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  1. Priority rolls have always been the #1 reason given to me by 40k and other wargamers who don't to play AoS on why they aren't interested in it. Yet anytime people discuss it on forums or podcast they end with keeping it saying players are either tolerant or in favor of it. Conveniently ignoring the fact players who absolutely hate it aren't participating in the conversation as priority rules have kept them from getting involved with the scene.
  2. Pretty much this. Jokes aside, it would suck if they finally made a new Fyreslayer sculpt, even if it was just an alt sculpt of an existing model, and then released it in such a way a majority of players wouldn't be able to get it (or would struggle to). I'd also add that I don't think they really put a large amount of effort into these models (not saying they're bad) and the extreme amount of SC models means they have a huge library of CAD files to play around with and can probably make it for less effort than for factions with less files. My guess at least.
  3. Yeah, as someone who plays Fyreslayers and Nurgle those armies absolutely do not belong on the same tier. I'd put Nurgle in the B tier and maybe bump Fyreslayers to AA.
  4. This. So much this. I feel this disconnect has actually lessened over time but its still big. I also have a hard time believing that they actually play test. Stacking Command abilities with the launch of 2nd edition was one of the stupidest things I've ever seen in a game. It was so easy to see coming and lo and behold it turned out the way everyone thought it would. Even then they just went through and FAQ'd nearly every command ability in the game instead of just making a core rule of "command abilities don't stack" and then editing the few command abilities they still want to stack to be able to. I'll note that listening to Stormcast has me convinced that most of their staff only play Open or Narrative games. Which does explain a lot, especially the initial launch of AOS where I swear they were genuinely baffled that people cared so much about points and the implementation of power level for 40k.
  5. My main concern with the GHB is for factions that have had updates recently but are significantly behind the new power curve i.e. Maggotkin of Nurgle, Nighthaunt, and Gloomspite (Gloomspites are a bit of discussion and we haven't seen their GHB changes yet). What happens to them? Poor Rotigus is just over a year old and is pretty much restricted to just praying to the dice gods that he can actually get his spell off and stomp some Nighthaunt heroes. My other concern is rules like the already infamous terrain rules. I just can't believe that actually got play tested or if it did they even bothered to read feedback. I got the impression from your post that you were providing feedback on the current gaming scene, not that they sent you beta rules or points values to try out. Have you or anyone you know received beta rules before?
  6. Against Fyreslayers: Don't face plant a fully buffed Hermdar HGB unit from the Lords of the Lodge battalion. I don't care if you're the Gristlegore general it won't work. Seriously, I've won a lot of games by people doing this. Do: Play the objectives. Fyreslayers don't have a huge amount of bodies and our mobility sucks. This is usually how I lose games. Do: Kill the heroes. If a Fyreslayer hero is on foot he's easy to kill. If he's on a Magmadroth he can be a lot tougher but is still highly vulnerable to mortal wounds. Keep in mind: Fyreslayers are a slow moving death star army, play accordingly. Fyreslayers, unless allying in Stormcast or taking specific artefacts, have no unbinding ability or ability to dispel endless spells. The 4+ ignore spell artifact has a wholly within 12 inch range and is carried by a hero with a 3+ save, no mortal wound save and 5 wounds. Vulkite Berzerkers pile in when they die ability is once per game and has to be activated at the start of the combat phase. Its tricky but very possible to play around, especially for armies that can attack at the start of the combat phase. Against Nurgle: Move your army onto objectives. More seriously: Kill the Harbinger of Decay if your opponent is playing mortals. If you see a bunch of Blight Kings throw a -1 hit on them as they are very dependent on rolling a 6+ for their damage output. Don't be afraid to engage a Great Unclean One, most people seem to seriously overestimate both their durability and damage potential. A sword/flail GUO with + hit on his sword is about the only kind that can really do damage. GUOs can heal quite a bit so make sure to focus fire them down as much as possible. If your opponent is running Thricefold make sure to save an unbind for Plague Wind. Rotigus's Deluge of Nurgle is probably the most overrated spell in AOS if you're not Nighthaunt (Sorry, Nighthaunt). Nurgle's damage output is for the most part very low so if you can lower it further by debuffs and removing a few key components you can just pile on to objectives and win.
  7. Its weird but I find myself really liking it the more I think about it. I might need to go back and actually finish my Imperial Knight army.
  8. Yeah, I've noticed there are a few people who are like "AoS rules are great if you just ignore half of them then have your own gamer group make up a half dozen rules themselves" and I'm like... "Yes. that's what.. the rules suck means...". And yes, I'm throwing shade at every person who enjoyed the original pre-GHB AoS
  9. Is the Anvil of Apotheosis still off-line in the lore? I know GW can just snap their fingers and say its back if they want some characters reforged but I'm curious.
  10. With all the releases recently I'm kinda glad lol. I've got Fyreslayers, Gloomspite, Khorne, and Skaven to work on. Almost every army I play has had releases this year.
  11. I'll agree on the use of more terrain as well as codify it into the game more. Its more of an issue in 40k but terrain can have a large impact on the outcome of a game. I've always thought it would be cool if they did battleplans that specified specific terrain and how it should be laid out i.e. how online strategy games like StarCraft have official maps for their ranked games. We are absolutely sure these terrain rules are for matched play. However, there is a very high chance of day 1 errata which may be reflected on the website. Current reviewers are just reading the book as it was printed apparently over 6 months ago (I don't work in publishing but da fudge on that lead time). Last year's Command Point stacking debacle makes me wonder if they'll stubbornly hold off on fixing it for awhile.
  12. *Laughs in Honest Wargamer* I think Horrors will be seeing a lot of play this year.
  13. Battletome rules dont supersede matched play rules. The new Terrain rules specifically say they apply to faction terrain and if you can't place them you can't use it. That said, I'm not using that rule and I dont think anyone one in my gaming group or the local tournament organizers well. As people have pointed out it just breaks Sylvaneth and pointlessly hurts numerous factions. It's just a blow against a game when you have to home rule it in order to make it playable. Won't kill it for sure but this is extraordinarily bad rules writing for a major company. It harkens back to the old GW that made me quit back in 7th ed 40k/launch of AoS. Rules like this make me question if GW rules writers even play their own game let alone play test it. Like stacking command abilities at the start of 2nd edition.
  14. I feel like the points changes are in the right direction but too small to matter. Nurgle, I think will continue to fall behind and disappear from the competitive scene despite being a 2nd edition battletome. I'm less familiar with Nighthaunt but I suspect people will continue to only take them in LON or Legion of Grief. The deciding factor will be what they plan to do with Skaven and FEC but I'm not holding my breath. A 20 point increase to ghoul kings on Terrorghiest won't change much.
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