vs ap ap 2 and 3 dmg on 3 attacks with morghasts. Now factor in that morghasts come with 2 models vs 3 on stalkers. Stalkers get 15 3s and 3s, AP-2 2dmg attacks vs 6 3s and 3s, ap-2 3dmg attacks. That's 18 dmg at rend -2 3s and 3s vs 30 dmg rend -2 3s and 3s. Almost double the damage of morghasts. Also people keep talking up tje fast morghasts, but what about the 5+ fnp one? Shouldn't that version get a buff?
  3. Jaxler

    The morghast problem.

    From what I understand, they've the same movement as stalkers, with only fly vs discount fly at a lower rdp cost being their selling point.
  4. I am frankly boggled at how GW can justify putting morghasts at 210 points. For ten less points, look at necropolis stalkers. They pack more damage (almost double as much), pack as many wounds, and can be even more survivable for less points. I don't get why GW cannot seem to get these things to be worthwhile after all these years. It's as if they have a running joke of being the canonical good looking model with bad rules.
  5. Morghasts are just worse stalkers. For 10 more points you get less dmg and squishier models who are slower. Stalkers get better at charges and not dying when you need either or, unlike morghasts who have to be set at one or the other. Make them stalkers, use those points 20 points elsewhere. Also you probably do not need the reaper, hes kinda lame tbh and doesnt do enough compared to the guy that heals or the Mason. I'd drop the horses and put in more guard. Guard are just better and cheaper. I'm on the fence about the harvester. I honestly think stalkers or catapults are too good compared to it. Also the tithe shrieker is probably the only endless spell worth taking. The carrion suffers from being used to let the wizard see things out of LOS, so you want to use it to snipe with spells, while also making it harder to cast spells. Alone it doesnt do enough dmg to be worth the debuff.
  6. Tomb kings have the great benefit of being untouched and clunky enough to be essentially able to contrive up insane ****** that shouldn't work. I for one am planning on running a 2.5k list that is 6 knights, some chariots, definitely not setra, a prince with sword of 4+ d6 mortals, and 2 bone reaper catapults because I'm running death alligeince. Toss in s standard bearer for 10 wounds returning a turn. Sniping heroes never felt so satisfying.
  7. Weather or not he is useful I suspect depends on how magic heavy your local meta is. Three +2 unbinds can mess with a lot of armies.
  8. Weather or not he is useful I suspect depends on how magic heavy your local meta is. Three +2 unbinds can mess with a lot of armies.
  9. Is arkhan the black worth it in the army? If so, should I invest in more casters? What spells would you recommend on him?
  10. That changed a believe since they can ally nighthaunt now after the new book for nighthaunt happened. I believe this is a case of new publications contradicting, so we go with the newer publication.
  11. I think my problem is I've been trying to use black knights or hex wraiths and other stuff when a unit of skelies or grimghasts and minuses to hit do the job better.
  12. Could I get some advice on gravemarker placement? I usually group then near the middle of the board with one back for summoning. Is this smart, or are there better ways?
  13. I usually bring 2 necros, a vampire lord, and a zombie lord on vampire. What keeps happening is he deploys first because batallion, decides to go second so can double turn. He then forces me to walk up the board, unable to nerf magic. He then kills my screening wolves with shooting and goes in to charge my skeletons or whatever, exploding 6s them to morale town, wipes them and keeps all my stuff bogged down while rebuffing and setting the wheel to reroll 6s.
  14. The problem is I dont own nagash. I have 30 hex wraiths, 30 black knights. 30 grimghssts. 120 skeletons. 10 wolves. 4 necromancers, 6 spirit hosts. 40 chain rasps. 2 Mortis engines. I've also got a vampire lord and a vampire lord on dragon. I also own arkhan Should I really get nagash?
  15. How on earth are you getting the allied points for that many grimghasts? They were faq'ed to allies last I remember, or am I being dumb? Akso are they still worth it after the nerf?
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