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  1. If the rumor mill picks I think are giants wind up being that then I think they are pretty much destruction through and through. That said, they could be the first "Gold" faction and be both Destruction and Chaos (going off of WFB having giants and chaos giants). I'd say most likely just destruction followed by destruction and Chaos followed by just Chaos in terms of likelihood. Pretty much 0% chance of order or death unless I'm seriously off about rumor engine pics.
  2. If that is true then the Gargant faction might be coming way sooner than expected. I didn't think we'd see it before Pointy Elves as it would also be a major release even if they keep the old giant kit.
  3. Honestly, I still think BCR got shafted. Its just that the Stonehorn, specifically the Frostlord on Stonehorn, is really good. You'll notice that the only artifact most of these lists take from the Mawtribes battletome is the Brand of Svard (which also means they are taking Boulderhead though that's not really a tax). I feel the BCR side is kind of like Idoneth. Yes, its competitive but its basically a bunch of variations of one list that centers around spamming one unit (Stonehorns in place of eels). Step outside of that and the competitiveness plummets. I'm still happy we have a competitive build though, especially one that is fun to play and fairly unique (monster mash that can play the objective game).
  4. In general, I think GW is going in a pretty good direction but I'd like to see the following: 1.) Focus on balancing the game around single play instances. This might require some explanation. Basically, most players don't actually play that many games (at most 1 or 2 a week is my guess outside of tournaments) and they tend to take several hours. Introducing elements of randomness or balance issues that average out okay but wreck single games is frustrating. Take the Stormcast subfaction command ability to resurrect a unit on a roll of 5+. It was popular in my area for awhile back with lists with 20 sequitors. Most of the time, the only thing the command ability did was have the player waste a command point. Yet occasionally it would go off and they'd get a free unit of 20 sequitors and that would pretty much hand them the game. The new Tzeentch battletome can also do that with Horrors. The other side of this is external balance between armies. At lot of people have predicted that KO and Tzeentch will counter OBR. Lets say this is 100% the case. It still does nothing to effect how lopsided games are with the armies OBR are currently curb-stomping. Having a balanced overall win-rate doesn't make for engaging games if that winrate is the product of a rock-paper-scissors game. 2.) Release the heroes from the dual boxes already. I'm find with them initially coming out in those boxes but its getting ridiculous. Its been almost a year since Carrion Empire came out and you still can't get the abhorrent arch-regent despite him being on the cover of the Flesh-Eaters Courts battletome. 3.) Get rid of the random turn order. Kinda plays into point #1 but is a specific thing rather than a design philosophy. I could list my reasons but this has really been discussed to death in other threads.
  5. OMG yes! In general I'd like to see metal/resin models just all get retired and the armies adjusted to deal without them. I love GW plastic models but their resin is far too fragile for my taste (Had a Harbinger of Decay explode into a bazillion pieces from a 3 foot fall) and metal is just outdated and dangerous to other models in my carrying case. Also, had the Pusgoyle issues.
  6. In general I like that idea quite a bit. The biggest problem with the sub-faction format is why would you not take one? Generally, at least one of the subfactions has bonuses good enough it just feels like your shooting yourself in the foot if you don't take one. It renders the command trait tables pointless and, depending on the battalions, the artifact tables mostly pointless. Granted, we've seen shifts in game design in the Cities and STD books away from the traditional model and the KO book does allow you to sometimes take a command trait from the main tables in a subfaction but this could be another way. I remember first hearing about Petrifix Elite on Stormcast and going "hmmm...how are they going to balance that against the other sub-factions and especially no sub-faction". The answer of course being that they didn't even try.
  7. That is the general list I came up with :P. Some varieties of course but Ironclad, gunhauler, edrinmaster with dirigible suit as general, and a bunch of balloon boys.
  8. I've wondered how much of this is an effect of a rushed release schedule and an iterative design process. For FEC its possible they play tested but Gristlegore was a last minute addition that never got probably tested due to time constraints. Or it was the mount trait that was last minute. Granted inconsistency in power level has always been an issue (looking at LoN and DoK when they first came out). And some stuff doesn't really need testing to see how crazy it is. I still remember listening to Stormcast when they mentioned Petrifix Elite getting +1 save across the board and my initial reaction was "hmmm... That's going to be difficult to balance with the other sub-factions or god-forbade no sub faction".
  9. To be fair, AoS 1E dropped on nuke on my local area and effectively killed the scene for a couple years and wasn't even talked about except to be used as an example of a gaming company committing suicide. Hell, I remember seeing 1E starter sets going for $70 on Amazon and not selling. The GHB rekindled people's interest but it still took quite some time for it to take root. It wasn't until after 2nd Edition dropped that my local scene started to take off. I think GW only survived the launch of AoS due to 40k at the time and having more resources than most other gaming companies. They then poured resources into AoS and managed to turn it around by abandoning most of the design philosophy initially present in AoS's launch.
  10. Put a Kairic Acolyte or Bloodreaver next to a Guardsman if you want to see some real scale creep :P.
  11. I'm out of the loop on Warmahordes but this might be an example of the risks of marketing a game primarily on competitive play. When they ****** up a new release people just drop in an instant. With focusing more on hobby people have a deeper connection to their armies and are less likely to jump ship when the rules go bad. Obviously, they still get mad (and rightfully so) but it gives GW more time to fix the issue and makes their playerbase less likely to leave at the drop of a hat. Part of why I prefer miniature games over card games like Netrunner and Magic is the hobby aspect and having nice models for display when I'm not playing. I tried warmahordes but absolutely hated their resin and am not a fan of metal miniatures either. The models don't seem particularly well sculpted compared to other miniature companies too. Conceptually though I find their models to be 2nd only to GW in terms of style.
  12. Ironically, my original post is that GW might actually be trying to take a more active hand in balancing things now. GW nerfed Bloated Blessings hard in the 2 (ish) week FAQ when normally they avoid balancing or changing how something works no matter how obviously broken it is until the next Big FAQ. Its possible GW has heard the message and is trying harder to nip issues in the bud (though they definetly overshot the mark in this case). For what its worth I've specifically mentioned balance in both of the Big Surveys I've filled out. I'm typically against players writing rules for balancing though (reading homebrew rules often makes me appreciate the GW rules team more).
  13. Man, that's a lot to think about it. I might come back and edit this later but for now... Best- Cities of Sigmar. I like the allegiance ability approach with the different cities. It always bugs me when the book gives you a bunch of command traits that you'll never use because of the more standard subfaction format. There are definitely some garbage warscrolls and builds but I've built A LOT of very different lists using most of the different cities even if Tempest Eye and Hallowheart are typically the top choices for my lists. The only real drawback I've found is that this army is very intensive in both hobby time and money for someone who didn't have whole 8th edition armies sitting around. Worst-Hard to say. I want to say Maggotkin but that's 2018 :P. I think I will say Bonereapers as though its both fairly new and I don't play it I've seen a lot of it in my local scene and everyone is running the same list with just a few variations in tournaments. It seems to be a victim of the worse of the subfaction format were one subfaction is so much better than the others that it basically becomes the battletome. The external balance seems pretty badly out of whack too and rife with NPE.
  14. Looks like a rotbringer sorcerer to me. Might be what pushes me over the edge and into breaking out my Maggotkin again. I've got a unit of blightkings I've been meaning to paint up anyways.
  15. I really like Barak Zon for Skywardens and the +2 attack artifact on the Endrinmaster or Admiral. Its definitely a more niche port though.
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