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  1. Yeah, in my experience I know of 1 player that I strongly suspect of cheating in games before and he took some flack and has faded away from the scene. I have had several negative play experiences due to people getting rules wrong but to varying degrees I think those were legitimate mistakes. In general though, I like laid back tournaments and large prize pools (specifically when concentrated in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) I feel disrupts that. I also dont like it when tournament entry fees are raised to support these prize pools as being a less competitive player I'm basically just paying to give money to other players.
  2. Might be off topic but this is why I dislike large prize pools. Generally, I don't care enough about wining to go to lengths to make sure my opponent isn't cheating. That said, the top table last game is often a competition between 1st and 4th or 5th place due to scoring. And in the highest prize pool tournament I've been to the 1st place prize was $400 in store credit and the 4th and 5th place prize was $0. So if I lost that game (and effectively $400) because I thought my opponent was cheating (or just misplaying) I'd be extremely upset instead of just rolling my eyes. Fortunately, I'm almost never anywhere near the top tables :P.
  3. For context I don't travel for tournaments and mostly just do 1 day 3 game tournaments and about 1 two day 5 game tournament a year depending on what's going on in my city. I play several armies and when picking one I choose them on the basis of: 1.) Theme- could be squigs, Fyreslayers in general, or a specific model like Archaon. I then build the most competitive list I can adhering to that theme and within the limits of my collection. 2.) Play speed- I try to make sure I can reasonably complete a 5 turn game in 2.5 hours with the list. This means I try to avoid attrition based armies or armies with tons of special abilities. In practice this has resulted in me shelving my Nurgle army and avoiding grot/endless spell spam with Gloomspite (seriously, Netters make stabbas a super fiddling unit). 3.) Competitiveness-I'm not seriously gunning for tournament wins but I really dislike games where I feel like I didn't have a snowballs chance in hell. If a list just can't compete I'll shelve it until the meta changes or I can make the changes to the list to bring it up.
  4. GW has a strange obsession with Stormcast. I'm pretty sure regional managers beat store owners who don't push them to every customer that walks in the door. Ally wise I think both will work well enough for regular games though Fyreslayers have a specific Mercenary Company you can bring.
  5. Something that I find so weird about these endless discussions about priority rolls is that it is taken as a given that going first is a massive advantage that requires mitigation somehow. In a nut shell, I almost always give away first turn to my opponent as there is an advantage in going 2nd and by going 2nd I will get access to the first double so its just a winning more scenario. Due to scenario scoring my opponent will typically move up onto objectives their first turn, cast some buffs and that's about it. Then on my turn they are in range for offense casting, shooting, and charging. The only notable exceptions to this are if they're playing a durable army with the ability to get onto objectives turn 1 in a scenario that they can quickly achieve an insurmountable points lead such as duality of death. Alpha strike armies are best answered with chaff and careful deployment in my experience though the double turn can be a nice though unnecessary buff when dealing with them. The idea of going 1st being such a massive, game deciding advantage seems to come from 40k but there are big differences between the games. Namely, in 40k: Shooting is MUCH higher ranged and more damaging in 40k than in AoS. In 40k 24" is a fairly short range shooting attack while in AoS that would be considered long range. 36" to 72" is the typical range of your more powerful guns in 40k. Armies are typically shooting focused too in 40k compared to AoS's melee focus (obviously there are armies that eschew this in both games but it generally holds up).
  6. Depends on the army. If your losing a Harvester to melee units you probably need to bubble wrap him better with Mortek Guard (and keep more Guard in range of his rez ability). I've been working on my MawTribes and CoS recently. With Mawtribes about the only chance in hell you have of killing a Harvester is with the Underguts/Tyrant Trophy Rack/Ironblaster spam list and that list presents its own issues. In Cities though, yeah, I don't think killing a Harvester is going to be difficult with things like Scourge Runner Chariots, Irondrakes, and Hallowheart spells.
  7. Oh lord, here we go again! My usual: Hate it, don't feel its necessary in AoS as more often than not there is no advantage in going first. Would require an edition change to eliminate due to Endless Spells and at least one scenario working off of player order.
  8. So the reason HoS are so dominant internationally at high levels after a good 6 months of people being able to adapt to them is that all these tournament players are bad at the game?
  9. I mean, if your okay with 1/2 to 3/4 of battletomes being unplayable then I suppose it's okay. A good part of the reason HoS is so good is a decent chunk of battletomes just dont have the tools available to solve the problem they represent and people dont want to jump ship due to aesthetic/gameplay/hobbying/money reasons. Negative play experiences are inherently subjective so that's just me. With MSU builds you at least have the option to remove them from an objective and they get weaker in the scenarios with only 2 to 3 objectives. Most local tournament players I know like to pick a faction based mostly on aesthetics and lore with some focus on the gameplay. They then see what they can accomplish with that faction. They dont expect to go 5-0 in a GT but they want to feel like they have a shot in most of the games they play. When players get curb stomped in 90% of the games they play seemingly regardless of army build or tactics they either quit or change armies. In AoS 2.0 our local scene has had all our Kharadron Overlord or Nighthaunt players either quit the game or switch armies. Bonereapers have been super popular and I'm expecting them to drive out the melee armies from our tournament scene. The casual scene might be different as our Bonereaper players share the opinion that the book is crazy overpowered and of course, want people to actually want to play against them. So I think there will be less Petrifix Elite/Harvester/Mortek Guard spam in the future.
  10. Editing since you expanded your statement. In any game dice rolls play a big part and I'm sure I could have made some better choices. I'm also sure my opponent wasn't an world class tournament player and a 10 man 3+ rerolling, 6++ unit battleshock immune unit that can regain 3 models a turn and get pumped up to high damage dealing levels easily is well above average at guarding backfield objectives.
  11. It's so interesting when a game is decided at scenario selection. You dont even have to waste time trying to play it!
  12. Gotta say I hate this to the point I'm thinking of quitting. Maneuvering doesnt matter when their 130 point battle line beats your 400 point tricked out killing machine let alone any chaff or objective runners.
  13. The issue I had in my game vs them as Maw Tribes is they were invincible and killed anything that touched them. More specifically, he had a blob of 40 Mortek guard with a Harvester that moved forward onto one of my objectives (4 in the game) and screened a good portion of the board. I had no way of getting to the Harvester and thus no way of damaging the unit as a 3+, 3+, 6++, 4++ and rezzing 3 models in his hero phase rendered it immortal. His objectives were guarded each by a 10 man unit of Mortek Guard. Moved my FloSH against one but could never kill it and the Mortek guard eventually killed the Frost Lord. I did manage to score some points though thanks to the Frost Lord counting as 10 models and killing 1 or 2 Mortek Guard per turn. Against the other objective I sent 4 Leadbelchers and a Tyrant and was eventually able to take it after 3 turns thanks to a lucky roll on my Tyrants' Hammer. He then died to the Mortek Crawler though that was mostly due to horrible dice rolling on my part. I dont think the whole bonereapers battletome is broken but Petrifix Elite Mortek Guard especially with strong magical support (Arkhan) and Harvesters are an absolute Nightmare for some battletomes to face and bring new meaning to "Negative Play Experience".
  14. You're out of your mind if you think they're in the same bracket as Mawtribes. PE is the most insane thing I've ever played against in wargaming.
  15. I'd go brawlerguts over Giantbreaker for more consistency and a wider range of targets. The issue is that the artifacts that are suppose to boost his damage are inferior to the general AoE buff artifact when it comes to the damage he himself puts out. The reroll hit/wound command trait is good but far to specific to every be worth taking in an all comers list. Edit: I don't think he meant the Beastriders, Huskard, and Thundertusks were overcosted by just 20 points. Stonehorn beastriders are good enough I want to actually try them out before judging but the Thundertusks (all versions) could easily be dropped by a 100 points or more.
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