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  1. Something I've wanted from GW is more specific terrain set-ups for scenarios. Terrain can have a huge impact on games and directly affects the value of abilities like flying. Though now that they've done it with Terrain cards in Warcry I've ran into the issue of people only wanting to play on terrain set-ups that EXACTLY matches a card so the fact that I assembled my Warcry terrain slightly differently renders it useless now. Still, its something I'd like to see explored more.
  2. I think balance will get better simply because I expect the rate of new battletomes to drop off within the next year once all the existing armies are updated to 2.0. GW could definitely be better with their playtesting and more aggressive in the GHB and FAQs but they generally move things in the right direction at least and no longer let unbalances continue indefinitely. Edit: I went to a tournament that experimented with a sideboard and it was actually disliked quite a bit. They went with 500 points and it was surprisingly difficult to write a list that could have 500 points changed out in such a way that it meaningfully got better against certain match ups or scenarios and required more time between matches. Most people just juggled endless spells around or had one unit to switch out (or just didn't use a sideboard). Since our scene was newer a lot of people just didn't have the models for the extra 500 points either. Also, I think Balance is very important in AOS as people generally don't play very many games (outside of tournaments I probably only play one or two games a month) due to how long they are. So just one or two very bad games can really skew a person's perception and enjoyment of the hobby.
  3. Dawn of War was my first exposure to GW. Several of the guys at my local club learned about GW via Total War: Warhammer. I'd say videogames are the primary means of recruiting new gamers nowadays for GW. Especially in areas that don't have a large scene yet. I'll also add that the paint guides and references to Warhammer TV in the newer battletomes are very nice and have been good at helping new players get into the hobby side of things.
  4. I think the real issue with HGB is that they are also a top tier damage dealer too and have access to attacking at the start of the combat phase.
  5. If they do Felix as a Bonereaper he could share a body with Ulrika...
  6. Mawtribes for Thanksgiving would be great!
  7. I wonder if it could be part of an elven Devoted of Sigmar model? The cities seem to be about blending Aelves, Duardin, and humans and I don't think there's anything that specifically says devoted of sigmar have to be human.
  8. Yeah, Ironbreakers feel weird. Considering Longbeards get +1 save against melee putting them at a 3+ save against most attacks, get their grumblings, and are 20 points cheaper according to new posted points I'm not seeing any reason to ever take Ironbreakers. I wonder if a shield rule got left off Ironbreakers by mistake. I'd take them if they got a 2+ save in melee.
  9. Dwarf rumors were false . Not terrible but not impressed by the new warscrolls. I'll have to watch some battletome reviews tomorrow for the full picture though.
  10. They updated the Fyreslayers warscrolls on the website when their battletome went on preorder.
  11. Yeah, it feels like its usually around 4 or 5 my time, central us, so 9 or 10am NZ.
  12. They probably would do a single city or race going off of the start collecting kits.
  13. Honestly that's why I think so many of the High Elf kits got retired. They were very similar to their Dark Elf counterparts and the Dark Elf kits were newer and better looking for the most part. There was a picture somewhere on here of someone who kitbashed the Executioners with the heads for the Blackguard and painted them in High Elf colors. They basically just looked like updated Swordmasters.
  14. My guesses... Gloomspite Skaven Fyreslayers Sylvaneth Free Cities With so many battletomes in the past year there's plenty of guesses though 2 of the boxes last year didn't have tomes. The fact that there's still the Slaves to Darkness one on shelves though I think shows they didn't sell well (not sure on Seraphon) so I think GW will be more hesitant to put one for bookless armies out. If FEC got one I could see Fyreslayers getting one, they have become far more popular since their new battletome. I didn't want to put Free Cities or Warclans in here but I feel like GW isn't quite putting the effort behind them they have other tomes due to the lack of terrain and sharing a release date though I know there's plenty of other explanations. BUT I really want one, it could let them clear out inventory, and I could very much be wrong about GW perception of Free Cities. I went with 5 battletomes since they did more than 4 for 40k last year and I feel AoS has been growing.
  15. I particularly hate fighting Legions of Nagash as Nurgle as I'm supposed to be the tanky faction that trades damage for its tankiness (in a nutshell) but here's an army that's tankier than me and hits harder than me. And has better spell casting and arguably better mobility too. Its super annoying to look at a rule like Deathly Invocations and be like "Okay, I guess I need to focus fire units down". Then they have Undying Legions so its like "Okay, I guess I shouldn't just pour all my attacks into one unit". So its like "I guess my only hope is to kill the general". Then the general is Nagash or otherwise effectively impossible for your battletome to kill (I get that powercreep and a points increase has dethroned Nagash from his previously absurd level) and you're just screwed.
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