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  1. Just an fyi about Archaon but if you run the Munificent Wanderers or Droning Guard from Everchosen, Archaon benefits from the reduce rend by 1 subfaction ability.
  2. The interwebz has massively hyped up the Pink Horrors. They are very strong and can be problematic when combo'd with model recursion abilities but A tier hammer units will generally go right through them and then you'll learn just how durable every other Tzeentch demon unit is... It will depend on your local meta of course but if you find them to be overwhelming your opponents you can just not take emerald life swarm and fold reality or even just take blues instead (using flamers or screamers for battleline with their associated coven or just running acolytes).
  3. The use of toughness values in 40k is part of why Knights are problem. No matter how balanced they are overall Knight lists are inherently skew as large numbers of units simply can't realistically wound them. The AOS system is much better designed for an army with only a few huge minis.
  4. Spoilpox Scrivener: He provides a minor damage buff to plaguebearers (the unit not the keyword) who pretty much can't do damage even fully buffed due to having 1 base attack with a 1 inch reach no rend, one damage on a 32mm base. Probably the epitome of worthless as I would seriously consider a command point to be worth more points wise.
  5. I'm adding a new prediction: A Wrath of the Everchosen type campaign book for Order vs Destruction with a bunch of new subfactions and so forth for Destruction, especially Gloomspite Gitz.
  6. Yeah, I also think it would be weird for GW to make the updated Skaven CAD files necessary for the Underworld Warband and Skaven bombardier then decide not to use them to update anything else in that range. Though who knows? I don't think we've seen any skaveny rumor engines lately.
  7. Since safe bets are boring I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict a new battletome for one or more of Stormcast/Nighthaunt/Nurgle/Daughters though most likely Stormcast or Nighthaunt. My 2nd risky bet will be a new unit kit or two for skaven, probably acolytes.
  8. I'm hoping Slaanesh takes Adepticon 2021. Nerd orgy ftw!
  9. Looks pretty good overall. I wouldn't worry about more flamers. You want board presence. I'm sure there's ways to tweak it more (Gaunt Summoners are always amazing if there's a way to squeeze one in somehow) but I'd just play a couple games with that then take it from there.
  10. I haven't ran him yet since I hate the model and haven't built a proxy but I think he's great for turning Flamers into character snipers. Even with an Exalted flamer you're hitting characters on a 4+ base due to look out sir. Being able to reroll that is a significant bonus. It makes a unit of 3 flamers able to very reliably kill a 5 wound 4+ save hero.
  11. I think the mentality of "ALL TOMES ARE 2.0 NOW ANY TALK OF NEW BATTLETOMES FOR EXISTING ARMIES DOES NOT COMPUTE" is extremely flawed. GW never rigidly sticks to a design pattern indefinitely and we've seen them release Codexes for armies in 8th edition 40k that already had an 8th edition codex. Nurgle, Nighthaunt, and Stormcast could all use a new battletome off the top of my head. With Nighthaunt and Stormcast being older tomes that haven't aged well and being the starter set armies I think its more likely than not that'll we'll see at least one of them get a new battletome this year.
  12. Can you provide a breakdown of your games? Can't really get much info from the link. I've been interested in taking my Thricefold list for a spin but there's a ton of OBR in my local meta and I just don't see Thricefold doing anything other than dying horribly against them (Arkhan shuts down spellcasting+ Mortek Guard just murdering and tanking everything).
  13. My understanding though is that they still have to adhere to the 1 in 10 rule so you could only bring them back if you rezz'd 10 models or if the Icon Bearer would be the 10th model added to the unit.
  14. Hell even in changehost I think he's a strong choice. You go up a drop but get access to Arcane Suggestion which I have found essential in keeping my supposedly immortal Horrors alive long enough to score objectives or screen my damage dealers. And he can benefit from the LOC +1 to cast and Host Dupilicitous's command trait since he's a daemon too (never been sure how that works).
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