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  1. A big issue with 40k that AoS doesn't have is the range and firepower of shooting weapons in 40k. When I played 40K I played Imperial Guard and 24 inches was short range with most of my weapons, particularly the hard hitting ones, having 36 to 72 inch ranges. With AoS being focused more on the combat phase and with charging not making you go first, first turns are no where near as impactful (outside of a few alpha strike lists). In my meta it is almost unheard for a player to actually take the first turn battle round 1 when they win with drops. There's little incentive normally to go first but a double turn can sometimes win you the game.
  2. I like the idea of a pre-game turn. There's a Waagh stacking, low drop Ironjaws army in my local tournament meta that absolutely requires that your army be completely wrapped in a layer of disposable chaff. Being able to get some defensive buffs going before they hit would allow for more freedom in list building.
  3. I can definitely see that in 40k, the extreme damage and long range of a lot of weapons really turned me off from it. I haven't encountered that level of shooting in AoS for the most part though back in 1st edition a 1 drop Tzeentch army gave me first turn then proceeded to table me with the battle round 1 to 2 double turn. I'd say that the double turn really ups the chances of a non-game occurring between ranged and melee armies though the major shooting armies are being kept pretty weak at the moment (my tinfoil hat theory says because GW realize the double turn can break games with high damage ranged armies). I could see the double turn being useful in making a come back with some of the super fast low drop alpha strike armies I've encountered but your by no means guaranteed it, and statistically won't get it with the player who went first winning ties on the roll off.
  4. How exactly do you auto win by going first and how does the double turn completely stop this?
  5. They explicity said Fyreslayers were next (and they were obviously) but not necessarily Hedonites. The rumor has Bonesplitterz before Hedonites which I did find surprising since I assumed Hedonites were coming right after Fyreslayers based on the Adepticon reveal. Note: The giant foot endless spell is %100 my personal guess and was not mentioned in the actual rumor.
  6. I didn't think to ask that but I know vulkites are absurdly overpriced (in real $$). They're good models individually but its 2 identical 5 man sprues with almost no customization options.
  7. Not sure if it hasn't been mentioned already (tried looking back but so many pages of fyreslayers and survey in here but I have an actual rumor of Bonesplitterz being next for a battletome release. Just a one week thing, terrain and endless spells. My personal guess is one of the spells will be a giant foot....
  8. Requested new fyreslayer units/sculpts and an update for KO. Voted 6 months for the rules reviews. Felt like there isn't enough data generated quick enough for 3 months. But 6 months allows for more incremental changes without having to suffer Nagash for a year.
  9. As much as I sometimes bemoan GW rules writing on the whole I'd say their rules writing is miles ahead of most of the suggested stuff I see on fansites. If anything, the fact that most of the rules are well written and balanced makes the exceptions stick out so much, especially when they get ruthlessly exploited by top players for tournament wins. If things do get bad what we might see are custom scenarios (ala 40k ITC) and perhaps very select point bumps or bans (i.e. tournament not allowing Nagash or Hag-Narr). So far though I feel the GHBs do a good enough job that this isn't really necessary.
  10. I played against a mortal Khorne army this weekend in a tournament that was running Slaughterborn with several units of Wrathmongers. It was pretty cool to see in action and I got some take aways: 1. Slaughterborn is incredibly good. He had a unit of 30 Blood Warriors that was impossible for me to shift, especially when he got the +1 save prayer off. I'd probably not go over 20 in a unit personally due to points cost but it was very effective in battle for the pass. Basically claimed an objective and blocked off half the board. 2. Skullreapers are also very good but I wouldn't count on their mortal wound output to kill armored opponents. Definitely a good pick but keep them out of combat against 3+ save dudes. 3. Wrathmongers were surprisingly killy with their rend and +1 hit on the charge. Charging them into combat kept them in range to buff other units. They're noticeably squisher than Skullreapers (though Skullreapers were in slaughterborn) but still fairly survivable. I'll probably be taking 2 units of 5 min in every Khorne army I run. For reference I was playing Thricefold Befoulment with a bunch of Putrid Blightkings.
  11. In my opinion the current rules don't fit the lore and look of the models. I'd expect an army of hard hitting but fragile (by duardin standards at least) elite warriors instead of a tide of mediocre, low damage output but tough as nails dudes. I've been in the camp of no new models = dead on arrival but the more I think about it a comprehensive rules rewrite could do a lot.
  12. I'm not sure what his source is but Tom on Warhammer Weekly was saying that Fyreslayers are getting a major overhaul rule wise with Vulkites possibly losing their save after the save but gaining an extra wound. Personally I'm hoping for a much more elite glass cannon style army.
  13. I'd use them as a highly mobile tarpit. 4 to 6 of them with the Lord of Afflictions command ability, wheel, and bell can move 21 inches without running before their charge. You could trap some opponents in their deployment zone for a couple turns (I've lost a game to an Ironjawz player who basically did that despite tabling him turn 4). In units of 2 to 4 they could easily get into the backfield and take out artillery or support characters being tanky and fighty enough to weather some attacks and take out screening units (I've got 2 currently and that's how I've used them). That said, they were never worth their points. One of those units that feels like a good warscroll but is just badly overcosted.
  14. Yup, Blightlords are mortal nurgle and those rules don't have the same name. You can also stack hit debuff from the Lord of Blights on Plaguebearers btw. Side note: I'm not currently a fan of Blightlords but I think they could quickly become MVPs if they get a point reduction in the upcoming GHB.
  15. I'm a fairly new Khorne player and still haven't played the new book yet (running Nurgle in a tourney this weekend) but I'll say being able to move in your opponent's hero phase is HUGE.
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